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tv   Die Marmorbruche von Carrara  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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here is some of the health problems kids have inherited from donors some of died because they didn't have medical information. all this scares me about what my bio dad visa may have given his hundreds of offspring. he actually had parkinson's, almost all the time. he is producing kid, my brother david and i meet up with my other brother david, who's been looking into the health risks in my dna. so, let me see the best and i'll show you elsewhere. okay, there it is. parkinson disease late onset susceptibility parkinson's disease on another genetic test or another jane. gotcha. that is all these area is definitely visa and because he had bargenson. yeah, no, you guys are really dark stuff. this was the dogs to know the great news here and the gene set. this man gave this other than that is fantastic. just the top of framing. crohn's disease is based on your personal genetics. and if
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a genetics and environmental and viral triggers, you've got to know there should be no annual. medically that's over. i'm finding out that almost all my serbs think that the anonymity of donors is just wrong. now, of course let the motion continue. everybody has the right to know who there are logical pair and was definitely i think for anybody's mental health, you have to write your own stories is very important for those of us who have been through this experience to any of us down for a moment. that our common genetic background has meaning has significance not which we give to it, but which it gives to us. most don't conceive people seem to want the option to know their donors identity. and in the u. k. david and others influence the government to change the law and en anonymity since 2005 kids have the right to
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know their donors identity when they reach 18. in canada, in 2000 and 4th, we persuaded the government to do the same. when people find their fathers or they find their relatives, these are tremendously important stories. and i think they're important for a reason. i think it's a very basic year and then the government changed his mind. the doctors told him there'd be no more donors. and in the u. s. a. well, and nobody has been standard in the sperm industry since the beginning one. yep. i'll tell. i don't have a claim to me since the start. everyone sought that the only way a guy would go on a firm as if he could be anonymous. turned out that wasn't true. meet him galaxy. why did you decide to be identifiable? curiosity,
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i supposed to start with that at some point some portion of the kids would be interested in meeting me and i would be interested many of them. and so why not mom? i actually picked, she tells me that's what she picked to him because his voice according sounded really like 3. and he said that he wanted to meet the kids. she was she was raising us. i didn't think i'd ever pretend it's like be like her parent because i wasn't that worked right. i didn't take the school everyday and tucker and i you and your brother are not the only biological offspring that tim has cracked. how many do you have? the ones that i've met are 171717 told me he was jo. another one of tim's kids. me every summer, tim ran some cabins by a lake and spent a week with
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a bunch of his bio kids. and just like in my own family, tim's offspring crossed paths before they knew they were related. i came in close contact with 2 of my siblings and didn't know their my like the guy that i worked with was on the same water polo team as sawyer boyfriend. so why if i had hung out with him more probably wouldn't met sawyer and not known she was my sister and danny went to the college. i lived on the campus of so i probably passed him out of all his post start to minutes for my house. all like is your brother. he's my brother. good thing. most of the day. yeah. tim wanted to be found by his offspring. but california cry bank his firm may, didn't want to help is that these rules that i and things i had to follow to try to get any information. and what was it like i had the bottom line was they said they didn't know if they had my contact information, but they would try that. but you know, call me back and they didn't. and they,
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they never gave you teams information. now even though he was supposed to be identifiable to you, and basically they told him that they could not reach me. and so i called them up and said, relying, i've always kept you updated with my phone, my email and my spam mail address. and they asked me for in the time, so it was clear to me they weren't interested in making or facilitating that connection even though all parties wanted it correct. or yeah. wow, really. more and more don't is willing to be identified to their offspring once their adults when the u. k. entered down and emily, the number of sperm donors went up. other countries have also ended the secrecy.
