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under contract in the region, she cross pollinating the plans right now. then 8 hours a day. the women pluck pollen from the flowers with tweezers beneath the scorching sun. but why are there no men working under the remodeled? pretty minimal or expensive? we only hire them for cutting and to carry loads. they called $300.00 rupees per day. women work for $200.00 and the daily ways of less than 2 years. 50 is illegal, even in india's income at the minimum weight and agriculture is $300.00, says he rupees. around 4 years a day these women only received 60 percent of the legal minimum wage. why do you work here?
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because there is no other work right now. normally we work in the rice fields and harvest rise, but at the moment there is nothing except pollination. is this work difficult? yes, my eyes are so are because we are so concentrated and i have about and back out. it's hard work, but we also have to earn a living one get we get $102.00 euros pretty low of tomato fees. if we only $26.00 heroes more so we could pay the women what they're asking for oil and still have a profit. now whatever they get over the phone is breaking the law because they don't get an additional $26.00 euros poconos the market sells to see the europe for an average of $60000.00 euros per quino. all of the company is aware
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of this illegal practice. we visit an indian location belonging to a close with a hidden camera. at 1st, it doesn't look good to go when you're looking for is that what is the offer for 1st off us, we make a documentary about the in the mean streets, particularly offense. all at once as we come from france, like the parent company, lamar growl, it seems to open doors were not to manage it. oh, good night. demand phones, his head office. okay. we got ready to do
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it, but the team is surprised with a sudden offer of famous indian hospitality. how it's land you know. okay, well we're in. this is where the seats are dried before they are exposed to the me during the interview, the manager admits he knows that his contract farmers are paying their workers below the legal minimum wage. voices is salary for one worker to i'm looking for some
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service. okay, that has no nice than 2 years 50. the manager goes on to reveal that the company doesn't even pay its own people the minimum wage. how much out they are closed from maybe maybe just over 3 years. no one has a now to know how much the seats are worth in europe. what's the name of it too much of it? number should not know me in life. they are good ladies in back in paris does limit all know about these practices. i still going to say, are you familiar with this record soil seeds?
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i have it here. yes, i don't think it was written in 2015 and examined the problems of child labor and the exploitation of women was and here on page 6, it says the proportion of children under 14 years of age is between 10.5 and 16.3 percent of all field workers are working for lima. medical upon yes, she was. first of all, i can assure you clearly and unequivocally, there is no child labor at the lima grand sites. sou, if it doesn't make out what about the subcontracted farmers who work for you in india? can you assure us that there is no child labor there either probably the procedure city. so we've reduced these from 10 or 15 percent to less than one percent. all measures are being taken to achieve the pre which measures cottrell contractual measures to ban child labor. how do we continue to educate, inform,
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raise awareness, and if necessary, impose sanctions to prevent child labor, lima grant as much as possible. thank if you're supposed to look high, don't fall negative too much as possible. hi, this child labor is a very serious issue. we have a 0 tolerance level of high call 0. let me see. can we ever be 100 percent? certain in a country like india, probably not. but our determination is unwavering. madame only some game companies that work for you, we have met women who are paid below the minimum wage against $200.00 rupees per day. instead of 330. what do you say to that? come up there. so i don't agree with this. assertion would require a criminal wondering something else. you claim that the indian lima guy employees received the legal minimum wage of $330.00 rupees per day. in reality,
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lima pay that workers, $300.00 a month manager has actually confirmed this. lisa le, wherever we operate, lima gra employees are paid according to the legal minimum wage ohio. together i take issue with your allegation of so much it is almost impossible to avoid hybrid plans. i in 202060 percent of the world's commercial fees were owned by full chemical giant bio monsanto. down to po syngenta and lima via diversity is not an issue with these corporations. in 2009 and
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exit wounds the world about this development fully the ada chatelle, who until 2014 was the us special ref. what's her on the right to 75 percent of everything he has as a result of the pressure was good option of uniform improved, right. we visit tissue to in brussels. do me this. it works in an international team of experts, food sustainable food systems is message the world stuff is less from hunger than from now nutrition. if it shows a lot more, see, the figure is alarming on the bank. we have already lost 75 percent and plan for writing. i looks like bio diversity is not just a luxury for bought. this booklet also helps to secure global food supplies,
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that we don't know what the future and climate change will bring to you, which are harmful insects and diseases willing best are plants. one of those, when we need the natural reserves of a diverse plant world, where to cope with unforeseeable threat on the want your marquee c, p, the clone business goes hand in hand with a pesticides business. 3 of the 4 world lead is producing seeds also produce pesticides, bio monsanto. del depole and syngenta on the farmers are always offered a complete package deal. they are told that they will only get a good harvest with this pesticide or in that fertilizer of exhibition. for example, some seeds are developed that are resistant to certain active substances. he was at home, some seeds like the trojan horse for agro chemicals. more than $4000000.00 tons of pesticides are sprayed on the every year. at some point we will all eat
