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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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don't seem to get to the feel the magic use discover the world around you. subscribe to w documentary on youtube. the oh, the ah . a walk in the woods, why this germans sing? it takes so long a recording device on hikes is one of the things you'll find out on today's show.
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and with that, welcome figure. emacs here. look at what else is coming up today. st. food classic is the dinner about a german invention. did it originate in turkey and wondrous world? what places inspired j all told me for the fantastic setting of his novels. first off, we traveled to florence, italy, the feats the gallery is one of the largest isms in the world and hold the collection of priceless works, particularly from the renee psalms period. it's also famous for large crowds and long queues with millions of visitors, usually passing through its gates every year. is him director, i could smith, as now launched the project to feed the food the which we'll see works displayed it up to 100 different locations across the region. napoleon bonaparte,
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the french emperor and military leader, is on the move again as part of a special project. portraits and sculptures of him are being dispersed from the feats the collection in florence, italy, to other parts of tuscany. packing is the biggest challenge, the painting. it moved from the roll. it is put on the tray and it is move on box, which is a double box surrounded by a policy around inside. the in order to have is soft inside the and the scott is putting another box in double box. and inside the reason, sort of the team and discussed in 2 pieces in order to put the booster inside and not to move inside the box. the movement of the paintings and sculptures as part of a project called a fee diffusing or scattered fee,
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which aims to share important pieces of art with other cultural institutions. the collection is normally house in the famous 50 gallery in florence, where crowds usually floods the halls of the building to see master pieces of art, to reduce the numbers of visitors. select pieces from the feet are being temporarily moved to other museums throughout the region. 20 works related to napoleon are traveling to a special exhibition on the island of elva to mark the $200.00 anniversary of the military leaders of death by sending works of art from the feats throughout tuscany. we are hoping to show works of art, great works of art that normally aren't being seen by anyone and that remain dormant and our storage. but also we are hoping to draw attention to some really wonderful, starkly important,
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but simply beautiful places throughout tuscany. and one of those places is porter friend. i owe an elbow where napoleon was sent into exile after his abdication is french emperor, in 1814 the exhibition highlights certain time periods and his reign from his coronation to his death. ah, one of the highlights is the painting on clay, which represent napoleon on the day of his grounding. the mission gives us the opportunity to compare the spot rate, which is normally presented at the p. c gallery. with this other one which belongs to the collection of napoleon had conquered most of europe, including italy by the early 1900 century. but his dominance over italy ended with his fall, as emperor in 18. 14. he died just
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a few years later in 18. $21.00 at the age of $51.00. ah, with this exhibition on the island of alabama, we're hoping to really give back the spirit and the history of napoleon to the island where napoleon lived, and also to show some great masterworks from the feats in a proper context where they gained much more meaning than sharing them isolated in florence. the exhibition on elbow is the 1st in a series of the few of the shows that will take place across tuscany throughout the coming months. how to listen to this. studies shows that the sounds of nature like this bird song can
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actually lift our mood and winds up often try to brighten up my day by listening to the soundtrack of the forest. the germans sing, a song writer alexander conferred goes one step further by incorporating these elements into her own electro pump. we met hunting for new samples among the trees and bavaria. b. o. is going to forest near munich, hunting for intriguing nature sounds. she's brought a field recorder along to capture them. so again, and i like looking for new sounds and then experimenting on like a playground costume. and tim on i'm, you can throw some leaves and sticks together and see what happens if it's some
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distance on child was comes back also. alexandra, a project called her tree, is all about these sounds in nature. later she modify stuff and adds voice elements and the thing the key thing she doesn't use any conventional instruments appeal to the really this is not the greatest challenge during the production stage is finding the right chords and melody kaufman tonight as well. that's a tonal question. you can't use percussion elements also,
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and for that i need animals. sounds on, but you need a lot of patients for animals to show up and she released her debut album. don't try be beautiful. in 2021. alex sandra, spent no less than 4 years gathering sounds for it, but it wasn't the initial plan is that i can you help can even they didn't really have an idea and i didn't have any intention of recording for sounds. i was hiking and became so intrigued by the noises that i began recording. i just want to listen to it later because i liked it so much and shown fun week she took the recordings to the studio, where producer marks spindler began breaking them up, tweaking and rearranging them. creating percussion sounds melodies and baselines.
