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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2021 9:00pm-9:32pm CEST

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the who's this is that we news live from berlin, no lead us. catastrophic flooding kills more than 100 in germany and western europe over a 1000 are missing. rescue were search for survivors in towns buried under mud and rubble. prime minister declares a national disaster. also coming up, lebanon's crisis deepens, political wobbling has left a power vacuum desperate families struggled to secure the basics and unprecedented economic meltdown. and the african running team traveled early to japan to get
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started on their training for the 2 year. will lympics 2 years on they are still there. finally. ready rate. ah i thank you very much for your company. while we begin our broadcast with the devastating floods which have killed more than 100 people in western europe historic towns have been reduced to rubble in 6 countries. thousands of flit from their former homes in the netherlands as dikes overflow. the prime minister declared a national disaster. meanwhile, here in germany, more than a 1000 people are missing in the city of cologne, in the worst flooding seen in decades. the disaster is pushing climate change up the political agenda and the run up to september's election. another mock these
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devastating floods a landslide collapses houses into the mud evacuated residence had already started to return home. now many a few dead in other towns, the clean up f. it has already started in volatile its time. residents peak through what's left of their home. they say they had almost no time to react before raging flood waters hit the town of miles. and all of a sudden the water breached the dam. all the houses here are the same height. so when the water came up from the salad lightning speed, we all jumped in our cars and drove up the mountain out of the park itself. in back off the phone, we had to get ourselves to safety. hundreds of thousands of houses without power of clean water. the internet has been cut and phone reception is down. volunteers have come from nearby areas,
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bringing whatever equipment they have to help clear roads and houses. yes, been here and good come. when i arrived here, it was a disaster. the entire road behind me was covered in branches and brick con, oh, mashed into one up to these heights and you couldn't access the building, left and right. and we didn't know what we'd find in the rubble. we were warned that we might come across bodies and that we should let the fire brigade and the police, the police, say m, o. many towns are still cut off. some major roads flooded or broken apart. germany's defense minister, his cold for the army to make rescue efforts a top priority. as late as share, the shock at the ferocity of the disaster, it's only good to get us. it is a tragedy that so many have lost their lives. it leaves me stunned. he that the dimensions on the land,
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many people in our country feel for those who are grieving for their loved ones. if i'd like to express my sympathy to those families and it's my thoughts and the authority say overflowing dams could so bast threatening more homes enforcing residents to stay away. while the weather has cleared in some areas more rainfall is expected or that's checking. now a, with our correspondent, kate martyr, who is in vol purchase time. what's the latest where you are so it's been a really long day trying to start this cleanup efforts after the water seated. everyone is kind of later in the evening now and everyone his, everyone's leaving the village because there's still no electricity. there's very little internet connection. and all the villages, the village would normally be full of lighter people at this time. and it's
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completely goes telling this evening people were, there were many people here in the village throughout the day who have come to help that family. so there were many relatives and friends as well. some had come from nearby cities such as bond in cologne to come and help people. and by the end of the day, everyone was really exhausted. one woman said to me, she was pleased how far they've managed to come today are in terms of trying to trying to clean that house. but really, those are the ration issues. huge, not just people, progression lying outside on the street like that. brooks and photographs, or people with beds and sofas, either or lying out in the street. there's not just this, but there's so much debris lying around and everyone has just kind of has told me that they just really of found that they don't know who's actually who went to come and collect the really big bits of debris and the huge trees lying and the cause of
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lying throughout the city, you know, certainly kind of please how far they've managed to take the teen of effort today. but they'll really amazed that. and they're really know what to do about the cleanup efforts. right now they've the houses, but okay, now that most of the water is gone, is there already an estimate of the damage? so or in terms of the financial damage, i spoke to some people today. one peasant told me that for themselves, possibly it would run up into the millions and millions of years just for themselves. and i spoke to some other people today. they were renters, and they said that they have rent, they don't have insurance to cover the entire damage of that home has, has experience. and so for them, they say they're not even able to, to decide to even meet that costs or to cover all of that belong,
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things that they lost because they lost absolutely, absolutely everything. and that's just, that's just the financial damage as well. so people are still talking about the emotional and human costs to this. i mean, how traumatized are the people that you spoke to in who share their experiences with you? everyone i spoke to today said that they found it really difficult to speak to john unless he was here because they said it's kind of possible a tragedy for them because it's something that possible went back home and many told me that they just didn't really even have the was to describe the kind of last that experience i spoke to one woman and she told me that the house that got damage was actually her grandmother's house. and her grandmother passed away when she was quite young for heart was like this really pop know kind of connection to her grandmother, but she lost and she said she always thought her grandmother there in the house
