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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm CEST

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the who's this is today, news alive from berlin. angler medical need survivors in flood ravaged areas of germany. the german chancellor travels to one of the regions hit by severe rain and flooding to survey the damage for herself. logo life corresponded on the ground. also coming up the political fallout from the flooding, germany's conservative candidate for chance, where is forced to apologize after he seen laughing during a speech by the german president about the flags plus jumping the gun at the cannes film festival. very greatly jury president spitefully gets ahead of
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himself announcing the winner of the festivals top on a will, revealed which film received upon ah, a michael coo, welcome to the program. germany's chancellor angle and michael has arrived in one of the regions in western germany. that was most effected by severe flooding which killed at least 156 people. the disaster area in germany spans more than a 100 kilometers near the border with the netherlands and belgium, where the district of our viola was the worst hit. merkle is in the small town of shool, where the swollen rivers swept away houses, and left the debris piled high in the streets. she plans to survey the damage and meet survivors. later, chancellor is expected to give
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a statement to the media in the nearby town of ad. now w corresponded julia shall deli, is on the ground for us. insured julia greetings again. german chancellor. a miracle is currently visiting truly what is happening there now. and so we just saw chancellor america arrive and get out of her car and read it by minute via who is the state premier of rhineland pen that net which is the state where we are in and outside of the region here is was one of the most effective for you, as you already said. now method is going to visit the town of shoes and take a look 1st hand at the damage that we have here. the town is pretty much destroyed, especially the houses close to the river. some of them were completely wiped away. a lot of homes and the ground floor are completely gutted, and people are here working hard, trying to clean up as much as they can,
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but it is going to be a challenge. this is an extremely significant visit for many that the people there are no doubt hurting. and he comes medical in what may very well be one of her last crisis related visits as chancellor. what a resident saying about her presence there? well i was right here where america was supposed to arrive and i told them some residents here that she was coming and they were too busy preparing sandwiches for the volunteers, helping out here to actually come outside and look at the chancellor arriving. so there's also a bit of skepticism here. some people i spoke to said they think it's more of a picture opportunity for the election campaign rather than a visit that will actually bring something. others are happy for the support, but what everyone tells me is that they want this supports the last in the long term. they don't want the government to forget about them after the immediate aftermath of this tragedy,
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but to continue supporting them in the months in years that it will take to rebuild everything. here. what are people on the ground hoping that they will get from the chancellor's visit? well, 1st of all, money, some have said that the money that has been announced until now they think is not enough. they can see with their own eyes that to 1st clean up and then rebuild of this is going to cost a lot and they say when catastrophes happen abroad, germany is always willing to help. so now we want our government to help us here. so definitely money is the most important thing, is the job corresponding truly sound jelly in germantown. of sure many thanks julia . for more insight on the floods. i'm sorry for more insight on how the floods may affect medical and politics and the upcoming federal election campaign. i'm joined now by our political correspondent, emmanuel shaws emmanuel. good to see you. as always. we haven't seen medical in
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a crisis situation for some time now, and i imagine that the severity of this particular tragedy compelled her to make this visit. exactly, and it's quite interesting to see that she's coming, which is coming for days after the floods took place and it's quite selling because she only has 2 months left german chancellor and we were used very much here in germany to see her on the crisis. chance allow the keys in counseling and now we see that she's taking, she's not taking center stage anymore in so situation. but of course, it's imperative that we see her on the ground, the government, the german government, already placed a financial support to all the people affected america's finance minister. all actual said that at least 300000000 euros would be given those. so to 2 sharps that were affected, so it's quite pending,
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but it's also quite important that she's here today. the front run a candidate for chancellor, for the conservatives, armand lash. it isn't a bit of a political controversy right now. a following the speech by the german president, frank volter. stine, lawyer. tell us exactly what happened. yes. yesterday a german president hung by the time i was presenting his condolences to the people affected, affected by the floods and saying how hot breaking the situation was. and in the background, i mean lash at the from trying to a candidate for the conservative with the laughing. it's something that didn't go down really well with this video was seen more than a 1000000 times within 2 hours only. and that would be chance. that was heavily criticized for if you promptly apologize, but many were questioning, you know, just how appropriate this was. and so many are now questioning whether or not he would be fit to run a country research and shoot the optics is certainly not forgiving there. i imagine
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that you might believe that this might very well hurt his chances in the upcoming election. definitely, you know, it's not the fast controversy already on thursday. he was asked by a regional janet. he's just, what was, what had been, he's track record in terms of environmental policy in the one with the i, one of the west effected regions by west affected by the floods. and he didn't really want to. and so he was quite success. susceptible off of this question and you know, he really doesn't bode well to someone who likes to present himself like a defender of the environment. now that he's a candidate to the chancery. so i did to this new control oversee this could well hinder, he's chances of winning the election. that's d. w. political correspondent manual shows appreciated a manual while some german towns begin to assess the damage and clean up others further south are being hit by new flooding.
