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fascinating potential for the great challenges of our time. if you think about it, it's impossible for us to survive without movers. will ruth think the world starts august 4th on d w. me? ah, this is d w. news and these are are told stories. more than a 160 people in germany and belgium have been killed in catastrophic flooding. rescuers are searching for a round, a 1000, missing people in towns and devastated by the waters and massive clean up operation is getting underway. germany, president frank also shine mar, said the scale of the last is difficult to comprehend. a key border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan has partially reopened. eye witnesses.
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the people are now crumbling in both directions, pockets on clothes the crossing after the taliban took control of the afghan side. thousands were stranded bringing freight to a standstill. meanwhile, he caught her representatives of the african government and the taliban are meeting for talks. me the horror film he kind of has one of the top cries at the cannes film festival. director julie at the corner, collected the palm to offer her film about a young serial killer. she is only the 2nd female director, he went award. the 1st time the kind of film festival has been housed in the virus . and again, this is d w. news from berlin. there is more on our website. that's d, w dot com, the o. precision scuffles. precision surgery,
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robots, scanners. modern medicine now makes possible. what was once i'm imaginable, but does this mean the ancient healing methods using plans and eagles and manual procedures have fallen by the wayside know, traditional options are still needed and sometimes even more effective than high tech medicine. hard to believe in good shape shows how no, and the when great age gets sick, they tend to medicinal plants for cancelling stomach eggs or parasites, or even to treat malaria and recesses one to get to the bottom of these medical mysteries before it's too late. the pharmaceutical industry has always relied on nature's medicine cabinets more than a 3rd of our medications are based on cloud based ingredients. one prominent
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example is widow box, which contains a substance that led to the creation of aspirant. and here are 3 more classics from the plant, sage, garlic and turmeric. how effective are these medicinal plants really eating? just one clove of garlic, a day is said to have health benefits. if you waited raw, that is. the most commonly known, active ingredient is the sulfur compound. allison in isolated cell cultures. allison attacks, viruses, bacteria, and fun guy. even attacks healthy cells that triggers and immune response, which strengthens the immune system. sage is another well distant plant. the hairs on the leaves contain aromatic compounds, known as turbine. these turbines are volatile, and can be easily inhaled. a stage solution can be used as a mouth spray to relieve inflammation. some think it has that effect because the
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turbines inhibit messenger substances in the immune system and that in turn reduces inflammation. phase also have anti virus and anti bacterial qualities. you can drink up to 6 cups of stage t a day. then there's turmeric an essential part of many curry dishes experiments on the main active ingredient kirkman have shown that it stimulates the flow of bio, that in turn promotes digestion. turmeric also captures free radicals. cell cultures and animal studies indicate that kept them in my protect ourselves. one study and humans proves that kirkland alleviate pain and off the arthritis patients. they ingested 1500 milligrams of current every day. that represents 30 grams of turmeric powder or 10 times the recommended daily allowance. a lot of research still needs to be done.
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those just 3 plans. the international nature conservation union estimates that up to $70000.00 plans have medicinal properties. natural medicine has 4 more pennies. in addition to plot, hydro therapy is based on the healing power of water, temperature, and mechanical stimuli, mobilize cell feeling as the mean system. physical and movements have comprises exercises for strength, endurance, of leaving, that can use many symptoms or even eliminate and all without a single po. new traditional therapy include fasting or drinking kids and focuses on fresh and natural foods with all the key nutrients. finally, mind body therapy, where the aim is to restore your sense of balance in life adherents learn to tend to their own well being themselves. so natural healing is more than just
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medicinal hurts and plans. although they are important 5 years ago, michelle simon was diagnosed with lupus, an auto immune disease where the body attacks its own tissues, limbs, and organs. on sundays, he was practically mobilized, despite taking strong conventional medication. eventually, his doctor recommended he take medicinal cannabis. i was up to say, but why also i tried different varieties over a period of 2 years. some i didn't tolerate, while others made the lupus rash, worsley, with them all like them to oppose. but other types did have a positive effect into that. and after 2 and a half years of therapy, i found the right to to because i'm optimistic instead of michelle, i guess as cannabis via prescription at as pharmacy. he can vouch for its effectiveness, even though the empirical evidence is not yet conclusive in cuz we don't have that much scientific proof of its effectiveness yet it's been