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fun to the did you tell him i usually manipulating the sounds like creat artifacts and textures that you won't get from plugins or virtual instruments that will implemented foolish trick here doesn't damage animals. sounds are in a certain key that makes things interesting. you have to pitch the sounds to get them in tune. that's why everything sounds different. nothing ever sounds the same place. can't live is can never sounds the same and never sounds perfect. you never get exactly what you had in mind, but some other things along the way. alexandra is a trained pop and jazz singer. she scoured forests in germany, austria slovenia. and even the jungle and thailand or nature sounds course on the she's the biggest difference between r for it and the jungle that it's loud at night. they're not as loud here during
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night time. make a very quiet voice a week on the occasional you here. and i will, who are a dear, but not many other animals, but in the jungle you can hear a veritable orchestra of animal noises and other sounds. he has an on saying in a lot of electro pop songs comprised entirely of nature sounds soon. alexandra tends to team up with biologists to produce even more very nature music from the forest to the st. danica bab is one of the most popular street foods in germany and europe with over 400 tons of it, consumed across the continent every day. just like tica, masala and chop suey, it's viewed as a dish that was invented by immigrant chest and then new home country combining established ingredients from their culture in a new way. but is that just a rumor?
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we investigated the dinner about his origins in berlin is then bull, and also the southern german region of sway via dinner. kiss all this need from grilled me from a sewer put in a peter along with vegetables and saw this fast food around the world. and especially in germany, there's a lot in it. it's a good mix and really juicy. i've got everything jerky, you can only get it on a plate. not as a bob that was invented in berlin. nevertheless, there nick evolve is turkish for grill me on a spit we went to investigate in his on bull in the turkish metropolis, doing a kid. bob is usually serve like here the bob isn't cheap. fast foods like in germ the gym food blogger theater,
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has been living here since 2015 and has been researching in history of the traditional dish. classically the danica bob was he found meal, like we haven't served on top of rice made with them grilled vegetables. so the done and i've started several centuries ago as basically a grill me danica bob as history all across in turkey. the meat is the main ingredient in case this is supposed to be covered up by salad or thought chef easily sparse out is skeptical about the german way of cooking. turn about big red cabbage, and we find that we're red. meat doesn't go well with red cabin kato's, tomatoes, onions and bell pepper go much better with the bob in bread. we've never used red cabbage. put in turkey, it turns out that this high quality veal and lamb is not only served on a plate. sonic a bubbles in the more phosphate variety, not exactly the same as defined in germany,
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but more on the go. so someone invented the done it that it become ubiquitous among the western country, which is a piece of bread usually, or another bread with lots and lots of sources. this was invented in germany. it's create or perhaps net for saline. he served what may have been germany's 1st sterner in 1969. it is st. fair and southern germany. a stunt lot. here. the sand was here. i remember there were a lot of people standing. we had to meet right here to now if you see her, i'm positive, i was the 1st person to bring doing a cabal to germany. give me just your city. if i known back then 50 years ago, i would have had it patent, puffin. someone skipped much last. what's the show today? but they thought it was some sort of me. what was i'm very proud to have played a role in doing a combined history. these are gifted this is how he
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leer the donor skewer back then with beef and lamb. there wasn't any peter bread back then employed thing in southern germany, so he simply filled swavay and fred roles with yogurt, meat, onions, parsley and tomatoes. and the 1st ever dinner bob in germany was created something for loon is home to the donor cabal. come here neuron is no deceased, but ran a do not joint at the zoo train station in the early 1970. or he is said to intend to do turner came up. there are more than 1000 turn up places in the german capital . now, some simple and other stances in berlin center denise foreclosed, comes up with new and unusual. do no variation, such as with mango. i think it's more of
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a german turkish dish network and it's a sign of multicultural friendship. i'm on a polish, we offer from the anatolia and it's kendrick about to a gentrified berlin, mit dinner with truffles and asparagus and fans. a little fancy, a little sloppy, and yet good for your so good. a dinner at the top is a turkish german success stories. the damages, the stories. susie has to smell it amazing. the best chef with their best tip, from me to beacon diet and all the recipes, the christ. welcome to my wealth. europe's diversity is a smorgasbord. subscribe and enjoy d w. food. ah!