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in the southeast in saxony, rail lines are close due to rising waters. a state of emergency has been declared in parts of the state of bavaria across the border in austria, flooding in heavy range or causing serious damage. in the town of hotline, close to the german border of flash flood has swept through the streets. people living there had already been warned to be careful and avoid going into their basement. it's now take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. at least 25 people have been killed in landslides, triggered by the monsoon range in one pine. in one area, several houses were crushed by a collapsed wall. authority say more people could be trapped under mud and debris. building collapses are common during india's monsoon season. 14 luis, the widow of haiti's assassinated president has returned to the caribbean nation after receiving treatment in miami hospital. she was injured during the attack on
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her husband, juvenile luis last week. people have been evacuated from their homes in the us states of california and nevada. after wildfire began to spread rapidly, the blaze was sport by lightning 2 weeks ago, but extremely dry conditions and heat waves have swept the region, making wildfires harder to fight. dozens of people have been taken to hospital in texas after chemical spill in water park. people suffered minor skinny rotation in breathing problems. authorities are investigating the cause of the lea . a man in new york has been arrested for attempted kidnapping after surveillance video apparently showed him snatching a child and tossing him in a car. the boy's mother was able to rescue him by pulling him through the window. the child was not hurt. representatives of the afghan government and taliban
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insurgents are meeting and guitar for torque talks, fighting is intensifying across afghanistan and the security situation is getting worse. a key border crossing with pakistan has now reopened after being taken over by the taliban. hundreds of people headed into afghanistan through the spin bolduc shannon border point on saturday. summer afghans living in pakistan who want to rejoin their families for the muslim festival of ead, alada next week. pockets on close to crossing on wednesday after the taliban captured the african side. now they are letting limited numbers of travelers through again. people are coming the other way to the afghans and pakistani, returning home. taliban was standing at the borders, searching people, allowing them to leave. so with checking voted documents. on friday there was heavy
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fighting. as afghan government troops tried to retake the board at home from the taliban, they didn't succeed. says that there were bodies of afghan government forces and civilians lying burnt on the sides of the road. checkpoints with the taliban. when moving around in afghan forces vehicles, you know, they're going to be in the tunnel by and border crossings. provide a rich source of revenue. the group of also taken other checkpoints with neighboring countries in the north and west in landlocked war 2 and f canister. the crossings are lifeline essential is brought in from pakistan and in the other direction as can good to transport it to the world. here it's been bolduc sharmen taliban flag flying on the left hand side of the border. so pockets done this no longer seems to be any great obstacle in saudi arabia. pilgrims are arriving in mecca to perform the hard, which officially starts on sunday. the annual pilgrimage has been scaled back for
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a 2nd year running and is taking place under tight restrictions. this year, 60000 people will be allowed to perform. what is one of the most important acts of faith in islam, and only people living in saudi arabia can attend before the kroner virus pandemic, the hodge withdraw millions of muslims from around the world to the city of mecca. to the cannes film festival, now it's glitz. the closing ceremony is often filled with suspense with attendees waiting until the end to find out who has won the top award. but this year, jury president spike lee jumped the gun and the night started with this miscommunication. it began with a slip up jury president spike li nearly announced the winner early, but was stopped in the nick of time. he's done, he's, he's tom,
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went to the room to tom. but julia decoding. it's only the 2nd time in the history of the festival that a woman receives the award i provoke, it is radical, and shocking to me. the main character, alexia has a titanium plate implanted in her head after a serious car accident. as a child, in spite of this she loves cause quite literally and brutally kills anyone who gets too close to her. she meets a fireman who loves her like a father. at the same time, her body goes through a drastic change film. critics a hailing it as a film that breaks boundaries. but the shocks a more than just cheap through the monsieur. i'd like to think the jury for acknowledging with this prize that the world needs more diversity and thank you for letting the monitors in it. usually