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some us banks no longer accept new anonymous donors at all. smith, california cry bank, the biggest in the u. s. still has them. and they've agreed to talk to me. but at the last minute they cancel. they say they don't want to be part of my personal journey. anonymity means that a lot of babies can be produced from one man by bio the visa had maybe 600. but what if there's someone out there with an even bigger family? this is steve shelton. he's a bodybuilder, a psychiatrist. and he used to be an anonymous sperm donor. when i was freshman a medical school actually, and medical school for me to be a sperm. i got started that's. i mean, it didn't help you financially in medical school, you know, it actually they pay 20 dollars a donation,
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very quickly. i've raised that $40.00. and how many years did you do this? i guess was 17 years i'll settle what my schedule was twice a week, 17 years, but it's not impossible. you could have a 1000 kids or more. yeah, i think about the numbers in my head as possible. how do you feel that well, i guess non reality and i just can't imagine that i've got all these kids out there . i've never really focused on what the numbers might be. i see to be whatever gods term. and they might be, you know, over the years so thought about sir, was there maybe some children out there in prayer, i would have times blessing upon them. again, there's not having met anybody in so recently as just didn't really feel real time
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at derrick darren about a year ago actually. yeah. how did you find a job? i just got onto several dna websites. the 1st thing that hit me was, was to contact him who says kind of what, what, what is this? did you think might be for money? well, you know, everything's lunch and all that was going to my, how do you refer to him? my biological father, my friend, is become a really good friend and a friend of my parents as well. was using a sperm on a difficult decision to you that it wasn't for me, but i'll let jan speak for sale a little bit somewhat. i want to say more the of a pride thing. you know, you want you, it would be nice to have your own related child. so there was a bit of a loss. yes. yes. so but you decided to tell you on the truth
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very was having some medical issues that i'd never experienced or had run in janet's family. and so that was probably the reason that we, we told derrick. so maybe he could do some research. and if you ever found out who's donor they had was, you know, that might help him give him some more insights into his medical issues. so may i ask what they were? i was having some allergy problems that made it difficult to swallow the food at some point. and interestingly enough, that was, that was something that after i made a connection with steve that you, we kind of shared. and some of these families had that had that problem over the christmas holidays. i actually told steve, i said, well, we'll thank you for making it possible for us to have derrick said, i think he turned out pretty well and i'm glad you report the, the donor program there a little all that efforts that the medical community,
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sorry, went to to keep everybody divided wasn't actually that necessary perhaps. right. and when bob shared this was my response question is tremendous. bless me. for one god showing me that he on my prayers, he but hundreds more might be too much of a blessing and still wants to find out how many he has. so he's going to talk to one of the doctors he sold sperm to i think there should be significant limits to how many children, any individual donor can syiaa have. that is the word when you're talking maybe hundreds of people that's, that's not good. i do feel there's something wrong about that number being somehow much higher than if it to be natural. this mass production, it makes you feel a bit like you've come of the production line of a factory. how many women could be impregnated by one man. and conceive
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how many thousands, 2000. sure. yes, i can see the problem. yes. is it? it is in the very 0. are you not getting that? and this is the last one was never, we've come to see the doctor. and one of the places steve donated in louisville is anxious to find out more about his hundreds of offspring. inspired by wash san juan happened upon me about a year ago, a testing mediconnect he's cuz he's who told her simulation that prompted me to just ask questions. what was actually changed provide career as a sperm donor. you know, all of this was done in a very anonymous fashion. all of parties were advised that the donor would not know
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who the couple was and vice versa. you know, the couples on the, the peace of mind to know that one day somebody is not going to come up and say, and that's my kid and i want my kid back kind of thing. so at that time, we only use medical students and we didn't want them looking over their shoulder for somebody that perhaps then got divorced and wanted to sue the donor for child support or something like that. with donor insemination. some people don't want their child to know with utter disregard to an agreement. you know, like i give you permission to tell. it's just coming out. it's popping out of the woodwork. derek has talked about how important this connection is with his dad. and ultimately, if he gets to know me, he'll get another dose of enrichment of his life meeting or dealing with people
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enriches your life. you don't think there's anything special about the genetic connection. i'm not a psychologist. okay. i would, i would say that you would have to study it to see what you're saying intuitively. sounds good. when put to the test, it may or may not. i'm not disagreeing, but i'm not fully agreeing with it either. when a person becomes an adult, there are some pretty good reasons that maybe they should know their family medical history. and so i mean from my perspective, i think people should be allowed to know at least kind of at that point. so actually, that's a question i have that. are there any such factors that might indicate anything about how come from donations past services practice or pers? the answer is no. we did our best for long term
