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often go astray the when the game of diplomatic poker was our please, and the lines behind the climate. some it starts august on dw, the ah, this is the w news, and these are our top stories. more than 160 people in germany and belgium have been killed in catastrophic flooding. rescuers are searching for around a 1000, missing people in towns and devastated by the waters. heavy rain and storms are now affecting areas of the czech republic and austria in the town of highline and the results for a flash flood is swept through the streets. late saturday, me a key border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan has partially reopened. eye
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witnesses, the people are now travelling in both directions. pakistan closed the frothing after the taliban for control of the african side. thousands were stranded, bringing trade to a standstill. meanwhile, in cutter representatives of the african government and the tale bond or meeting for talks me or the horror film to ton, i had one of the top prize at the cannes film festival director for know the collective, the palm to offer her film about a young serial killer, she is only the 2nd female director to win the award. this is the 1st time the can film festival has been health virus endemic. again, this is g w news from berlin. more on our website at the d. w dot com the precision scuffles. precision surgery,
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robots scanners, more inmates and now makes possible what was once i'm imaginable. but does this mean the ancient healing methods using plants, needles, and manual procedures have formed by the wayside? know traditional options are still needed and sometimes even more effective than high text medicine. hard to believe in good shape shows how now the when great apes get sick, they tend to medicinal plots for cancelling stomach eggs or parasites, or even to treat malaria and recess is one to get to the bus some of these medical mysteries before it's too late. the pharmaceutical industry has always relied on nature's medicine cabinet. more than a 3rd of our medications are based on plans based ingredients. one prominent
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example is widow box, which contains a substance that led to the creation of aspirin. and here are 3 more from the plant, sage, garlic and turmeric. how effective are these medicinal plants really eating? just one clove of garlic. a day is said to have health benefits. if you eat a raw, that is the most commonly known, active ingredient is the sulfur compound. allison in isolated cell cultures, allison attacks, viruses, bacteria and phone guy, and even attacks healthy cells that triggers and immune response, which strengthens the immune system. said is another well known medicinal plant. the hairs and the leaves contain era compounds known as turbine. these turkeys are volatile and can be easily inhaled. a stage solution can be used as a mouth spray to relieve inflammation. something that has that effect because the turkeys
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inhibit messenger substances in the immune system and that in turn reduces inflammation. phase also has anti virus and anti bacterial qualities. you can drink up to 6 cups of stage t a day. then there's turmeric an essential part of many curry ditches. experiments on the main active ingredient kirkman have shown that it stimulates the flow of bio, that in turn promotes digestion. timmery also captures free radicals. cell cultures and animal studies indicate the character might protect ourselves. one study and humans proves that kirkland alleviate pain and of the arthritis patients. they ingested 1500 milligrams of current every day. that represents 30 grams of turmeric powder or 10 times the recommended daily allowance. a lot of research still needs to be done.