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we now turn the page to one of the greatest fancy rises of old time j, talking his works, including the hobbit and a lot of the rings trilogy, have inspired generations of readers. but what was his inspiration for creating these incredibly details and unique fantasy wells? john gulf, a british author and talking expert, has now released a book which aims to answer that question. we met him in oxford, where talking spent most of his life, the magical landscape transposed into the cinematic version of middle earth, a fictional fantasy world where war between good and evil is being waged on a grand scale in the habit and lord of the rings. the british author, j. r. r. tolkien thought up to the setting for his novels and described it in detail. but he himself spent most of its life in oxford. in his book,
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the world of g. r. r. tolkien, john gar describes what places inspired the british fantasy author. ah, this is not a college oxford where toll he was professor of english language and literature from 1945. this is when he was just nearing the end of writing over the rings. he was writing the, the last 2 books, including the battle scenes minister s, which is a fantastic medieval city. and if you're inside there inside the quads, the quadrangles is very much like being inside a medieval city. ah, but oxford wasn't the only source of inspiration for ministerial. the capital of gondor, the literary works also played a role, such as the divine comedy by dante allegheny. this is an interpretation by italian painter sondra. both italy he just use whatever was convenient to him. he use the scenery around oxford, the borrowers,
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the standing stones in the hills are adults and things like that. he used to leave memories, scenes from walks, he had been on to so confused memories, fantasy and reality together. and one place that surely inspired him was barrington bol, the tower near oxford. it resembles the towers of the else, or the tower of the sorcerer ceremony in eyes in guard. ah. so this is starting to fully 936 painting of the tower and the landscape is used by shell oil and its petrol advertising. and the 937 talking painted now the very famous picture of hobbits and of the hill where bilbo baggins lives. and i believe strongly that if you look at that painting, you can see distinct similarity. dylan landscapes of the english countryside of tolkien's childhood also influenced his image of the shire home to the hobbits. is
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an idea of habit houses overgrown with grass, possibly came from tales that ice plastic o pears, told his sons about trolls and pete covered houses. so places he had never seen himself also made their way into his fantasy world talking and travel much. but i think i was actually for practical reasons. he had a very, very memorable trip to switzerland and 1911. and i believe he actually went up the river right to get there on the, on a river boat. and both of these things seem to have inspired a great deal of, of what he wrote. i mean, any, any mountain scene in the hospital. but a lot of things goes back to that swiss trip. and i was in one place in the swiss alps, stuck in tokens. memory was the picturesque town of lout up on the rift valley home to the elves was modeled after it. later in the films, more visual touches were added and tokens,
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voyage through the rhine valley also appears in his books with the and doing river . the pillars of the kings in argonaut may have been inspired by ancient statues. perhaps of egyptian barrows. ah, and there was one more source of inspiration to be found in oxford. this is a very famous tub. the eagle and child were talking and his friends including c. s . lewis, the narnia, used to meet every tuesday. also they, they would do all the things they went to a country walks, sometimes they went on walking trips, and i think some of that fed into the descriptions of the hobbits walking in the shop. even when the hobbit tracked through the scenery of new zealand, the influences of us, which you are pleased to see with his books g, r, our token, made the foundation for the visually stunning world. and this goes to show just how
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far you can travel. even in your imagination, from tolkien imagination, we had to a real fair resell setting in switzerland. the estate of bruno v about new zurich is decorated with fantastical and mythological artifacts, as well as other worldly structures. leaving you wondering whether you have diver straight into a fantasy world. we took a tour of the deceased artists unique sculpture, pock me somewhere in northern switzerland, the little world trinity. unlike any of the oracle world, off his head, he devoted nearly 50 years to shaping a house in gardens, borne entirely of his own imagination, inhabited by countless fantasy and fairytale creatures. he lived with his wife, maria, unavailable until his death and 2011. it's no mystery to her. what inspired his
