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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2021 9:00am-9:15am CEST

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the climate somebody starts august on the other the the, me ah, ah, ah, this is the d w. news line from berlin. disaster continues. catastrophic flooding has killed at least 120 people in western europe with over a 1000. others still missing. rescuers are searching for survivors and towns buried under the rubble and not the south african president 0 around the post warns against panic. buying is plea for com. comes after days of violence that have left hundreds of dead and star widespread looting of shops
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ah unexposed are welcome to the program. record breaking floods have killed at least a 120 people in western europe. most of the deaths are here in germany, where more than 100 people have been confirmed dead and more than a 1000 are still missing. president trying folder started mar, has promised support for victims, families, and to the damaged towns. another mock of these devastating floods. a landslide collapses houses into the mud evacuated residence had already started to return home. now many a few dead in other towns, the cleanup effort has already started enveloping time. residents peak through what's left of their home. they say they had almost no time to react before raging
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flood waters hit the town of mars. and all of a sudden the water breached the dam. all the houses here are the same height. so when the water came up from the salad lightning speed, we all jumped in our cars and drove up the mountain out of the park. this helped him back off the farm. we had to get ourselves to safety. hundreds of thousands of houses without power of clean water. the internet is being cut and phone reception is down. volunteers have come from nearby areas, bringing whatever equipment they have to help clear roads and houses. yeah, i've been younger come when i arrived here, it was a disaster. the entire road behind me was covered in branches and brick con, oh, mashed into one up to these heights and you couldn't access the buildings left and right. and we didn't know what we'd find in the rubble. we were warned that we
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might come across bodies and that we should let the fire brigade and the police, the police say him, oh, many towns i still cut off some major roads flooded or broken apart. germany's defense minister has called for the army to make rescue efforts a top priority. as late as share their shock at the ferocity of the disaster. this is time to talk good. it is a tragedy that so many have lost their lives. it leaves me stand mentioning on them land, many people in our country feel for those who are grieving for their loved ones. is mercy. i'd like to express my sympathy to those families and it's my thoughts. and then the author already say overflowing dams could so bass, threatening more homes, enforcing residents to stay away. while the weather has cleared in some areas,
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more rainfall is expected and dw reported julia delhi is on the ground for us to invalid part time. julia. what's happening where you are and in the region where we are right now, are you, we are in what you be, the main square of the town. and as you can see behind me, there's a lot of movement going on. a lot of volunteers here trying to help clean up the town from all the debris, trees, cars, furniture, all sorts of things. but this is a town that is on the edge in the beginning of the region that has been very hardly hit here in western germany. the of iowa and police have today said that they confirm that there have been 90 deaths only here in this region, and they do expect the death toll to keep on rising. so it is really a dramatic situation here in a town, just 20 minutes away from here. 12 people who lived in
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a facility for disabled people drowned in the facility on the ground floor when the water came rushing in. and the people carrying for them were unable to, to take them to a safe place further up, even though they managed to save other people. so it really dramatic stories here. and while the situation right here, where we're now in terms of flooding is fable. in the night for the north close to cologne, a dam broke. so some situations are still evolving in the region. there's, there's some heartbreaking stories you're sharing with this julia. let me just come back to this damn that. you mentioned, there's a, there's a problem with a damn or people downstream in danger. then. well, as we heard in the reports, all thirties were expecting some of these dams to break or water to overflow. and that's what happened last night. they were able to evacuate one of the towns. it was down stream, it was at risk. we evacuated 700 people. but water is still there at the moment. and people are reportedly trying to shore off their houses with sam bag because
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they don't want further water to come in and further damage their, their homes. we understand is a problem of the flooding, of course, but we're also hearing reports about a problem of sink holes. can you tell us about that? yes, in the area in the town of f starts also towards cologne. for the north, from here a gravel quarry that is close to the edge of town, gradually filled and filled with water until a thing cool happened, then it brought with it home, cars and also people and rescuers are still searching for some of the missing people. there ok d, w reporter julia. so deli reporting force on the devastating floods in germany and the netherlands from the town of rockport time and staying with the floods in belgium. at least 20 people have died and another 20 are missing in the
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flooding. the national de charged me the national holiday that would normally be celebrated next week is being scaled back. instead, there will be an official day of morning with the river still menacing the residence of pippins to begin the long hard task of cleaning up the floods have wrecked home, destroyed cars and ruined lives. in this small belgian town. everyone is shocked. everyone is crying. everyone is only now seeing the real damage. most people have had enough that's not deductible. the difference to it is. it's distressing. you were all your life to build something and then even with the water levels receding. the danger remains during an interview with the towns mayor and