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those that have 3 plans, the international nature conservation union estimates that up to 70000 plans have medicinal properties. natural medicine has 4 more pillars in addition to close hydro v, as based on the healing power of water, temperature, and mechanical stimuli, mobilize self healing and the mean system. physical and movements have he comprises exercises for strength, endurance, or anything that can be used many symptoms or even eliminate them and all without a single po. nutritional therapy include fasting or drinking kids and focuses on fresh and natural foods with all the t nutrients. finally, mind body therapy, where the aim is to restore your sense of balance in life adherents learn to tend to their own well being themselves. so natural healing is more than just
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medicinal herbs and plans. although they are important 5 years ago, michelle simon was diagnosed with lupus, an auto immune disease where the body attacks its own tissues, limbs, and organs. on some days, he was practically mobilized, despite taking strong conventional medication. eventually, his doctor recommended he take medicinal cannabis. i was up to say, but so i all i tried different varieties over a period of 2 years. some i didn't tolerate for while others made the loop as rash, worsley more with them, almost like bundle. but other types did have a positive effect into that. and after 2 and a half years, the therapy i found the right to to because i'm optimistic instead of michel gets his cannabis by a prescription at his pharmacy. he can vouch for its effectiveness, even though the empirical evidence is not yet conclusive in cuz we don't have that much scientific proof of its effectiveness yet it's been
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a lot of tumor patients use it on a complimentary basis. it might stimulate their appetite and provide some pain relief and relaxation, which is a help for a lot of patients for michelle and tim on it has been a help. he has now found his natural medicine hallman, who is the director of the center for complimentary medicine at the university of fryeburg. he evaluates the effect of herbal substances. toy wonderment alternative medicine involves the use of natural treatment. these treatments have an effect on nutritional therapy is effective and exercises therapies effective with a range of illnesses and so far from being conflicting complimentary medicine is also part of traditional medicine. among whom man who bowes patients and the clinic is supposed murphy limburger. she's been suffering from migraines and other
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headaches for 20 years now. skiing laws to meet an austin victory. it was the 1st signs of menopause had been got worse than was stacked on from bonds . no. it was just regular headaches for a day. and then i started to migrate into that this rather than to the 50, i'm everything you'll vision hearing and sense of smile. and when you move about, you feel every heart beat, hitting your head with my cop wholesome. i spent a long time and specialists, pain therapy and also took strong medication. even then she often suffered from headaches for about 20 days each month. she now has coming therapy on a regular basis. at the script cooling earth sets, i was laying that with the cups on my and it was like a cool toppings. just if i met him, cooper suddenly my head fell free within his private window and have
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a sucking home with him. don't worry, don't doing coming over. pay him switch with me because it really is as i described, this important and hop and her migraines have since dwindled to it most 16 a month. the tapping therapy is related to acupuncture, a pillar of traditional chinese medicine. it's based on the idea that stimulation specific acupuncture point releases energy, blockages allowing energy to flow properly through the body and correcting imbalances between organ systems. western studies say that acupuncture is highly effective in treating headaches. back panes asthma and menstrual cramps. capping has also been practiced for millennia one subside, the heated caps created vacuum causing the patient skin to be sucked up into the vessels. ah, like acupuncture cutting stimulates very specific points in the human body.
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the spin pink house is a professor of natural to see, and there's been 2 years research in the effectiveness of traditional healing methods in accordance with modern standards. in addition to the classic laws, his studies also used devices that can treat larger areas of the body. cuttings, as the professor is a highly effective treatment, where does that method originally come from and where was it used for? yeah, that's an very old. busy traditional 3rd party farm coming from from asia. for example, in china, china, you use it, but also in the old traditional medicine. it's used in the old greek medicine in the center of your pain medicine and in other medicine forms. like in the you read it to see in your research,
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you looked at the effect of off cutting therapy. how did you go about? what did you find out? we performed to randomize control, tries on capping one with a cropping therapy and the low back pain. and the one in the history of the patients and what is your final conclusion? the work capping is a good therapy for pain diseases except for, for low back pain and also, and also the need with good results and the results of all a systematic review. so that there is the evidence that copying might be powerful. busy in chronic pain patients, are you also able to explain how cupping affects the body? we do not know at the moment how capping works bearer, different i person about this, that may be copying, is working to local mechanisms for changing fibers that transport the