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when she was visiting. and she said, now she just doesn't really have that connection that put this kind of emotional connection to her grandmother, very agonizing, harrowing experiences there that people are sharing with you. thank you so much. w reporter kate martyr. a reporting from vol ports. hi me. now we're one of the organizations providing assistance in the floods is through people are still talking about the emotional and human costs to this is, i mean, how traumatized are the people that you spoke to in who share their experiences with you? everyone i spoke to today said that they found it really difficult to speak to a journalist who was here because they said it's kind of possible a tragedy for them because it's something that possible went back home and many told me that they just didn't really even have the was to describe the kind of last that experience i spoke to one woman and she told me that the house that got damage was actually her grandmother's house. and her grandmother passed away when she was
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quite young for heart was like this really pop know kind of connection to her grandmother, but she lost and she said she always thought her grandmother there in the house when she was visiting. and she said, now she just doesn't really have that connection that put this kind of emotional connection to her grandmother, very agonizing, harrowing experiences there that people are sharing with you. thank you so much. d . w reporter kate martyr, a reporting from vol ports. hi me. now we're one of the organizations providing assistance in the floods is durham. nice technical relief agency, the t h w. it's a disaster relief agency made up almost completely of volunteers. i'd like to welcome now to d. w. news. guillermo green from the t h. w headquarters in bon no, thank you so much for joining us gear. well, how many people does your agency have? has your agency assisted in this disaster right now? good evening. thanks for inviting us. so as of now we have, we have 2000 over,
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2000 volunteers that are dedicated, deployed to teach w, and they're, they're out in the, in the main areas essentially that, that were effected in north failure and, and then right. and what did you most of focusing on, especially if there's still a search and rescue operation. as you mentioned earlier, there are some towns that are still cut off. obviously the priority there to get to the people that have yet to be contacted. but at the same time, and especially the larger towns where most of the water has gone, at least from the streets, there's a lot of clearing of rubble stabilizing structures, building pumping on basement room, moving, removing rubble of private, providing just the infrastructure. and then also looking to provide a drinking water right now, just the, the entire right. the basic necessities that are now obviously needed. again,
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we understand we're getting reports that over 1000 people are still on, accounted for any progress in terms of locating these missing people. i'm going to say that i don't, i can't really provide you with any numbers at this point in that regard. so i know that they use the search is still ongoing, but it is, it is, it is a large list and some of it area is expected to be all related to the fact that cell phone coverage is really irregular. at the moment, the effect of erica ongoing as insurance is ongoing and so many challenges in terms of just locating people having to do with connectivity as well. that's correct. really, tricity responded. exactly right. how long do you think it's going to take too well to make the environment safe and habitable again? yeah, that's a really difficult question. that's what a lot of people might be wondering after the initial shock. so once the water goes
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away, the full damage is actually going to become clear. a lot of the damage is not necessarily caused by the water, but rather by the mud and the degree that's taken down with it. and that, that really takes a long time to figure out exactly every little bit of infrastructure, every power line, every sewer that's been affected apart from the, the personal belongings and the, and in the personal property of the person, the fact that it's going to be a while for that's, that's a, that's a clear picture. gamma green from germany's a technical relief agency. thank you so much for giving us some of your time during this a tragedy. you're greatly appreciative. thank you. and at least 20 people have died and another 20 are missing in flooding in belgium. national day festivities normally celebrated next week are being scaled back. instead, there will be an official day of morning with the rivers still menacing the residence of pippins to begin the long hard task of cleaning up the
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floods have wrecked homes, destroyed cars and ruined lives. in this small belgian town, everyone, everyone is crying. everyone is only now seeing the real damage. most people have had enough love to talk to it's distressing, like you were all your life to build something and then even with the water levels receding. the danger remains during an interview with the towns mayor, a tv cru captured the moment a house partially collapse, that makes, that is just a new record, with its residents still inside. the such scenes of devastation have unfolded across the country and are set to continue
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to new deliver gale and the end of the weather related disaster. the national state of emergency was triggered yesterday afternoon. let's address your situation is changing minute by minute. all right, and in many places it remains extremely critical. as they sift through the wreckage pincers, residents can only hope that the worst is behind them. meanwhile, the floods in germany have overshadow chance to uncle american farewell visit to the united states. she's due to leave office in september talks with president joe biden celebrated the transatlantic alliance. but there was disagreement over security threats from china and russia like his predecessor bite and treated miracle as a friend rather than the phone. it's been a long time since the german chancellor received
