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in now, the whole to go beyond as we take on the world, we're all about stories that matter to the whatever it takes at least a month following on fire made for mines. this is the w news, africa coming up on the program. but africans with lisel to lose thought keening off off the looting often and violence. the country, the unrest highlights growing in the quantities. how should the government deal with this crisis? south africa is also being hit by an aggressive 3rd wave october 19. that's rolling over the continent. mozambique looked to african nations for military help. wonder
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stepped off by sending troops to fight a growing is insurgency in the north of the country. we meet new says top female police chief, the commissioner, direct thousands of police officers on how to keep women's faces. african refugees, athletes ready to take on the lympics just quite hard on the road to help you. ah hello, i'm a little home. it is good to have you with us, of africa is facing it's worth unrest in recent years. what we started as protests over arrests of and jailing all. former president j consumer shifted to violence and anger over the countries, dias, social and economic issues. now we'll keep opperation the way off the days of
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leasing or shopping centers and businesses that the not to supply chains and transport length. the government has supported security forces to contain tensions in several provinces. more than 100 people have been killed. and over 2000 arrested a week off the process started present still from a post. this is the effect of sites and says the economy has been hit hard. now there are fears of food and fuel sausages dw, christine wind. war has more on the residents talking up on basic supplies. i mean, a shopping mall in alexandra township. this is in johannesburg, and this really is one of the last small standing in this particular township. and throughout the day, the members of the alexander community has been coming along to do their shopping. here, it's already been monitored really well, you've had soldiers patrolling at the area. of course, there is some panic buying that's starting to happen now is people see that they're
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not going to have access to food and other essentials in the coming days. yes, they really end up not having some time re. this is one of the more that was lift gate. i just been protected very much by a number of officials. so in a short while from now you're going to see members of the south african national defense forces patrolling the area. basically just touching base to see that everything still remains calm. and in order to just give us a sense of how much longer you feel that you guys are going to be eligible, we are going to be here for some time. as long as this splitting and the bending of where we are going to be in their presence is making it possible for a shop like this one behind me to stay open at this time. because of course the threat level is still very much alive here. well, joining me from johanna to discuss this further is economists do,
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la koobooley. i don't know. we've seen some of the worst violence in south africa since apartheid in the 900 ninety's. how did this spiral out of control? stay in the government has betrayed the hopes and dreams of our people. liberation . you'll remember that from 994. when nelson mandela became president until 2020, our economy has expanded capital terms, but only 18 percent. so what we've seen now is what's happening now, we've got overlapping and public health, humanitarian economic crisis. we've also got a political crisis and pocketed at war with itself. and we also have a public safety or security crisis to start off as a political issue over the jailing of former president jacob's duma. so is there a political motive behind the latest violence?
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okay, started, is it, it is a political reasons and whether you are 3 or don't agree with what jacob might say . he's a political grievance that has to be addressed and are really disappointed about political leaders, especially the president, the leadership, when this thing started on flattening, they should've been on the 1st claim to, to, to probably do not talk to talk to the people and calm down the situation because of content security response that isn't what preceded by political response, but now it has moved into something to be to in the original crisis. we are seeing practical honda. we're seeing and people stealing food and then the major future thing. people hungry a survey was done for that to go with 10000000 people, our population of 60000000 people. we had 100 in april and may when the survey was done and 3, but those people were children. so we've got
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a huge monetary crisis at the moment. have the covered line restrictions imposed by the government played a part in causing this unrest. and i think in many countries in europe, which has gone back to normal, just call the situation. the government has watched it from day one, and what happens is they are now a another when i put an over the top lockdown and they didn't allocate even a st towards the millions of people who would be affected by its devastating impact . and that is one of the many things that happened just yet in terms of the bad management of the economy, because the government started with their budget. one of the most of p f. i just post the politics used to when they said they're going to withdraw about 255000000000 rent drumbeat. calling to be due to these off, derek measures, the customer social security support. it was given to people during code and that,
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and then they implemented huge dr. what we have for that right now we have an advisor, society, good unemployment, young people, 74 percent, almost african people. indigenous african people about 47.8 percent among african females and 51.5 percent in 2 provinces. the problem because interesting, keep unemployment is about 50 percent. so we have questions and fibers will psyche, district people what solving and told to the advisor at the moment and to suck, punching off the mismanagement of the economy over a long period to back to 94. so what needs to be done and what for solution to addressing this level of inequality when you can and when you have in the earthquake, you start to military and response. so you provide and medicines for people who
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effective for writing comes to their cameras and shelton. so when you start african 4 to 5, when calling for your basic income drugs to be paid to and people who are between the age of 18 and 59 and without conditions can be a conditional cash transfer to the people. and i'm saying that it can be implemented over treated because what we need to address the immediate humanitarian trust and shall we other country in the world. we've got shocking african at the last time, 64 percent of people were testified as under the policy. so what can do is to reduce poverty over 3 years by 66 percent. and then the next thing we have to do into just for security and that can eliminate poverty as well. 3 appears cannot completely speaking cost from 200. thank you very much for your insights. now,