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pain. and also that cupping have an influence on the spinal cord, especially in imitating fibers for what kind of health issues would you recommend capping you mentioned a few already. yeah, we use in our old patient clinic i'm copying especially for chronic pain diseases. and especially in the low back pain, low bit pain, also in the neck pain, also know so slight as of the knee, but you can also use it in acute diseases. for example, if you have a floor and already have a bronchitis you can use, it's the coupling. so the good therapy for a lot of health issues, if i'm interested in trying and as a patients, are there certain things i should consider? i think the most important issue is that you select very carefully the, the,
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the treatment provider or the, or the doctor because he or she should be well educated and experienced you are she so exactly know where to put the cup and glasses on. and it's also important to mention that copying has treatment effect, but has also side effects. for example, you can have an hematoma, and finally, it's very important to mention that you have to be careful for contra into indications. for example, if the patient use a blood thinner, the patient should stated to the, to the treatment provider and discuss if the coming is the right treatment for this space. thank you very much for all these very interesting information on keeping therapy. they're working for centuries. opportunists have promoted miracle drugs for everything from hair loss and bruises to tumors. safety,
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there's still with us housing, crystals, magical incense, cosmic energy, and transcendental immune boosters, as effective kids for cancer, hepatitis h i, b, m to. but he knows this, but what really works. and how can you tell if the healer is actually also own well, isn't well, she hopes alternative medicine can help her. there's a wide variety of treatments to choose from. but who can she trust? and who should she definitely avoid. there are indicators the alarm bell, number one, you should be cautious if the therapist promises a 100 percent certain cure. no therapy can guarantee that alarm bell. number 2, there appears to only tell it's one approach and won't allow questions or criticism
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is not credible. patients should be alert if a healer advises against getting a 2nd opinion or demonizes medical practice. that can be life threatening healers and physicians should work together closely to treat illness. in the case of herbal therapy, for example, they can communicate with each other to avoid interactions with medicines. that way is the best for their patients. ah, the alarm bell, number 3 conspiracy theorists, they promote a secret anti patient world conspiracy theory led by the pharmaceutical industry based on allegedly scientific data. they often propose risky alternative treatments . the deny scientific
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findings and reject conventional medical therapies. all because of the suppose inside they praise their own therapies though as guaranteed free of side effects. which brings us to alarm signal number for any therapists who claims that their methods have no side effects. are proving their ignorance and can be dangerous treatment center work can have side effects. anyone who denies that can't be taken seriously. alarm bell number 5 definitely has unpleasant side effects. put a patient's wallet. anyone who has to pay large amounts in cash should be suspicious. for some alternative healers, even soothing words, cost have a fortune. reputable alternative therapists have transparent therapy, content, and prices that way. patients know what to expect and knowing all that has
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really helped us and how do we add a bit of via to food and really get things cooking? that's right. had some spices of vital for that taste, transportation. but they can do more than just enhance cuisine. many of them have great health benefits and are good for our bodies. from an intoxicating romance to healing powers and lute info versus spices are highly treasured. german, save it sour, tasting foods like mustard. make you funny. i wish not in my case, but if i need a bit and it changes my facial expression and then it might be funny for other people. but there are many stories about the power of spices. doctor cult yanine shifts is both a medical doctor and, and your veda physician. she's very familiar with most of the spice plants and it's
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botanical garden and frankfurt like this vine, for example. it's a paper plant, but why did peppercorns come in different colors? they didn't know krisha have in the paper we are cooking is all from the same plant . so the green pepper form, so the unripe wise while red means the ripest variety, which is where you have to be patient on done. and then you have the black pepper shots of her for when done hang up. and there's white pepper to go over. it's made from red peppercorns, but it's soaked in water to make the shells come on. come on the shuttle. that is all the same plant us this list is ever can. sub pepper was originally native to southern india and was later produced around the world by sailors and merchants in europe. it was initially a luxury that only the rich could afford. aristocrats would proudly present the spies that their lavish banquet space traders made a fortune to. and in germany,
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the filthy rich were now called zika, or pepper sax. today pepper is a common and affordable spice found in almost every kitchen. while it obviously peps up food, some say it can also help you lose weight plan as a no or not as such. no house but it helps digestion by stimulating that adjusted uses and then helps us process food better off. of course, you don't want to gain weight, but doesn't actually make you slimmer wintery and i wouldn't go that farm workers land left the library to finish to me. i suspect he has a pungent aroma, reminiscent of onions and garlic. it's a gum resident extracted from feral, a plants, and a highly prized spice and indian and iranian cuisine. when he did, the strong smell disappears and dishes cooked with it become easier to digest.