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a lot of tumor patients use it on a complimentary basis. it might stimulate their appetite and provide some pain relief and relaxation, which is a help for a lot of patients. for michelle simon, it has been a help. he has now phones, his natural medicine. hallman, who is the director of the center for complimentary medicine at the university of fryeburg. he evaluates the effect of herbal substances into a window mind. alternative medicine involves the use of natural treatment. these treatments, having a traditional therapy is effective and exercises therapies effective with a range of illnesses so far from being conflicting complimentary medicine is also part of traditional medicine. among whom man who bowes patients and the clinic is supposed murphy limburger. she's been suffering from migraines and other headaches
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for 20 years. now. skiing law saw with an austin victory. it was the 1st signs of men oppose and got worse than was stacked on from bonds. no, no. it was just regular headaches for a day. and then i started getting migrating into the bas rather the through the 50 i'm everything you'll vision hearing and sense of smell. and when you meet about you feel every heart beat, hitting your head the whole summer. he spent a long time and specialists, pain therapy and also took strong medication. even then she often suffered from headaches for about 20 days each month. she now has coming therapy on a regular basis. this was cooling, early sets. i was laying that cups on, would be their mind. it was like a cool toppings. just if i could suddenly my head felt the free trial that when
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done habits discussing with and i don't do incoming server patients with them with me because it really is as i described, this information up and her migraines have since dwindled to it. most 16, a month. the tapping therapy is related to acupuncture, a pillar of traditional chinese medicine. it's based on the idea that stimulating specific occupancy points releases energy, blockages, allowing energy to flow properly through the body and correcting imbalances between organ systems. western studies say that acupuncture is highly effective, entreating headaches. back panes asthma and menstrual cramps capping has also been practiced for millennia. once supplied the heated cats creative vacuum causing the patient skin to be sucked up into the vessels. like acupuncture cutting stimulates very specific points in the human body.
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spin pink house is a professor. it's natural to see. and it's been 2 years researching the effectiveness of traditional healing methods in accordance with modern standards. in addition to the classic last history is also used devices that can treat larger areas of the body. copying says the professor is a highly effective treatment. where does that method originally come from and where was it used for? that's an very old. busy traditional 3rd party farm coming from from asia, for example, in china, china, you used to, but also in the old traditional medicine that she was in the old greek medicine in the center of european medicine. and in other medicine forms, like in the aggravating me to see in your research,
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you looked at the effectiveness of cutting therapy. how did you go about that? and what did you find out? we performed to randomized controlled, tries on copying one with a copying therapy. and the low back pain and one in the title of the patients. and what is your final conclusion? the work capping is a good therapy for pain diseases except for, for low back pain and also, and also tied to the need with good results. and the results of our systematic review so that there is the evidence that copying might be powerful. busy in chronic pain patients, are you also able to explain how copying effects the body we do not know at the moment how copying works. there are different hypoth is this about this that may be copying is working through local mechanisms for changing fibers
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that transport the pain. and also that capping have some influence on the spinal cord, especially in initiative in imitating fibers for what kind of health issues would you recommend covering you mentioned a few already. yeah, we use in our old patient clinic, you have a cupping, especially for chronic pain diseases and especially in the low back pain. ready low back pain, also in the neck pain. also no slight because of the knee, but you can also use it in acute diseases. for example, if you have a floor and already have a bronchitis you can use, it's the coupling. so the good therapy for a lot of health issues, if i'm interested in trying and as a patient, are there certain things i should consider? i think the most important issue is that you select very carefully the, the,
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the treatment provider or the, or the doctor. because he or she should be well educated and experienced you are she so exactly know where to put the cup and glasses on. and it's also important to mention that copying has treatment effect, but has also side effects. for example, you can have an hematoma, and finally, it's very important to mention that you have to be careful for contra into indications. for example, if the patient use a blood thinner, the patient should stated to the, to the treatment provider and discuss if it's coming is the right treatment for the space. thank you very much for all the very interesting information on keeping therapy. they're working for centuries, opportunity have promoted miracle drugs for everything from hair loss and bruises to tumors. they are still with us. housing, crystals, magical incense,
