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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2021 2:30am-3:00am CEST

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not these for sports. he rose. it was a flap in the face, but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready. count down, doing walk down those lucky go to tokyo, started july 19 d w. the fun. yeah. the news we are living during the most extraordinary time in history for electric brands,
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the auto mobility shows a rev exclusive, the new mercedes, my boss, class expenses. but you are a luxury of a lot of fun to drive this car if you could. now, do you guys the cars? read also ask this question until recently. why were there no motor bite suitable for wheelchair? it's in germany. shoppers and trying to see on the the invoice by interest and read the test, the new how you and i tucson very special in case you ever wondered what your car looks like while it's driving from the outside. that's just the car for use to the test track.
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that's oh yeah. the normal physicians call me the luxury is all about comfort, comfort, comfort and nowadays how it behind is lucky. the problem with the methodist, my boss s. class 612 was our main hand. you meet up. and now we want to see if this is really the best golf. devote. let's go very special. nobody else had the chance to try this car's under this condition.
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and this is really exquisite flores and now i would try to accelerate rates to the maximum speed. let's see what it looks like. so let's try i'm emergency breaking out the with well water. right? so even this car because it's gone to a voice and make your car unstable. the cards are really helping you with the same fashioning or press
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the stop to low assistant currently unavailable, the own on manuel dell. maybe i stop and see the amount of what i have to do. just want to stop where he thought, you know, to be honest, does a lot of electronic in this car and you have to get used to the other cars to live this message. you get on, you may, they make an emergency breaking, to be honest. was doing an emergency breaking for july. yeah. and hearing the car car,
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so it did it very well. and so my special so many expect them to star on believable. and you can see the scar is really a masterpiece of engineering. well, in my office, an engineer and i love engineers because i buy myself, i'm an engineer, feel home, my boss, ingenious, inventor, and brilliant engineering side of lead time. she was the brains behind technical components that apply their mark. it all started in 1921. when he and his son, carl launched their 1st car. it was the most luxurious vehicle of their time. after world war 2, the firm focused on making drive train, especially for trains and ship $960.00 done revenge, took over the company. then in the late ninety's,
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juergen vices set about bringing the legendary brand my boss back to life. mine and 97 my team and i were given the task of imagining an increase in the house and crammed and i cram comment factoring with content and we thought about it. we wanted to define the car exuded serenity, and we said the interior has to have a similar like a forest in, in the fewer and almost unimaginable luxury years. and also we both approach a type and i failed to tokyo, moved to show in 1997 get power. they got the great reception that they majesty's and managed to tech would i'm that was how project my boss came to be fine with that to be quick. my back in 2002 don were launched a new range of top class limousine with a branch named my boss. it almost instantly became a collector's item for its wealthy buyer. the average my boss household has at least 5 sets of wheels in the garage in 2014, the marketing department at don lar,
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decided to merge the 2 brands mercedes and my boss. since then, the mercedes star has adorned all my boss cards, starting price 160000 euros. take the best of both, let's say brand, combine it, it's technology. it's let's say craftsmanship. and so she will also let the customer find themselves express in the car. this is the range my boss goes for just over 2 120000 euros in germany. pack 612 horsepower with a 12 cylinder motor, who's sheer power and engine, smoothness, steel, unbeatable and don, where it doesn't even intend to try. this will probably be the last to the 12 combustible engine dimer ever build. because my boss to has an eye on the future is java. does. i think any brand new product can offer luxury with electron mobility.
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oh me, the echo mobility set in luxury and call about comfort, comfort, and comfort. and when you optimize the comfort, you can start looking at unity or former tenant, please. we want to create the future of luxury. and luxury is, let's say nothing. you can, you can describe it's and it's an exceptional thing. it creates desire just been thought, oh, i the truth massage chair stars. oh yeah. i can feel it trying to relax after those exhilarating lapse on the race track and take a back seat for an exclusive massage. cure luxury. your pleasure. so want you to wants to try out my boss as a passenger to for now i will relax and instead of driving i will have a tribal, hey, driver from rest. did you know who i am?
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so lets off the car. hi nessie. this bus can issue this morning. if you are kind of in the district. i'm not really sure i may if you're mid to may or is your dark line smith, he was he could go from utah climbs from it. i don't sure why the and i tried to mean if you can get like a phone call to the to see how the i may get them to accommodate the content you can learn. so i told him i and the automobile via difference on stomach, every sound to you. i don't really know. i know dodge and i didn't talk in yard like that too. okay. let's go.