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minus as far as i know, it's the most effective advice against the latches and that's why you can add it to all foods that cause gas such as mchugh was just a pinch, is a nice and they don't want to think anymore. i'm think they can issue me during the middle ages. people in europe started using large quantities of asked, affected to drive away, which is the plague and invading armies. despite was mixed with other foul smelling inflammable substances, to form so called stink balls, which were launched into the enemy's ranks, to overwhelm them with their stanch. ah, clothes are a popular home when directing their back. in addition to destroying the bacteria themselves, they also dissolve the film that prevent antibiotics from penetrating into the material bacteria and i'm the shuttle the essential oil drive is filmed, enabling the antibiotics to take effect offense hash. throughout. where done, can i be able to convey books on clothes, originally?
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hail from the lucas spice islands, part of what is now indonesia. they reached china to millennia ago by custom visitors were only permitted to address the emperor if they had sweetened their mouth beforehand with clothes in order to avoid a diplomatic incident. ah, but clothes have another valuable property. i know him just take one and pump it between your chicken gums. what do you feel is not gonna miss your call miss a bit like an injection that the dentist known in town, the top rated numbers, the temperature and pain receptors. so it doesn't hurt maps, that's one of your 1st aid kit in the kitchen is asked to have a customer close relieved toothpaste, but also help with digestive problems. and others, by the goods of his stomach is sicilian or tenor. summa,
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click named for its dying properties. in mediterranean country, it's sprinkled over a variety of dishes, and it's a key ingredient in the spice mix. a tar. it's good sign that since there are 250 different varieties, especially among the plans that promote good digestion on it includes mild, bitter compound life which make high fat foods easier to digest fashion novel and has a lot of vitamin seen, which is good for the immune system, one of the same amount of that fire, lowly but surely to mac is biting cuisine around the world. it's trudy acidic flavor goes well with salads, meat, fish, and yogurt. beware. while tanner's tomonica roost, korea is edible. many varieties can be toxic. the spices of life bigger rating appetizing and in some cases, boasting invaluable healing properties. and now
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we have a question for you. what's the 1st thing you eat or drink in the morning and drop us a line? and you might have a special backpacks stuff with getting your very own bit of d, w to take along wherever you go. right to us or better still send a photo or video to d, w dot com slash b and slash my morning. or by email. the deadline is august 6, looking forward to hearing from you. and now it's time for the digital consultation view is on the questions and doctors, scientists and therapists answer them loosely running wants to know if 65 is too old, that the gym the frog a sneak, it's not to live and act as signal inside you absolutely. can't afford not to exercise. people don't just age because the years go by. but also because they get
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too little exercise. physical activity significantly slows down the process of deterioration that comes with aging. that the be important thing for you start is that you're healthy. people with a heart condition and circulatory problems or diabetes. for example, i should see a doctor 1st. i know about an experience trainer or sports medic want to draw up an exercise program that one bed official that won't be too texting or take any risks under the 2nd of these. it's unavoidable exercise makes you sweat nights, actually invented body odor to attract potential. mate, apologists, suspect that i'll wetlands 1st one that over to our on pets when we began to copyright. one support for this theory is that some people have fewer split lands in the armpits. good for them. after all, body odor is unpopular in this day and age, but there is deodorant. you can make it yourself, our blog,
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you wanna show you how organic cosmic are all the rage and do it yourself. blogger, johan, i wonder, shows people how to make their own deodorant without harmful substances like aluminum. first, g mail together some token at oil and shade butter. and just for the right consistency, she adds a special ingredient. mold on. so now we're going to put in a few of the beeswax pallets to give the deodorant your body is this way? it's not super creamy made. it has a certain firmness to fish. now she stirs starch into the fat, and johann recommends corn starch, potato, starch, or arrow re powder essence in the key ingredient, sodium by carbonate, that neutralizes bad smells, which is the most important thing. a deodorant does next, stir until everything dissolves and becomes a homogenous mass. it's not one of the now we add an essential oil. i'm using
