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tv   Europe in Concert  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2021 4:15pm-5:00pm CEST

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missing penalties in the euro 2020 final defending world champion, louis hamilton will be in pole position for the formula ones 1st saturday race at the british grand prix. the winter of the 17 lap dash around the silver stone circuit will take pole position for sundays. main event. what secrets? why behind these was the discover new adventures in the 360 degree and explore fascinating world heritage site w world heritage 360. now women in asia in the can definitely put a wall of money and lunch and on the voice, the only way i can be taught to create my own the
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standing stories in women in asia this weekend on d. w. ah ah me. her dream was for a democratic and just syria. my name is president, it's from the law. ready as a lawyer, she documented the atrocities of the syrian war that made her enemy on all sides happening. i just want the truth. i want to know what happened to resign and my friends in 2013 was on site unit with kidnapped along with 3 colleagues. my unidentified feelings. induction was really a turning point in the soon resolution for weeks d,
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w 's investigative unit delta deep into the we spoke with dozens of witnesses, analyze satellite imagery and comes through interrogation records to show that not only did the assad regime target activists but a rebel group did to me was our search begins and parents. we meet nadine hoody who we lead to terrorism program at human rights watch when the uprising against the assad regime began in 2011 created. and he was in close contact with verizon, who was organizing protests across syria. she became a key source. she had the sort of softness, almost frailty,
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to her when you met her at the beginning and you're like how she's doing this very dangerous job. and then as soon as you spoke to her, you immediately discovered the sort of steely courage and principles. the assad regime launched a brutal crack zone against the protesters and arrested horrors of opposition. figures was nonrecourse into hiding, but she continued to speak out while underground, not even over 100000 or harsh. each part of the atrium of the international community can ever defeat the people who had the dream and say in the future. in 2013 resign fled aside tight grip and damascus for neighboring duma. the town was under the control of various arms opposition groups
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. together they fought assad, but often each other to the hard line militia group, j. c. l. islam increasingly had the upper hand. the duma was the last place resign was seen alive. the search for clues brings us to turkey. and is temple we meet with a close friend and colleague of resign. he fled with her to duma. osama, the sar tells us it was pure luck that he was not kidnapped with her. he had just left their office only a few minutes before the abduction. to this day, he wondered whether he could have done more to find his friend. the arrival in duma, he said was not easy, particularly due to the armed opposition group. jayce is lam shadow that they felt threatened by. we were in the field of human rights and we documented human rights
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abuses. we wanted to promote democracy and human rights. now women change alice dance when they told them i read it, but the activists were not deterred. they continued to push for a flourishing civil society. the resign also began investigating harrowing claims against the hard line militia that the pained and tortured civilians in its prison. i remember that she insisted on visiting the detention facilities that were run by station and she would go, i mean, if anyone who knew or that she could be insistent, you know, she just really knew no fear. after rezani life was threatened, armed men shot on the or outside her office and left a threatening letter on her doorstep. leave duma in 3 days or i will kill you. the
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phrase was repeated 5 times. doing investigation is through our sources and syria. we identified the author of the threat letter to be in a statement we obtained exclusively. he speaks about how jesus slum associate instructed him to threaten resign. and what one to media told me that this girl, as an agent, could have brought us to court on charges. so i told him if she was an agent in working against the country, why don't you do something? why don't you kidnap or are you afraid of her? he said, no, we are not afraid of her. we will bring her down, but now we want to threaten her. when the dean hoodie learned about the threats he urged, resolved to leave duma. he was worried for her safety. i mean, there's just, she responded the next day saying, i am not going to move. we did not do
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a revolution, lose 1000 the souls, so that such monsters can come and repeat the same in just history. these people need to be held to account just like the regime. and december 9th 2013 armed men stormed her office late at night, they kidnapped was on, along with her husband, her muddy human rights activist, samira, and lawyer, levine, hummadi. the latter was on the phone with his brother when the kid members arrived as minimal non while they were talking about his brother, heard loud noise and someone shouted in to the classical arabic and mulatto, be enemies of god your cold, or nauseum replied, i do come down cuz i know them. this is not going yes above my head. then the line went dead. well by them. oh sama show those photos from the crime scene drawers are ransacked, and files and computers taken. this will soon lead us to the 1st clue. one of the
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stolen computers can be traced to an ip address used by jayce alice lam back. so they were, they were late and they were other leads. he tells us, but no one would earnestly pursue them. and none of the other armed rebel groups would come to aid the activists going mad. they didn't do anything. ok was scared scared of a confrontation with jason, alice lam, the kidnapping of her, as for me, announced a moment where the higher the arm of the sort of armed uprising dominated to this day. hardline rebel group denies that they couldn't after resign. we searched for former members of j. lawn who now live in turkey. in the process, we establish contact with the men who investigated the kidnapping on their behalf.