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health care services have also been effected by the rest of africa faces. a 3rd wave, a current of virus infections. the highly contagious delta variant is where the concerns of virus could spreads even more quickly. this is great progress for any being able to exercise. again. i came in cussing, coughing, coughing, today i'm 100 percent better. that just came to tell me that all my blood work, x rica, responding well with the medication. any night i was lucky to get a bed in this emergency covered 900 centre into this book. a charity organization set up this ward because public and private clinics are overwhelmed. now they too are struggling to cope
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reiney and say no because it's so stations in the community did i, jo, phoning me from the community for how and when we for a year, then we still need to help them and we don't want them to be lost through the system and the recent unrest in the country could have the corona, i was even more quickly. south africa's president is concerned or sick cannot get medication from pharmacies. food does not reach supermarket shelves and health workers cannot go to work. we will soon be facing a huge risk of food insecurity and medication insecurity. in a few weeks, our vaccination program has been severely disrupted,
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just as it is gaining momentum. only about 2 percent of south africa, the population a fully inoculated with a number of new infections around 20000 a day. speeding up the vaccination rate is essential. but in the protests and looting that's been difficult, plus food shortages make it hard for people to award the crowds. if we have members of the public flocking into the shops and most by foot stuff, we are also risking the spreads of private 19. and it will go to control uncontrollable levels with a delta event that is currently prevalent in our country. in the market, you won't have to worry about the solid waste of corona, virus infections, a lot more great. it's easily transmitted. patients are now presenting with
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most of us symptom 2 for patients here. traumatized. many will only admitted to the sward when their symptoms became severe. not being able to breathe, talking to my son, to have him to doctor my phone or to turn in with him explaining even to this with the machine. changed the machine for another machine and other one experience because you don't know what later hey, you know, the look at the news and say people are going on, you know, passing way in things. it's the most frightening experience. if a number keeps skyrocketing the best, he could also soon be filled south africa. the nation was to buy the car with an africa with more than 65000 people with death to know me. now, to mozambique,
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where the northern province of cover delgado was facing a long running security crisis attacks by an ons groups had to be linked to the so called the stomach states have escalated in recent months. the fighters have rang fact towns gained control of key roads and destroyed infrastructure. many women and children have been kidnapped and thousands killed, often shooting and attacking the village, but my baby was asleep, so i went to get him and they followed me. when i picked up the baby, they shouted, don't stop, we'll kill you. i beg to know, please don't kill us. i took the baby in my arms. he was naked. no place on nothing at all. he fell on a new one. around 750000 people have fled their homes to escape the violence. many are seeking safety in coastal communities, south of couple of delgado agencies are wanting of a humanitarian catastrophe. around hall also the children have chronic malnutrition
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and last week for one to deployed 1000 troops to help combat the one. the soldiers are being joined by forces from the 16 nation of an african developments community, also known as the war. and this i'm joined by gilbert kentucky professor of international relations at the university of it of what a strong in johannesburg. thank you very much indeed for being with us on t w. news africa. thank you very much. that i wonder, is not considered the richest country in africa, nor is it the most powerful in terms of military might. what do you think the one that troops will be able to achieve in cub delgado? i did. they said that because of that, you mentioned that you spent the many years maybe that experience can be used to have them are going to be kind of authority as
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a from there in about the another number's going to be glenda also experience in keeping me approach africa, or india. so the issue is that they in the army as a professional army and it comes up in combating robles. so what role will play in mozambique and does it have the resources and the political will to manage such an undertaking so that he's not well tested in these kinds of come back. the reason for so 7 incident ending in the problem is one of how to do the sort of process. but clearly how to put in it was with there must be a nice no defense class. again, there is one to which is already of the operation. so i don't know how that it
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will have to wait and see one side of the boys is going to be more room for the nation. the reason it's you, it's an anticipated stress and where they divide up the entire re done on who actually is going to do what we did, the broader region you're suggesting that they may be conflicting priorities and perhaps even friction at the military command level with so many groups involved, why is it that the most them big military cause seem to handle this by themselves? it started in october to 2017. so it's been 3 or 4 years since that inside and when it begun the mother. and because the government relied on military companies from russia, once they was defeated, that is, linda was because military got it now as far as local. how could you
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expand on the grievances among the community in cover delgado? good. a good movie in population field. my lies from the central government in my grievances out in india, but i think they're coming up more clearly over the last 3 years. we the discovery of the not for our pro in that reader. so the read on sales marginalized from the senate. they don't thing, they government taken them seriously until recently and there was because none of the building for some development projects, but there on the address. yeah. grievances, equally with discovery of the nice says in the regions, so of cars when you have these cars,
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are you coming out to contain those grievances? all right, gilbert gala, thank you very much for your time. the you want cdw news, africa still to come. the refugee and then 15, looking to make strides, and when metal as a tokyo game the united nations has commended a female female police chief in the air for her work in keeping women safe. her son, how says he's aware, has been named the 2021 us population award laureate the recognition on as individuals for improving people's lives. the w west africa correspondent effect mooney has a story on how she's making changes within the national police force in the army of their most powerful female police officer in the j. she's in charge of tons of
