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tv   Gesprach  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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on d w, this is great, lead to go over. that's how the force and i'm told him and that we can talk about that the last dragon had called the home table. you books on ah, ah, ah, ah ah, you cities in germany or it's easy to recognize this one. this guy line with so many high rises can only be mine had to alias bank for it. that is frank for
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it's a classic among germany. 50 trips frankfurt with its exciting contrasts from the skyline to the old town and from the tavern culture around the cider called every voice that i'm eager to try to the night life in the station district. well, and because it's summer ought to be on the water. ah, of course to be all to make a detour to the city's famous art museum. the speed of our globe trotter takes us to greenland from the capital, nude to the interest ice. and this week's dear video shows impressions of an adventurous journey through the biggest 10 ah high finance high rises and high rent frankfurt center. it was almost destroyed and
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were to clear space for new buildings. i'd like to get a birds eye view of it all. the my tell us has an observation deck in 30 seconds. us sent 200 meters in good. whether it's worth seeing, the view of the city and the region has brought other travelers up here to become from all over the world. are you from visual bands in paris? where are you from the netherlands? what's so special about the city? while i call the buildings, it's kind of like new york and also i'm white. i like the old part of the city now . she took too little to the architectural, the contrast of old immune and then that's really nice. well, it's beautiful. it's a touch of triple. it sounds contradictory, but it's a fact in frankfort. there is a new old town, an attempt to heal the wounds of war, destruction, and half the reconstruction. they want to restrict a part of the med,
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you will city and that new old town opened in 2018. the me gemini, financial hub has rebuilt history in heart of it's l town. ah, the area was almost totally destroyed by air raids in march 1944. now it's been resurrected as a testament to frankfurt, medieval passed architect and having a plan, a young dog as reconstructed the most ornate avail buildings. the golden scale was once owned by the dutch spice merchant and confection. hum, fun humble. ringback by the goldman budget for the golden scale and partly for other buildings as well. and we were lucky enough to have a great number of original elements that had survived the war club. and we
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managed to persuade the owner of large parts of the golden scales facade, to donate the stones to us he had them stored in his library buildings. i knew no fun home or family papers reveal details like the existence of a gilded water spout shaped like a dragon. a total of 15 buildings have been reconstructed. 20 more are entirely new, built in medieval style. some people criticize the project at 1st, but today the new old town is a thing of beauty from asked and i am finished. my 1st impression is that it's beautiful. it's a static and pleasing stuff. i can't say that about it because i saw it came out very well. i didn't know how much money went into it. would that raise the question of whether it was the right investment to make investments? you know, i think it still looks very lifeless. but the human element is still missing
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somehow. i'd like to come that maybe that'll come when the right shots move in. some shops have already opened like this one bar. the businesses with a regional connection get preferential treatment when trying to sign leases in the new old town. this barber shop has been well received in mid low ellis, up to this area feels a little like a village off character. the owners all know each other. in time, besides the shops, as a 200 rental apartments have been built, the new old town does indeed still seem a bit sterile, as though it's waiting for the people to frankfurt to fill it with life. yahoo dot says it was well less it vibrate us only because we have this back. can people here? remember what was seen? they can see that this with their past. you so now they can also ask themselves about the future. me
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right next to the new old town is the luma back. and the old townhome. this was also destroyed in the war and rebuilt in the 1950 s. many of frankfort buildings, has had a checkered history. they aren't what they were originally meant to be. saint paul's church, for instance, is no longer a church. it was the 1st structure to be rebuilt after the war visit, where the 1st pan german national assembly met. after the revolutions of $848.00. the 1st step on the long road to democracy in germany was kinda what, again, a visit your learn here. you know this one committee wouldn't the mural was only put up in 1991. it's by you how to go. let's go and shows the profession of the deputies to saint paul churches are. how do these gentlemen with solemn expressions, are supposed to be the deputy design and there were about $200.00. and then you have seen from daily life scattered throughout and references to history as well. if you have course, it's a big us. on the one hand,
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it's called the procession of the deputies to saint paul's church. but it comes across a bit like a funeral procession. and of course that alludes to the fact that the poles charged parliament failed post. parliament shaded it doesn't. it's one of the birthplaces of democracy, but a site from the painting, everything, so plain and silver. why is that done for us to sit down with the cursor and that's because the church was entirely destroyed in world war 2 are no, all but the outside walls and they were less but the whole interior, everything inside or all that remained was this giant round room after him, after the war, they rebuild the st. paul church for the centennial and 948, but in a very austere contemporary style. stone and fight can be heart. boy and good for communism ag. now we're coming up from the lower darkness into the bright open space that symbolizes the new democratic beginning copy. democrats and oregon
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viewed. and then was, comes from the interior, was left purposely austere. and i think the seating plane and the floor just sandstone. on the only part that's a big fan here is the speakers podium and the roster and behind it what is this hall used for today? when it is at home? you know, it's not going to have it hard out today. it's used for special events, and in fact, it is one of germany's most significant event locations for him all every year. here. for example, the peace prize that the german dog trade has been awarded since 950. the good prize, one of the highest honors of the city of frankfort, is also awarded here. plus major anniversary observances are held here. for a great many thanks for listening to the the next point of interest, i'm heading for it is the river mine and the who is buying bridge from here you can
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see another of the cities highlights the steel art institute for effort as a business and banking city also has a lot of art and culture to offer pretty concentrated on the banks of the mind, therefore, the name museum, or the museum embankment. and right now, we introduce you to the probably the most important here in frankfort. the oh, frankfurt state museum is famous for its historical math pieces. we see fallen heroes mismatched couples. famous men, 1st leasing women in painting painting in the stead and was in the state of museum, was founded in 1815 oldest city museum and germany in 7000 square meters of space.
