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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 9:15am-9:31am CEST

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stories a week in reports, looting a story from russia for students have been calling for press freedom and forget you need all the latest news and information around the clock on the website. s t w dot com on the spicer. thanks for watching the news . on the green, do you feel worried about the i'm the host of the on the green fence to clear, we need to change join me, present the green transformations for me to give
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me a grantee or millions of years before our time since then he's been meeting a secret life and have incredible abilities. ruth, seeing the world august 4th on d. w. me the news this week on well stories. corona virus is putting tories of traveling to portugal, taking over the south africa. but we begin in india. children in foreign countries are the worst effects to by the time demick,
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often having to work instead of going to school. so they may not have fallen ill themselves, many have lost her parents and are in need of help for 9 years now, 3 people that had worked with children from under previous communities on a daily basis. she deals with children who have experienced creek laws and are forced to grow up before they're ready. but since the outbreak of who with 19 their numbers are growing, children are being made to quit education and take up household responsibilities and are also being pushed into child labor as their families have lost income. secondly, since they are spending a lot of time at their home, now many cases of child abuse are also coming up. having already been disproportionately affected by over 19, many children are facing another tragic fall out of the funding. many have lots mothers or fathers are both, leaving them extremely one of the since last year the angel, a pretty world has provided support to talking children who have been often new to
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call the 1900. by helping them settling with their extended families. sooner opposing the founder of the organization says that while children who have been often how much tougher and need immediate attention, a more holistic approach is needed to address every child in distress. there's a lot of conversation about it often, but honestly, on the ground in such cases are probably 5 to 6 percent. the other 95 percent cases that we're looking at is where the bed, the very best of these children are pushing them into sexual trade. transactional sex and child labor. the real issue really is to look at the vulnerability mapping of which child is in massive distress and which side needs more support that there is a need for a more comprehensive approach is something that an iraq can do. the head of the deli commission for protection of child. right. also i'm looking for i think for 3 things need to happen. one, the scheme that provide the financial assistance to these families for that at
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least the basic subsistence is ensured. the 2nd thing that needs to happen is the governments have to explore ways of keeping the children in school, the toward either ensuring a livelihood for the family. or ensuring that they're starting different existing schemes of the government could be a russian or whatever. but ensuring the, the family has adequate means as an immediate urgent step. the commission has started a health line for children in distress. back at the center pretty says that many children she meets with are in crisis right now. we've got a home because of it years of hard work that we and the children had put in seemed to have gone waste or home. we are now trying to get them back to their studies and 2 different activities we are trying to use them and help them come out of the difficult situations. they are still brief. he says that despite their best efforts,
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it will be a long while before the children are able to cope with the heart. and the trauma that the band to make has inflicted. the pressure on critical journalist says mounting in russia, where enters a student magazine, doctor, under house arrest, thoughts for the young journalists, except things censorship is out of the question. ah, these 2 are getting married in moscow today. both of them wearing a dress, the students say they want to make a statement for tolerance, love and freedom. the couple and many of their guests, right for the critical moscow student magazine doctor, including a katerina morocco. the 25 year old has been an editor for the online platform for 2 years. she says this wedding has raised her spirits. at the moment it seems like everyone hates each other. the government hates us and there's political repression
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everywhere. but love is also everywhere. ah, but there is a serious reason for the joyous celebration. the couple is marrying, so they can't be forced to testify against each other in court. natalia to kabbage and 3 other docs, the journalists have been accused of inciting minors to take part in unauthorized anti kremlin protests. an investigation is ongoing. for months now. they've only been allowed to leave their homes for 2 hours a day. they face up to 3 years in prison. earlier this year, doctor reported about russia was protests in support of arrested opposition. politician alexander, of only it criticized russian universities for pressuring students to stay home and not take part in demonstrations. like other media outlets doc. so then faced police searches and arrests, students and young people came out in solidarity with the journalists. but pressure