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to keep the records kept records in a safe even i'm trying to think it was oh, 7 november that we had a flood in this building which took out 2530 percent of the building including this whole suite and we were out of the building for a well and last some of that some of it may actually still exist that we don't put away and yet to come out. sounds like one thing you would like to know from dr. levine would be the number that would be nice to know. yes. that that would take some doing it would any possibility that steve could find out a bit more of that and see if he wants to make to take the next. we would have to chat about that one day over taking some bourbon or something. i can chat about it over stating suburban
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losing sperm. donor records seems to happen a lot in this business. so i've come to colorado to meet wendy kramer. i've known wendy for a long time. she's one of the sperm banks. biggest critics. so good to you. yeah, we were out how long before dna testing, wendy, and i don't concede, son, ryan started a website. it was called donors, sibling registry. the s our parents only know the anonymous donor by a number on the d. s. r. site springs and use that number to find other children from the donor with the same number. their siblings and thousands of donors also sign on to match their offspring. as our tim, the donor and l. a found his these numbers are updated every night. this is how
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many people we have matched. 17926. so we will hit 18000 in february and then 67188 people on the dsr. so that's parents don't or can see people children. the parents have posted and donors, a donors and sperm donors. sometimes the donors find that the sperm banks have lied . can you imagine you're this guy? and you go, you know, i think the right thing to do would be to make myself available to those 10 kids i was told i might have out there. yeah. and you come to the d. s. r and i know this because i hear from donors all the time who go. okay, just a minute. i just went on your website and it says i have 35 kids. that's impossible . i was promised 10. yeah. well right. of course, this can only happen in a closed anonymous system, which wendy hates as much as i do. donor can see if people are all too often told. you should be happy to be alive. you should be just happier parents want to do so
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much and it's like for sure. but i also am a human being. i have an innate desire to know where i come from and who i come from. so you can't deny that either. not with adopted people but also not with don't are conceived people. california cro bank has no idea how many have siblings ryan has because they have no accurate record keeping. it's preposterous. you can't promise limits when you don't have accurate records. it's impossible, you know, cost money, they have accurate record keeping a cost money to update medical records into share medical information. it costs money to have the accurate record keeping that it would take to limit the number of kids per donor. so it takes money to do all of that. and that there are a profit business they're selling, gas meets at least in the you can, australia, etc. there is some regulation. do you think that canada might progress to having
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some here, but they get all their spare me from the u. s. burbank, so what are they gonna regulate? california cry. oh bank. i don't think so. well, they could demand that the sperm be identifiable by yeah, let them try. sure. i just don't see it happening. so you see the way forward is basically people using the dna sides with the help of your website. absolutely. there's nothing else. nobody else cares to step in and provide regulation or oversight. the sperm banks are big, they're powerful. they're wealthy. they have lobbyists in washington, they keep any and all regulation from happening. anytime there's regulation that gets proposed, they put the kibosh on it immediately. it's the fox watching the hand house. we can't change what's happened in the past, but now there is no, absolutely no excuse whatsoever for donors to insist on secrecy. and
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furthermore, there is no such thing as secrecy anymore. everyone has the right not to be deliberately deceived or deliberately deprived of information about essential aspects of their personal history. the trouble is straight couples often don't tell their kids. so david, a lawyer is campaigning for us to have birth certificates with the sperm or egg donors name as well as the parents. these accurate bern certificates would be available to offspring once they become adults. and in many countries, there is a growing movement from the donor, conceived to end anonymity back in 2004. i was here in ottawa arguing the same with the government refused one of the employees who persuaded the government to preserve don't anonymity was dr. eddie fry. hi, dr. fry. i'm very steven. nice to meet you. to thank you for doing this. really
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appreciate something i can answer your questions. concern was there too many people who donated? they did not want people to know that they did, they donated for whatever reason. but they didn't necessarily want to have someone coming and saying you my father or you, whatever. when you decided to preserve the anonymity, because some people might come and come out there much as to, to preserve anonymity, it is to protect the rights of the donor just as you protect the rights of the child. but they don't know how good we don't know how to choice. we didn't have a choice and we were the ones who got it from that choice. yes, and of course sedona had a choice and the doing could refuse to do late, in which case a lot of people would not have had access to doing this phone. and so i don't see how anyone can suggest that only one who in
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a discussion should have their rights observed than the other should have known. the main reason was that you were afraid there would be no more donors if, if, if we ended out on one of the major reasons. yeah. because people were very reluctant to come into an age and the 1st race and many of them when he did so because he knew that their identity would protect. we didn't want to dry up the number of doing as they don't dry up. when the u. k. ended anonymity, the, the number of guns actually went up. i would like to see a system where only donors who are, who are willing to be identified to their offspring on the offspring. it to be bold enough, should be recruited. and that has been shown to work and if it does work, then why not do it in the future? well then if you think you would like to see amendments, you're a free canadians to come up and ask, oh, put our petitions, get a lot of people to sign on to that y m s and what no, but i, i will respond to people coming to me in with a petition and seeing