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we display some 1000 works of art from 7 centuries. so it's a comprehensive overview of from the middle ages to the presence of those who don't have an opportunity to visit frankfurt, can take the museums virtual tour. it allows you to peruse $56.00 outstanding works at the click of a mouse from the comfort of home, taking you on a journey through the centuries deep into the rooms of cultural history. the few mentioned the people by people. i think it's especially valuable to gathered together, very different people. on the so many centuries, the status director philip de mount, i selected exemplary works and supplemented them with background stories and note ah, how can we can that a famous portrays of geisha was left unfinished for a time and only completed later on good faith in
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good to the companion is world famous of course, but if you look down a little, you'll see that one leg is long as the other. now he's got 2 left feet. why it says something clearly went wrong with his picture. and this painting by manet, best, a hidden message. it even touched off a scandal among his 19th century contemporaries. after that 1st glance, familiar dining table theatres. in reality, this is a portrait of his lover together with her illegitimate son. of course, that didn't sit well with the ideals of respectable society. at the time around $870.00 and monk gave passions a twist. all of his own in the heart, created a straightforward scene of jealousy, of 2 men and one woman. and i clearly get straight to the point that one is all green, the other all yellow, and she's in the middle, and red as a beet,
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quite as seen from such de la museum likes taking its treasures off their pedestals so they can be understood not just a mind to the stories behind the pictures. ah, i once a year frankfurt paid tribute to its many museums with a big bash on the banks of the river mine. the institutions that take part include the cities still museum and it's communication museum. since it was 1st health in 1988, the festivals grown into the biggest in the region. now some 3000000 people come to the annual museums processed, and there is plenty to keep them busy. the
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. it's hot out here today. time to look for a little shade. now we cool off a little bit. as you know, we regularly show you the adventures of our globe trotter spanish, and this time steve has been to the largest island in the world, greenland. he visited the capital, luke went fishing and also did a pretty frosty ex. ah, ah, hello and welcome to greenland. i am be on the excited to show you a slice of this incredible place on the nook is green, mac and means something like cape deform basis. of the city actually go back to this guy here. his name is hunter egan there and he was a danish missionary who built this church over here. and so on fact, his house,
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which is the yellow one over there, is the oldest house in olive green. then i'm here with my boy sally, he's for luke. and we actually know each other from instagram. and he took me up here to hike to the top of my right. yes. so how long will it take us? approximately 30 to 40 minutes. 3040 minutes. and that's a good spot to see. new entity area around look from the bus, the, the mission of the one our liking. but we're not lucky because when you look for me, you can see anything. it is 2 days later and i decided to come back because the sometime out. and i'm glad i did because of you from just incredible. down here, look yours to surrounding mountains and down there. you can even see icebergs,
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ah, if you are new, of course you need to take a boat and get out there into the nation. ah . arise the time has come when we find out if we will have dinner tonight or not. we're now going to fish here. it is surrounding here we got something here. maybe i have dinner to there it is. oh yeah. ah cruise . i'm now spending directly on the green and ice cap together with my guys.