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visions? national very tells him miss. we're definitely an influence. we always use to read to each other before bed and i'm laughing for you. he loved places of worship, especially gothic cathedral. she caught it at all, but then he'd also create from his imagination english ships. i've still got portfolios full of ideas. he would have liked to make a reality. through. november was a painter architect and sculpt a hole in one. he lived with 4 and in his work through the years, his wife maria, i'm of emperor, collaborated with. she cast concrete figures and spilled out together with the grandson. she lays the mosaics and shows visitors around the park and residence. she goes, i'll show you the house come in the midst. i'd like to show you the forest garden that bruno symbolically depicted and miss bass, british
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a strong dog instead of cut. here you see the forest. animals this fall that the bush is it all in the camp fire like the kind you'd build in the woods all the points off monday and here you see a sculpture that merges the human and the animal and it's served as the china cabinet. oh i family eats either at the table in grills or at the transparent butterfly table with its winged chair. ah, take it everywhere. you can discover halls and passageways. so many thick who's in
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the family bathroom on the 2nd floor. it's done up like a static case studies with colorful jim's spacious bath tub was intended for the vapors, twin daughters to have fun in the bedroom. right next door has a positive and cheerful atmosphere coming down. now we're entering the leaf room. there's a sun full in and in spring and it shines right onto the bet. so the real sun shines through the sun made if any glass keep glass. ah, the next floor has the next surprise install the still room. highly original retreat based on the octagon new floor plan with an unobstructed view of the heavens above me.
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put a table and chair here where she drew made a design and read or whatever. so he wouldn't be disturbed of him. no visitors were allowed up here to do this in this room was also used for celebration a wedding, for instance. the bruno vapor park itself is a massive celebration of unbridled imaginations. coming out. it's almost a shock to reenter the regular work at a world of molten switzerland with its factories and smoke stacks, rice outside the k. well, that marks the end of our journey today, but you can find much more european culture and lifestyle on our website. and that's also where you can take part in our price drawer, where we are giving away a stand up panel. just let us know what your favorite summer sporting activity is. best of luck,
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and bye bye for now. the. the news. the news the news the news, the news, the news,
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the news the the the politics for culture, interview with monica federal commission and the culture and the media handle the challenges posed by the time demick was always that's a fight so that the creative sex i will also gets attention to the how does she evaluate her 2nd term and also as i'm very passionate about what i do aren't 20
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d w the great power just from a chemical giants to dominate the industry, manipulating plants and the markets po, ever they please because of them some cars that are thousands of years old or almost 16, but farmers and consumers, you know, one of the 75 minutes on the w. ah, me sometimes see if you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing an environmental conservation to life with learning
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facts like global ideas. we will show you how climate change ended, our mental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for free. in december, 2019 the european councils president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make here are the 1st time it's it's i don't see names on the planet by 2050 easy member state support and persuasion is required. so surprising, glanced into the very heart of our hostess when the game of diplomatic poker treat power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the
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climate. it starts august 5th on d, w. ah, the news this is didn't the news line from berlin? germany is on high alert as the clean up operation gets underway after severe flooding receding waters in the western part of the country of our residence to begin to take stock there at the south and east are hit by more flooding. we'll go live to a reporter for the latest. also coming up in other parts of europe discover the extent of.


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