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tumors, there's a process 45 minutes on w literature invites us to see people in particular. i like to see my kids find strange grown up. my only objective is to share with the same beautiful d w books on youtube. i and now we're meeting the women who champions culture and the germans government we simply had to communicate this and all the debates thought there must, we really have to scream at the top of our lungs, me in the corner. of course, in this context,
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debates about colonialism are bound to arise. but i think it was our route. we had to form into what it was meant to be at lee. i hope and wish the visitors to the forum will leave the building with an enriched experience. there is more that unites us than what devises and the me how to come out to welcome to the german chancellor in berlin, yet the stuff. this is where the federal commissioner for culture and the media. monica cut us holds office and of course ms. cortez years german cultural policy to quit to politic for, for what does he miss cut us, you've been in office for over 7 years now and your 2nd term is set to end in the fall. you once said it's the best job in the world. is that still how you feel my
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muscle? yeah. and in the human also not to do something. yes, i still feel that way and that's my own subject to view. but given my background, this is in fact the nice this job i could imagine and i'm grateful to anglo merkel, that i could serve a 2nd time as her minister state for culture and media here in the chancery where i can help shape federal cultural policy. compared on an international level, i think this is quite unique, not only because i believe i am currently the longest serving minister of culture in europe. but also because in my view, germany does quite a lot for its culture compared to other countries being able to play a key role in shaping policy is a huge value to me. both on a personal level as well as on a greater political level. and i do my job with great enthusiasm and passion, because i'm, i'm who have at marco best. mike was up a guy on board line soft as he couldn't. you can share policies as you deem best.
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we've prepared to look back at your time in office. let's watch the monica. brutus has been the federal commissioner for kosher since 2013 music literature, theater opera on cinema, her bread and butter on her passion. during her term, she has added greater significance to germany's culture department. the budget has grown by 2 thirds, reaching over 2000000000 euros. these resources are also used to fund develop another focus is the funding of german film production that over $450000000.00 euros are spent each year to increase germany sure. of the world's phil market and strengthen the foothold as a filming location. this group is a member of the central right christian democratic party faced stiff resistance from the art world. when passing the cultural property protection act,
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her aim is to prevent the illegal trading of antiquities and just take responsibility for other countries. cultural heritage. now germany strictly regulate the import and export of art. in 2013 the good case, a spectacular find of 1500 pieces of art to light on the dark issue of nazi looted artwork, monica brutus, cause for a more thorough research in providence, and raised awareness of the need to restitution looted art from colonial times the humbled for losing another huge project. if sufficient space is inside to reconstruct the city palace where not only difficult to construct difficult questions such as a deal was filled in art. the museum of the 20th century is still taking shape in berlin. and its will host major works of modern note. the point of monica group is
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dearest projects, is the beethoven jubilee. even though many concerts had to be cancelled due to the coven pandemic? the then the article went up and looking back at the covet pandemic, it must have been one of the greatest challenges of your term in office. what impacted you personally, the most mark indies or tut from michelle mason. but i felt most taken back by the genuine, visible and absolutely palpable hardship periods by artists just like the rest of us, they made personal sacrifices. every one of us did across many different groups that includes children, young adults who couldn't get on with their lives. and the many elderly who suffered loneliness, it's also applies to the entire economy, and it's many hon sectors for legislation, boston, about biting korea. even. that would really shook me was how much creative struggle
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to be seen and heard. they felt they had to grow attention to their predicament, to fear that the social significance might be overlooked or not appreciated. but they were always saying that we have a professional association. do we need to be home because we cultural policymakers, myself included, see ourselves as the strongest lobby and i successfully manage to raise a very, very large amount of funding. i know i'm very current in the gym and government showed great support and the hardship that office faced not being able to fulfill that in a most dr to create was already bad enough. that was really disheartened. me was to see how the cultural scene felt that society was largely indifferent to the damage they suffered under the covert pandemic. nicole and i found
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a child in there called 2 centers are important born if that's i see, i know you're saying it wasn't due to lack of financial support. you thought to that, but it has subjective experience played a key role. thus basel to learn does inside know? yeah, it was the yeah, much i kept having to cite saying, please consider the creative sector, not just as a local economy, but as an industry. it's the 2nd biggest sector of the economy. the contribution the creative sector makes to germany's gross social product is only 2nd to the automotive industry and exceeds the finance sector. but the main thing was for artists and their significance to be recognized by society. we placed a great burden on them. cultural establishment were the 1st to close and i pleaded for them not to be the last to reopen, but in the end, that's what happened. in the end, what counted most was if we close the schools, we can't justify why a theaters should be allowed to stay open. that make sense from societies