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peppermint, but you can use whatever smells good to you. what you'd like to smell like 2 drops are enough. you can also leave this in neutral if you want. when i left him on the mark, now pour the warm mixture into a container for storage. lotion jars, work really well. when the steel, once the deodorant has cooled off, it will be firm but still a little creamy. but that's exactly the consistency we need. if you want, you can put it in the refrigerator to cool it down faster, but it should be fine cooling on its own sustainable and organic d i y deodorant, try it out. no, you can really break his western time for a workout session with debbie and
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i'm sure you won't be probably already familiar with jumping jacks. an exercise that's perfect. can i activate your muscles before a workout or is a great learning routines on procurement. define isn't, how would you like almost touching on your own hanging down and complete, your needs should be bend in order to soften the embattled policy jump. rachel roams above your head and i like to do that 10 times in my fun with those jumping jacks. bye bye until next week. the news, the news
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the news the me that we are a long renown for tomorrow we'll get one of the likes of michelangelo either to the door to the environmental disaster. it is unfolding here in the wars in europe. they would all be joining the novel stories of kara on the w's flyer culture, the high hair superman,
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super food, stylish style, like on the lead owes lifestyle. europe. your romance? 60 minutes. the we're all set to go beyond the citizenship. we're all in. as we take on the we're all about the story that matter. whatever it takes policeman following over the fire, made some lines that were interested in the global economy. our portfolio g w, business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the flight for market
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dominance with the new business beyond, on youtube and me, ah, ah shoot, and they say we're in corolla. for centuries, the city has been famous for its marble, used by michelangelo and many other artists. but for some years, cora has been not only concerned with the quality of its marvel. today, a real environmental disaster is happening here, perhaps one of the worst in europe. this is sandra on friday of rebel and a whistleblower. and he's been raising awareness about troubles at the quarries for years. we managed to film illegal activities at this quarry
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here, and it was one of our biggest victory allowed me, but it was bitter sweet. because right afterwards, they loosened my car's wheels, and i could have died driving through the mountain. i've just been going back now. i didn't want to kill mom. she's got the belief that everyone thinks the marble is being excavated for duty is to make sculpture and art for that was the front, but it's actually made into powder or used to produce medicine, toothpaste or paper for each of god. it's now a mining area in from the start. the tories aren't even genuine or as fascinating
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as they might have been before in the fall. journal, everything has been devastated. and these blocks of marble concealed quite a bit. the behind these fortresses of calcium gaped open wounds scars carved into a unique natural park. the point out from trojans, forum to the pantheon in rome, and the famous statues by michelangelo can over all of it was torn from these marble things in tuscany. the until the 1980s corroborate,
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and its white gold experienced and economic and cultural boom everywhere in the city, you could see artists and workshops. the marble was processed on site 40 years later, this magic has disappeared. a modest sculpture festival attempts to prove the contrary. but even tourists only have a fleeting look around. the quarry owners want to convey the outdated image of cultivated artisans with a passion for sculpting marble. the reality today is that they reign over financial and property empires. or in the i p z or yvonne michel angela would walk over here and pick the marble for his sculpture there in my more the to the slaves or update john he chiseled many of his works from the local novel during gap razor increase. doug
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franco butter t neat is an expert and he owns the famous michelangelo quarry about 1000 meters up the on this morning, his machines are cutting a new marble block straight from the cliff face. thursday morning at one he is the mountain guy and we the block house of it. why she found we still at the bottom and drill around beside. nice and straight. first pressure, like i said, that she, that when we use the diamond wire, sought to finish the can't get her. if you come in, this is the why we use a green water, cools it down and the diamond cuts jamante, it used to take 20 days to remove a block. but now it's just 10 hours at most and sometimes even less.