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he is willing to meet with us, but would only do so on condition of anonymity. if i investigated the kidnapping on behalf of jason august law, i think they wanted to clear themselves. but as i gathered more and more evidence that implicated them, they suddenly started threatening me. so i had to plead. he said that many witnesses were threatened and even murdered by the group, and that g, l. a. slum, helped the main suspect flea after he was detained. he is convinced they are guilty . i'm 100 percent. sure that all the slot is responsible for the kidnapping. but the most important clue, the testimony of a young woman she had met resign in a prison run by the rebel group only a few months after the kidnapping minnow regions. we had heard the name of san jose to know what they once brought her to an interrogation. i do want to know, but she refused, so they beat her and she fainted. they asked us to bring her back into her. so and
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when she woke up with no, i saw her green eyes and she was tall and slim. we'd want to have it like in the family, a couple of them back in berlin, we find another witness who also saw resign and changed slightly. the prison on the 2nd to her mother that we investigate both accounts using satellite imagery show that resign was held on the premises of a repurposed agricultural facility in the center of duma, the so called l talbert. prison is controlled by only one group, jayce lamb. so i really think that if we had to syria to confront these lama militia with our findings, spokesmen hands about actor is willing to speak to us without conditions. she denies any involvement in the kidnapping. and instead blames the assad regime and other jihadist groups. we meet him in northern syria,
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were remains active in his office. we confront him with the testimonies of our witnesses who saw resign fortuna in their prison. his answer is short. they are all liars. he claims that they never had any of the activists in their custody. couldn't many day militia slammed with a little lever claim, jason, all this long as responsible, arrested on june 8th. this appearance is not being in marshall. rather, they're taking a political dana to acute jason, there's not any, literally, people who makes the claim to be do not want to reveal the truth more unveiled, the perpetrator in the head of the it is a political client, choose this mom of kidnapping and active and civilian and then you know, i'm not sure when i would accept. meanwhile,
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french authorities are also investigating jayce al islam for alleged war crimes and have even arrested the senior member of the group. in paris, we meet with theory and human rights lawyer, mazda and darwin. together with lawyer came on the top, they have filed criminal charges for their findings implicate the rebel group. the only problem is proving it in a court of law in regime. and jay said, you slam still have a lot of power or an influence and capacity to intimidate and threaten the victims and the witnesses. so this really is a major concern for us because any prosecution, successful prosecution will also have to rely on this kind of testimonial evidence day and night work to track down. other witnesses include, the hope of the court will soon issue an indictment in a case that is no longer solely about restaurants. i tune as disappearance,
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but also about torture. summary executions. and they used a child soldiers it is time to say out loud that the 7 population has also been victims of other groups who pretended to be fighting for the revolution, but to who also turned against the population. this was what was alerting about. and this is was why maybe she died and we think that it's also as a heritage to her and to the many others who had the courage to say this, that is very important. so continue the ah, the 7 person, the break a group meets the we need the musician black process to discuss the
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genres important in modern africa. is f for me to put my fil, are you feeling isley? and then for di doors, an important document was dressed in this very sweet edition was found dead in room 370 ball revised in geneva. the stage of human tragedy, analytical intrigue in our series. legendary hotel on w. ah. oh, what people have to say matters to us in that's why
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we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on dw, the welcome to the 7 to 7 percent. the platform for you and i young africans. here we get to hung out and talk about things important to us. i am michael duty on today. sure. we'll share some routes. reg, it with you. i you feel in? i read and here's what's coming up on to be sure to find out the truth about reggae and miss byron gotten in. yes. ready? when i bring in rush, uganda miles l. the robot
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16 us on the whole through his full 60 the we start off to be sure in got out my home country half as strong rigor costa. and one of its most prominent artists is above becca, met in a black rust up for more than a decade. the artist and radio presenter houses spread and bullets go consciousness through rigging music. let's find out more. the a black roster is laying down tracks with his band at the studio and across more than 8 albums to his name. black rust is one of the mainstays of gunners. reggae seen him reg as a platform to speak about issues affecting his society. ah, it's easier for me to put my message in reggae than any other genre. so i chose to
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get music because really good news. it already has the track record of militancy. that's why reagan music is wet song and power wet. so there is a message carried on the sound and then it gives to russia, songs, tackle history, politics and religion are off of one of his most popular songs. so the bridge, climbing, comma, and then revolutionary. and the countries 1st president kerry was talking about walked into the floor, black roster sides legendary recognitions like bob, molly, also blondy, and lucky to be as his main influences. but he's also caught his own musical knees . he often blends to making reggae with local african languages and sounds kind of play there with a lot of african people work to do regular music. but they have the eater iran nuts