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on the critical media is growing across russia. several media outlets have been declared foreign agents. vladimir metropolitan is one of 4 docs, a journalist who could phase prison since april. he has been under de facto house arrest. the 26 year old isn't allowed to use the internet and can only leave the house for 2 hours a day. he has to wear an electronic ankle monitor. with him says it was already clear that this steam roll was rolling over more and more people putting pressure on them. and that at some point it would get to us before donna flattered me, lives with his mother. a russian human rights organization has designated him and the 3 other docs journalists as political prisoners. a katerina morocco is trying to keep them involved in the work of the magazine. any of us could have ended up in
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their place. the fact that they got unlucky was just a coincidence. the only thing we can do is to support them. a katerina says, the journalist, a doctor are not going anywhere. she says everyone who dares to be critical in russia has to make sure to stick together. the after a long time demick yes, many will looking forward to their summer holidays in portugal spots the sharp rise and infection rates in the spring is putting tourists off and depriving the country of an important source of income ah, the garbage. it's always been the heart of portugal, beach tourism even today, but not like it used to be. it's mainly the portuguese themselves, a few spaniards and some french tourists. in the many hotels along the coast lively beach life has turned into an eerie calm. because the secret to 65 to 60 percent
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of the guests who normally spend their vacations here are foreigners and you, if they come mainly from germany, the u. k. and other countries. but they're not here now it's. it's not don't cough . christina morero's sees the consequences when she takes a walk in the private roacha. empty and abandon shops. the tour guide tries to make ends meet as best she can. i told him vance's 2020 everything canceled this year. so far everything's been canceled. no, i've had some work. but no tours. i think this is the kind of fuel morero's survives by giving courses for new guides. many people in the garvey don't have any income as the charity carriage house experiences deal with its food bank in port to mild mann watson because we're taking care of 480 families at the moment. that's 112070 people. during the 1st year of the pandemic,
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the number of people in need skyrocketed. this spring, the number went down as soon as the 1st hotels reopened and sought staff. but that buoyancy only lasted for weeks. things will tend to get worse again because he is on the fence of german tourists are allowed to travel again, might be too little too late. british tourists still can travel. the damage seems to be done until the pandemic struck 15 percent of portugal, g d, p. came from tourism that makes people all the more frustrated with the travel restrictions. we are seeing these ever changing rules and for answer printer, for the employees is very difficult to handle these new situations every week. 56000 germans planned vacations in garvey for this july. that was before the
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warning. now, no one knows how many of those holiday makers will even show up the once a year. the minions of sardines, my great along the east coast of south africa, followed by birds seals, sharks. the tremendous natural spectacle is a rich catch for fishermen. provided they are lucky and act fast. this isn't an oil leak. it's a show of sardine fishermen. gerald michael and his team. a waiting for this one. yeah. yeah, there's no, that was within seconds. everything suddenly gets very hectic. well, i'm good, i'm good. what i called saudi and everybody got to run and shak. yeah, it was just right o. every year between june and august,
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the saudi and move along the east coast of south africa following the cold currents in the indian ocean. bigger hungry fish, follow them. and so do the fishermen. the close of the shoals of sardines gets to the coast, the better the chances of catch a huge disappointment when the net gets caught and breaks. most of the sardines get away. rough would of course it off with a few kilometers further on. another team has more like to try and catch us $150.00 crates worth of sardines in a. net 2 thirds of the fish are sold for more than 2000 euros. the rest goes to the team. it took
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a chance to get more than it's paid off. and like you can see the novice. but as you know in the game, it's very dangerous and you can see having to myself, i had a cable go through molig. and that's the name of the game. we play with shocks, rocks, nets, rough seas, everything. but if you can get the fish, you can make some money. for gerald tobacco and his team, the 1st thing to do is repair the nets. and then go home, empty handed bed to bed. 3 bad luck. everybody i suppose. and the good according to buckle saw the fever should be around for a few more weeks. the news
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politics for coaching. an interview with monica federal commission that the culture and the media have a c handle. the challenges posed by the time demick was to get him. i've always had to fight for that. the creative sector would also get attention to how does she evaluate her 2nd term and also muscle? i'm very passionate about what i do aren't 21. the be great power just from a chemical to dominate the industry, manipulating plants and the markets. however, they please. because of them, some cars that are thousands of years old, almost 16,
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but farmers and consumers with 45000000 on w literature invites us to see people in particular. i like to see my fine, the strange grown up world. my only objective is to share with the same beautiful d w books on youtube. i know we're meeting the women who champion culture and the german government. we simply had to communicate this in all the cove debate. thought there must, we really have to scream at the top of our lungs the me .


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