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cosmic energy, and transcendental music is as effective kids for cancer. appetite is h i b, m 2. but he learns this, but what really works, and how can you tell if a healer is actually a crack also own well isn't well, she hopes alternative medicine can help her. there's a wide variety of treatments to choose from. but who can she trust? and who should she definitely avoid? there are indicators the alarm bell. number one, you should be cautious if the therapist promises a 100 percent certain cure. no, sarah b can guarantee that the alarm bell, number 2 there appears to only tell us one approach and won't allow questions or
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criticism is not credible. patients should be alert is a healer advises against getting a 2nd opinion or demonizes medical practice. that can be life threatening healers and physicians should work together closely to treat illness. in the case of herbal therapy, for example, they can communicate with each other to avoid interactions with medicines. that way is the best for their patients. ah, alarm bell number 3 conspiracy theorists. they promote a secret anti patient world conspiracy theory led by the pharmaceutical industry based on allegedly scientific data. they often propose risky alternative treatments, the denies scientific findings and reject
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conventional medical therapies. all because of the suppose inside the face. they freeze their own therapies though, as guaranteed free of side effects. which brings us to alarm signal number for any therapists to claim that their methods have no side effects are proving their ignorance and can be dangerous treatments that work can have side effect. anyone who denies that can be taken seriously. alarm bell number 5 definitely has unpleasant side effects for the patients. wallet . anyone who has to pay large amounts in cash should be suspicious. for some alternative healers, even soothing words, cost have a fortune. reputable alternative therapists have transparent therapy, content, and crisis that way. patients know what to expect and knowing all that has
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really helped us. well, how do we add a bit of buyer to food and really get things cooking? that's right. spice this vital for that case. sensation, but they can do more than just enhance cuisine. many of them have great health benefits and are good for our bodies. from an intoxicating aroma to healing powers and load info versus spices are highly treasured. german, save it sour, tasting foods like mustard. make you funny. i am not in my case, but if i need a bit and it changes my facial expression that that might be funny for other people . but there are many stories about the power of spices. doctor cult yanine shifts is both a medical doctor and, and your veda physician. she's very familiar with most of the spice plants and this
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botanical garden and frankfurt like this vine, for example, it's a pepper plaid, but why did peppercorns come in different colors they had in the know krisha have in the ever we are cooking is all from the same plant, the green peppercorns are the unripe wise. well red means the right this variety which is where you have to be patient on done. and then you have the black pepper shots of her for when done hang up and there's white pepper to them. and over it's made from red peppercorns, but it's soaked in water to make the shells come on. come on the shuttle that is all the same plant of us. this list is ever plans. pepper was originally native to southern india and was later introduced around the world by sailors and merchants in europe. it was initially a luxury that only the rich could afford. aristocrats would proudly present the spice that their lavish banquets spice traders, made a fortune to. and in germany,
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the filthy rich were now called pepper zika, or pepper sacks, wait as a know or not as such, no health. but it helps digestion by stimulating that adjusted uses and then helps us process food better. off. of course, you don't want to gain weight, but doesn't actually make you slimmer with i wouldn't go that far. why does have a good land left? so if i to dish to fetch it has a pungent aroma, reminiscent of onions and garlic. it's a gum red and extracted from fair plants and a highly prized to spice, an indian and iranian cuisine. when heated, the strong smell disappears and dishes cooked with it become easier to digest. minus as far as i know, it's the most effective advice against the lashlin island. that's why you can add it to all foods to cause gas such as mchugh was just
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a pinches enough and then i want to think anymore, i think they can issue me during the middle ages, people in europe started using large quantities of ass affected to drive away which is the plague and invading armies. despite was mixed with other foul smelling inflammable substances to form so called stink balls, which were launched into the enemy's ranks, to overwhelm them with their stench. ah, clothes are a popular home remedy against the bad breath. due to their very unique mix of ingredients, cynthia, tales from central oil have an anti bacterial effect. directing the facts in addition to destroying the bacteria themselves. they also dissolve the film that prevent antibiotics from penetrating into the material bacteria. and i want to show me the essential oil drive this film, enabling the antibiotics to take effect. and these are food such throughout on time . can i be able to convert books on clothes, originally?