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perspective as a whole. i guess it, those are the priorities that society is set and they should be respected as such as co shopping and small or big stories that was always possible. mosley? yes, of course. in grocery stores that was to satisfy a vital basic need. and i consistently pleaded for us to open up museums if we were going to open up clothing stores, for instance, if that works out in the end. but we really have to scream at the top of our lungs . ok. we're here to study, couldn't to court, but beyond the interest of the artist well being science is a whole has been missing out as an audience on social relevance beyond private interest. it was so important to keep emphasizing that during the pandemic. i personally felt like i was in with school and i think many other people felt the same. they were missing the opportunity to exchange thoughts and of course,
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confront difficult subjects on stage. for instance, the creative sector is not just about entertainment. it also plays the role of a critical corrective in our democracy. we've all seen the topics that have arisen in our isolated society wrong. and i think that shows how much culture was missing is a platform for dealing with relevant topics. we constantly had to communicate this in all the cove debates. don't forget the art, or they're not just important in their own right, but they're important to all of us, national for the stamps. on our phones, elevators, you put together a little overview to show how culture fared, and the panoramic was achieved and where it struggled with. let's take a look at the aka kim start enjoy on sits on them on germany, the country of poets and thinkers,
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the site of the world's largest book for both 6800 museums, germany as the country with the most professional orchestra's $113.00 total and it's clubs are world famous, whoever the corporate pandemic brought kosher to accrue. ah, and this gave really is to a fundamental debate how you just push your inner society federal commission or for closer monitor glue to respond to a 1000000000 union funding program to prop up the cultural scenes. artist from all fields applies for support. but the 1st lockdown was followed by a 2nd to the cultural sector, grew increasingly desperate to learn to play pension fund protests became increasingly loud, both in the streets and online as
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just as another 1000000000 euros into culture. solar work groups and companies received emergency a special funding and bridging allowances. funding over the culture scene was definitely 50 actors, made their frustration known on youtube and provocative unstick away the corner. thanks, dakota 19 to key point. if you want to be afraid, again, feel free to despair, but don't have doubts. the end of the pandemic is in sight, and there is a euphoric feeling of optimism. what damage has been done. that's what only be revealed later. a difficult trial for germany as a cultural home. the hum, they couldn't, le,
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you've supported artists financially. but as we said, money is not enough aligned. when you look back on the pandemic, would you say you could have done something different? maybe better. you found to say, i didn't impressive that we took the culture scene and it's hardships into consideration so early on in the pen demik. and we responded to what was happening if i may add, i think we did more than any other country in the world. $2100000000.00 euros per year. my culture budget practically doubled, and i secured an additional 2000000000 euros just to help those in the creative industry through the pandemic. this helps keep the infrastructure in place and to damp the financial impact on artist personal lives. we've created a wide reaching grant program with thousands of individual grounds. and was there found a man as if there was in less than half a year,
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we spent $900000000.00 of the 1st 1000000000. so we then received an additional 1000000000 euros because we were stuck in the middle of the 2nd lockdown. and this money is slowly being used up. we used it to make it possible for artistic productions to continue despite the coven 19 crisis and locked down. for example, we had a default fund of 50000000 euros for film productions. we also have a big grant program, and we have been helping out places such as museums, private theaters and cinemas requiring conversions due to the panoramic with ventilation systems. and above all, we have helped make productions possible. again, they will be performed once the stages opened up again. we succeeded in doing this with huge sums of money, the likes of which i think have not been seen in germany or anywhere in the world. but only so this was not enough to reassure the artists. i believe it is also very
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important that they feel valued and i'll give them the opportunity to rediscover the autistic voice. and that is where i, like many others, became very impatient. that to is understandable. l. in the middle of the pandemic, the discussion surrounding colonial looted art also came into focus by one example is daneen brown says, which are in many different museums in germany. what you have taken a very strong position on this. what is your opinion regarding this looted article? don't get another most fundamental sort of humor form is club. of course, if in general, i must say that the humble forum and i think the migration of refugees which europe experienced in the past years made the topic of colonialism and today's aftermath of our colonial history got a huge momentum. as a result, the general population is now more sensitized to the issue flexible. this has been