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sometimes pressure is found a vein of a pure marble due to its translucence start to arial or star tears marble such as the high price the question i've been and this is a step, worry a vain and dance ordinary marble. she missed. so it's not totally pure, but still a nice specimen value that you can use it to make model flooring and many other things that's happened on the international market. there was a high demand from china and the gulf states marble for construction costs from 150 euros per ton, up to 3000 years or even more depending on its quality. not being foster and mean after all, i already worked in these quarries as a young boy and i've done everything she sent us and i'm still here off the 67
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years of work. notice i'm actually more like 140 because we always worked from dawn till dusk. she never unlike today where you go home after 8 hours after orient. frankel martini isn't interested in environmental protection. he sees these mountains as a gift from nature, an inexhaustible inheritance, the soft man. it's not an environmental disaster. it's the opposite. it's wonderful and the very these quarries are like, feel the farming or imagination. nobody is destroying the mountains. for barre that'd be like saying, you could drink up the ocean. i don't think we can drink couple the ocean fish.
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it's the same here. my jerry will never be able to eat up all these mountains. the variable we do is make a little cut. the very just a little cut you understand. we're not a string them my know she manjens me, me the landscape formed by the quarries. however. tell us another story. sandro manfredi checks if a quarry has really been closed down, or he exposes illegal practices. it's the only way he says to stop this carnage wanted to sell my tv for someone directly since our group has taken action with all investigated quarries have been temporarily or permanently shut down money like this one here. so know what that makes for dozens of sight on. we'll do the 3 and
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tween about $30.40. they probably the main line it center when see that a appleone out just happened classified as an irreplaceable natural heritage. and each piece that's removed, that is last forever. there are $3000.00 species of flowers and plants and the apple on out. why that's half of italy flora. and a few doesn't exist here exclusively. because students will know what plants spring up live and thrive in unique ecosystem, and are directly threatened by marble excavation, where he's given this government to on the up one outs are home to tuscany is biggest water reservoir. and the unique complex spends 150 kilometers of tunnels and caves at the current pace, it's unclear what will become of this mountain range. central manfredi isn't the only one concerned in colorado. in 2014,
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a diverse collective emerged, including biologist, lawyers, and net workers. and some of them are meeting outside of town today, when i say that she's been murdered, honor known for its marble and art is just an open pit mine region. now they can't blogs from the mountains, break them down and send them abroad for processing in a low wage country. i know you're very, very nice with terrible environmental damage to us getting older well, phi, the benefits are small. minority all flows abroad. it's unacceptable said good instead, adam, bravo, the more you cut out a model, you destroy 95 percent of the mountains. it's insane. the business business is based on destruction. environment that was on that heavily unemployment,
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among young people in massa and canada. twice high as through tuscany 3 times the time in italy overall. i 3 blow, something's not right because i couldn't watch them. she could be only the only one, you know, a $5000000.00 tons of marble or excavated from our mountains every year. and just 50000 tons of se, used the sculptures. so it's totally absurd for us to go. what goes again today, only one 4th of corolla marble is excavated in blocks, while the rest is crushed into pebbles and transported downstream to omnia, the global leader in this highly lucrative market. the marble is ground into a fine powder and sold as calcium carbonate, used to produce
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a variety of products like paper, putty, glue, and toothpaste. the swiss company discreetly established itself in the field in the early 1900 ninety's and has been continuously expanding its business with the powder critics claim on your violates legal limits, but in a region with high unemployment. hardly any one would dare defy the princes of corolla. the only politician willing to speak to us here is the regions environmental director. giacomo generally of the 5 star movement says it in no uncertain terms in recent years. politics, marble and justice have been a single swamp. pretty much every law has been violated. is switching to changing play as you can avoid or no. i'm 500 companies employing about 700 workers,
7:42 am
the exact model from mount. what that means, 2800, john use it in masa and cut on it. are linked directly or indirectly to the in the area in north of the needle to chantelle based on the turnover current and generated by the whole factor. 8000000 euros a year or 2 in the state. are these entrepreneurs, my pastor, norma, well, that it gets the d b, maybe that's why it is so difficult to reach back out. what if it came up in our conversations was supposed to come to terms with the audio super power economic power is concentrated in the hands of a few people that de dictate local policy, wanna jody, and going on. good luck with the took a look at it. in franklin martini's quarry, the marble block has finally been cut out from the mountain. and now it has to be lowered down. ideally, in one piece. only now is he getting an idea of its value?
