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tv   Lesenswert Quartett  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:15pm CEST

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he agreed to postpone the olympic game central care with 202021. thrown off course during the qualifying ground. not least for sports heroes. actually, it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready to help down during walk down the block. you go to tokyo starts july 19th on d, w. me the the global hunger for energy is only increasing with every passing united nations. beneath that, our journey towards the climate disaster will continue steady unless we make an
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urgent switch to an efficient and renewable energy in all sectors. but renewable energy comes at a cost to be on eco india, and let's critically analyze this alternate. hello and welcome on some of that. ok . the latest service by the government of india reviews that 13 percent or 61300000000 citizens don't have access to crude beast electricity in the last decade, states and the he malia histone to hydro power, to close the gaps in electrification with many ripples criss crossing this region, hydro power potential is huge, but this clean energy narrative is now being challenged on the grounds of adverse environmental effects. the breathing thing is angry with the gum and its promise of environmentally friendly energy. he lives on the same strip, a small tributary in him, much patricia state. within 20 years,
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the state build over 800 hydro electric bothered stations. 2 of them on the things don't get time to watch who may not talk to begin greatly benefit and develop the idea. when the vote was under, the didn't turn out to be the ban food or why just take a table or you know, what, in the entire money room environment. because our land, everything has been destroyed lobo, we have been left with nothing to eat yet. in scott, we've become funny to me seemed ready to visit and see they were promised compensation in jobs. instead they lost their and di livelihoods, which were traditionally based on the culture, not over the 2 hydro electric plant on the same ship that is nowhere near enough pharmacy. and do more of a plot under construction gala
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tom tom got it. but before this dialogue who depended on the coach and we never had to purchase anything from the market instead of money by selling, i know that our land is not ours anyway on the marketplace of basic amenities like ward and going up. this has been a huge all the to call and they didn't use the kids from the mac or was it came up as an environmentally friendly bob, a source, hydro electric lungs have become an important generator of electricity around what interpolate behind cole and gas. and that also makes them a lucrative source of income and much per day, the state government drakes and over $9000000000.00. rubies that is 100000000 euros . and electricity revenues annually. and one mental active it's not god hydropower boom with the skepticism guzman. thing research is the effect it had on bio diversity and people who live in the region mag up the i get,
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you may have a negative effect on the environmental delay has been expropriated in some was in water. that means of livelihood. because if you could destroy, did his largest nor did the suction any, but by the end or the environmental to make the part of it shut up. on top of that, the region is prone to dam. breaches of lunches and landslides would be get us traffic for the people living here. as recently happened, nibbling with the rock indistinct. the river beaten lies only 40 kilometers away from the st. valley and other small tributaries, but it flows through untouched nature. is one of the few in the region, the no hydro electric plot
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that's thanks to renew the part of the in 2002, a number of hydro electric power stations along the river, given planning permission party teamed up with other villagers and went to court everybody was brought up projects, all the politicians and all the beautiful chris. he also i will see anybody there unless he's accept officially the department no benefits comes to the look good in i really this was all private investors. would have taken the electricity to the nice and read to their own establishments wherever in the plains the villagers, one day case though it took 3 years, their homeland and livelihood have been preserved. the still live of agriculture and fishing. and the reason is they have also established
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a sustainable to this industry that inviting travel to their own home the will be who will be really didn't. there is not a lot of deviation that took place. and we all this talk to people that tourism is, has to be treated as an alternative income generation equity unit. and thankfully, they're also grown up to us, right? because they did not leave their orchard. we are all part of what we said, look at convert your house because there's are usually big you know, to lose them into home. but don't leave your original, you know, source of income. mm. now $20000.00 people are visiting the pete and vetting annually that residence on much more than