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the same thing from car to miami, from paris to bangkok is that tomorrow's world funds for thousands of years. we had a large quantity and variety of c, d and d seeds in year after year with the harvest, by farmers that were using methods the goal. danielle plenty that would now be considered today as being traditional and she was will need another poet, him all straggly. specialist companies have begun to perform this process of selection and reproduction, which in turn has put seeds on the market that can produce large quantities of genetically modified agricultural produce equal genetic more. you don't see that if your distribution of commercial sales in which all rights are owned by a handful of major trans national companies, where you means that agriculture will no longer be sustainable from many small farmers in developing countries. and therefore, to something we're going to see a gradual, worldwide destruction of small scale,
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far as like you to be an initial won't get the increasingly confused and firm is protesting. they demand free feeds, natural themes that are not owned for the not a group chemical corporations. in the sense of froze, resistance movement is gaining popularity to cocoa p. lee is situated in the remote unknown the case, the nonprofit organization. the aim is to protect traditional plans and forgotten vegetables varieties. the seat connection includes over $2400.00 vegetable varieties from bays. cucumbers to orange with chart will continue to inquire. the range of colors is amazing. due to the standardization of agriculture,
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species have fallen down in genetic funnels. most people, for example, things chance a green and white and roll and also count like said on, but there's an incredible diversity of swiss chance all of the colors of the rainbow that we don't c normally to do. the cookie lee has also started a seats without frontiers initiative. this is where we keep the past for the solidarity campaign of seeds without frontiers. every year we spend hundreds of packages worldwide. this is feedback from some of the projects we supported from where we're virtually everywhere. india, central and south america, asia pursued countries where the population is dominated by the agro, chemical and food industry, multinational. as a result, they sometimes quickly lose all their natural varieties and sometimes in just one
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or 2 growing seasons. ah, by saving the old righty. and by rubbing traditional plans, the farmers and consumers have been chose to choose an alternative to standardized fruits and vegetables. and can choose food that is good for us, as well as l ah . the d and play next episodes. have long been a favorite to series. make the
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trip something to your brain tomorrow today. in 30 minutes on the w. y. culture. hi hair. super. super food, dilation, style icon, the lead lifestyle euro is 90 minutes. oh, the news. i like secret why behind these was discover new adventures in 360 degree. the and explore fascinating world heritage site.
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the v w world heritage 3. now. ah. the news . this is d, w new, the why from berlin, a disaster unfolding as catastrophic flooding kills at least 120 people in germany and western europe. but over a 1000 others still missing. rescuers are searching for survivors and towns burried under the rubble and mine. also on the show, the security situation in afghanistan is deteriorating as taliban spiders
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capitalized on the last stages of the us troop withdrawal. people caught up in the fighting are desperately looking for away and supporters and opponents of the cuban government clash outside its embassy. and she liked capitals. hundreds together to show solidarity with cubans who have been taking part in widespread protests. ah hello, i'm claire richardson, a very warm welcome to the show. we begin with the devastating floods that have killed, at least a 120 people in western europe and the netherlands. thousands have fled their homes as dikes overflow. and the prime minister has declared a national disaster. meanwhile, here in germany, more than a 1000 people are still missing near the city of cologne. communications have been cut and entire towns are in ruins. after floods swept through demolishing streets
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and houses, the disaster is pushing climate change up the political agenda in the run up to germany's timber elections. another mock of these devastating floods, a landslide collapses houses into the mud evacuated residence had already started to return home. now many a few dead in other towns, the cleanup effort has already started in volatile time. residents peak through what's left of their home. they say they had almost no time to react before raging flood waters hit the town of miles. and all of a sudden the water breached the damn. all the houses here are the same height. so when the water came up from the cell at lightning speed, we all jumped in our cars and drove up the mountain out of the part of this often back walker farm. we had to get ourselves to safety. hundreds of thousands of
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houses without power of clean water. the internet has been cut and phone reception is down. volunteers have come from nearby areas, bringing whatever equipment they have to help clear roads and houses. yeah, i've been younger come when i arrived here. it was a disaster. the entire road behind me was covered in branches and wrecked con oh, mashed into one up to this heights in the front. you couldn't access the building, left and right. and we didn't know what we'd find in the rubble. we were warned that we might come across bodies and that we should let the fire brigade and the police, the police say him, oh, many towns still cut off. some major roads flooded or broken apart. germany's defense minister has called for the army to make rescue efforts a top priority. as late as share their shock at the ferocity of the disaster.