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a welcome. this warm in washington merkel back into the white house if she's available of us many times. she's been a great friend. consider a personal friend, as well as a great friend the united states. after the 10 diplomatic relationship with the former president, trump, president joe biden, and chancellor angler mac o stressed the friendship between that 2 countries we will stand up for democratic principles and universal rights when we see china or any other country working to undermine free and open societies, we stand together and will continue to stand together to defend our eastern flight allies at nato, against russian aggression. but germany and the us do not agree on how to deal with
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either russia or china. the plan gigantic north stream to pipeline will bring russian natural gas into europe. washington says the project makes the continent more dependent on russia and threatens the security of it's small. a neighbors, like ukraine merkel has long champion, the project played down the differences. now and we also want, we talked about russia and ukraine and in this context also about node stream to we've come to different assessments as to what this project can tail. but let me say clearly, our idea is and remains that ukraine remains a trans country from natural gas. ukraine, like any other country, has a right to territorial sovereignty. the chancellor farewell tour of washington began with a breakfast with vice president carmella harris. and later the johns hopkins university bestowed an honorary degree on the former
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physicist the other medical time of german chancellor may be drawing to a close, but she has left a lasting impression on the us precedent. if they make a personal note, i must tell you, i'll miss seeing you in our summits. i would truly will with the bite and presidency us german relations, all comma, but big differences remain. let's bring out just, you know, with some of the other stories making headlines around the world. a russian passenger playing, carrying 800 people that went missing during a flight in siberia has been found. the aren't enough. aircraft made a hard landing rather, after disappearing from radar on its way to the city of tom's authorities. they all, passengers and the crew survived more than 100 people have died in
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a week of riots and looting in south africa. the army has sent in thousands of soldiers to restore order. the unrest follows the jailing of former president jacob, zoom up. it's the worst violence since the end of apartheid. the united kingdom as reported more than $50000.00 daily current virus cases, the highest mid january. despite the massive search and warnings from british and international scientists, the authorities in england are to lift all non travel corona virus restrictions. on monday, lebanon is facing a deepening political and economic crisis. the prime minister in waiting said haiti is stepping down after failing to form a new coalition. it's been no government for year. last administration collapsed following the deadly explosion at the court. well, earlier we had the opportunity to speak to deal with corresponding eddie and asked
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him why it is so difficult to form a government. thanks to the ignited or former prime minister. now, in an interview last night with a look in the tv channel, he said that the reason behind this say, gets you to, 1st of all, that the need to president refused to take the in the, the line of what you for the minister, which consider how do you by how do you that it is the do the best government or the best cabinets to do that he wants to take the, by the end of his 2nd mind, the main obstacle that the president and his son in law. but under the department of floating effort, but if used to do that, how did he win named do of the christian minister so that his will not yet use his thought. how did he accurate in his interview last night? his will, that he didn't enough question before the new government. so this is what we
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thought, how did it. but on the other hand, we have from other obstacles, which is all of us that the currency to dish and the crises. and it's so hard for anyone to take to have that it's so it is, it seems like mission, oddity reporting moments ago from beirut, lebanon. we turn out in the netherlands, that country is being its respects to murdered crime, journalist baker, or the fries. mourners laid flowers where the prominent reporter was gone down last week in the family says he died surrounded by loved ones. in the hospital, i spent his, their career reopening, cold cases. prime minister, margaret says his death is almost impossible to comprehend. mister, the priest was involved in a case against a wanted drug. baron. 2 suspects have been arrested and our reporter jack parker has been to the sites in amsterdam where peter edifice was shot and he sent us this update. when are in to the 2nd day of morning here in the
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netherlands for peter devries, the investigative crime journalist died on thursday. his family announcing his death in a statement saying that he to come to the fire gunshot wounds that had hit him 9 days in this very spot in central so that people have been coming down here to deliver flowers at the spot where he was shot to pay their respects, this was a journalist who was beloved here in the netherlands. he was known for fighting for the little guys the trying to dig out corruption and trying to fight crime. people have been turning up from across the netherlands to come here today to pay their respect to pieces of the debris and to his family. really i'm really strong about this because he he help so many people in his life and he stood up for, for all those people and for,
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for the right people had, and i know it's just, it's just such a big loss. so they saw unfortunately because it was, it was a very good month, was always fighting for, for, and i was also fighting for muslim people. so in the was, it will is to the news. what is about a good man? that's why i came in, i guess couldn't slip it was, it was short time was feeling so good. so i would like to come and pick the matter of respect. now while the tribute continuing to poor in here at the site where he was shot, the investigation into exactly what happened is obviously continuing to men were arrested shortly after the incident. 10 days ago, one was camille e, a 35 year old polish national. and another man, we know is delano g, a 21 year old dutch national. they appear in court on friday. we understand from
