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and some great culture memorials to boot the w travel off we go. ah, was, ah, this is due to the news line from berlin. germany launches a clean up operation after severe flooding. waters have receded in the west of the country, allowing residents to assess the damage, but more rain has fallen in the south and east putting those regions on high alert . also coming up the political fall out from the flooding. germany conservative chancellor candidate is forced to apologize after he's seeing laughing during his
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speech about the flood by the german president. ah, i'm the spicer. welcome to the program. germany's chancellor, i'm going to america is preparing to visit regions of germany affected by severe flooding. that is killed at least $156.00 people. medical is due to visit one of 2 regions hit by the floods. the disaster area in germany spends more than 100 kilometers near the borders with the netherlands in belgium. or the district of water was the worst hit. a massive clean up operation is underway. as rescue cruise search for survivors. more than a 1000 people are still missing. do you have the reporter, kate brady has this report from some of the flooded villages around bon destruction. and deborah, on every corner the only found on the street mud being scraped
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away and tractors, rumbling through the ones picturesque pounds of violence in our violet, the water has subsided, and it's only now that the real true extent of the damage caused by the floods is really coming to light, a lot of people are returning to their homes for the 1st time since the flood the seems a devastating for those. returning the owners of this home moved in only 6 months ago. the flood water reached halfway up the walls of the 1st floor. we just know that he couldn't react quickly enough to move our belongings. yeah, we had to sit upstairs the 24 hours because the fire service came and asked, have you been hurt? if not, then you'll have to manage on your own on emma's cooking, but at least where a life of the name is never so many dead. this is all, it's unbelievable. you can't imagine what's happened here posted by the park. the
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other volunteers, family and friends have travelled far and wide, violent to help. those affected the here clearing homes while supplying people with the basics. for a long stick question for ties trouble this morning i was handing out breakfast down by the river. there was a family that couldn't come out of the house. so i got the supply to them over the balcony, fire the garbage room, yard, please give many locals right now. one financial help from the state quickly and with his little red tape as possible. further north and after that a donation bank, a school has been overwhelmed with clothes and food. donations have stopped now because they just kept coming. it just became too much. most definitely plenty of willingness to help. some locals evacuated from apps that this week are also being sheltered at the school. many feel left in the dark. doesn't you mind?
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like you can, there should be an official from the city that you can talk to here. even if they don't have much new to say all, but at least then you'd have the feeling that they care for the men to come to come on. we don't know whether we'll get in our house again at all. can you even live? there is no modern or rigid all gone forever. when so many of those affected that question could take weeks. months, if not years to be answered. and d, w reporter, julia sally's on the ground for us insure, the town of $660.00 inhabitants. julia. what's happening there now? now we see a lot of rescue, cruise firefighters, the army coming in here to try and clean up as much as possible because the situation here is really dramatic. we've seen homes that were closer to the river, being swept away completely. some houses completely gutted on the ground floor and
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damaged up to the 2nd floor. debris everywhere. marshfield home, that is really a difficult situation and not only is there damage to things and objects, but the depth is really dramatic. the police here in the region of the viola have said that they have counted up to 110 dead and they expect the death to keep on rising and anglo merkel. the german chancellor, as we said earlier, is going to be visiting that town where you are now. you've been talking to people . what kind of reception is she going to get? some people are quite skeptical of her visit. they think it is just a photo opportunity. during the election campaign are not really convinced about her visit while others think it's a good idea. it's an important show of solidarity and support. but what everyone healer is telling me is that they want the support from the government to continue even after the next few days and weeks when the immediate rescue operations and clean up operations are going to happen. people here know that it's going to take
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years properly to, to build their towns back up again, and they want the government to be there and support them. okay. julia, so tally in. sure. thank you so much for that. and for more insight on the floods and how they may affect both medical and politics and the upcoming federal election campaign. i'm join now. fire political corresponding menu shots. thanks for being here. the merkel, let's say the party of miracles, christian democratic union has if its front runner arm and lash it, he could be the next chancellor. he was, as we just said. and a headlines seemed smiling during his somber speech by the german president about the floods. explain his controversy. yes, yes. today the german present time about the time i was presenting his condolences to the people affected. he was talking about how heartbreaking the situation was. not only for the people effected but also for the entire country for,
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for germany. and then in the background, you had the from turner candidate for the conservatives. i mean, last year who also happens to be the mayor enormous father, the west affected region together with ryan and was polite tonight, he was seen laughing in the background. so even though he promptly apologized and said that his attitude was inappropriate, and that he was nothing of the situation. well, this really irritated to say the least a lot of people at the video got a 1000000 view within hours yesterday. and this could be quite damaging for his political, his campaign ahead of the election. and would that perception of emotional disconnect really significantly hurt the christian democratic unions chances the whole parties chances you think? well, you know, it's not the 1st controversy since the day he already was seen as being quite susceptible when dentist office team about his environmental track record,