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. i did the wrong idea of the fact that if you cannot speak jamaican patois, that you cannot do regular music. jamaica people wish they could speak some african languages. as far blondie looked through the market, the rigging, music with africa, language black last as part of the rest, the foreign community, a religious movement striving for unity amongst africans and the african diaspora. leaders of going across the foreign movement, say reagan, you that helps rastafarian connect to the spiritual side. the music is like the narratives in the bible and oil a book. but not all. this is what you find within reagan music, and that is a speech outside of which i and i are the rest of our embryos and practice address. friends aren't the only ones who love reading music around here. tele
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music is to tell you it's more than this guy here pop in order to tell you the purchase list. it's really, yeah. if you want to learn about your bible, listen to read the lyrics of the songs that does what's in spite. sometimes when i'm depressed, i use to listen to reagan music, then i'll be ok. in the afternoon, black rush, i head to the radio studio to host his primetime ratio. he believes its popularity to go to show how important reggae is too many people in ghana. what got to do either. it's not because it is just rig it, but it is because the message that riggers for is why the people are listening to a reg is the only kind of genre that are suit fame. and define is message a message of unity and peace. black roster and other levels of reggae in ghana,
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the beat will continue to sound from generation to generation. unity love and peace. hardly any one priest that message more than bob molly. he is not just an idle for black roster, but v icon of rigor music around the world. so why did his flourish is past so many people, how it's rigor linked to african, the colonization, and any doc sites to rigg? my colleague, liz, sure, those you the whole truth. every one in africa knows who this guy is to make us most famous exports, reggae for marley, long after his dad, bob marley and reggae music remain widely popular globally, but particularly across the african continent. so what made the african fall in love with riggins
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to me is the most prob, consent of music on the planet. to me is uncompromisingly black, politically black, culturally racially, spiritually, whatever african, when i was growing up in terms of me out, my parents had this book, molly, because said we used to listen to 4 hours in the car. i still know the lyrics to some of the some type of hard me that then i didn't know that i was listening to a legend. today's reggae still has millions of fans across africa. i know my listening to vacate every day because they get taught me how to trace
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1st. first, i don't know how 40 says likely outdated. where would do this? very good talk. we have 40, nobody touch we not was very good through the monday and fido freaked out must now be bob, molly, when you come to africa, you talk about the lead lucky debates that made me curious about why we africans, still love reggae so much. and why many fans identify with this type of music? before we move on, here is a brief history of reggae music genre was born in the 960 s in the caribbean island of makeup and the early seventies. it was popularized across the globe by artists like wild marley. peter tosh is by the way, la johnny nash and burning spear reggae became so popular in africa that it even made a huge political impacts in 1980. for example,
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bob marley performed at the celebration for as in bob was independence called, molly had the kinds of messages that were relevant to the time they were relevant in a very universal and global way. the, the issues of struggle, the issues of defeating oppression. a situation in bob boy and the, the war, the ongoing civil conflicts there that he articulated on his 979 album survival. which i do believe is molly's best album. what sound of reggae seems to be one secret to why it's so loved in africa? they can clam highlander, sees a special connection between africa and rig gave in jamaica the history of slavery in the light was made poor pew line, chummy cut by the jamaicans. this africans who lived in jamaica. so it's
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like they carry the sound of africa to jamaica and they started to improvise, you know, like, use what, you know, the, it's in the genes like the drums and that to create this sounds called k. so when we hit africa, like listen to rated like no, but they know the song and the noise or the tentative coding that come with the sound in the mail or the and the way the, any influential jamaican reggae stars are ratify, rise, rastafarianism is their religion and the movement that originated in ethiopia, in fact many jamaican rest revere the former. if you open an emperor haile, selassie and consider him a profit or a deity for love of rest. as his majesty is jesus,
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he's that christ, like figure, the redeemer, the ultimate redeemer. so it's more than just human being the emperor, because they will link everything biblical right back to the line of david. now what i've often noticed in my home country times is that people don't seem to have a problem with reggae, but they do have a problem with what some call the rest, the lifestyle. the dread locks the songs that praise marijuana the rest as i often met with prejudices across african societies, their aspect. gotcha them in blessed by high school and university kids and all i need through the smoking of a weed not for the for not for its activism. not for its prob, propagation of peace in live in unity, but mostly for smoking, weed and western countries. criticism of dancehall in particular has sometimes been that some of the lyrics are calling for discrimination and violence against members