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the hydro plant operate, as promised them compensation anglers, hikers, birdwatchers, and the study mostly from india come to see the media species in the environment the villages defended so ah, it's not just in india, where there's a problem, just with a fiscal, the energy used in heating and cooling in the go to peer union comes from renewable sources. and like an india, this share is set to grow in the coming years. but when it comes to wind turbines, some citizens in greece are reluctant. construction of hundreds of wind turbines are planned on quick island. environmentalists and local residents have some serious concerns. it is said that the greek island of tino says handmade because of its centuries old walls and path and the architect. you want to publish corporate
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who is absolutely determined to protect this unique cultural asset. so here we can see a typical food of the most made out of the i phone was this food plus use to give access to all the owner soup surround. and it's something that we are trying to take advantage of. now in order to develop, walking to the windmills and the so called pitch and houses built by her ancestors 300 years ago, are know supposed to give way to wind turbines. one shows us the site where private investors had just completed the foundations for 3 large turbines. with another 15 plant, you want to and many other islanders fear t. nose could lose its typical character has to decide what to do and we're going to present it to pass it on to next generation . so you're going to demolish most for more than constructions or other products,
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like when cardeana not far from the plan turbines, his home to sculptor, motto valley, us and his family, he feared for the future of greece's cultural heritage. sub was him. if i did, mountains used to always be the seat of the gods, but now they have been supplanted by money author hoping everything is about making money for expediency. as for the activity, he shows us videos of protests. he helped to organize a special police unit. the demonstrators, including him with night sticks a shopping experience 2 hours away by ferry. the island, korea is best known for its unspoiled nature. its mountains include protected areas, teeming with rare plant life. c, o 2, the a deal exceed could end. the private meeting in
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a group is planning $110.00 wind turbines to supply electricity to athens. environmentalists are alarmed. it is all in their protected areas in special areas. and this is really just, there will be a disaster. the whole mountain is going to be live and so it is really transforming korea to an industrial zone. although the plans are not yet final, las yanna vs is already informing the island residents about their potential impact . it. korea has had its share of bad experiences with other large scale projects. a once lush valley resembled a moon skate like this, after a hybrid power plant was built, the erosion on the island is already extreme. again and again, entire hillsides flood off, especially in areas where large roads are constructed,
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the mountains, their home not only to goats, but to many beekeepers as well. if wind turbines are built here and galas will have to move away with his these he mainly says c would and would be bad for the b use of the pot up only yet the, this, i couldn't put their boxes near the wind turbines, man because electromagnetic radiation from the guy could make them lose the orientation. knock on the suspect due to the mayor's office is aware of the concerns it met with farm investors. 9 years ago. a little vale, the activities on neighboring islands worry, the mayor. a few small wind turbines might be tolerable, but $110.00. committed a medical we would protest on the policy and that's not just my own personal opinion. but surely or not, of the officials in the municipal council and local administration. a great
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question on the 1st turbines are standing by 2025 because he is meant to be connected to athens vine and underwater cables. now the investor is supposedly revising the plans to make them environmentally friendly. but few believe that in korea, they fear that landscapes like this could soon become a thing of the past. it is a dilemma. on the one hand, people are protesting because of the problems caused by renewables and on the other needs to dramatically cut down carbon dioxide emission. because climate change is causing the world's temperature too, right? that's of fact, we need to move quickly if you have to keep the rise to around 1.5 degrees tells to limit its impact. some scientists see that we also need to actively suck massive amounts of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. but carbon capture and storage is going to bushel because it's really a wible option. let's take
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a look. we know we're currently pumping too much carbon dioxide into the air. but would be amazing if we could find a way to suck it all up and send it back deep underground climate scientists and saying that without such technology we won't have our climate targets. the turns out this seemingly cutting edge idea to capture carbon is actually decades old. the u. s. navy use capture as a way to clear the inside submarines a space shuttle that's filled up. what's your to from the breath of soldiers and estimates? you may remember that dana, from the movie apollo 13, were suddenly they had to build a c o. 2 scrubbing system for c o 2 levels are kind of getting toxic. well, i suggest you gentlemen and where to put a square peg in a round hole and they dumped all the stuff out on the table and said guys,