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this is time to, to good to get us. it is a tragedy that so many have lost their lives. it leaves me stunned, feel the dimensions on land. many people in our country feel for those who are grieving for their loved one with is mercy. i'd like to express my sympathy to those families and my thoughts with the authority say overflowing dams could so bass, threatening more homes enforcing residents to stay away. while the weather has cleared in some areas, more rainfall is expected and the areas where the water has already gone down, rescuers are searching for survivors. he does the reporter, kate marcher, is on the ground for us in the town of bulk. what time in rhineland palatinate and she spoke to some of those affected by the floods and found that many of the survivors are already traumatized by their experiences. everyone i spoke to,
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they said that they found it really difficult to speak to john unless he was here because they said it's kind of possible a tragedy for them because it's something that possible went back home and many told me that they just didn't really even have the was to describe the kind of last that they have experience. i spoke to one woman and she told me that the house that got damaged was actually her grandmother's house. and her grandmother passed away when she was quite young for heart was like the treaty past no kind of connection to her grandmother. she lost and she said she always felt her grandmother in the house when she was visiting. and she said, now she just doesn't really have that connection. that kind of emotional connection to her. grandma d. w reporter at kay to marsher in the town of rockport time. in rhineland palatinate. well, afghan forces have a clash with taliban fighters in an operation to retake a key border crossing with pockets on the unrest. that's been bull doc follows
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weeks of intensifying violence. the taller mon capitalizing on the last stages of the u. s. troop withdrawal. to launch a series of offences. now the deteriorating security situation is stretching government forces to their limits and forcing many people to try to leave the country. desperate and looking or way out, hundreds gather at this close border crossing between afghanistan and pakistan with whatever they can carry quite the hood or the there's a war going on between the government and the taliban. on the other side, the border is closed. they have to stop fighting and let us go through. so we can go home. that's the best battle between afghan forces and tell a band fighters have escalated across the country in recent weeks. there really is challenges to cover this kind of story on friday award winning photo journalist danny should be, was killed, new spin bull dogs crossing. he was embedded with special forces when the military
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attempted to regain control of the crossing. it's an economic lifeline for southern afghanistan, a crucial artery for exporting farm goods. controlling it would be an economic windfall for the taliban. insurgents, recent attack seem tactical, taking advantage of nato and us troop withdraw. us president joe biden had made his clear nation building was not part of the war on terror launch. 20 years ago. he says it's time to leave afghanistan future to its people. russia's foreign minister took a swipe it by calling the mission of failure. we faced the truth as president biden had confirmed americans left because they considered their mission accomplished. obviously he tried to present the situation in the best way possible, but everyone understands their mission failed. even as districts topple to the taliban,
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afghan leaders look with optimism towards piece talk in doha. they say piece will only come from negotiating table and not the battlefield. and we could turn our attention now to some of the other stories that are making headlines at this hour. south africa, the president, they're all remo because the cold on people not to panic, live food thing. there is no shortage of supplies. if push came after days of violence, the claim for than $200.00 lives and lead to looting of supermarkets and shops, the unrest has been driven by widespread anger over poverty and inequality. a russian passenger plane carrying 18 people that went missing during a flight in siberia hasn't been found. the engine of aircraft made a hard landing after disappearing from the radar on its way to the city of thompson . authorities and they all passengers and the crew survived. and the
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visitors can once again enjoyed the panoramic views of paris from the top of the eiffel tower. this hour has reopened after crone of virus restrictions and renovation or the flight to close for 9 months. but even as tourist, try just the tower stairs or just take the elevator. france is introducing new health restrictions slowed, the spread of the delta variance latin american governments have been split along ideological wines over recent protest in cuba. 1006, the streets last weekend and the biggest demonstrations there in decades. she has urged cuba to allow pro democracy protests, but not all lanes agree with that. tension boiled over on friday when supporters and opponents of cuban government clashed outside the embassy into those capital classes on the streets of santiago, cases, both for and against the cuban government traded blows with each other and with the
