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tv   Gesprach  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm CEST

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w ah, the news . this is a double the news live from the numbers rise by the out. catastrophic flooding kills more than 150 people in germany and belgium. rescue was searching for another 1000 missing and towns devastated by the waters. belgium declares a day of mourning for its victims and tens of thousands of been ordered to leave their homes in the netherlands on the show. rival cuban factions class in chile, hundreds gathered to show solidarity with unprecedented protests against the communist regime back home in
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the me i'm anthony howard. welcome. the west flooding indicates has killed at least 150 people in europe. most of the deaths are in western germany. the disaster area stretches between the districts of hinds berg, f, stuck and viola near the border with the netherlands and belgium. a massive clean up operation is on the way as risky crews search for survivors. more than a 1000. i still missing this. torrence filmed on wednesday used to be a stream. it's a site you would have thought possible in western germany. but what comes next? it's even harder to take in a drift the
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moon. in many places, the waters are starting to recede and cleanup operations have begun. but the floods have left a trail of devastation and residence in shock. because i said that was my apartment. i'm trying to think about it, but it's, it's really dreadful. stigma is if you don't run out of the sort of respect and it's not just property that has been destroyed, emergency work as a warning that as they come through the wreckage, more bodies could be discovered. many people are still stormed at the speed at which the water suddenly rose king half inch so fast. we watched the water rise and insane current. it was in 2000 minutes. we saw 2 people clinging to those columns over there. we shouted from above the hold on because it took 3 hours for them to be rescued at the board. some spoke of the trauma of
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having to escape before the water rushed into their houses. isn't chinese for long? we weren't given any warning here i had between 10 and 15 minutes. besides as much money as i left my apartment, the water was up to here. steam. many communities are still without power and water . it for the damage could run into billions of euro's people say they have no choice other than to start picking up the pieces. but it's obvious that it will take a long time before anything can get back to normal. here. we'll take up a report in since the south of cologne, kate, tell us what happened where you are. so i'm stood in frontier this residential home here for disabled people where sadly 12 of the resident problems the 32 residents here died when the flood waters rose. and as you can see
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behind, you can see just how high the water actually rose above the windows of the 1st floor. and they were unable to be rescued in time due to the flood water rising so quickly. and i've had to take a walk around the, around the residential home, and i looked him through some of the windows and you can see some of the rooms of the residential of the people here in the home for disabled people. and there was room just completely destroyed. there was a stand for a, for a keyboard. the cable was on the floor under a door that had been knocked down. that was someone's, there was some cup on the table. maybe they had just drink drunk. that before going to bed that night, and you could see that bad as well in the corner and the painting on the floor and these are just such as passengers. obviously you have gone to bed expecting nothing . and he's just really human details show you how much of a kind of possible tragedy this is for each,
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every single life lost here in this home. as we've digest these tragedies, people now turn in the hours, the hoss, of course, to asking how this could have happened. yes, that's the question that's on everyone's lips ends in vague no one can really understand. i spoke to some residents here some across the street from the residential building who actually had, they said they had the screens of the people inside you are unable to be rescued. and they told me that they actually on this street didn't receive any warning from the, from any official information channel or tool. and other people said that they did receive warning, but the flood waters just rose high into such an unprecedented level that they were actually unable to be rescued in time. but the question is still that how some of the most vulnerable people in our society like left like badge and not ready for
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about a not a vacuum. when it is people who did know that they would be some flooding. you speak to my next question by talking about the screens of those who couldn't escape, how are the residents coping? so there's definitely a sense if collective trauma here, people are very on edge people are worried about perhaps being all the floods or anything possibly going wrong. everyone is feeling quite uncomfortable talking to the press here. quite exhausted. and they say, you know, is just such something that just is so close to harm to convey is that a woman she said, pointed to all have fun on the street covered in mud. and she said, this is everything for me to report a mater insignificant. thank you very much. meanwhile, at least 24 people have died in belgium, where the government has declared choose day, a day of national morning. the cities of the age in belgium and fin low in the