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nicholas here. we have crumbling on. we have slept here, was equipment. so where are we and what are we about to do now? well, we are technically the middle of nowhere offs in this neighborhood. it's called the ice cap. the 2nd largest ice given the world and we are going on the camp to sleep for the night. ah ah ah, we just walked out. he thought he is just ah, now i've got an adventure lined up. i've arranged to go stand
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a peddling on the mine one morning, lucas and i see is what it set out for a bit of stand up paddling. already done this by the way, but it wasn't to see and pretty calm. it wasn't on flowing water. does that make a big difference? yeah, and if, well, we have to watch out for the boats here on the river mine. we'll manage no problem, bye on the thing then punch in the the i just get on 1st get down on your knee. ah, well it's been a while, so it's a good thing. i've got instructors like robin and i lead at my side
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no glucose also. so this is how you stand up to be positioned in the very middle of the board level with a strap, from your hands and knees. take careful steps to make sure you're standing stable in our food, right? put your heel down, take the paddle and stand upright. paddling him all 3 fair effect. the and we had down the mind toward the city center is only the ships weren't everywhere. if i'm a little nervous because i see waves, you know, you're holding your pedal backwards. yeah, i know, but it's all worth it for this view of the skyline. but it looks
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like it's a lot of fun. really nice to at the end, eileen e shows off her yoga skills on the board. well, she's braver than i am shop or if you're in frankfort and you want to make a little detour, i recommend for wrangell only 40 kilometers away. it's a romantic natural landscape with lots of pasty wine, and we start in the state capital of hasn't been bought. and the visa is one of the oldest health farms in europe. the severe shapes by the facilities surrounding the old courthouse or spa house. the park reflects the tradition of english garden landscaping. like the rest of the city, the rock deeply sh palace stands on the north bank of the rhine
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region as well known for its vineyards and the fine gold. please make a rhythm. ryan is lined with historic towns councils and half tim, but how that among them is a phillip behind the district largest town, a few kilometers away as the former eater boxes and abbey established in 1136. ah. much of this can be seen from the rhine gliding past on an excursion boat. this is also where the romantic rhine begins. unesco world heritage site, since 2002 guns elect bring the passengers up to the new develop
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monument on the hill above who to find the commemorates the founding of the german empire in 18. 71. the stomach commands a spectacular view of the rhine valley. as far as 3 times the little town attracts around a 1000000 visitors every year. no excursion in the line is complete without a stop at one of the many taverns for a glass of a locally grown things like the speaking of wine frankfurt has its own local varieties. this one isn't made from grapes, but apples and it's called the local dialect. edit void or simply apple wine who's
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it's port from a special jug called a bended into a particular kind of cut. bless the home. why? the love and cut on the glass of the house. it's called that because of the lawson shade people of frankfurt have their own dialect. and they just call them ribs. the apple wine used to be a lot cloutier. so these ribs are, they are firstly to get the impression that it's much clearer than it is. and i can make it work on him when all the way down the pub didn't used to serve anything to eat and people brought their own for us to kind of walk mitka, blocked omitted for those greasy fingers. it's easier to hold onto a class like this. than one that's totally smooth. so form follows function. they may not have known it at the time, but they did it anyway. years. well, i me think there's our week be v me for you. every week we show your travel videos
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. i'm from so far from russia has sent us a video of a trip fuqua's biggest 10 with impressions of the capital tuscan, but also with fantastic pictures from the landscape. that's just the perfect summer . it was biggest that ah, the news, the who's the news?
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the news news for going clubbing and frankfurt. i'd recommend the quarter around the main train station. it's developed a lot the past few years. israel bunches and lively a popular spot to meet up is not your your kiosk. yup. yup, it's turkish and means something like, never say never the but why do you think business is good here? competition, but a lot of people gather around here. why is that or any other times we don't put on
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a show. we don't say the customer is king, we say, and we say from our hearts, customers, our family and this road is my home. and my house. i like to say i'm a native of frankfort neighborhood. gives me this feeling now a part of the family. yes, exactly. come anytime. thank the i think frankfort lift from his contrast on the one side. you have that rough, spacious district, and on the other side, the new old town. then there are businesses bags skyscrapers and the museum embankment. i think it's exactly that mixture that makes frankfurt so exciting to
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preserve its own history and at the same time to be open for something you. bye bye phoenix. type. in the news. the news. the news, the news
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the the the the the in good shape. a healing power of may. so what can it do and how does it work? we will chat natural healing methods. talk who are now research, recommend healthy delicacy from the have god. and under that, he's coming on
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today. i'm. i got that we are really, really interesting long renown for tomorrow. we'll get one of the likes of legal engine either today or environmental disaster is unfolding here. in the wars in europe today would be joining the marble stories of kara in 30 minutes on d. w. ah, the against the virus pandemic now is the rate of infection in developing what measures are being taken the, what does the latest research say?
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information and context, ah, virus updates and special monday to friday on d. w. the in december 2019 the european counties and new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i hope you told me to make sure of the 1st time a gentleman on the planet by 20 but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. the surprising glimpse into the very heart of our negotiations. ah, money can be a process flattery and instantly west laid plans and
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often go astray of will when the game of diplomatic poker was power please. and the lines behind the climate, some it starts august on dw, the ah, this is the w news, and these are our top stories. more than 160 people in germany and belgium have been killed in catastrophic flooding. rescuers are searching for around a 1000, missing people in towns and devastated by the waters. heavy rain and storms are now affecting areas of the czech republic and austria in the town of highline. and the results for a flash flood is swept through the streets late saturday. mm.


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