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police. emotions are running high after the largest anti government protests on the island. in decades. many cubans living in chile felt the need to show solidarity with protesters and their families back home. it was, it's impossible to live in cuba. you can't do it anymore. my family is hungry, the new medicine, new phase. i have to send the money. it's very, very hard. on government protest is charge keeping president miguel diaz, kind of running a dictatorship. they say people living on the island are suffering under extreme economic and social hardships. meanwhile, across the street, government supporters called for an end, the decades long us blockade of cuba de stress, the cuba problems should be for cuba alone to resolve one or someone to support the government. we don't want an intervention. we want cuba problems to be solved in
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cuba. ivana is facing major purchased at home and abroad. and that also means on the street of santiago. 7 moving to brazil now and right wing president year both scenario is still in hospital following health complications for a previous injury. also, nor was stopped in 2018 during his elect campaign. he recovered from the attack but has had several health issues related to it being treated in a hospital, in sao paulo for unobstructed intestine and detail views and shorter has been following this story for us. and i thank so much for joining us in the studio. so a brazilian president your ball scenario, he didn't need that emergency surgery in the end. but how is he doing now? well, he seems to be on demand. he tweeted some photographs of himself from social media, walking down the hospital corridor or with his i v. on a, on a trolley beside him, and i'm saying he'll be back in action soon. god willing, but his doctors,
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they put out a slightly more cautious statement. they are saying that he's recovering and his going well. but he didn't give a discharge date when he might be discharged. both nora had mentioned that he hoped to be discharged on friday. that doesn't look like it's going to happen. and i'm outside the hospital in san paula where he is. you can imagine there's lots of camera crews, lots of journalists, and a handful of supporters too. so we can have a listen to what they've got to say. so much wanted to show support for the president for, for anything we want to seem recover and get out of hospital. so you can decide where routing them up for you and your time here supporting my president. and i want him to run this country until 2026. he needs to be very healthy. how are you? ok, so one fan there who wants to see him in power until 2026,
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but obviously not everyone feels that way in brazil. the in fact in the past month we've seen there have been st protest there have been calls for him to be impeached or to step down a can you tell us why there is so much anger directed toward both scenario in brazil. so the most recent events have been to do with of a vaccination corruption scandal and the president and his government. they've been engulfed in this, this scandal over procuring vaccines. the supreme court is even investigating allegations that health officials had all the bribes organized vaccine contracts, not both in all row had known these allegations had known about this, these corruption allegations and had done nothing. and this comes on top of the criticism of how those nora has dealt with the prim demik. he didn't recommend moscow, he was never a great advocate of luck, towns and health restrictions. and recent opinion polls suggests that the majority
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of brazilians, these just poles, but the majority presumes, think that the present should be impeached. alright. and so how is brazil of coping with the cova 19 pandemic? a given all of that criticism of both, and i was handling of it well, much better than back in april when the pandemic was really at its peak. and on a daily basis, few brazilians are dying every day from code 19. but still, when you look at the whole, the last one half years of the pandemic, more than half a 1000000 brazilians have died from the virus and the country with very, very hard. and that has been affecting support for both scenarios. and recent opinion polls also suggest that wilson, ours left wing rival louise ignacio lou louis the silver. he's a former, these are a brazil as well. these polls suggesting that he has more support in both nora and next year is a big here. it says election year is not clear whether both scenarios going to
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stand for reelection. but it's hard to say how he'll do. all right, those electrons will definitely be ones to watch. and it's an a shorter thank you so much for joining us in the studio with that update. well, that is your news update at this hour. stay tuned for our cove in 1900 special. that is coming up next with a look at how to stop wasting vaccines. and of course there's always more on our website at www dot com. i'm richardson in berlin for me in the team here. thank you so much for joining us. the the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say? information and contact the corona virus. 19 special next on dw,
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you ready to get places in europe are smashing all the records.


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