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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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one, 0 wow. to live and survive. my dea's, the environmental in global 3000 on d, w, and the ah, this is the news line from berlin. germany is on high alert. i think clean up operation gets under way after severe flooding. proceeding waters in the western part of the country allow residents to begin to take stock there, but the south and east are hit by more flooding. we'll go live to a reporter for the latest. also coming up. other parts of europe are also measuring
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a true extent of the damage caused by the flooding. a huge, clean up just underweight in belgium, netherlands, and austria. ah, i'm next spicer, welcome to the program. germany's chancellor agular moscow is preparing to visit regions of germany, effected by severe flooding that has killed at least 156 people. medical is due to visit the village of shield in the state of ron and politeness. one of the 2 regents worst hit by the floods disaster area in germany, stretches between the districts of heinz berg f dot, an arvada near the border with the netherlands in belgium. a massive clean up operation is underway as rescue cruise search for survivors. more than a 1000 people are still missing. d w reporter kate brady has this report from some
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of the flooded villages around bon destruction and deborah, on every corner. the only found on the street mud being scraped away and tractors, rumbling through the once picturesque town of violence. here in our violet, the water has subsided, and it's only now that the real true extent of the damage caused by the floods is really coming to light. a lot of people are returning to their homes for the 1st time since the flood the seems a devastating for those returning the owners of this home moved in only 6 months ago. the flood water reached halfway up the walls of the 1st floor to jill smith. i couldn't react quickly enough to move our belongings. we had to sit upstairs for 24 hours because the fire service came and asked, have you been hurt? if not, then you'll have to manage on your own on emma's cooking, but at least we're a life of the navy. if there were so many this is the only,
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it's unbelievable. you can't imagine what's happening here. he's pushed back the park, the other volunteers, family and friends have travelled far and wide violent to help. those affected the here clearing homes while supplying people with the basics for long 3, still pushing for tied trouble. this morning i was handing out breakfast down by the river. there was a family that couldn't come out of the house. so i got the supplies to them over the balcony. fire the garbage room. yard if you could give many locals right now. one financial help from the state quickly and with his little red tape as possible. further north and f that a donation banker, the school has been overwhelmed with clothes and food. the donations of stopped now because they just kept coming. it just became too much. there's definitely plenty of willingness to help. some locals evacuated from apps that this week are also
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being sheltered at the school. many feel left in the dark, doesn't you mind? there should be an official from the city that you can talk to, even if they don't have much new to say. but at least then you'd have the feeling that they care for, for the men to come, to come on. we don't know whether we'll get in our house again at all. can you even live? there is no more than a rigid all gone forever. the 1st one, you know? so many of those affected that question could take weeks, months, if not years to be answered. the devastating pictures w reporter julius how delhi is on the ground force in short, a ton of $660.00 inhabitants in the worst hill region of rhineland politeness. julia, how is the situation there several days after the flooding? what is really devastating, what we've seen here,
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i'm standing in the highest part of town here and behind me one can see just how much destruction there is. some homes that were on the edge of the river, closer to the river, have been completely swept away. others that are further inland are also completely gutted, not only the ground floor, but also up above. we've seen also damage to roof and it is really a devastating scene. there's mud everywhere, debris, everywhere. even roads have been torn apart by the force of the water, but what is devastating is not just the sheer amount of damage, but also the number of casualties only here in the iowa area. police have said that there are over $110.00 dead already counted it, but the unfortunately expect more casualties to come. they are currently and already from yesterday using helicopters to search for dead in the area. german chancellor, anglo merkel, as we've been saying is to visit the area today. we're going to come back to you in
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a moment, julia, but we have some reaction from people dealing with a disaster. their 1st thing was, i think it's very important that our political leaders show up here on one hand to express personal sympathy, but also to get a picture of the situation on the ground themselves. and then if necessary to promise help financial hope or government help find a boon is there or via the technical relief agency. if they bring shovels, buckets and brooms, and lend a hand, i think it's fine that they come here. but if they are just coming, he's gone. i don't think that's okay. then they should please stay away. so julie, we heard some mixed feelings there. i think about visits by politicians, but look federal elections are just over 2 months away. could the floods have a political impact somehow? so it's not just only uncle america, he's coming here to visit. we've seen,
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i mean lasha, who is the chancellor candidate for her conservatives. also very president here. that is because he is the state premier of north rang with failure, which is a state here in germany that has also been hardly effected by the flooding. now, i mean lashed has been criticized because pictures have emerged of him laughing in the background while germany's president was giving a speech about the disaster. he's been strongly criticized about this. he has apologized for it, but this could have an impact on, on his campaign. we've seen annalynn book the chancellor candidate for the green party, also coming here and visiting on friday, although it was a private visit with now press present. but now climate change could become likely to become the central topic in the political debates during the campaign and could have an impact also on the results of the elections that we'll see in september. ok,
