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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2021 11:15am-11:30am CEST

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the 1st one, they're watching d. w. news live from berlin. coming up next to sports live, takes another step on the rocky road to the olympics in the final parts of a series. and they spicer, actually watch the news every day for us and for our planet. little mind yours is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make city screener? how can we protect animals and their habits? what to do with all the ways we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable
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martin. you solutions to oversee that in our ways is truly unique. and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive. why d? the environmental global 3000 on d, w, and in the the me, june 28th was a faithful day for thomas wheeler and his dreams of further olympic lu. i wont be
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able to make it to the olympics. this year. gave me goosebumps saying that it's been a tough decision on training injury from april may is just not allowing me to go without any risk of bigger injury issues of health issues for the future. so much looking forward to so much more in the sport. i love so much. 40 days before the mens olympic javelin event begins on august 7th. thomas lula has already lost, defeated by his own body bass, a moment for the defending olympic champion from 2016 or so. injury is a part and parcel of competitive sport. i can look back on 10 or even 15, really helping you. if you include my youth career, we've got to be grateful for that. so now this difficult situation is something i have to accept as feeling as it doesn't have to you wants to tokyo games were
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postponed. he withdrew from the 2020 season using the time out to prepare and work on his technique. and those preparations went well over winter and spring this year, both back home and the east and german city of yanna, and at a training camp in turkey. then his back problems surfaced during his plans into disarray because of it is about fighting yourself. how do you see your sport and, and if role in your life, if you are these, how much risk, unreasonable risk, are you prepared to take to be at the olympics? another mean winning? i mean, just taking part has equal the mid june times the team uniform fitting session for tokyo, a big day for any athletes and a sign that the big goal is now seemingly within reach. it was an additional
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motivation to give 100 percent out of the middle aspect was important for me because i know how it affected me in 2016 believe i had goose bumps there to the end of the moment where you feel the rush and the dream and the taking, i'm in the fact i do have my body under control, but ultimately, despite that mental push, andy or huge motivation, i got backing. that was the right decision. and now i'm still glad i reach that decision. me says the, the finance again, i don't the whole my, the locals young flies this day has been a long time coming. it's been almost 2 years since last competitive, high jump event. and now she needs to rediscover her rhythm. the pandemic has
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turned the athletes plans upside down the legal and we'll be looking back. it was a challenging and negative time. also, i just spent 4 weeks training outdoors in the far as i have been a lot of things preventing me from training properly on. so i'm happy that things are gradually looking office. it's may 23rd with 2 months ago until the olympics should begin. time is running out for the last few flies to build up the right form and crucially clear the requisite height to qualify for tokyo. 5 years ago in rio's he cleared one meter 93, finishing in 7th place. how can i do the olympics in the back of my mind and i'm focus thing on the competitions
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between then and now the german championships are 2 weeks away and i also have a number of other me to jump $192.00, which is the qualifying height. and then we'll be almost completely focused on that . and my last young fly seems to be in good format to meet in may. but then at the all important olympic qualifying height of one meter 92, she fails. not once, but on all 3 attempts. it's a huge setback. she and her coast time as kiss analyze i mistakes while the competition is still going. persistent problems with achilles tendon have forced to alter her runup. now my, the laws has to convert to a higher approach, speed into heights. ah, the small, the crucial factors that will decide whether that bar stays up
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ah, this guns comes from really tough because i don't even know myself where i currently stand. but i'm sure i'll go from 184 to 188, but that might be my limits. income shop is maybe i'll reach the to meet him on or higher level. assume fly still has quite a bit of work to do if she's to reach her 2nd olympics. the full fence, alexander, and dolo the dream of making the podium in tokyo was over in april. she thrusted and parried her way through to the final at the last qualifies in madrid, only to then come 2nd. but only the winner going to tokyo, and dolo was initially heartbroken. help me out. i watched him 2 weeks from friends. i didn't train at all. use the time to visit family and
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friends, which was a massively important goal. they've been an amazing support hired. she's now back in her daily routine training again, but also comfortable talking about missing out on the olympics. soap, well all those years of preparation for nothing was on stuff and it was never in vain. so that's not how i view it at all. if i still aim to compete on the big stage, european and world championships, continent time, i saw shocking, but i want to get back into the top 10 ranking. we had to look at the top 10. i previously was there for yeah. yeah, and i believe i can get back and keep on picking up metals. medina, and i know it's also determined to keep passes. now unable to defend the limping javelin title, he's having to adapt his daily schedule. not a problem for the 29 year old. even if the supporting aspect of his life remains
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prominence, i'm not being lazy, hoping, and things will get better. we're investing a lot of time in sorting out those back issues as soon as possible on a concert right now, how long that will take us, and we want to do it in a sensible and sustainable way, which will main, having patience to take a look at the tokyo games do remain an issue for muscular. he knows the problems associated with an event of this magnitude during a pandemic, especially now with athletes competing an empty stadiums. the majority of people in japan were opposed to the games taking place. as one of the athletes representatives in the world athletics association, he has his colleagues in mind. if i say, i know as an olympic champion, regardless of whether your just day or end up taking a middle, how it opens up a new chapter in your life. when you help me go back in and i was unable to take
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the time to appreciate it, which i'm now experiencing with this injury. i'm confused about had mentioned that everyone competing takes that time to process that feeling a huge dream. yeah, thomas wheeler does at least have more time now to focus on another passion of his than he normally would when getting across the globe for javelin competitions. he's a big nature lover and has a sizable garden back home pending to all the plants and animals provides a welcome relief from the stress and strain of being a world class athlete. down. and on the other hand, you're always busy. every hour of the day, there's always something to do and work on in the garden. we have to chicken, the sand coils here. and in the summer a colony of these to take your love of been for the best ones come on. but thomas
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will also has supporting challenges to look forward to the 2020 to well championships and the next the lympics. oh, i was 2024 is also the new big goal for madeleine. in february she learn, she would not be making the gym and take one team for tokyo as me. so i actually have to deal with every day and i do wonder whether it's worth carrying on my system. i need a different perspective. yeah, almost done. i'm literally a little calmer, shipple harris as another opportunity. one that i want to grow was on him. if things went bad enough after missing out on the olympics, madeline float mom then also caught the corona virus. but after recovering and making a cautious return to training, she took part in the german championships in june and finished 3rd and her weight class high jump morrila was young flash will be the only one of the 4 athletes
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we've been following to compete in tokyo and she'll soon, beheadings, who has some residence, the elliptic village who's boss on august 7th. it's crunch time when the women's high jump competition gets away. since. yeah, it's been a 5 year wait. and finally, it's over just a couple of weeks from now we'll be flying the, the 1st training coming before the real deal. let's see, this is my goal is to at least make it to the final and then just give my best money. low ceiling flies failed to reach the olympics, qualifying height of one meter 92 plus $190.00 jumped, makes her the 2nd best german high jump this year, which means she does get her ticket to tokyo after all. that goes out to mrs. i was really optimistic about getting a slot, and after i got the email,
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i was 100 percent sure that she had on stock. it was a matter of relief. that's another big occasion is the fitting session for olympic uniform. the german team collection comprises some 88 items from jackets, trousers and shoes, to bags, rucksacks caps, and some glasses. let me see you put them on and think this is me in the weeks to come from. do you feel part of a team? and i something as germans will then be privileged to way together on the i i my last young flies will be among the 434 german olympians. and my just reached new heights in tokyo. me in
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