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recent history by looking at the 1st and 2nd world was the period before that when europe had colonized africa is only now coming into view. and that's good for us. of course, some very visible issues have come into focus in the humble forum with the non european art it displays has in part a colonial context. and then you have to determine what was acquired unfairly and should thus be returned. and this issue is particularly visible with a benign bronze. we have research the history that we are familiar with it. and we know that germany has purchased over 500 beneath bronzes from the market, but they were acquired unfairly. so we are prepared to retain them. we would like to return a substantial amount of them from 2022 onwards. 20. nice. yeah. how we've also prepared a short film on the home. what fall, which will now take a look at it you'll see which exhibits are on display there. the homework form will
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open to the public in just a few days. in the humble form of the heart of berlin is likely the largest construction project during monica router's time in office. it is a landmark, but also a place for debate. reconstructing the prussian royal palace has proven contentious from the very beginning, both to pieces in the 2nd world war. the palace was demolished in east germany and replaced by the pallet of the republic. the house for the people following the fall of the iron curtain that too had to go to which i suppose and to which socialism instead, the wheels of history are turned back and the berlin palaces reconstructed and redesigned as a place for world culture and cultural exchange. under the new name, the humboldt, for depression, cultural heritage, foundations and electrical collections will be moved into the humboldt forum. these
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precious objects that have accumulated over hundreds of years include lucid arc from colonial times shouldn't day be returned. when example is the balloon thrown from rooms? it was not given freely to germany and viewed as a single daneen bronzes romped by the british in $1897.00. and what is today nigeria? there were sold so many countries, including germany. these objects still have blood on the niger areas now demanding the return of the splittings, open its own museum to host them. public pressures has been mounting tremendously in response. cultural commissioner, monica group has called museum directors and kosher ministers from across germany to discuss the issue, they agreed to start returning the stolen items. it has a breakthrough and a paradigm shift. more and more details and individual exhibits are becoming known . it would appear that the benign bronzes could just be the tip of the iceberg.
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this trigger boat is from the violent and was lately stolen by german colonial troops. me, the humboldt form is full of contentious items. i know our own is failed with controversy. was the decision in favor of the 100 form still right in your view? absolutely. space is absolutely. i have never invested so much energy and passion in a cultural project as i have in this one. the hook for him was only half finished when i took it over when coming into office 8 years ago, the founding directorship had the former head of the british museum near mcgregor on board, who's a global museum star. and he was a very knowledgeable advisor to us. we've now can hook form into what it was always meant to be a new type of center for the art. it's more than
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a museum. it works on an interdisciplinary level. we have a cinema stages. we will be able to hold conferences that courtyard is capable of handling large streams of visitors. we have rooms that address berlin as the city state and one entire floor is dedicated to cultural understanding. we designed it in collaboration with the university. there will also be collection pieces on display from the berlin state museums of depression, cultural heritage foundation. it's a huge and diverse selection. spending of the 42000 square meters, although some of the pieces are controversial. if one of the mother is active run down of me. yes, i always wonder why people put it like that, even though nobody has actually been inside to see the exhibit of all these claims, that everything is so controversial and difficult and will tend to focus on that. although no one has actually seen the exhibition yet, that 42000 square meters with an amazing selection of exhibit and some collection
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paces from outside europe, that fills me with pride. the cultural nation that germany is today had to redefine the central sports and its republics history. given such an opportunity to slide down, many states could have resisted the temptation to place themselves and their own history in its favorable light as possible. right at the center of attention instead of only referencing ourselves and german history has some wonderful highlights that we could have exhibited. we decided that the non european should have their place that here they could respond to the german and mediterranean stories being told on the museum island, which is just across. i think that signifies how germany fees itself and the 21st century. we want to present ourselves as a partner to the world and the name whom bolt stands for, curiosity about the world, alexander and vill him from whom both make great leaps in intellectual history. the
