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heard breaking floods have killed at least 120 people in western europe. most of the deaths are in germany, or more than 100 people have been confirmed dead and more than a 1000 are still missing. near the western city of cologne, the washing dw news blood from berlin, spicer, the people in trucks injured when trying to see the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. families to the correct tray, to the people seeing extreme, around $200.00 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge.
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why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own line. w. need for mines. the special wound. can humans keep up with the pace of technology in taiwan, the german entrepreneur free just debt. not tech savvy started founders amongst who explains what, but his teachings have to say about modern technology. the me a lot of good movie and tony made the taiwan
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that has been on, on, on some of the few goals, development level in there. so we see them in yellow, right? with the white, dark green. okay. this was going to be blue. also try to can get trucks, you feel the trucks. so this truck is this good news through? i think the guy, the truck. yeah. yeah. so this is the process where you were doing. we've the singapore government. so this is coming from their cameras. what they
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want to do is they want to know the type of vehicles they're crossing and the different types. and they want to know how many people are crossing the crowd. we've artificial intelligence, right? so but we, we build products that help to solve problems where people are not really paying attention to videos, right. and this is for security and safety. so what we do is we use computers to flack, important events for the users. so that's the high and my fingers and everything. great. and he has a son's is and so been norman goals and gotten me kennings. bullies ever got him in a log isn't in a minute. scene pushed him to fact one and status to show harvey chitin would have been pushing, pushing him down and stylish me. as mentioned,
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is that the complexity of the whole family doesn't follow on. give me the most like on a swan and we have kind of your computer of them day lesson on this after the death defendant of dotson kind of flows for room in tv. i mentioned it's kind of my father vehement only on the top of the thing, what death meant, that actually power the via hom from kind of bid on the on the app they bought in dickon. good finish on give i'm or cook. i can supply fill on the design. it was my and when alice's automated the yeah. so yeah, because with an emphasis they had put in seattle and so confused and general line come as
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a whole for job going did on they had to go. could you see it and how your me and the issue center? georgia. how be you bought 1000. has the young men pay a young lie? some idea and does it have a pen cinder handling the engine to me? so don't yo, he $1.00 we, oh he was there. so g o z tyndale, $510.00 to the young. she nice and you know, to his usual know he, you were going to send to delaware, tell me that downfall his machine called the edge of v. it's kind of how do they detect?
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you can just put your finger into their on both sides, post size the machine worse for the lead to curry. okay. x. okay. and you briefly mentioned that your work and science as well. for me, master, i would not necessarily connect with science nominate right. yeah. for you do technique and spies? is the johnson to lead just to to that? yes. in own the detention cause we cute. remember how to, how to meditation before them that the detention we detect, everybody's how to read to the meditation,
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the comparison 100 index. so very good, biggest, okay, 585 in the us. the action you neurosis seems very good that he want anyone wide hold your power, he will energy the total sales index is 99799. is that right? so you could cheat in your gun chunks. hold on. okay. your show on the dowdy joseph on the do a could she says that she the ology don't you the whole wellness
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down the she said you'll so can insult the photo heel. so you can as how the click on the change the scene with she's and it sounds like we are going to travel jason, she says, what you're saying? what william and it's not the bicycle, but what she told me was when i called down on it, she's been wishing to kind of been, you've been kind of with those title them yet one been in the title, young what she and she should read quite as well, i just wish i'm going sanjay going assimilation, jones,
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changing assimilation girl. i jo time which i know some of them and found some good ones that come with it. she's son we was invited to join disable person's excise meeting. and my friend victor were robot to kick soccer really? yeah. bought in. and fin victor no need to table. so killer soccer. he went to my earth soccer, she was the so the thing to change his behavior, change his died in a while while they, when he minion, wheelchair, wheelchair user can only sitting on the we're sure they want to thing. yeah.
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okay. i left the machine. do the job. okay. yeah. mm hm. and that's where they do for you monday to come to the limits on the food predicts the bad misty controller on my number as for me, because on the unless i get transferred to another foster, that's the money loss income on funding unseat. and i me know, i'm a little often come with most guns for looked at shoes. i came in with you about the food on the funding on
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the i think there's a, there was never to between interest for the be in your logic. yes. you just have to keep it up for a long time. i just can't stop opening . that's no problem. it was last name for long as you've been coming here to help none of the rules. no, i just got to make movies on how much the acknowledge is part of what human uses to advance human race. overall. i think in the end, even though you go to kind of computers, but i think when, when computer gets to a certain stage, you're sort events, they are studying replacing one or more of what, what are logical the built to do,
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right? we used to chop would not have machine shop would. so part of that is being replaced . and eventually i think human even human brain eventually will be maybe a lot of it will be replaced by computers. they can do a lot of it to get it. but yeah, you're comparing that and i think you're right on this. but on the other side, i would say nature is kind of striving for balance, right? so it's always kind of everything is in balance. and if human doesn't exist, everything will be in balance. but human breaks the balance. mm if you look at the see if you imagine want to be like in, like 50 years, let's see like, 15 years ago to probably be as much going on with both of the technical and being. and if i see the
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goals for the individual that has walker county, there's so much for chemo on that. and i can be seen and didn't exactly out of it. and again, my on the for the on board on is think is to i'm on statement the said also fund and so on. and nish, 5, take ngugi, go august was on the highest and acts like wisdom to limit one. so on and hasten vessels. lim. so laden ones cause a menstrual label to the
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the do you like it? do you want to locate the buckle up? put the pedal. the metal was right next on the w. o. the news please listen carefully. don't know how to go the field. the magic discovers the world around you
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