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the civil couldn't move this 74 phase of the festival took place under unusual conditions. last year it was cancelled entirely queue to the pandemic. this year, locals, tourists, and loves of cinema, were able to enjoy and return to the obligatory marshals and pci test. it was actually pretty normal only on their able to forget about cove and for a little while here as well. last year was difficult for everyone. you can, we decide related festival go is agree. it was with few exceptions, a can without many highlights or big stuff, but cinema is back on the red carpet and back in people's lives. you're watching t w. news from berlin. more news coming up at the top of the hour. coming up next student journalists under house arrest in russia. that's on world stories. and
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don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock as always, on our website. that's a d, w dot com. i'm mike local for me in the rest of the team here in berlin. thanks so much for joining views . oh, where i come from, we have to fight for a free press. i was born and raised in the military dictatorship with just one tv channel and a few newspapers with official information. as a journeys i have work on history of many cameras and their problems are always the same for to mean equality and lack of the freedom of the spread. corruption on the floor to say sign. and when it comes to the gentleman from the white to
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those who have inside, are there enough? my name is jan pearce and i work a d w ah, yes. me the on well story. corona virus is putting torres off traveling to portugal southeast and taking over south africa between india, children in foreign countries of the worst affected by the pan demik. also having to work instead of going to school. though they may not have fallen ill themselves, many have lost her parents and are in need of help. for 9 years now,
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3 people had worked with children from under previous communities. on a daily basis, she deals with children who have experienced great loss. and of course, to grow up before they're ready. but since the outbreak of who with 19 their numbers are growing with children are being made to quit education and pick up household responsibilities and are also being pushed into child labor as their families have lost income. secondly, since they are spending a lot of time at their home, now many cases of child abuse are also coming up. having already been disproportionately affected by over 19, many children are facing another tragic fall out of the many have lots mothers or fathers or both, leaving them extremely wonderful. since last year, the angel, a pretty world has provided support to talking children who have been offered. you to call the 1900 by helping them settling with their extended families. so no opposing the founder of the organization says that while children who have been
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often how much tougher and need immediate attention, a more realistic approach is needed to address every child in distress. there is a lot of conversation about it often, but honestly on the ground in such cases that probably 5 to 6 percent. the other 95 percent cases that we're looking at is where the pet, the very best of these children are pushing them into sexual trade, transactional sex. and i label. the real issue really is to look at the vulnerability mapping of which child is in massive distress. and which i need more support, that there is a need for a more comprehensive approach, if something that an iraq can do, probably the head of the daily commission for protection of child, right. also, i'm looking for something for 3 things need to happen. one, these kings that provide the financial assistance to these families for them to leave the basic subsistence is insured. the 2nd thing that needs to happen is the governments have to explore ways of keeping the children in school,
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the toward either ensuring a livelihood for the family. what ensuring that they are you studying different existing schemes of the government could be russian or whatever. but ensuring the, the family has adequate means as an immediate urgent step. the commission has started a health line for children in distress. back at the center says that many children she meets with are in crisis right now. we got home because of course it years of hard work that we and the children had put in seemed to have gone waste or home. we are now trying to get them back to their studies and 2 different activities. we are trying to use them and help them come out of the difficult situations. they will still brief. he says that despite their best efforts, it will be a long while before the children are able to cope with the heart. and the trauma that the panoramic has inflicted, the pressure on critical journalist says mounting in
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russia where entered the student magazine, doctor, under house arrest, thoughts for the young journalists, accepting censorship is out of the question. ah, these 2 are getting married in moscow today. both of them wearing a dress, the students say they want to make a statement for tolerance, love and freedom. the couple and many of their guests, right for the critical moscow student magazine doctor, including a katerina morocco. the 25 year old has been an editor for the online platform for 2 years. she says this wedding has raised her spirits. at the moment it seems like everyone hates each other. the government hates us and there's political repression everywhere. but love is also everywhere. but there is