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d, w reporter julia. so deli in assure reporting on the flooding or thank you so much . and while some german towns begin to assess the damage and clean up others further south are being hit by new flooding. in the southeast, in saxony, rail lines are closed due to rising waters. a state of emergency has been declared in parts of the state of bavaria and across the border there in austria, flooding and heavy rains are causing serious damage. in the town of holland close to the german border, a flash flood has swept through the streets. people living there had already been warned to be careful and to avoid going into their sellers and basis. and other parts of europe have been effected by the floods. tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from southern parts of the netherlands, and belgium is also counting the cost. at least 27 people died there. the region around the moon river was worst effected by what authorities are calling an
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unprecedented deluge of water. the floods have receded from the streets of pep instead, leaving the mud behind presidents at toiling to reclaim their homes. praying that the rain holds off the days of heavy down cause turn this gentle stream into a raging torrent houses along the riverbank overwhelmed by the force of the water. cars swept off the roads, residence and shock. may we've never seen anything like this before. i would never have imagined it has been a bit of water before, but nothing like this. we could never have imagined the water up to the ceiling is the catastrophe. european commission president of on the line came to take stock of the damage. little pull up the hand,
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she's promising long term help. of course, the european has been helping with the helicopter with both, but just to reassure the citizens that we will, of course, here also for reconstruction. outside assistance is welcome. but the community is pulling together to get through the worst. it's a new male and so i'm really surprised, but very happy to see the solidarity that is develop. honestly, it's amazing. the water is on its way out, but it will be a long time before things get back to normal. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. to athletes in the, in the olympic village in tokyo have tested positive for the corona virus deepening fears about the spread of the virus. when the event starts on friday,
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it brings the total to 3 infections inside the village, where teams are closed off to the public. math team, louise, the wife of haiti's assassinated president, has returned to the caribbean nation. after receiving treatment in a miami hospital. she was injured during the attack on her husband juvenile moiz. last week. dozens of people have been taken to hospital in texas, after a chemical spill in a water part. people suffered minor skin irritation and breathing problems. authorities are investigating the cause of belief. representatives of the african government and taliban insurgents are meeting in cutter for talks, fighting is intensifying across afghanistan and the security situation is getting worse. a key border crossing with pakistan has now been reopened. after being taken over by the taliban, the hundreds of people headed into afghanistan through the spin bolduc sharman
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bought a point on saturday summer afghans living in pakistan who want to rejoin their families for the muslim festival of eat alada. next week. pakistan closed the crossing on wednesday after the taliban captured the african side. now they are letting limited numbers of travelers through again. people are coming the other way to the afghans and pockets. on each returning home. taliban was standing at the border, searching people, allowing them to leave. so with checking voted documents on friday there was heavy fighting. as afghan government troops tried to retake the border town from the taliban. they didn't succeed. set to go there, but there were bodies of afghan government forces and civilians lying burnt on the sides of the road. checkpoints were burned down. the taliban were moving around in afghan forces vehicles. what they're going to do then to the tunnel and border
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crossings provide a rich source of revenue. the group of also taken other checkpoints with neighboring countries in the north and west in landlocked, more torn afghans down the crossings are, lifeline essential is brought in from pakistan and in the other direction. afghan goods transported to the world. here it's been bolduc. the taliban flank flies on the afghan side of the border. so pakistan this no longer seems to be any great obstacle in saudi arabia, pilgrims are arriving in mecca to perform the hedge which officially starts on sunday. the annual pilgrimage has been scaled back for a 2nd year running and is taking place to undertake restrictions this year. just 60000 people will be allowed to perform. what is one of the most important act of faith is the only people living in saudi arabia can attend. before the crew of ours pandemic had to withdraw millions of muslims from around the world to the city of
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mecca. some of cinema's biggest stars have been in front of the cameras as the can film festival draws to a close in the south of france. actress sharon stone and jury chiefs by clee announced the biggest prize. the parliament though, went to return by the french director to cornel about a young serial killer. the festival was making him come back after the pandemic force the cancellation of last year's movie industry extravaganza. sorry, i keep shaking my head. and reminder, the top story we're following for you. the worst flooding in decades has killed at least 150 people in europe. more than a 1000 are still missing. most of the deaths are in western germany. a massive cleanup operation is still underweight. and you are, of course, watching the news line from us are coming up next reporter investigates what happened to human rights actors kidnapped in syria it years ago. don't forget you
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get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at t w dot com. i'm sorry for the entire news team here. thanks for watching. the news . news . news . the the goal was right in front of them are all for this one moment. we.


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