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of the l. g. b t, community list homophobia is often believed to stem from the artists. deep religious belief that homosexual relationships are a sin. there is a campaign name, the soft murder music that calls for reggae and dance hall artists to abstain from using hateful language and from calling for violence against gays and lesbians. while many african fans have conservative views on homosexuality, homophobic lyrics are not the reason why they would choose to listen to reggae, reggae may have evolved a lot since the 1960 s. and right now, many young african fans prefer listening to a dance hall because it's more up beat. but the key message remains the same. one love the
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us list said many young people into other types of music, many rigorous stuff, be it off a blondy to kinda lucky to be above molly, actually older or how been passed on. so if riggers still relevant to 10 ration we asked around in lagos, nigeria, the me personally, i like it is the most people that i know does thing in new jersey is talented. so i liked him. i mean, he was not somebody because from mine those bigger music. i love the reason why i don't know why people really like to listen to music annual goes know what got really, really good. the people on approved music to reduce your reading before
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the rigorous saw hoss evolved into dub don sole and riggin, but a call message to emancipate ourselves for mental slavery remains the thing that is also the aim of south africa and song. right. miss patsy. one little to grew up in a society that is to equal and that is something she wants to change. that's all question how south african history is taught in school. and she got one be all south africa will be treated equally. ready. good day. good morning from good 9. you can jain me. hello mean, so my name is miss petty monroe, a young missy happens because that was my house to give my hi, it's the whole of this whole continent that just kept me
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. if you look at my home collection, you want to be from here in the world and i just feel like my, my black dad this i haven't keep a struggle going on. and if i can use my life privilege, i'm going to use it 25 years. awesome. thank you so much. it's the farthest thing from levine, the legacy and it's our duty to changes and shifting to be like, yo, the thing fee. you see the information for the like how the all we've yearly i think it's 22 point of view, which is 100 percent false because it wasn't. we didn't want the land to be, but the police by the colonizers, why nobody wednesday?
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my experience at school was i taught my lessons in english and if you go on, what about if you do what the but this is a post i like about the what about the, what about all this other languages, how people speak these languages? this is like your life and why my getting opportunity to be to, to our kids and future generations and believers after my of the curriculum, something that must be done. it's not an option. it's going to actually be done. and i feel the younger generation, they have even more firepower, as it can see, the veil is being lifted. when you see a statue with a monument to somebody katie white, they carry power with a katie energy on them. so when we pick the town, it's almost like we take a power that ah.
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* into the from email or if he could ease some sustainable into the 1st e. my ethic is a continent of abundance and prosperity. would you jump off the cliff above that work for death tied to a thin rope. that's what a person we are about to meet next. hast done on countable times on the slopes of mount elbow and between your gander and kenya. job. so yeah. who has set up a trouble company and no, it's not for, for interest, but aims are the young uganda travelers. during the pandemic, international tourism has declined, but locals are still visits and attractions. so come along with me and bring a lot of courage. we are going to jump off the edge mount elbow on an eastern,
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uganda is an untouched piece of nature. the old volcano is 4300 meters high. it floats a renew hotspots for africa. the young generation of travellers, the real, we are doing up sailing, grady 100 so you can you my buddy, it's all the way through the book. ah, the young like love, good. and they want to join nature, the thing which we enjoy away as well. right before my me about the say can oh that you would come up to the reason, domestic tourism campaigns more young uganda and
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a speaking out, adventure tourism and job. so echo has spotted a business opportunity and it involves a bit of risk taking your things from that is why we always say that. do not do what you think. always do what we tell you to do. the 26 year old has started a trouble company offering young travelers adventures on the mountain. the gaudy. ah, these guys need to trust. job 100 percent. it's a life changing experience. yes, it can help to build momentum in them. it can help to build strengths because this is like conquering one of the fee is that you have in your life doing this is like you being more brave tourism in uganda is heavily dependent on foreign
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travellers. most of them come to see animals like the big cats and the very adorable mountain gorilla's bud job is now investing in adventures designed for the young and curious travelers from uganda itself. he knows it's not an easy task. the, when a young person is joining something that is always that high expectations, i 100 clients, i need this, that cannot happen in a silver plate. you need what i need, you need to be very consistent. tourism needs patients. it needs creativity, it needs motivated, it's always need your mind to think every one of the spend thinking of a new word that comes in so that you can convey someone to come and enjoy your job says before the 19th pandemic, the number of tourists has significantly increased from