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a serious reason for the joyous celebration. the couple is marrying so they can't be forced to testify against each other in court. natalia to kabbage and 3 other docs, the journalists have been accused of inciting minors to take part in unauthorized anti kremlin protests. an investigation is ongoing. for months now. they've only been allowed to leave their homes for 2 hours a day. they face up to 3 years in prison. earlier this year, doctor reported about russia why protests in support of arrested opposition. politician alexander, of only it criticized russian universities for pressuring students to stay home and not take part in demonstrations. like other media outlets doc. so then faced police searches and arrests, students and young people came out in solidarity with the journalists. but pressure on the critical media is growing across russia. several media outlets have been declared foreign agents. let me make gelatin
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is one of 4 docs, a journalist who could face prison since april. he has been under de facto house arrest. the 26 year old isn't allowed to use the internet and can only leave the house for 2 hours a day. he has to wear an electronic ankle monitor it was already clear that this steam roll was rolling over more and more people putting pressure on them. and that at some point it would get to us the flu donor. let me lives with his mother. a russian human rights organization has designated him and the 3 other docs journalists as political prisoners. katerina morocco is trying to keep them involved in the work of the magazine that any of us could have ended up in their place. the fact that they got unlucky it was just a coincidence. the only thing we can do is to support them at a katarina says,
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the journalist a doctor are not going anywhere. she says everyone who dares to be critical in russia has to make sure to stick together the after a long time they make yes, many will looking forward to the holidays in portugal. but the sharp rising infection rates in spring is putting tourists off and depriving the country of an important source of income. ah, the garver. it's always been the heart of portugal beach tourism even today, but not like it used to be. it's mainly the portuguese themselves, a few spaniards and some french tourists. in the many hotels along the coast lively beach life has turned into an eerie calm. the secret do you think 55 to 60 percent of the guests who normally spend their vacations here are foreigners and if they come mainly from germany, the u. k. and other countries,
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but they're not here now please let us know. don't cross. christina morero's sees the consequences when she takes a walk in the private roacha. empty and abandoned shops. the tour guide tries to make ends meet as best she can. that's awesome vance's 20. 20 everything canceled this year so far everything's been canceled. no, i've had some work, but no tours i did. the kind of your morero's survives by giving courses for new guides. many people in the garvey don't have any income as the charity carriage house experiences deal with its food bank in port to mile. man watson because we are taking care of 480 families at the moment. that's 112070 people. during the 1st year of the pandemic, the number of people in need skyrocketed. this spring, the number went down as soon as the 1st hotels reopened and sought staff. but that
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buoyancy only lasted for weeks. then things will tend to get worse again, because it is on the fence. a german tourists are allowed to travel again, might be too little too late. british tourists still can travel. the damage seems to be done until the pandemic struck 15 percent of portugal, g d p came from tourism that makes people all the more frustrated with the travel restrictions. we are seeing these ever changing rules and for answer printer, for the employees is very difficult to handle these new situations every week. 56000 germans planned vacations in garvey, for this july, that was before the warning. now, no one knows how many of those holiday makers will even show up the once a year. minions of solid beans migrate along the east coast of south africa,
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followed by seals shops. the tremendous natural spectacle is a rich couch fishermen provided they are lucky and act fast. this isn't an oil leak. it's a shoal of sardines, fishermen, gerald michael and his team a waiting for this warm yeah. yeah, no, that was within seconds. everything suddenly gets very hectic. one, right, one. good. i thought in view everybody got to run and shot. yeah. yes. more. yeah, right. every year between june and august, the saudi and move along the east coast of south africa following the cold currents in the indian ocean. bigger, hungry fish follow them,