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netherlands have been devastated in fen low, 10000 people were told to leave their homes. 200 patients were moved from a hospital there as well. in the age, the swollen nursery river burst its banks. community say the flooding is the worst they have experienced. the floods have receded from the streets of pep instead, leaving the mud behind. presidents toiling to reclaim their homes, praying that the rain holds off the days of heavy down cause turn this gentle stream into a raging torrent houses along the river bank. overwhelmed by the force of the water cars swept off the roads, residence and shock. selfie shun main? we've never seen anything like this before. i would never have imagined it has been
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a bit of water before, but nothing like this. we could never have imagined the water up to the ceiling is the catastrophe. european commission president of on the line came to take stock of the damage. little pull up a little bit and she's promising long term help. of course, the european union has been helping with helicopter both. but i just reassured to citizen that we will of course, be here also for me for instruction outside assistance is welcome. but the community is pulling together to get through the worst. it's a new mail and so i'm really surprised, but very happy to see the solidarity that is develop. honestly, it's amazing. the water is on its way out, but it will be a long time before things get back to normal. ok, let's take
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a look now, some of the other stories making headlines around the world. keyboard crossing between pakistan and afghanistan has partially reopened. that is done close the frontier after these hello. and here is to control of the atkins side. were stranded bringing trade to a standstill. people are now travelling in both directions. serenely. the busha allison has been sworn in as president for another 7 years for the term and office extends his families room to almost 60 g. germany and the us have condemned the presidential election held in may. neither free nor faith. 55 as are battling ablaze on spain's cadillac coast. 350 people were evacuated from the town of yansa. near a national park. wildfire has destroyed more than 400 hiccups in the tourist region
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. in president julia, both scenario has appeared on television from his hospital bed in south palo. as nero is being treated for a stomach problem, the condition is related to a knife attack in 2018 doctor say he is making good progress. well, latin american governments divided the unprecedented protest seen in cuba. thousands joined the biggest demonstrations they in decades. pensions have boiled low, the in chile to rival cuban factions. they clashed outside the embassy in the capital, santiago, classes on the streets of santiago. ok, since both for and against the cuban government traded blows with each other and with the police. emotions are running high after the largest anti government protests on the island. in decades. many cubans living in chile felt the need to show solidarity with protesters and their families. back home.
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14, it's impossible to live in cuba. you can't do it anymore. my family is hungry, the new medicine, new phase. i have to send the money. it's very, very hard. we don't, we don't. government protest is charge. keep in president miguel diaz, kind of running a dictatorship. they say people living on the island a suffering under extreme economic and social hardships. meanwhile, across the street, government supporters called for an end to the decades long us blockade of cuba. de stress, the cube is problems should be for cuba alone to resolve one from our support, the government, we don't want an intervention. we want cuba problems to be solved in cuba. i mean, they do have the havana is facing major purchased at home and abroad. that also means on the street of santiago. 7 the delta very has pushed up corona virus
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infections in bangladesh. but the government has lifted a national lockdown because the 8 i'd have festival starts next week. and many residents just couldn't wait. this is getting out of town on an industrial scale. with locked down lifted the deck, a resident so rushing back to their home towns in time to eat whatever the love, none of them. i'm taking the 1st chance to head home off to look down if it's imposed again too soon. off the east and i'll stay at home if everything's normal, i'll return to deca. despite soaring corona virus cases will thirties have ease restrictions that you cannot make reasons. eat, represents a big source of income for many industries. industries that have been suffering during the pandemic. life has been very hard for us is not down for us to stay out of where we're waiting for people to cross the river with us. i don't know if we'll
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make any money, so we have to keep the boat going on the line to the base is a country that's no stranger to over crowded, ferries. bettina pandemic, with social distancing, appearing to go out the window some health expert warning the a, the crowding will come with additional risks. local police, the vigilant law. you can see the amounts of passengers on the ferry lockdown list, and we've taken strict measures to make sure the fairy takes from the passenger again when the health regulation got the water community for these people though, getting home is what matters that prepared to do whatever it takes pandemic or not . ok, let's take a look now, some of the, the, the other developments in the panoramic and britain's help minister has tested positive for the virus job. it says he has received to vaccine doses and it still
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experiencing mild symptoms. barcelona and other cities in spain, colonial region, a re imposing and not time could you to find a search in cases there and thousands of protested in france against a new vaccine past. stephen that will be needed to access indoor dining venues. retail centers and public transportation to sport and organizes of the tokyo olympics had reported the 1st confirm case of covey. 19 at the athletes village. c, e o to shoot a router, says a visitor from abroad involved in running the games is tested, positive person's identity is for now be kept confidential. the the ap name, the japanese olympic football team. meanwhile, have walked off the pitch in protest against racist abuse during a friendly against honduras. offend jordan total went to ringa. how was targeted late in the game? racism in football has become a prominent issue of like 3 back black england players suffered abuse after missing