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police officers hitting the national police division to protect minors and women each morning. she views reports of violence against women and children from across the country. every day she gathers deputies to she out the work fighting domestic violence. underwear probably shouldn't be leaving, like no woman, no child should accept the injustice and violence isn't just i've made domestic violence my person but will because it's that's normal. normal to all the women whose men beat, i'm terrorized them, feel safe enough to make a complaint to the police. but those who come to commission as well as do or find it sympathetic, welcome. and the women of wife,
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a mother and the sister. i mean the right position to understand the situation of women. i'm in a good position to understand issues facing children because of my experiences. she visits women at the safe house for domestic abuse survivors. india may. she paid a part in getting men of these women away from the men who were abusing their model . comission as we are, our team sometimes have to intervene, right of discard of someone's life. sometimes they end up bringing children to these orphanage for them to be performed on kids vulnerable and they find themselves in traumatizing situation that can affect their all life. so it's important that i make time for them play with them. i think
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full commission as we keep the survivors she meets in mind. when looking at the big picture, she's often involved in training. the next generation of, or you sophie says, who's our company 6, they came to these trainings, we'd better understand how violence against people work. and we've also learned about the different ways that we can protect women and children, and people vulnerable to all forms of violence. front of the from gives you alarm level because you're busy impact that this training has had on me is that i have learnt the role. i need to play as a police officer in protecting women, children and men or the job. the luck with it should be from the defeat. it would be this when she's out of uniform, the children commissioners will take care on. she's the generation of major
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police officer, even with husky ended cation. there will still be what to do. if one of her children decides before in how footsteps ah, now, the 2nd refugee olympic team will compete at the tokyo games next week. and with many new faces. there are more competitors this year compared to the previous games in rio in 2016 among the athletes. or several from south to dunn, who had to battle through tough cove at 900 restrictions to get there. some athletes proved their insurance in the race for a middle. arguably, these refugee athletes from south threw down have proven it just by making it to these training camp. on the outskirts of the canyon capital naval ruby. the pandemic delayed the games for the testing, their ability to stay on track for the tokyo will impacts. so yes,
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you seem to 19, so you have been a good ship. so now 2020 the coroner's coming, so i serve you lot on so at the lead when they come a little bit. so obtaining is going on. when corona virus restrictions for these athletes to relocate base been crucial months early this year in a refugee camp rather than in a training camp. the saw the group completely cut off from the coaches and training regime that was a big blow to their ambitions and fitness. were getting the program through the group trying to follow up to the coaches on the done so it was not that easy, but with them go to it. we come up the
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continuum for the entire refugee team will be represented across 12 sports including athletics, boxing, cycling, taekwondo, shooting, and wrestling, and staying with the limpid games. here's one of the athletes that many people on the african continent hope will bring home a mental kenyan any use to target that's the marathon was record in berlin in 2018 . and he still hoping to become the 1st man to ever run a marathon in less than 2 hours. this is how the olympic marathon might look a field of runners, but no view is as it was during this test run earlier in the year in the japanese city of support. that's where the marathon will take place in august. by the you
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know, respect authority with respect to challenges, you know, at least a matter on his life and real nice health, the lives of many people. so it's a, it's a high genest and not expect what i oh see and look, look nice community work to find out beside it. that will be enough. that's ok. so, but i'm excited actually but spirit and planning gain a portal on even without stocks. this is the cause for keep turkey. it is not only about winning the math on a world record holder has been trying for several years to officially run the distance under 2 hours. that means with fans to cheer him or not could turkey will be racing in support to beat the clock. this is the w news africa. you can find much more stories, a d, they'll be dot com, forward slash africa with some people on facebook and on twitter. now will leave
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you with pictures of some of the african actually taking part in the olympic games or healing home. it's thank you for watching the news . the news. news, news, news
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. news. the news, the 7 person group meet. we need the musician black brought us to discuss the genres important in modern africa. is for me to put my own bill. are you feeling isley?
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30 minutes w o. the news was right in front of them roll for this one moment. suddenly we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that took your 202421. from off course during the qualifying ground. not cease for sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready. count down during locked down the lucky go to tokyo, georgia july 19 dw. in december 2000 and
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19th, the european council's new president show me shows, in part, on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear tools to make your of the 1st diamonds it's, i don't see me on the planet by 2015, but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. the time who will win the diplomatic poker interest and power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august 5th on d. w. me say congress. the earth, millions of years before our time since then they've been leading a secret life and have incredible abilities. if you think about it, it's impossible for us to survive without the roots.
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start august 4th on d w. the news . this is the deputy news live from the numbers rise by the hour. catastrophic flooding kills more than 150 people in germany and belgium. rescue was searching for another 1000 missing in towns. devastated by the voters also on the show taliban fathers, enough can stand capitalized on the us troop withdrawal. people caught up in the, fighting a desperately seeking
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a white and back on the red carpet. despite the pandemic, the jury, the com film festival is getting ready to board its top price.


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