7:43 am
the the quarry owner doesn't like talking about his turnover, but he does reveal the price of this $30.00 ton block and i'll take a closer look at it, but it seems to be a high quality block. we won't know exactly until it's counter size, but this kind of block is worth about 50000 euros to bank. i mean, he cuts out several blocks like this one each day. and corey owners enjoy a lot of extra leeway since they bring business and jobs. this sometimes results in poor safety standards. there have been 11 deaths in a little over 10 years course, but at $3000.00 euros a month, the salaries are quite high for the region, and
7:44 am
a significant portion is paid under the table. so when it comes to illegal drilling or waste in the mountains, no one complains, but the bar metal, the a sledge made of water and marble dust seems to be directly responsible for polluting the rivers flowing down into the valley. say to them, i thought i could not do these fig. how can they say the momento, la pollute the environment? charity is the thing. the marble pebbles are crushed and the company makes them into a powder again. and we sell the waste product to that company. so they can make harmless powder. i know now and this powder from our cutting machines is supposed to be polluting the environment that give you free that feed while a media. and it's the exact same powder. oh god, we store it in bags. it cannot easily escape the quarry and then water runs through
7:45 am
the bag and there's been filtered feet so all the marble powder stays here. it doesn't go into the rivers. sandro manfredi is working with peano son, sony, a retired biologist, to check the foreigner in the center of cora. they start by analyzing the water of a river, free of cory waste downwards, and see if anything is living in this river. we'll filter the water and see what we find off with the filter into the current, and you scratch off the rocks. they should give us a rough idea as to how many species live in the river. when the will finish crack. that harrison cat is flying
7:46 am
up the little green end. right. what moves that we have a very rich ecosystem? yeah. density. so the only se, counseling about 20 different species say i was meaning the water quality, good or very good on down. not bad ones will be going to head up stream along another river and continue their experiment. the rain flushes all cory waste water into the river bed. the peak? no smoking, no animal 90. molly? a logical coolness, aren't they supposed to live buried under this marbles?
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lunch unspeakable. no chair, no say there's nothing left to live in this river from the task list actually came all day when modern conveying equipment emerged here in the seventy's and started being used to direct them a metal into the rivers. was the beginning of the film and everything is covered in my metal case. if as it like when a landslide buries the buildings in a central man, i've got the, sorry, it's a biological waste. yet it doesn't have to be on the marble dust immediately settles, creating a hard impenetrable layer. so the mounted soil can no longer absorb the water when there's heavy rain and that's exactly what happened in 2014 terrible floods hit. the city. torrance of water rushed down the mountains unhindered and caused the
7:48 am
river to burst its banks. the quarries were immediately identified as the cause and it came in the wake of 2 previous ones and 2003 and in 2010. but this time residence expressed their rage in front of the town hall. the the absurd response of the mayor is at the time escalated their anger even further. the town hall does not feel responsible for the flooding. the familiar was escorted away under police protection residence, occupied the town hall for several weeks. the ability for a long time the people felt responsible for the chorus and
7:49 am
$70000.00 the car there paid for the fall. no one saw the connection. it for young people to look in the past when fame the waste from the quarries guy that acted a bit like sponges when it rang and they limited the risk of sundays. but today they are no longer protection. they are a danger. if i go to do these in any case, quarry owners like franco bar, a teeny, are digging in their heels, claiming industrial marble production has priority show the show so that i started out with nothing. i was the poor guy in the world. and also the rich, thanks to god. since i've always been healthy and motivated normally i thought nobody will ever take that away from me. nobody should know me. i thought it sure
7:50 am
nobody will take that away from me. i thought i'll step right over the dead body from our class. she is she kind of like i said, whoever misses with my work, i think, oh barry, he got in the face with the obvious impotence of the authorities. sondra manfredi had no choice but to denounce the course illegal practices. putting himself personally at risk meter all one day, someone loosens my car's wheels. i called a mechanical and it immediately became clear, it was no accident. he prepared an expert appraisal, and i filed charges for property damage. i mean he survived the ordeal, but it could have been fatal. still, he persists,