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penalties. in the euro 2020 the final you're watching dw news from birth coming out next report. it looks at the case of a missing human rights activists in serial. i forget it all the latest news as always around the walk and i went to be found at the w dot com for now, and that's to be held in the tremendous mate and the team. thanks for watching the kids and in the end, if you are not allowed to see you anymore, we will send you back. are you familiar with these lions? what's your story. ready what i was especially a victim to sign and take part and send us your story chain
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only understand this new culture. so you are not turn out again. you want to become a citizen that info migrants your platform for reliable information. ah ah me, her dream was for a democratic injustice theory. my name is he on right from the law. oh, as a lawyer she documented the atrocities of the syrian war that made her enemy on all sides. happy i just want the truth and i want to know what happened to resign and my friends in 2013 was on site unit with kidnapped along with 3
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colleagues my unidentified assailant. duction was turning point in the ceiling revolution dw is investigated unit delta deep into the case. we spoke with dozens of witnesses and alive, satellite imagery, and comes through interrogation records. to show that not only did the assad regime target activists but a rebel group did to me in our search begins in paris. we meet nadine hoody ok who led the terrorism program at human rights watch when the uprising against the assad regime began in 2011 created involved she was in close contact with verizon
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was organizing protests across syria. she became a key source. she had the sort of softness, almost frailty to her when you met her at the beginning and you're like how she's doing this very dangerous job. and then as soon as he spoke to her, you immediately discovered the sort of steely courage and principle. the assad regime launched in brutal cracks in against protesters and arrested horrors of opposition. figures were done with course into hiding, but she continued to speak out while underground, not even over 100000 or higher siege or debates of the international community can ever defeat the people who had the dream and say in the future.
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in 2013 resign sled a tight grip and damascus for neighboring duma. the town was under the control of various arms opposition groups. together they fought assad, but often each other to the hardly militia group j. islam increasingly had the upper hand. the duma was the last place resign was seen alive. the search for clues brings us to turkey and is temple we meet with a close friend and colleague of resign? he fled with her to duma. osama sar, it tells us it was pure luck that he was not kidnapped with her. he had just left their office only a few minutes before the abduction. to this day, he wondered whether he could have done more to find his friends. the arrival in duma, he says, was not easy, particularly due to the armed opposition group,
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jason lam. saddles that they felt threatened by we were in the field of human rights and we documented human rights abuses. we wanted promoting democracy and human rights. now women change move on to dance, what they told them, i read it, but the activists were not deterred. they continued to push for a flourishing civil society. the resign also began investigating harrowing claims against the hard line militia that the pained and tortured civilians in its prison. i remember that she insisted on visiting the detention facilities that were run by station. and she would go, i mean, if anyone who knew or she could be insistent, you know, she just really knew no fear. after rezani life was threatened armed
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men shot in the air outside her office and left a threatening letter on her doorstep. leave duma in 3 days or i will kill you. the phrase was repeated 5 times during the investigation is through our sources and syria. we identify the author of the threat letter to be in a statement we obtained exclusively. he speaks about how a jesus islam associate instructed him to threaten resign. and what one to media told me that this girl, as an agent, could have brought us to court on charges. so i told him if she was an agent and working against the country, why don't you do something? why don't you kidnapper? what are you afraid of her? he said, no, we are not afraid of her. we will bring her down. but now we want to threaten her when the diem hoodie learned about the threats he urged,
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resolved to leave duma. he was worried for her safety. i mean, there's just, she responded the next day saying, i am not going to move. we did not do a revolution and lose 1000 the souls so that such monsters can come and repeat the same in just history. these people need to be held to account just like the regime . on december 9th 2013 armed men stormed her office late at night, they kidnapped was on along with her husband hummadi human rights activist samira and lawyer levine, hummadi. the latter was on the phone with a brother when the kidnappers arrived. may know madison on with what they were talking about. his brother heard loud noise and someone shouted in to the classical arabic ballade. be enemies of god called or nauseum replied to calm down another.