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hail from them, a luke who spice island part of what is now indonesia. they reached china to millennia ago by custom visitors were only permitted to address the emperor if they had sweetened their mouth beforehand with clothes in order to avoid a diplomatic incident. ah, but clothes have another valuable property for my name, just take one and pop it between your chicken gums. map. what do you feel? this is not gonna miss you miss a bit like an injection that the dentist and towel towel the most right it and the temperature and pain receptors. so it doesn't hurt your 1st aid kit in the kitchen . and they asked to have a customer close relieved toothpaste, but also help with digestive problems. and others by that good for the stomach is sicilian or 10 or so mac flick,
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named for its dying properties. in mediterranean countries, it's sprinkled over a variety of dishes. and it's a key ingredient and the spice mix. a tar is consign absence that there are 250 different varieties, especially among the plants that promote good digestion. it includes mild, bitter compound life which make high fat foods easier to digest hyphen novels and has a lot of vitamin c office, which is good for the immune system. we'll just take off of that for lowly but surely to market biasing cuisine around the world. it's trudy acidic flavor goes well with salad, meat, fish, and yogurt. beware, while tenor sumac a. ruse. korea area is edible. many varieties can be toxic. spices of life, bigger rating, appetizing. and in some cases, boasting invaluable healing properties. and now
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we have a question for you. what's the 1st thing you eat or drink in the morning and wanting trucks to 9? and you might just, when it's special backpacks stuff with sports, getting your very own bit of d, w to take along wherever you go. right to us or business build, send a photo or video to d, w dot com slash d and slash my morning or by email. the deadline is august 6th, looking forward to hearing from you. and now it's time for the digital consultation view is on the questions and doctors, scientists, and therapist answer them. lutely women wants to know if 65 is too old for the gym . the frog a sneak. it's not to live in an act. 65, you absolutely can't afford not to exercise. people don't just age because the years go by. but also because they get to little exercise physical activities and
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in place those down the process of deterioration that comes with aging. that the be important thing for you start is that you're healthy. people with a heart condition and circulatory problems or diabetes. for example, i should see a doctor 1st. i know about an experienced trainer or sports medic to draw up an exercise program that will i'm ben official. that won't be too taxing or take any risks under the 2nd of these. it's unavoidable exercise makes you sweat nights, actually invented body odor to attract potential mates. biologists suspect that out lance 1st one did over to our on pets when we began to copyright, one support for this theory is that some people have fewer split plans in there. it's good for them. after all, quality odor is unpopular in this day and age, but there is deodorant, and you can make it yourself. our blog,
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you wanna show you how organic cosmetics are all the rage, and do it yourself. blogger, you'll wonder, shows people how to make their own deodorant without harmful substances like aluminum. first, she melts together some cooking oil and shade butter. and just for the right consistency, she adds a special ingredient, ma, and so now we're going to put in a few of the beeswax pallets to give the deodorant more body in this way. it's not super creamy, it has a certain firmness to fish. now she stirs starch into the fat. johan recommends, corn starch, potato, starch, or arrow re powder. essence in the key ingredient, sodium by carbonate, it neutralizes bad smells, which is the most important thing. deodorant does. next, stir until everything dissolves and becomes a homogenous mass. it's not one of the now we add an essential oil. it's i'm using
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temperament, but you can use whatever smells good to you. what you'd like to smell like 2 drops are enough. you can also leave this in neutral if you want. what kind of car lesson let us mark. now pour the worn mixture into a container for storage. lotion jars work really well? linda, still up. once the deodorant has cooled off, it will be firm but still a little creamy. that's exactly the consistency we need. if you want, you can put it in the refrigerator to cool it down faster, but it should be fine cooling on its own. it apply a sustainable and organic d y. deodorant. try it out. no, you can really break his western time for a workout session with the v and the
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actually, even if you're probably already familiar with jumping jacks, an exercise that's perfect to activate your muscles before a work order or is a great learning routines on? for coven define isn't what you would like, almost touching, and you're hanging down completely. your knees should be banned in order to soften the embattled close. you jump. rachel roams above your head and you do 10 times. fun with those dumping jacks. bye bye until next week. the news. the news,
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the news we are not renowned twice mar, mom will be able to be like either at the school today, environmental disaster is unfolding here in my work. in europe. they would all be joining the novel stories of kara on g w player culture hi hair. super
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super food, stylish style. like on the lead owes lifestyle, you're at 60 minutes. oh me was right in front of them. they were all for this one moment. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or didn't the game central care with 202021. from off course, during the qualifying round, not least for sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face. but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down during walk down the walking go to tokyo,
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july 19 dw, the ah ah, i'm not going to shoot any say we're in corolla for centuries, the city has been famous for its marble, used by michelangelo and many other artists. but for some years, cora has been not only concerned with the quality of its marble. today, a real environmental disaster is happening here. perhaps one of the worst in europe .


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