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a tv cru captured the moment. a house partially collapse. that rex that is just a new record with its residence still inside the such scenes of devastation have unfolded across the country and are set to continue to new the gale and the extension of the weather related disaster left a national state of emergency with triggered yesterday afternoon, let's address your situation is changing minute by minute. and in many places it remains extremely critical. as the sift through the wreckage pincers, residents can only hope that the worst is behind them. take a look now at some of the other stores making headlines around the world. the funeral for haiti's flame president of the shows and movies will take place on july
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23rd. always was assassinated in his home 10 days ago is with the widow was injured in the attack. she is expected to return from treatment in the united states to attend generous supporters and opponents of cuban government have clashed outside the countries. consulate in chillies capital santiago, more than 200 people gathered to protest supporters called for an end new s bar go on the island nation. opponents the government demanded a free cuba. please say one person was arrested barcelona and the surrounding northeast corner of spain are reintroducing some public restrictions to slow the spread of the delta fire variant of the corona virus. catalonia is imposing and nightly curfew and towns with more than 5000 people and high infection rates. and we turn out of south africa, we're presidency o ram, opposed to has called on people not to panic by food, saying there was no shortage of supplies. is plea came after days of violence
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claimed more than 200 lives and led to the looting of supermarket shops, ram opposed to avowed, to restore order to the country after a week of violence, sparked by the imprisonment of former president, jacob zoom. and for more on this cross over to, to so comalla in johannesburg, i thanks for joining us. what is the situation like in south africa this morning? this morning the situation is column we have not had major incidents of looting of violence. although here in the housing province, which is the 2nd province which happened is almost, we've had nothing but there still a bit of tension in wasn't not todd where it all started. so as we speak now, the situation is counted, but obviously there's a lot of damage that has been left by this violence about 200 over 20 people, a debt already and 202500 people. it more arrested and
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they're depressed and saying last night that they will hunt down for those who live perpetrated this violence. but currently it seems that 10000 soldiers that are on the ground are doing quite a good job because we have not had as many incidents of looting as we have had in the past today. but you just mentioned that the president trying to post is valid to track down the instigators responsible for the violence and doing have any suspects been arrested so far? so far, the president of the president there for you is that they know who these people the is the get has the and they said the police are on their case. they are behind them so far. what we have is that to left tonight at one central intelligence office, a wicked and a prison tickled zoom. i handed yourself to the police as one of those people that the president was talking about that did not fit to be involved in the so what so
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far we know is that one person isn't it himself, but no and honest have been made by the president that there was definitely a risk. okay, to so kamala reporting force from johannesburg. thanks so much. afghan forces have clashed with taliban fighters in an operation to retake a key border crossing with pakistan. the unrest that's been bull that followed weeks of growing violence. as the taliban fill the void left by us troops. the security situation is stretching. government forces to their limits, forcing many people to try to leave the country. desperate and looking for way out . hundreds, gather at this close border crossing between afghanistan and pakistan with whatever they can carry. quite the hood. there's a war going on between the government and the taliban. on the other side, the border is closed. they have to stop fighting and let us go through. so we can
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go home, that's the best battles between afghan forces and tell a band fighters have escalated across the country in recent weeks. there really is challenges to cover this kind of story on friday award winning photo journalist dennis should iq was killed, new spin bull dogs crossing. he was embedded with special forces when the military attempted to regain control of the crossing. it's an economic lifeline for southern afghanistan, a crucial artery for exporting farm goods. controlling it would be an economic windfall for the taliban. was insurgents, recent attack, seeing tactical taking advantage of nato and us troop withdrawal. us president joe biden has made it clear nation building was not part of the war on terror launch 20 years ago. he says it's time to leave afghanistan future to which people russia's
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foreign minister took a swipe it by calling the mission of failure. we faced the truth as president biden had confirmed americans left because they considered their mission accomplished. obviously he tried to present the situation in the best way possible, but everyone understand their mission failed. even as districts topple to the taliban afghan leader look with optimism towards piece talks in doha. they say piece will only come from negotiating table and not the battlefield. turn of the battle for the sports. however now and the organizers of the tokyo olympics have confirmed that a person has tested positive for covert 19 at the athletes village. tokyo, 2020 c e o t o. shiro mucho confirmed that a visitor from abroad who is involved in organizing games had tested positive. it would not reveal a person's nationality. citing privacy concerns are on the side and you are of
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course, watching t w news live from berlin command. the next is our arts and culture show. don't forget, you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our website. that's d w dot com on next slide. extra which is the news news . my 1st i think, was the sewing machine i found from women are balanced by their social or something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle, even since i was a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle of my goals and it took me years to.


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