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a monthly average of 20 at the start of 2014 to about 4 times as many plus february 2020 right now who groups may be small, but that's the that's the role of gets on the way. so it's optimistic that more travelers will thing come to see the scenic mountains place again. ah, i'd love to do. i've seen on that waterfall. i did it and gotten was, and i must confess that other start. i was a bit nervous, but it was absolutely worth it. if you have never try it, i've seen, i think you should next would take you to give me the sol ever been there. and know this is not the republic of guinea, not the difference. it's one of 2, portuguese speaking countries in west africa, who better to show us around than a local. fortunately, i know a guy led me to rock as one which shows us his home,
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the capital city, be south the. my name is jose, no one from going to be so from here you have a magnificent view of the city be. so come with me. i'll show you, my city was residential design. i know it's be sol better than most of the capital of any of the one of the smallest nations of west africa. the 1000000 people live in the south. it's located on a river estuary of the atlantic ocean city. has a lot of tom and it is full of colors. man. yeah. and what we're seeing here is the creation of more of the one. what is about liberation movement in our country. and domingo ramos, who was a very important independent fighter for going to be put in about the country, used to be a portuguese colony. and janet independence in 1973 as one. take us to the cities
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stadium, which bears the name of the south independence day. the 24th of september. the stanza now empty, but as one remembers the pre corona parties. gail in austin, this is the stadium. the 24th of september got to this place at mendis effect on my career in december 28. and i had my 1st concert in the stadium and it was parked. it was the most exciting moment of my car in 2 miles of the 45000 people party to the sound of his feet as one takes his for spin around town and his fancy hummer. the 32 year old grew up in a tiny village on the border tick any kind of cree whenever he misses home and he's little piece. he comes to the cities, harper. i mean contra 1000000 arrived and i hated the pollution traffic and i would come here to relax or mind myself. we're
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going to be so such a magnificent and unique place only, you know, you know, it's to be so it's not complete without a visit to ask one's favorite neighborhood. the bio judah, members, anthony knows about it as human barrow dad to them in the mother. this is the neighborhood where most home, i feel like i'm with my family. i can walk around to safety on the way to mother to the side of those you. there's also home to as one's favorite bar, especially grill skew is not going to read them in a better one is empower dash into bad to call me near mothers in the band. i got hit every isn't in the new fans. yep. wisely. this is my friend, my brother. i must a teeter. this also our upper me. so this is n b n b,
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this is my buddy. good. and this is my buddy. i'm if you come to be so i'll take you to hunger to us, to eat and drink out. okay. peter, i'm in the maybe so sorry i i was the soon in the south. there's so much to see in africa and i hope you're going to put gimme be solving your trouble. if after pandemic, i have had a good time on to be sure, and thank you for staying till the end. let's continue to stay in touch. send us an email to 77 at dw dot com or connect with us on facebook all 3 it up. as we wrap up here is my guy as one with a struck dumb number where i am mike looting. and until we meet again, i leave you with a weiss, wait on monday. none but yourself. come see your mind. it
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doesn't mean that you know my mother's time.
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i mean, i mean, i think the me the news, the news news news the the
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the the and then for an important documents was justice in this very sweet edition was found dead in room 374 revised in geneva. the stage of human tragedy and political entry in our theories legendary hotels on dw, the show that the issue is shaping the continent of africa, the government, what's making headlines,
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and what's behind in the industry to give you in the report and insight all of the trend stuff to use the 90 minutes on d. w. ah . the news a millions of years before our time since then they've been leading a secret life and have incredible abilities. if you think about it, it's impossible for you to survive without. the roots starts august, 4th on d. w. in december 2019
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the european councils new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time it's it's i don't see me on the planet by 2050 but not all you member state supported and some persuasions require a surprising glance into the very heart of power to win the game. diplomatic poker, the tree power plays, and alliances behind the scenes of the finest summit starts august 5th on d, w. the, the who's
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this is marilyn. the numbers lies fine. the catastrophic flooding kills with 150 people in germany and built rescuers research, paper, and others bouncing pasting in towns, devastated by the waters. belgium declares a day of mourning for the victims and tens of thousands have been ordered to leave their homes in the netherlands. also on the show, the security situation in afghanistan worsens as taliban fires, capitalize on the us troop withdrawal. people caught up in the fighting.


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