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that media report so they will remain in police custody for at least 2 more weeks. and i, the federation of journalist said that they are very sure that this case, this incident is shooting, is related to the work that peter was doing with a prime witness, who he was confident of in a case related to redo on tidy. he is the leader of a mafia group here in the netherlands, who prosecutors does prosecuted has had as much to see does everything he can to achieve his goals. on top of that, the justice justice minister has lost an investigation as to why someone who was doing the kind of delicate and dangerous what the pizza disease was doing was able to was going around the city without security. they want to make sure, obviously, that incident like this doesn't happen again. check patrick, they're reporting from amsterdam. now, this is the process they have marched against the tokyo olympics with the opening
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ceremony just a week away. public concern remains. hy, this fancy organizers banning spectators from venues. several athletes and staff have tested positive for corporate 19 officials are urging fans to stay home and watch the games on television. on the last, the excitement is building before the opening ceremony. in 2019 the self su don running team went to japan to acclimatize train and pursue their olympic dream. 2 years later they are still there. the w chris harrington has more . the cell sudanese team got a head start when they came to japan. and even though koby 19 put the games on hold for one year, the team never left. the reason why we have to see the mission we came
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for you to never come up over the past year, the team have immerse themselves in japanese culture. they've taken language lessons and are part of the local community, thanks to donations in tax revenue. the teams host city, my boss, he raised $300000.00 us dollars to support the athletes. some of it even came through this vending machine. but being far away from home, this challenging being something. then you have to be always ready to be no matter what this happens. so 15 to do this for my country. mean that i am, i am already sacrifice anything. we've been my time with the family or watch it when she did. tokyo 2020 will be the 2nd appearance at the olympics for south sudan, the nation. only 10 years old. i mean while you gone to his team is dreaming of olympic glory. the games will be groundbreaking for one fighter,
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catherine. none theory will make history by becoming the 1st woman box it to represent you gone down at the olympics. passion is confident and obedient. that's how catherine nancy. it, it's coach. this card, sir. the 1st female boxer to represent uganda will create history for her country adult and fix that pulls the i'll see, decision to allow women to participate in the games in 2000 went a full proud of myself, cause it's a pray that ever spoke to you could have prayed to go for the only begins and being that just that the 1st some books that it's it has given me a be a good a good profile depending on the us put the future, the fly, wait books in 1st part of the book thing in 2015, but then dropped out of training to earn a living. it looked like she might follow the path of other you can the female booksellers, who never for the early promise,
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but not the resumed her boxing kitty and to 12 and 18. i'm with her ticket to talk you is pushing new boundaries. i'm a unique person, i think as my name. it means to it. so i let i love to be unique in sports or in the environment or own me. so i decided to dream book thing being that i wanted to know, like an inspiration to the young lady's in school where that had been due to the corona virus pandemic. the olympic qualifiers and patterns were cancelled by the i o. c, button and theory was a still look, she made it to talk you based on her role tracking of 12 and forth in africa. not about going for someone who only started competing internationally last year. say listen, i think if my were potent call when i looked up by people they think i can book and that's the very best weapon i use in varying for all gather
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7 medals in the history of the games. how come and the ring and theory is hoping to snatch the 1st box in gold for her country are definitely hurting for her. reminder of the top story that we're tracking for you, this, our hundreds of people have been killed and devastating flooding across western europe. here in germany, more than that 1000 are missing in the city of cologne, and the dutch prime minister of declaring a national emergency washing. when you live from berlin, thank you for spending as part of your day with the news. the news, the news,
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the news, the news, the news, the news, the africa lack to northern white miners in the world are grieving here in kenya. but waste, who is this lady? this is your last chance to reproduce. the behavior. scientists are trying to seem to be they have
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a lot of ideas about how to deal with the go go's dw, ah, the news. how does the virus spread? why do we panic? and when will all of this 3 of the topics that we've covered in a weekly radio if you would like any more information on the krona virus or any other science conflicts, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find us at t w dot com slash science. my goal was right in front of them that they're all for this one moment. then suddenly,
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we agreed to postpone the are the games that tokyo with $22421.00. from off course, during the qualifying ground these for sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready to help down during walk down the lucky go to tokyo starts july 19th, d w. i me the hello and welcome to equal africa. the environment shall go produced by mtv in uganda. china's tv in a area on the dw in germany. i am sondra torino. do on with me, or is this michael horst crease in my area creased? how are you today?
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just fine. sandra, thank you so very much. on the one. welcome to all of us out there.


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