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even though was fine with fall. yeah. and he said no wasn't a time and a place for political debate, yet he's a politician. so when can you expect debate on the sham of climate change which, which really is becoming more and more pressing also, you know, his track record in north west valia is not very positive when it comes to environment. for example, he allowed coal mines to run up until 2038 even if he came back on those decorations in may. you know, he's not a candidate for germany to become a german chancellor. so he, you know, he said that this phase out of coal mines of coal energy could happen quicker, but he's not known as being a climb. might, you know, you know, an environmental policies major and, but it looks like the environment is being global warming. i should say is being
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attributed as a cause of the flutter of contributing by almost all of the politicians in germany . and since for 2 months and a few days next to the next federal election. is it possible that this flooding and the tragedy in germany will affect the outcome? definitely, and how not to think about what happened almost 2 decades ago when get householder was then chance, lo, it was waiting for a 2nd mandate to reveal himself as the keys and counsellor, the chancellor of crises when similar floods happened in more than 30000 people. had to be evacuated and on the ground he could see should who i'm to then how does really lead a very successful reelection campaign who have been a very positive track record doing his mandate got sense that well, he really rebuild himself all the crises, chancellor and that's something that many were waiting to see. i mean, last a doing and he hasn't quite reason to the occasion just yet. and that could really
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cost him a lot of votes in september. ok. 2 months ago, we'll see how it plays out against the backdrop of this tragedy. thanks for emmanuel has and while some german towns begin to assess the damage and clean up others further south are being hit by new flooding. in the southeast in saxony, rail lines are closed due to rising waters. state of emergency has been declared in parts of the state of bavaria. across the border in austria, flooding and heavy rains are causing serious damage. in the town of holland close to the german border, a flash flood has swept through the streets. people living there had already been warned to be careful and avoid going into the sellers and faces. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. these 25 people have been killed in landslides, triggered by monsoon range and known by one area. several houses were crushed by a collapse wall authority say more people could be trapped under mud and debris.
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building collapses are common during india's monsoon season. to athletes in the olympic village and tokyo have tested positive for the corona virus deepening fears about the spread of virus. when the olympic game start on friday, it brings a total to 3 infections inside the village, where teams are closed off in the public. martino east, the wife of haiti's assassinated president, has returned to the caribbean nation after receiving treatment in miami hospital. she was injured during the attack on her husband. sure of not maurice last week. representatives of the afghan government and tell about insurgents are meeting in cutter for talks. fighting is intensifying across the dentist and, and the situation security situation is getting worse. a key border crossing with pakistan has now reopened. after being taken over by the taliban. hundreds of people headed into afghanistan through the spin bolduc sherman border point on
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saturday summer afghans living in pakistan who want to rejoin their families for the muslim festival of eat, alada next week, pockets on close to crossing on wednesday after the taliban captured the african side now they are letting limited numbers of travelers through again, people are coming the other way to the afghans and pakistani, returning home. taliban was standing at the board of searching people, allowing them to link. so with checking voted documents. on friday there was heavy fighting. as afghan government troops tried to retake the border town from the taliban, they didn't succeed. said go the better, but there were bodies of afghan government forces and civilians lying burnt on the sides of the road, checkpoints were burned down. the taliban were moving around in afghan forces vehicles. they're going to do so the tunnel van border crossings provide
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a rich source of revenue. the group of those who taken other checkpoints with neighboring countries in the north and west in landlocked, more torn afghans down the crossings are a lifeline essentially brought in from pakistan and in the other direction. afghan goods transported to the world. here it's been bolduc sharman, the taliban flank flies on the afghan side of the border. so pockets done this no longer seems to be any great obstacle. and saudi arabia, pilgrims are arriving in mecca to perform the hedge which officially starts on sunday. the annual pilgrimage has been scaled back for a 2nd year running and is taking place under type restrictions. this year, just 60000 people will be allowed to perform what is one of the most important acts of faith in his one. and only people living in saudi arabia can attend before the crone of ours pandemic had with drug millions of muslims from around the world to the city. and then we turn to culture.
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now, some of cinema's biggest stars have been in front of the cameras as the can film festival draws to a close in the south of france or actress sharon stone and jury chief spike li announced the biggest prize. pandora went to p 10 by the french woman directors. your yard, you call know about a young serial killer festival was making, is come back after the pandemic force the cancellation of last year's movie industry extravaganza. sorry, i keep taking my head, this real like and a reminder of the top story we're following for you. a massive cleanup is underway in western regions of germany. hit by severe funding at the country remains on alert after down fours of rain fall in the south and east of your forest watching g w. news live in berlin,
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coming up next tech program. shift and report on denture digital startups in taiwan . no forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the box on our website. a c, w dot com in my search for myself and the entire news team here are watching the news . the been december 2019 and the european council president showed me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a clear job to make sure of the 1st time i turn on the planet by 2050 not all member states supported and some
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