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name also stands to openness, tolerance, underlining one's own experience with what is possible in other parts of the world . ultimately, i hope and wish that visitors to the forum will leave the building with an enriched experience. despite our differences, there is more that unites us than what divides us. of course, in this context of debates about colonialism off bound to arise. but i think it's good and right that these debates will take place that one does. he dodged on from the, from the good on that, does that mean all the references are explained? is there provenance laid out their past and what part of history there from even when it's a problematic part of history? nish, it's a minute. let me start in mid to there in the, in how to do it. i'm submission. i didn't consider it my role to get to involved with a tent. i have to respect my museums, autonomy, i trust the experts i trust,
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they know how to deal with it. appropriately and in line with today's expectations, it takes the greatest amount of transparency and openness to present the problematic circumstances of how the pieces were acquired. that can be no credibility without a broad transparent depiction is difficult context. and it's true. we have debated the benign bronzes all the more carefully, but everything was always known and out in the open. only now it's weights differently in the list. boat is one very central exhibit. we moved it into the hook for him before the building was completed. otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to fit it in. there was a great public response, and now it will be exhibited that telling us the narrative that existed back then in the region where it was built. it's also a tale of missionaries and difficult colonial events, but i think the whole world has the right to learn about it. i believe the key to
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being able to show something like that lies and being honest about the difficult circumstances of provenance specialists. i hope not so for sagging to can them. and also the intriguing aspect of these events. i'm just interested get enough. i have become too close. i would like to change the topic for a moment of the slightest. misquote, us, you are the 2nd woman to hold this office life equal opportunities for women in the cultural sector and elsewhere have always been an important issue to you. have you succeeded and what you set out to achieve is ransom in some unfair, my last toned. at the beginning, i was shocked to see how far behind the whole culture and create a scene was when it came to equal opportunities. culture sees itself and rightly so as part of the, of a god as a socially progressive area. but when it comes to gender equality, they have quite a lot of catching up to do. i have set up
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a round table to which we have brought our findings. i was joined by female representatives of all sectors from literature to visual arts, music, dance, journalism. we realized that there is far less equality in our creative areas than we would like to see a spring and vall. and that's why we set into women's culture office and the german cultural council, which i finance. we have set up a mentoring program to help young women who have already achieved a good amount of success in the arts to achieve their next career goals. with the support from the partners in the professional seen as difficult issues surrounding sexual assault came out, particularly in light of the one scene scandal. we set up the information center themis, which is chiefly financed by the federal government. now fortunately, various sectors are also pitching in one thing i have achieved which was relatively
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easy, was to point to equal numbers of men and women on all the committees in my house. and there are several hundreds in some areas. for example, the film industry. we had to actually change legislation in other areas. we needed to do was point out that this wasn't a fair way of distributing leadership roles with a female perspective on the awarding the funding. for example, female applicants more often considered for the prize last but not least, 44 percent of management positions in my house to help buy women. i think it's a woman, is that the helms and can in already in the sat leadership, then a lot can be achieved. but there has to be an awareness for it. right above the boost line, more stuff it does or can you imagine continuing in this role here i have to use the cliche response that for the voters to decide personally, i am really passionate about working in this field and i don't see any reason to
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stop but it depends on the election results. thank you very much for talking to us . who's me the the the the news
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the the, the the the daily life for jews in europe like be on the framework of political debate with the how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effects their daily lives. film producer alice brown in public schools. mon examined what it's like being jewish. ah
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change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge and grows through sharing. download it now for story. the goal was right in front of them. david, they're all for this one moment. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or, or didn't the game central care with 202021. of course, during the quantifying ground, not least for sports heroes, actually it was a weapon, the face, but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready count down during walk down the line, you go to tokyo, georgia july 19 dw me
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the news . this is the w news line from berlin. the numbers rise by the hour, catastrophic flooding shields at least 130 people in western germany. rescuers are searching for another 1000 people missing in towns devastated by the waters. also neighboring countries are affected by the flood. belgium declares tuesday as a day of mourning for the victims of the worst floods the country has ever seen.


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