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i think that was not why i on now with our little bit slow. that's a little bit difficult. 4th grade 5 was it takes 10 seconds but most comfortable. it's not a normal position to sit in the back of a cough but it's very comfortable. so you can see i can stretch my leg, which is very special. i think that's the 1st time for me in the call. and yeah, it's very comfortable because the car actually adjust the road close so you can a little bit like in the plane. it's time to talk a little bit to figure out how that really like in a place to make some emails. i have no the tribe,
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well you have something in the fridge. but i tried to open it to in driving. i don't know if this is a mess. it goes from the loan. yeah. sorry. hey, messy, this music music stopped for me. the oil and i don't know, but we're going to drive a please. if you push in the same time to button like me, never, never has one thing is clear, it's not the best car and it comes to digital using it or at
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least we ought to stupid to use it. or at least my driver is too stupid to switch off the radio. you need to try to enjoy the com for inside and you need a good tribal. and this driver really needs to know all the digital. unfortunately, my driver didn't know the car at all. and that's why i think i will take over the steering wheel again, the people always ask me, what is the best car and that's what you want to find out here. and i believe that in different areas you have best guards for sure. if i want to raise with this, my boss, are we start carly, i think that is not the best call for that. but if i want to go with my race car from maybe munich to berlin, that is definitely not the right car,
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but i would love to do this in this car. this is even much safer than in my wife's car because my wife's car has no access to that. it was a lot of fun to drive this off off the car. now off, do we need this kind of cars? i would say it depends. yes, i would love to have the car because you know, many time on this planet. yeah. you have some time every year and i want to enjoy this time. let's have fun. ah. the news sir rory, red, sleek design. unique and special and you kind of
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mobility, sustainable, inclusive freedom, nothing there get done because it was the idea originally came from the simple need to be mobile and be able to move around freely without any major trends. and the wheelchair type can mean lots of income. we know the tri, seen from america. it's very popular and white bread. and there is some solutions for people with disabilities. and the problem is none of them are compliant with the rules in germany. and the use of options to confirm the post up and deck from berlin develop the 1st e trunk of its kind. wheelchair uses and anyone with a liking for special environmentally conscious ways to get around them and found that i want to build an inclusive vehicle like one that can accommodate everyone, wheelchair users and the non disabled of i'm in common ground and joint forces with
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one vehicle me, it was this desire that drove the development of the city, trying to get messages clear, get out of the nice segment and into the white wonderful world. state of the art and fashionable the road with a long and winding power was in a striking accident as a teenager and had been paralyzed from the waist down ever since they didn't stop it urged mobile and free is original free with a ride, a motorbike. but how to make one wheelchair frenzy. there was no such thing on the job market. so the 27 year old scout the internet and found absolutely nothing. was us and friends of county for the 1st i couldn't believe it. i thought this tom b and so there was 30 odd motorcycle manufacturers and who knows how many cost firms for the non disabled people with disabilities or wheelchair users like me,
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there's nothing get tightness. so we have to get to work. the plan was to adapt something that already existed. back to the net, to find a basic model you found this medical scooter and adapted it to as a need and wishes step by step. as it does the original shape for the body and paint already nicely filled and sounded with the lines remodels on here and the end result. collectively, we ended up with fire bread. well, for our one thing, really a standard pallet all apart to use were already available and conventional stores. but until now, no one had thought of assembling them differently. this put him on to fight his dream shop. connect with my notice that there was nobody waiting for mine. the product was hotly specially the big automaker platform is where you can submit ideas on the projects. and image of being very minded games is not extreme often on
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them. and when you knock on the door and say, check this out, this is my concept, this is how it works. this is what sets it apart. does nothing like it on the market a reject it straight away crimson and upper blocked specs from the nobody wants to go near the cliched disabled image and she attach the list is up to him boy and eventually he secured the backing of an emotion conversion company. and a plastic manufacturer, but he still had to secure the financing. $15000.00 euros for the prototype alone. eventually the ac automobile clubs on nations dumped up 10000 euros. now there was nothing standing in the way of the trunk. through the homepage, he attracted even more investors patent lawyer drew up some blueprints got the official stamp of approval. i'm really looking forward to anyone who writes
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a motorbike will be familiar with just feeling a 3 to one of a fresh air on your face. one of the feeling on that i associated with and i'm getting ready to write lots of cometh invite for this respect, often big my son function. detroit comes pretty close to fulfilling pulse understanding of modern mobility, and it's economical to run to buddy europe for a 100 k. the full steam ahead. the major investors are coming. and when the small version has gone into the series production plans for something, a little bigger my step, my next step will be getting to the 125 cc glass top speeds at 10220 kilometers. and then also that you can use it on the autobahn of it. i need an awful lot of
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capital to realize that project. i'm happy time on that on that the most remote inclusion and maybe even reinventing to enjoy it doesn't always have to be a real uses. it can be vice versa for non disabled people to get to play and dance. welcome to the ref. check today's car. la, hon. les 2000. let's go wait a 2nd. did the car really just drive on its own? you did, and the key to that is the key. but we'll talk about that in a minute. the nissan is available with 3 different electric