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a blind spot in our remembrance culture for a long time. beginning of so we started to come to terms with our recent history by looking at the 1st and 2nd world wars, the period before that when europe had colonized africa is only now coming into view. and that's good for us. of course, some very visible issues have come into focus. the humble forum with a non european art it displays has in part a colonial context. and then you have to determine what was acquired unfairly and should thus be returned. and this issue is particularly visible with the benign, bronze. we have research the history that we are familiar with it. and we know that germany has purchased over 500 beneath bronzes from the market, but they were quite unfairly so we are prepared to return them. we would like to return a substantial amount of them from 2022 onwards. 20 nice. yeah. we've
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also prepared a short film on the homework for which will now take a look at it. you'll see which exhibits are on display there. the homework form will open to the public interest a few days. in the humble form of the heart of berlin is likely the largest construction project during monica router's time in office. it is a landmark, but also a place for debate. reconstructing the prussian royal palace has proven contentious from the very beginning bone to pieces. in the 2nd world war, the palace was demolished in east germany replaced by the palace of the republican house for the people the boots following the fall of the iron curtain up to had to go too much as best as to which socialism. instead, the wheels of history are turned back on the barrel and palaces reconstructed and redesigned the place for world culture and cultural exchange. under the new name,
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the humboldt form the push and cultural heritage foundations, that's no logical collections will be moved into the humboldt foreign. these precious objects that have accumulated over hundreds of years include lucid arc from colonial times shouldn't be returned. when example is the balloon thrown from time rooms? it was given to germany and viewed as the cities oppression. the benign bronzes robbed by the british in 1897. and what is today nigeria? they were sold to many countries including germany. these objects still have blood on the jury as though demanding the return was planning to open its own museum. public pressure has been mounting tremendously. in response to cultural commissioner, monica brutus has called museum directors and kosher ministers from across germany to discuss the issue. they agreed to start returning the stolen items. it has
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a breakthrough and a paradigm shift. as more and more details, individual exhibits are becoming known. it would appear that the benito bronze, it could just be the tip of the iceberg. this trigger boat is from the violent and was likely stolen by german colonial troops. me humbled for it is full of contentious items. i know horace is filled with controversy. was the decision in favor of the home but still right in your views? absolutely. space is absolutely. i have never invested so much energy and passion in a cultural project as i have in this one. the hook for him was only half finished when i took it over. when coming into office 8 years ago, the founding directorship had the former head of the british museum near mcgregor on board, who is a global museum star. he was
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a very knowledgeable advisor to us. we've now can the hook form into what it was always meant to be a new type of center for the art. it's more than a museum. it works on an interdisciplinary level. we have a cinema stages. we will be able to hold conferences that the quote is capable of handling large streams of visitors. we have rooms that address berlin as the city state and one entire floor is dedicated to cultural understanding. we designed it in collaboration with a humble university. there will also be collection pieces on display from the berlin state museums of depression, cultural heritage foundation. it's a huge and diverse selection. spending over 42000 square meters. although some of the pieces are controversial. if one of the mother is active on the, on the yes, i always wonder why people put it like that, even though nobody has actually been inside to see the exhibit. so all these claims
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that everything is so controversial and difficult will tend to focus on that, although no one has actually seen the exhibition yet. that 42000 square meters with an amazing selection of exhibit and some collection paces from outside europe, that fills me with pride. the cultural nation that germany is today had to redefine the central sports and it's republics history. given such an opportunity to slide down, many states could have resisted the temptation to place themselves and their own history in his favorable life as possible. right at the center of attention instead of only referencing ourselves. and german history has some wonderful highlights that we could have exhibited. we decided that the non european should have the place that here they could respond to the german and mediterranean stories being told on the museum island, which is just across. i think that signifies how germany sees itself and the 21st century. we want to present ourselves as
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a partner to the world and the name whom bolt stands for. curiosity about the world, alexander, and vill him from whom both make great leaps in intellectual history. the name also stands to openness, tolerance, underlining one's own experience with what is possible in other parts of the world . ultimately, i hope and wish that visitors to the forum will leave the building with an enriched experience. despite our differences, there is more that unites us than what devices. of course, in this context, debates about colonialism off bound to arise. but i think it's good and right that these debates will take place that. when does he don't start from the finish? good on christmas. does that mean? all the references are explained? is there provenance laid out in their past and what part of history they're from? because even when it's a problematic part of history, it's a minor, all image doesn't matter who they are in the, in how to do it. i'm submission. i don't consider it my role to get to involved