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and so do deficient at the close of the shoals of sardines gets to the coast, the better the chances of catch this huge disappointment when the net gets caught and breaks. most of the sardines get away. rough put, of course it took a few kilometers further on. another team has more like throw and catch is 150 grades worth of sardines in a net 2 thirds of the fish i sold for more than 2000 euros. the rest goes to the team, it took a chance to get it paid off, and i can see the novice. but as you know in this game,
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it's very dangerous. as you can see. having to myself, i had a cable, go through my leg. and that's the name of the game. we play with shocks, rocks net, rough seas, everything box. if you can get the fish, you can make some money. for gerald's backhoe and his team, the 1st thing to do is repair the nets. and then go home, empty handed bed bed, jack. 3 beds. everybody. suppose a name gets it according to buckles. saudi fever should be around for a few more weeks. the news
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7 person to break a group need to we need the musician black process to discuss the genres important in modern africa. is f for me to put my bill. are you feeling? i'm not, i'm still on the price list treasures stolen from war zone. the wonders and looted for the international art market. collectors, really valuable pieces from the middle east, which tom prizes at european auction houses. an immoral business that fills the coffers of terrors. factions, blood treasures in 45 minutes on d, w. o, o,
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o. what matters to us me, that's why we listen to their stories. reporter me every weekend on d. w. ah, welcome to the 77 percent. the platform for you and i young africans. here we get to hung out and talk about things important to us. i am michael t onto this sure will share some roots, reggae with you. i you feel in i read and here's what's coming up on to be sure. we'll find out the truth about regie and me . honest byron gotten in really gets ready when i bring in rush
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or new gun, the mouth elbow on the ra 16 us on the whole school his full 60 the we start off to be sure in ghana, my home country, half as strong rigor culture and one of its most prominent artists is above becca, met in a black rust up for more than a decade. the artist and radio presenter houses fred and political consciousness through rigging music. let's find out more. the worker, a black rasa is laying down tracks with his band at the studio and across more than 8 albums to his name. black russia is one of the mainstays of gunners. reggae seen him reg as
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a platform to speak about issues affecting his society. ah, it's easier for me to put my message in reggae than any other genre. so i chose to get music because read music already has the track record of militancy. that's why reagan music is wet song and power, wet sound and po is the message carried on the sound and then it gives you power. when that would tackle history, politics, and religion. one of his most popular songs celebrates clement chroma, and then revolutionary, and the countries 1st president carrie was talking about what it was for just black ross decides, legendary recognitions like bob molly, also blondy and lucky to be as his main influences. but he's also caught his own
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musical knees. he often blends to making regular with local african languages and sounds and can play there with a lot of african people want to do reagan music. but they have the eater iran nuts . i did the wrong idea of the fact that if you cannot speak jamaican patois, but you cannot do regular music. jamaica people wish they could speak some african languages out, 5 blondie. what through the market, reagan music with africa, language, blacklist as part of the rest, the foreign community, a religious movement striving for unity amongst africans, and the african diaspora. leaders of going to trust a fairy movement say, read in you that helps us to connect to the spiritual side. the music is like the narrative in the bible on the order book, but not full. this is what you find with in rig music, and that is
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a speech outside of which i and i have the rest of our i embrace on property address to friends aren't the only ones who love reading music around here. tele music is christian. i can tell you if it's more than this kind of in order to tell you the potters listen to really tell it if you want to learn about the bible, listen to read the lyrics of the songs that does what's in spite. and sometimes when i'm depressed i use to listen to reagan music, then i'll be okay. in the afternoon, black ross, i head to the radio studio to host his primetime ratio. he believes that popularity just goes to show how important reggae is too many people in ghana. what got to jeremiah? it's not because it's just rig it, but it is because the message that read this fall is what people are listening to a reg is the only kind of genre that are stood fame and define its message,