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drive trains and 2 combustion engines. the electrical version of 48 volt models hybrids. there was a diesel or gasoline engine, a plugin hybrid, and a full hybrid which we are testing today. to come up with $230.00 horsepower will make a dash from 0 to 100 kilometers now and around 8 seconds. that's okay. not the fastest, but i've also seen flow on the hybrid is always equipped with 6 speed, automatic transmission generally driving impression in the 2. so it's really blevins, i mean it is rather sporty for an issue be so. busy if you're driving a curve faster, you don't have the impression that the car will roll over and also has a variety of 60 and assistance systems for someone to airbag between driver and passenger. let's quickly talk about the hybrid drive,
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train it features 1.49 kilowatt hour battery. crazy. with that you will go a few 100 meters, purely electric. well, that's not what it's made for it to support the combustion engine and provide decent fuel consumption games and ever it's going to $5.00 leaders while we were driving we had a little more than 6 leaders, but that's still okay for a car that is the high and therefore has a rather high air resistance. now that we've gone through the basic, let's get back to the magically cells moving comp. the feature is called remote smart parking and enables the driver to move forward and backward. the key. in case you have a wondered what your call looks like, while it's driving from the outside. that's just the car for you. but of course that feature is not made for that it's made for parking. so if you find
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a parking space and it's not wide enough to get all of the car, take your heat and then let the car drive in. that feature is only available for the hybrid version since the car will drive purely electric during that time. what i really like about the new lay tooth and is it's design. i mean it's really striking in that group right here with the integrated l. a. the daytime running lights. you don't see them if they're not on. but if i put them on now you will see those are just the same shape as the radiator grill, which is pretty cool. and especially if you compare them with the older to some models, you would not recognize this as a tooth. and, but i really, really like it with the design of the rear is also very nice. i like the tail lights. endless. drive here. what i wondered when i 1st saw the car is where is the rear window wiper? isn't it half one?
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yes it has. it is hidden under the spoiler right here. it will come down like this and then wipe your window. the space in the bag right here is pretty decent. there's a lot of head room just like you would expect it from an s u v like room is ok as well as seats. little bit hard but not uncomfortable, so it's okay as well. i guess you can sit here with 3 or maybe rather 2 and a half people because anyone who has ever sat on the rear bench with 3 adults knows it's more like fitted for 2 and a half. people carry a featured fully digital, configurable to cockpit consists of a new 10.25 inch open digital plaster and, and these 10.25 inch touch screen in the middle.
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if you regularly drive high businesses on the autobahn, you should not choose the hybrid version of the 2000 because then it will start to drink very much. we're talking about 9 leaders per $100.00. and that's too much for a call that side me. me. just like it's rather from another mother, the kia sorento that using features side view camera that activate once you use the indicator. so depending on which side you want to go, you will see the picture and the display, and then realize if there's someone driving next to you, which is especially interesting on the highway or the audubon that uses are available with all wheel drive, which makes it suitable for offering use as well. of course you will want to take it easy on the car as it's not designed to wrong. like
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a dream. but it is definitely capable of dealing with your average gravel roads with some major pothole but the best part about the tucson as you and i was 5 years unlimited mileage warranty. ah, so my final verdict on the new on lay tooth and it is a very decent car. and if you consider that the entry level of price cause such a car is just over 20000 euros, that's a really good price for all the things you get. in comparison, b, w t go on, starts at over 28000 euros, and you won't get 5 years of warranty on that one. and what's more important, a lot of features they have as series standard, do commerce extra and latino side of the tucson is a car with a very appealing to design and up to date,
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interior and decent consumption. the only minor weakness is the hybrid inability to drive long distances in purely electric mode for that you will have to, to plug in hybrid version ram wishes you plenty of energy to keep on rolling on to the next episode. think driving, lose, lose the use
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the, the, the, the ah, africa to northern white miners and the world are grieving here in kenya. but wait, who is this lady? this is your last chance to reproduce. so behave scientists are trying to leave the space and they have a lot of ideas about how to do it in 30 minutes on the w,
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the great power. just a handful of chemical to dominate the industry, manipulating plants and the market co ever they please. because of them, some cars that are thousands of years old or almost 16, but farmers and consumers, whether he's 75 minutes on w. hello guys. this is a 77 percent of the platform. is using the feet issues and share ideas. you know, on this channel, we are not afraid to talk to young people. we have the solution, the future goals, 77 percent. now everything's on b, w interest. the global economy
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in our portfolio, g, w, business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance versus west getting ahead with the business beyond on you to sometimes a seed, it's all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning past like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make us different knowledge and grows through sharing. download it now for a the
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a was a d, w ally from berlin, a disaster unfolding as catastrophic flooding kills at least 120 people in germany and western europe with over a 1000 others still missing. rescuers are searching for survivors and towns buried under the rubble and my belgium scales back national day celebrations. an official .


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