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and this is not on us above mo, hey, then the line went dead. well by the apostle o sama show the photos from the crime scene drawers are ransacked, and files and computers taken. this will soon lead us to the 1st clue. one of the stolen computers can be traced to an ip address used by jayce alice lam back. so they were, they were late and they were other leads. he tells us, but no one would earnestly pursue them. and none of the other armed rebel groups would come to aid the activists. this young man didn't do anything. okay. was scared scared of a confrontation with jason, alex lamb. the kidnapping of her, as for me, announced a moment where the higher the arm of the sort of armed uprising dominated to this day, the hard line rebel group denies that they couldn't have to resign. we searched for
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former members of jason sloane, who now live in turkey. in the process, we establish contact with a man who investigated the kidnapping on their behalf. he is willing to meet with us, but would only do so on condition of anonymity. if i investigated the kidnapping on behalf of chase alice law, i think they wanted to clear themselves. but as i gathered more and more evidence that implicated them, they suddenly started threatening me. so i had to flee. he said that many witnesses were threatened and even murdered by the group, and that jayce alice lum, helped the main suspect flea. after he was detained, he was convinced they are guilty. i'm 100 percent sure that all the slot is responsible for the kidnapping. but the most important clue, the testimony of a young woman she had met resigned in a prison run by the rebel group only a few months after the kidnapping minnow regions. we had heard the name of sunday
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to know what they once brought her to an interrogation. i do want to know, but she refused, so they beat her and she fainted. they asked us to bring her back into her cell and when she woke up with no, i saw her green eyes and she was tall and slim weedy when a hazy like in the family. a couple of them did. back in berlin, we find another witness who also saw resign and j. salamis, the prison on the 2nd to her mother. look at that. the home. we investigate both accounts using satellite imagery show that resign was held on the premises of a repurposed agricultural facility in the center of duma, the so called l talbert. prison is controlled by only one group chase. so i really think that is, if we had to syria to confront these limits militia with our findings, spokesman,
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hands about actor is willing to speak to us without conditions. he denies any involvement in the kidnapping, and instead blaine's the assad regime and other g hottest groups. we meet him in northern syria where the remains active in his office. we confront him with the testimony of our witnesses, who saw resign fortuna in their prison. his answer is short, they are all liars. he claims that they never had any of the activists in their custody. when money de malicious lamp liver claim jason on his lawn is responsible, arrested on june 8th disappearance is not being in marshall. rather they're taking a political stance to acute jason, there's not any leisurely people who make sudden claims who do not want to reveal the true and more unavailable perpetrator. and then i had of the it is
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a political client, the accused of his mom of kidnapping and activists and civilian. and then he will not sure i would have said, meanwhile, french authorities are also investigating al islam for alleged war crimes and have even arrested the senior member of the group. in paris we meet with theory and human rights lawyer, mother and darwin. together with lawyer came on backtock. they have filed criminal charges for their findings implicate the rebel group. the only problem is proving it in a court of law in regime and jason slam still have a lot of power or an influence and capacity to intimidate and threaten the victims and the witnesses. so this really is a major concern for us because any prosecution, successful prosecution will also have to rely on this kind of testimonial evidence, day and night. the work to track down other witnesses include,
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the hope of the court will soon issue an indictment in a case that is no longer belief about resign 15 disappearance, but also about torture. summary executions and the use of child soldiers. it is time to, to say out loud that the syrian population has also been victims of other groups who pretended to be fighting for the revolution, but to who also turned against the population. this was what was alerting about. and this is was why maybe she died and we think that it's also whether heritage to her and to the many others who had the courage to say this, that is very important. so continue the me, i
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they showed that the issue is the continent of africa, the government, what's making headlines them, what's behind in the industry to give you in the reports and insight, all the trend, stuff to you. the next d w. me, his father was an anonymous fan whose identity wasn't well the very stevens. after a long search, he found his father and maximus and $600.00 fast fiddling. now he's on a quest to end. i'm an image that well, the biggest family in diesel.
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what secret lie behind the scenes was the discover new adventures in 360 degree and explore fascinating world heritage site. the w world. heritage 360. now me this is the, they'll be news africa coming up on the program for the africans with little to lose thought. tuning off off the looting often and violence, the country, the unrest. hi nice. it's growing in the corner. how should the government deal with this place that south africa is also being hit by and addresses 3rd wave approve at 19 that's rolling over the continent. tough mozambique looked the african nations for military help. wonder stepped off by sending troops to fight a growing is insurgency in the north of the.


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