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the message of unity and peace for black roster, and other lovers of reggae and ghana, the beat will continue to sound from generation to generation. unity love and peace. hardly any one preached the message more than bore molly. he is not just an idle for black roster, but v icon reagan music around the world. so why did his flourish, spa, so many people, how it's rigor length to african vicola my station, and i need duck sites to rekey. my colleague, liz, sure, tell you the whole truth. everyone in africa knows this guy is the make us most painless export, reggae, us, bob marley, long after his dad and bob marley and reggae music remain widely popular globally,
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but particularly across the african continent. so what made africa fall in love with riggins was to be, to me, is the most prob, consent of music on the planet. to me is uncompromisingly black, politically black, culturally racially, spiritually, whatever african, when i was growing up in terms of me out, my parents had this book, molly cars said we used to listen to 4 hours in the car. i still know the lyrics for some of the some fight hard me that then i didn't know that i was listening to a legend today,
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reggae still has millions of fans across africa. i normally listen to a game every day because they taught me how to chase for as far as i don't know what he says, he will do this very good to me help what he says, nobody touch we not was. but if we get through the mother and fido freaked out must now be bob molly, when you come to africa, you talk about the lead lucky debates that made me curious about why we africans feel love reggae so much. and why many fans identify with this type of music? before we move on, here is a brief history of reggae music genre was born in the 1960 s in the caribbean island of makeup in the early seventies. it was realized across the globe by artists like wild marley,
1:38 pm
get charged by the way, la johnny nash and burning spear reggae became so popular in africa that it even made a huge political impact in 1980. for example, bob marley performed at the celebration for as in bob was independent called, molly had the kinds of messages that were relevant to the time they were relevant in a very universal and global way. the, the issues of struggle, the issues of defeating oppression. the situation ins and bob boy and the, the war, the ongoing civil conflicts there that he articulated on his 1979 album survival. which i do believe is molly's best salvage. the sound of read a seems to be one secret to why it's so loved in africa. they can't lim highlander, sees a special connection between africa and rig gave in jamaica history of slavery.
1:39 pm
eric in the light, was made poor cooling. tell me cut by the dummy can. it's kelly africans who lived in germany car. so it's like they carry the found of africa to jamaica and they started to improvise, you know, like, use what, you know, the, it's in the genes like the drum then that to create the sounds called k. so when we hit africa like listen to it is like no but they know the song noise or they can, it's you quoting that, come with the sound and the mellow again, the way the any influential, jamaican reggae stars are rest, far rise. rastafarianism is their religion and the movement that originated in ethiopia, in fact, many jamaican rest revere the former, if yogi and emperor highest the last b, and consider him a profit or
1:40 pm
a deity for love of rest, as his majesty is jesus, he's that christ life figure the redeemer, the ultimate redeemer. so it's more than just human being the emperor, because they will link everything biblical right back to the line of david. now what i've often noticed in my home country times is that people don't seem to have a problem with reggae, but they do have a problem with what some call the rest, the lifestyle, the dreadlocks, the songs that praise marijuana and arrest as i often met with prejudices across african societies, the rest that gosh, isn't in blessed by high school in university kids and all need through the smoking of a weed. not for the for not for it's activism. not for it's proper propagation of peas in live in unity, but mostly for smoking,
1:41 pm
weed and western countries. criticism of dancehall in particular has sometimes been that some of the lyrics are calling for discrimination and violence against members of the l. g. b, t, community. this homophobia is often believed to stem from the artists deep religious belief that homosexual relationships are a sin. there is a campaign name to stop murder music that calls for reggae and dance hall artists to abstain from using hateful language and from calling for violence against gays. and lesbians, while many african fans have conservative views on homosexuality, homophobic lyrics are not the reason why they would choose to listen to reggae, reggae may have evolved a lot since the 1960 s. and right now, many young african fans prefer listening to a dance hall because it's more up beads. but the key message remains the same one
1:42 pm
as list said, many young people into other types of music. many radius us be it are far blondie to kinda lucky to be above molly, actually older or how even passed on. so as rigor still relevant to generation. we asked around in lagos, nigeria, the me personally, i like most of people that i know does things in music. so i like them. i mean, he was not so much because so my mom, those bigger music. i love music. why? i don't know why people really like to listen to these people. i need to get to
