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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2021 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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oh, i know the d w and these are our top stories. more than 100. 60 people in germany and belgium have been killed in catastrophic flooding. rescuers are searching for around a 1000 people missing in count. devastated by the waters in massive a clean up operation is getting underway. germany's president frank voltage di meyer says the scale of the wall is difficult to comprehend. a key border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan has partially reopened eye
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witnesses. people are now travelling in both directions, pockets on close to crossing after the taller bon took control of the african side, thousands were stranded bringing trade to a standstill. meanwhile, in costa representatives of the african government and the taliban are meeting for talks me for the horror film teton has one of the top prize at the cannes film festival director, if you need to call now collected the pumped off. i have 1st film about a young, the serial killer. she's only the 2nd female director to win the award. this is the 1st time the con phone festival has been held, the clone of virus and demick. again. since d w. news from berlin, there's more on our website at d. w dot com, the ah,
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ah, shoot on a 2nd. we're in corolla. for centuries, the city has been famous for its marble, used by michelangelo and many other artists. but for some years, cora has been not only concerned with the quality of its marble. today, a real environmental disaster is happening here, perhaps one of the worst in europe. this is sandra on friday, a rebel, and a whistleblower. and he's been raising awareness about trouble. the quarries for years. i guess i've got a demo with it. we managed to film illegal activities at this quarry here. and it was one of the biggest victory on me, but it was bitter sweet because right afterwards about a loose and my car's wheels. and i could have died driving through the mouse and everything was done. now.
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i didn't want to kill my mom. she's got the list of everyone thinks the marble is being excavated for duty is to make sculpture and art for that. and it was the front, but it's actually made into powder or used to produce medicine, toothpaste or paper for each of god. it's now a mining area in from the start. and the tories aren't even genuine or as fascinating as they might have been before. in the fall journal, everything has been devastated. it will and these rocks of marble concealed quite a bit.
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behind these fortresses of calcium gaped open wounds scars carved into a unique natural, parked the apple and out from treyjen forum to the pantheon in rome and the famous statues by michelangelo, uncontrollable, all of it was torn from these marble veins in tuscany. the until the 1980s corolla and it's white, gold experienced and economic and cultural boom. everywhere in the city, you could see artists and workshops. the marble was processed on site 40 years later, this magic has disappeared. a modest sculpture festival attempts to prove the contrary . but even tourists only have
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a fleeting look around. the cory owners want to convey the outdated image of cultivated artisans with a passion for sculpting marble. the reality today is that they reign over financial and property empires. or in the, i'm and i, p z. michelle angelo would walk over here and pick the models that his sculptures and in my more the p h. the slaves, fucked up the john. he chiseled many of his works from the local novel during the appraiser on increased john franco butter teenie is an expert and he owns the famous michelangelo quarry about 1000 meters up the
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on this morning, his machines are cutting a new marble block straight from the cliff face. thursday morning. he is the mountain guy and we don't the block house of it. why she found we sat at the bottom and drill around beside. nice and straight. first partial, i got a she like when we use the diamond wire, saw to finish the can't get up, you come in, this is the wire. we use the water, cools it down, and the diamond cuts jamante it used to take 20 days to remove a block, but now it's just 10 hours at most and sometimes even less. sometimes treasure is found, a vein of a pure marble due to its translucence statue, audio, or star, tears marble such as a high price written i've been a, this is a step,
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worry a vain, and that's ordinary marble. she missed. so it's not totally pure, but still a nice specimen value that you can use it to make marble flooring and many other things that's happened on the international market. there is a high demand from china and the gulf states marble for construction costs from 150 euros per ton, up to 3000 years, or even more, depending on its quality. not being faster and mean after all, i already worked in these quarries as a young boy and i've done everything she sent us and i'm still here office. 67 years of work for santa same actually more like 140 because we always worked from dawn till dusk. she unlike today where you go home after 8 hours afterward.