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a lot of us want this to happen. one person is not enough and i think it would be a good idea practically for, for the government of canada to get out ahead of this. there is no problem with that. i don't have a problem with people coming to do that. and again, and then i will wait and see what that evidence says and make my decisions based on not fair enough. thank you about some progress. and i just start to fries, right? i have to come back again with thousands of us. in the meantime, i'm going back to london one last time. my new family loves a party, so i got them together to hear what they have to say about all this. the like, any family you meet, some people. do you really connect with the 1st person i met in england. david, we have what we have. we make up and they were lined up in soho and gabriel by the end of the evening. so these guys, incredible, this is really fun. this is amazing. then as you get to know the people, you know,
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i don't think i know that you like some people, but then you like the just my family and that's the, that's the basic line is the same thing. is this 400 more on the cell? it's actually like 600 or more when the tests are all complete, we're going to set up. one of the forest focuses on like, you know, where the 1st one is. the only very recently, like in the last 2 years, i went on to some of these donor conceive sort of whatsapp groups and the facebook groups and, and, and i was really shocked, really shocked and upset to see the really young people talking about how they hadn't been told, you know, people in the twenty's been told the funny we siblings, you know, he's different in finding that the doctor was there. that mean loans of them?
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i think he, jesus, i always was just off because we were in this with the initial phase by noon, but it's actually still going on and that makes me really upset. really, people should know better now and maybe our parents didn't get better. they should see the end of anonymity surely surely is going to to cause pain for those people who chose shoes or chose to do something that was deep. can private person for me that the real point is that we all have a right to our narrative. we will have a right to our story, and that seems to me just to be incontrovertible to be human is to have a story. and to have a story, one must have a true story. just saying these, these kids are better off, not knowing. it's both. and for someone else to come in and say, but for the convenience of others, we'll just delete that. it is not clearly to argument for it historically saw. he
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was simply that donors would not come forward. and if understanding was that they might be off to the abolition of anonymity, the number of registered spam, jones went up. yeah. and then you will, the industry is making the money out of it and it's often quite discussing actually so, so i'd like to ask what's almost like the nieces and nephews but we didn't have any reading uncles or anything like that. and it is like, i think it's great. so i'd like to reflect the nieces and nephews, but we didn't have any reading uncles or anything like that. for me, it is like, i think it's great because the young, but i got a whole lot of times of people and found me to be able to stay in contact with and to be able to meet if you're traveling across the globe and everything like that. we have a lot of culture. yeah, exactly. and i think, i mean on it, becky says, town name, there is something, i mean, a lot of people in the, in the job i do, and most people like i get on,
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but there was something. there was a connection, i mean obviously it was like in some ways i've known them all my life and i cannot describe it. and i wouldn't like to say why i oh, i felt may saying forgiven mckyrie in canada. he was, there was a sort of not a make it female connection, but there was a connection. every bearing that i thought were not spent the day with him. we had some quite good loss, i think. but i wouldn't have had that with any other blog that i just got the experience and i didn't know what it is, but there is something there is that there is something last question. this is really the who looks like who the you look like the
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the while i was editing this film, several new siblings appeared on the dna sides of visas, descendants that we have identified. now number 137, and there are plenty more to come. as a bit of a paradox, it's great to be part of this class. but i really hope that we are one of the less of the huge families produced by anonymous men. and that we can put an end to all the secrets and lies ah ah, the news
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the politics but culture. an interview with monica federal commission and the culture of the media have a c handle, the allan just posed to him. i've always had to fight for the creation sector, was also gets attention to the powder. she evaluated 2nd term. and
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i'm very passionate about what i do. art 21 in 30 minutes long. and he w, ah, the news to go as we take on the world, the, we're all about the stories that matter to the whatever it takes on fire made for mines. the goal was right in front of them. then suddenly we agreed to postpone beer olympic games
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that tokyo with 2023. of course during the qualifying ground for sports heroes down during lockdown starts july 19th on d. w. oh ah, the news this is the news live from the catastrophic flooding kills more than 150 people in germany and bill as the flood borders subside, the massive, clear up begin. and the search for survivors is not over. around a 1000. residents are still missing in town,
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devastated by the flood also coming up, rival cuban factions class.


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