1:43 pm
know what is the equal and approved music. 3 good thoughts really, really like before the rigorous thought house evolved into dub dancehall and richardson, but a call message to emancipate ourselves for mental slavery remains the thing that is also the aim of south africa rocker and song, right, i've missed patsy. more new to grew up in a society that is still on equal and that is something she wants to change. as folks question how south african history is taught in schools. as you hope that one be all south africa will be treated equally. ready? good day. good morning. i'm good 9. even jain, me. hello, mean. so my name is miss penny when real? 88 young athens because who knows what to say, you know,
1:44 pm
what is my hi, it's the whole of etiquette, this whole continent that just keeps me. if you look at my home collection, you could be from here in the world and i just feel like my black dad this i have a deeper struggle going on. and if i can use my life privilege, i'm going to use it 25 years. awesome. thank you so much. it's the farthest thing from the school. levine, the legacy of it, and it's our duty to change with and shape things to be like. yo, the thing fee. you see there immolation for the like how to be all we've yearly
1:45 pm
to get to, to ask you to point of view, which is 5 percent false, because it wasn't. we didn't want the land to be put in the police by the colonizers when nobody was sick. my experience at school was my go to my lessons in english and africans what, what is, what is it polish? i like about the the, what about the, what about all the other languages, how people speak these languages. this is like the allies and why they're not getting the opportunity to be taught to our kids and future generations. and the leaders after much on the thing that must be done, it's not an option. it's going to actually be done. and i feel the younger generation, they have even more firepower cuz they can see the vale is been enough did. when you see a statue with a monument to symbol that katie white, they carry power with a katy energy on them. so we, we take that out. it's almost like we take
1:46 pm
a power that ah, increases him or if he could ease those sustainable into the 1st e. my ethic is a continent of abundance and prosperity. would you jump off the cliff above that work for death tied to a thin rope? that's what a person be about to meet next past done on countable times on the slope of mount elbow and between you gander and kenya job. so yeah, we'll have set up a trouble company and no, it's not for for interest. but ange are the young uganda travelers. during the
1:47 pm
pandemic, international tourism has declined, but locals are still visits and attractions. so come along with me and bring a lot of courage. they are going to jump off the edge mount el, go on an eastern uganda is an untouched piece of nature. the old, okay, now is 4300 meters high. it floats a renew hotspots the africa, young generation of travelers. the news, we are doing up sailing, grady 100. so you can imagine buddy, it's all the way through the book. ah, the young not good. and they want to join nature that they want to enjoy it away. the walk for my
1:48 pm
know about to go and so that's like, oh, you could come 12 prior to the recent domestic tourism campaigns, more young, uganda and a speaking out, adventure tourism and job. so echo has spotted a business opportunity and it involves risk taking your things. that is why we always say that, you know, do what you think. always do what we tell you to do. with the 26 year old has started a travel company, offering young travelers adventures on the mountains. do you guys like to know this a these guys need to trust. job 100 is a life changing experience? yes, it can help to build momentum in them. it can help to build strengths because
1:49 pm
this is like conquering one of the fee is that you have in your life doing this is like you being more brave tourism in uganda is heavily dependent on foreign travellers. most of them come to see animals like the big cats and the very adorable mountain gorillas. but job is now investing in adventures designed for the young and curious travelers from uganda itself. you know, it's, it's not an easy task. the, when a young person is joining something, there is always that high expectation. i 100 clients, i need this, that cannot happen in a silver plate. you need to walk up. oh need. you need to be very consistent. tourism needs patients. it needs creativity. it's amidst motivation, it's always need your mind to think every one of the spend thinking of the new word
1:50 pm
that comes in so that you can convince someone to come and enjoy your job. says before the clear, 900 pandemic, the number of tourists had significantly increased from a monthly average of 20 at the start of 2014 to about 4 times as many by february 2020 right now his groups may be small, but as the that's the role of gets under way is optimistic that more travelers will come to the scenic mountain. so it's again, ah, i'd love to do. i've ceiling on that waterfall. i did it and got to was, and i must confess, that other stuff. i was a bit nervous, but it was absolutely with it. if you have never try it, i've seen him. i think you should. must we take you to guinea, be sol? i've been there and know this is not the republic of guinea, not the difference. is this one off to watch?