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franco martini isn't interested in environmental protection. he sees these mountains as a gift from nature, an inexhaustible inheritance the like. it's also environmental. it's the opposite. it's wonderful and very. these quarries are like, feel the farming or imagination. nobody is destroying the mountains. bury that'd be like saying you could drink up the ocean that i don't think we can drink couple the ocean dish or it's the same here. mine will never be able to eat up all these mountains. the very all we do is make a little cut. the very just a little cart, you understand, we're not destroying them. my know she mind me. me the landscape formed by the quarries, however,
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tells another story. sandro manfredi checks if a quarry has really been close down or he exposes illegal practices. it's the only way he says to stop this carnage laquonda shall my tv for someone directly since our group has taken action with the all investigated quarries have been temporarily or permanently shut down money like this one here. so know what that makes for dozens of side on the to 3 and tween about 30 and 40. they probably demand they have won, it went to that a appleone out have been classified as an irreplaceable natural heritage. and each piece that's removed is last forever. there are $3000.00 b,
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c flowers and plants and the apple one out, one that's half of italy flora. and a few doesn't exist here exclusively. we will up what plants spring up, live, and thrive in unique ecosystem, and are directly threatened by marble excavation, where we can go back to on the up one alps, our home to tuscany, the biggest water reservoir. and the unique complex spends 150 kilometers of tunnels and caves at the current pace, it's unclear what will become of this mountain range. central manfredi isn't the only one concerned in colorado. in 2014, a diverse collective emerged, including biologist, lawyers, and net workers. and some of them are meeting outside of town today, when i say that she's been murdered,
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known for its marble and art is just an open pit mine region. now they can't blogs from the mountains. we might break them down and send them abroad for processing in a low wage countries. you know, we're just with terrible environmental damage to us getting older. well, find the benefits are small minority all flows abroad. it's unacceptable. don't exceed that. this is good as the other broker. when you cut out a model, you destroy 95 percent of the mountain. it's insane. the building business based on destruction, environment those that have an employment among young people in massa and canada, twice as through tuscany 3 times the time in italy overall. i 3 blow, something's not right because i could watch them. she could be no need to be more than a 5000000 tons of marble or excavated for mountains every
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year and just 50000 tons of se, used the sculptures. so it's totally absurd. pseudo micro, kendrick today only one 4th of corolla marble is excavated in blocks, while the rest is crushed into pebble and transported downstream to omnia, the global leader in this highly lucrative market. the marble is ground into a fine powder and sold as calcium carbonate, used to produce a variety of products like paper, putty, glue, and toothpaste. the swiss company discreetly established itself in the field in the early 1900 ninety's and has been continuously expanding its business with the powder critics claim on your violates legal limits. but in
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a region with high unemployment, hardly anyone would dare defy the princes of corolla. the only politician willing to speak to us here is the regions environmental director. jack moore, generally of the 5 star movement, says it in no uncertain terms in recent years. politics, marble and justice have been a single swamp. pretty much every law has been violated is which is a change in pre as they can award or know, some 500 companies employing about 700 workers expect marble for my mom and i what that means. 2800 john and masa and cut on it are linked directly or indirectly to the in the area in north of the needle to change this on the turn over current and generated by the whole factor. 8000000 euros
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a year to door in the still these entrepreneurs master nama. well, it could be maybe that's why it is so difficult for them to read back on that as well. if i'm just starting off and politicians were supposed to come to terms with the audio superpower, economic power is concentrated in the hands of a few people that de dictate local policy on it already and on gala political got it in front of a routine, nice quarry the marble block has finally been cut out from the mountain, and now it has to be lowered down. ideally, in one piece. only now, is he getting an idea of its value? the the quarry owner doesn't like talking about his turnover, but he does reveal the price of this $30.00 ton block and i'll
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take a closer look at it, but it seems to be a high quality block. we won't know exactly until it's counter size, but this kind of block is worth about 50000 euros too. but he cuts out several blocks like this one each day. and corey owners enjoy a lot of extra leeway since they bring business and jobs. this sometimes results in poor safety standards. there have been 11 deaths in a little over 10 years. but at $3000.00 euros a month, the salaries are quite high for the region, and a significant portion is paid under the table. so when it comes to illegal drilling or waste in the mountains, no one complains, but the bar metal or a sledge made of water and marble dust seems to be directly responsible for polluting the rivers flowing down.


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