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with a i have to respect my museums, autonomy, i trust, the experts i trust, they know how to deal with it appropriately. and in line with today's expectations . it takes the greatest amount of transparency and openness to present the problematic circumstances of how the pieces were acquired, that can be no credibility without a broad transparent depiction is difficult to context. and it's true. we have debated the benign bronze is all the more carefully. but everything was always known and out in the open. only now it's weights differently in the list. boat is one very central exhibit. we moved it into the humboldt for him before the building was completed. otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to fit it in. there was a great public response. now it will be exhibited that telling us the narrative that existed back then in the region where it was built. it's also
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a tale of missionaries and difficult colonial events, but i think the whole world has of right to learn about it. i believe the key to being able to show something like that lies and being honest about the difficult circumstances of provenance specialists. i hope not so at 1st sighting to colonel redman elisha hood, intriguing aspect of these events. i'm just in the state to get enough. i have become too close. i would like to change the topic for a moment. slice of miss cut us. you are the 2nd woman to hold this office life equal opportunities for women in the cultural sector and elsewhere have always been an important issue to you. have you succeeded in what you set out to achieve this ransom in some unsung astound. at the beginning, i was shocked to see how far behind the whole culture and create a scene was when it came to equal opportunities. culture sees itself and rightly so
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as part of the, of a god as a socially progressive area. but when it comes to gender equality, they have quite a lot of catching up to do. i have set up a round table to which we have brought our findings. i was joined by female representatives of all sectors, from literature to visual arts, music, dance, journalism. we realize that there is far less quality in our creative areas than we would like to see would be the other thing and vol. and that's why we set into women's culture office in the german cultural council, which i finance. we have set up a mentoring program to help young women who have already achieved a good amount of success in the arts to achieve their next career goals. with the support from partners and the professional seen as difficult issues surrounding sexual assaults came out, particularly in light of the one scene scandal. we set up the information center themis, which is chiefly financed by the federal government. now fortunately,
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various sectors are also pitching in one thing i have achieved which was relatively easy, was to point to equal numbers of men and women on all the committees in my house. and there are several hundreds in some areas. for example, the film industry. we had to actually change legislation in other areas or we needed to do was point out that this wasn't a fair way of distributing leadership roles with a female perspective on the awarding the funding. for example, female applicants more often considered for the prize last but not least, 44 percent of management positions in my house to help buy women, i think is a woman, is that the helm and can embody and the set her leadership. then a lot can be achieved, but that has to be an awareness for it. right above the boost line. most duffy does, i can you imagine continuing in the throne? here i have to use the cliche response that for the voters to decide personally,
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i am really passionate about working in this field and i don't see any reason to stop, but it depends on the election result. thank you very much for talking to us. who's me the the with the, the, the news,
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the news the, the, the the the green power. just a handful of chemical to dominate the industry, manipulating plants and the markets. however they please. because of them. some classes that are thousands of years old, almost 16 farmers and consumers with no other
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projects on d, w, the 7 person group meets donna we need the musician black process to discuss the genres important in modern africa is for me to put my own. so are you feeling isley and that was the 1st 90 minutes w. o was right in front of them. they gave it there. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or olympic games that tokyo or 202021. thrown off course during the
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qualifying ground. or not be for sports hero. i'm fired up and ready to count down during last the walk you go to tokyo starts july 19 d. w. people in trucks injured when trying to see the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. family for the owner and trade. people extreme around getting 200 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are speaking with huge wine because no one should have to flee the make up your own
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line, w need for mines. the me the news . this is the news, live from berlin. germany launches a clean up operation after severe flooding. waters have receded in the west of the country, knowing residence to assess the damage. more rain has fallen in the south and east, putting those regions on high alert. also kind of go crazy jumping the gun that can the jury president spike lee gets ahead of himself
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announcing the winner of the festivals, tons of honor will reveal which failed perceived the adamant.


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