1:51 pm
again, speaking countries in west africa who beth ought to show us around the local. fortunately, i know a guy lets me to rock as one which shows us his home, the capital city, be sol my name is what is known as one are up from going to be so from here you have a magnificent view of the city. so come with me, i'm sure you, my city was referential design knows be sour better than most that it's a capital if you need to sell one of the smallest nations of west africa, the half a 1000000 people live in the south. it's located on a river estuary of the atlantic ocean. the city has a lot of tom and it is full of colors. man. yeah. and what we're seeing here is the creation of moros. what is about liberation movement in our country. and domingo ramos, who was a very important,
1:52 pm
independent fighter for going to be put in about the country, used to be a portuguese colony and gain it's independence in 1973. as one take us to the city stadium, which bears the name of the south independence day. the 24th of september, the stand on the empty. but as one remembers the pre corona parties, gail in austin, this is the stadium, the 24th of september and got to this place at mendis effect on my career in december 28. and i had my 1st concept in the stadium, and it was parked. it was the most exciting moment of my coming in to my eyes of the 45000 people party to the sound of his feet. as one takes his 4 spin around town and his fancy hummer. the 32 year old grew up in a tiny village on the border. take any kind of free leave. whenever he misses hum,
1:53 pm
a nice little piece. he comes to the cities harbor. in contra 1000000, i'm sorry, i didn't, i hated the pollution traffic and so i came here to relax or mind myself. we're going to be so such a magnificent and unique place. only go, you know, you know, to be so it's not complete without a visit to ask one's favorite neighborhood. the bio, the moment anthony knows about it as a new man burrowed into mother. this is the neighborhood where soon i most home. i feel like i'm with my family. i can work our own safe on the mother to the side of those you that also home to as one's favorite bar. especially girl ski with specialty was going grad them in about. one is in better into bad to call me near mothers in the band. i got hit every
1:54 pm
isn't in the new fancy, wisely. and so this is my friend, my brother, i must, a teeter. he's also are, this is n b, n b, this is my buddy. good sullivan? and this is my buddy. i'm if you come to be so i'll take your to hang out with us to eat and drink order. okay. isabella, when peter, i'm in the maybe so sorry i i will see you soon in the south. there's so much to see in africa and i hope you're going to put gimme be solving your trouble. if. after pandemic, i have had a good time on to be sure, and thank you for staying till the end. let's continue to stay in touch, send us an email to 77 at dw dot com, or connect with us on facebook or treat up. as we wrap up here is my guy as one with his truck thumb number where i am mike latino. and until we meet again that i
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leave you with a weiss worth of money. none but yourself. come see your mind. man. there's gonna make the bed. does you know what it was he, you know, my mother,
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i mean, i mean, i think the me, the news
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the the price list treasures stolen for more zones. the 100 and looted for the international art market collectors, valuable pieces from the middle east. which scratched compromises at european auction houses in the moral business that fills the coffers of terrors. factions, blood treasures. in 15 minutes on d. w. o.
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the news. in december 2019 the european council president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time a gentleman by 20 e. u. member states supported and some persuasions require a surprising glance into the very heart of power to win the game of diplomatic poker. treason, power plays, and alliances behind the scenes of the summit starts august, 5th on d, w. the
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ah me, oh, oh, because your oh no no, no, no.
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the me the news . ah, this is the w news life from berlin. angle medical meet survivors in flood ravaged areas of germany. the german chancellor travels to one of the regions hit by if you're rain and flooding to survey the damage for herself will go live correspondent on the ground is also coming out of the political fallout from the flooding. germany's conservative candidate for chancellor is forced to apologize after he's seen laughing during his speech.


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