7:51 am
undeterred by fear or threats. on this evening, he is discussing a new campaign stemware, an exam on sheet other than that, we are planning a tour with my friend out there to order a director and environmental activists in police. and quarry is in the middle of a nature reserve. and we wants to protect the local flora, dumont bacteria breast. we're heading off into the mountains here early in the morning that i know for stuff like fun and we're taking a back way through the lorazepam. so the workers don't see the one that you throw in, but we'll have a good view of what's going on in the quarry from a box spring c, m, and the
7:52 am
way the sun rises over the up one alps. sandro and alberto always leave early in the morning. they have been monitoring the quarry workers for years because of the found muscling. it's nice here. they are united by their love for nature and their fight to protect the afflicted mountains. alberto father and grandfather worked in the quarries themselves to day . he photographs the excesses of the industry with thank you where they don't see the environmental activist is sent to testify in a case about this very quarry. to date, the owner has managed to escape the consequences of his actions. but this quarry has an unusual story. it was actually supposed to be shut down. but
7:53 am
after an appeal to italy's top administrative court, he was allowed to open it again. or to come into any issue, but he has to store his waist on the premises, which is highly unusual. okay. and i was actually, chris soon commented, for you can see the heaps of crushed marble from here. he did the, the, the legally, he should actually be required to transport it down into the valley. the rest of the 2 men are searching for more evidence. this footage, taken a few months ago, clearly shows how the trucks are dumping waste in the middle of nature. but it's clear to sandra manfredi, why no one is penalizing them a little bit,
7:54 am
that owner of the quarry as a very well known, corrupt politician. he could always wriggle out of it and thanks to his connections and continue to work despite these violations. the one that she will be in charge. since we've been working with cameras, it's hard to cover up violation school and, and when you recognize film and report them, the authorities have to follow up on them for at least act like they're doing their job, feel that you fight a lot of water. i me why in my war only they may have been marble has shaped the local identity here since roman times on an equal material, a gift of nature law can only be found. we should emphasize that no one wants to
7:55 am
close the quarrel. rather, they should become environmentally friendly and socially and economically benefit because we have never had a phone call. but he took with me, i saw joe that was done. so i said we're coming change. it will only happen through a cultural revolution fee for. so this can all happen very quickly if politicians and the population pull together that in and i did it and i want the quarry owners are unlikely to accept this chain. i shifted on new york. they will not give up a relatively high standard of living, just like that job. but i know there's no choice for 600 people can't keep on deciding the future of 150000 others. so on
7:56 am
the the me the the news, the who's the
7:57 am
the lawyer high culture, the high hare superman, the super food dilation style icon. the lead owes the lifestyle europe this year. in 30 minutes. politics but culture. an interview with monica federal commission and the culture and the media, how it's handled, the challenges posed by the demick most must always have to fight,
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so that the creative sector would also get attention. she evaluated 2nd term in office muscle. i'm very passionate about what i do. aren't 20 was 90 minutes on d. w. ah news. how does the virus spread? why do we parents? and when will all of this? just 3 the. so we covered in a weekly radio. if you would like any more information on the kroner virus or any other find topics you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find those w dot com, forward slash science every day
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for us. and for our plan, it is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do with all our ways? we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable mornings solutions overseas said in our ways or is truly unique. and we know that, that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive. lie d as the environmental use in global 3000 on d, w, and online the news
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. this is the news line from berlin. germany is on high alert. i think clean up operation gets under way after severe flooding. proceeding waters in the western part of the country allow residents to begin to take stock there, but the south and east are hit by more flooding. we'll go live to a reporter for the latest. also coming up, other parts of europe are all.


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