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we have 3 hours to figure out how to make us year to scrub like they have the technology already on the free press like we know how to do more than carbon capture technology is basically this c o 2 scrubber on a bigger scale like this blind in south india. first the polluted is sucked into the industrial system through antonio fans after being cleaned for impurities. transported towards the absorption plant where it is pooled and then sent to fall into that absolved c o 2. which would then move further into the plan for processing while the clean air, which is mostly only what vehicle is now. the c u 2 is latest stripped out of the solvent and can be used to make other products. next food i already use to heat greenhouses or even as a fuel you got to see you to write the source of the pollution likely in the factory where they burn corn and strip the c o 2 out of the images and diverted to
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the adjoining. so the ash factory, this is called point source capture hundreds of pilots and small scale facilities and over 50 large scale plants around the world are currently doing this. then there is direct air capture, where big fans suck large amounts of polluted air directly out of the atmosphere. 15 plans that can be doing this worldwide, but experts say the potential is huge. even if the c o 2 is emitted again, like when the fuel is burned, it is considered carbon neutral as it has an added to the c o 2 that would have entered the any way. the better thing to do for the environment, of course, is to prevent emissions from ever entering the air. so companies now working to inject carbon deep into the ground in a process called sequestration. that can preserve the indefinitely. this is considered carbon negative as it actively remove the carbon from the atmosphere. and this also has pretty ironic consequences. but more on that later,
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we know from the arithmetic of climate, because we need all of these things and we need as much of them all as we can get to the next 30 years, have to start removing about 10000000000 tons of c o 2. every year. cool, you friedman is one of the foremost experts on carbon capture who served in the u. s. department of energy. he says masses, c o 2 remove will needs to start now. and the leading climate body, the ip cc agrees, in the latest report, they declared that the world will not meet its climate target without active carbon capture and remove it. and the original carbon suckers can play a role. but considering the space and water needed and the fact that they are always the risk of being cut down anyways, excellent can leave the can only a fractional. so the focus is now on the deck version of direct capture. machines that are spinning up around the develop was canadian company
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carbon engineering plans to launch the biggest commercial chapter in 2022 building upon capable of removing 1000000 tons. it's coming to me currently direct capture companies worldwide capture 9000 tons of c o. 2 per year to carbon engineering goals are massive. the effectively acknowledges available, but it's the question of how we scale the market right now. i think that brings me back to carbon engineering. this is the main them which is making policy intensive . and that's the reason not everybody is already sucking carbon out of the air all over the was estimates very. but at the moment it's cost of $200.00 to remove a ton of c o 2 through direct capture to scale up the industrial company,
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see the need to be better financial incentives. these can. ringback come, i don't form of credits offered by the government in exchange for removing the harmful substance from the s all in capsule. carbon can be treated at a good price on the market. does a good also come from taxing companies that allow their carbon now fumes to escape and that is a place there is combination of these measures has. 4 norway introduce attacks and position on this 30 years ago, which is now incentivized a number of large companies to capture that carbon, setting them on a quick boss to us carbon neutrality. sequestration has also been carried out in monitored in iceland for over 20 years, allowing experts to conclude that the process is safe for all practical purposes. and the space available underground is virtually limitless. other companies in europe as well as canada and the u. s. all catching up, but it's early days,
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and this brings us to the not so climate friendly consequences of sequestration. in the absence of large incentives from governments, all capture and sequenced ration companies are collaborating with paradoxical big oil companies. what do you need to do frustration? you need someone that you can store because one of the best price is the store that is owed oil. and the owners of those asset time, the oil and gas companies. well, that's a very strategic rate for them to go down to listing asset at the same time, putting the captured c o 2 into the ground, build up pressure, and makes it easier for even more oil to be extracted in a process called enhanced oil recovery up to 88 percent of carbon capture than sequestered at the moment is used to extract more oil. and this makes investing in
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carbon capture financially viable for these oil companies. certainly worry about the big oil roll capture. done comment is an export and teen energy who has spoken out about big problems with this kind of modeling. also, companies can continue to admit and we just stuck some of their pollution ways. there are many other problems with fossil fuel industry in addition to their local air pollution. yes, water pollution is environmental injustice. and so finding way to extend the life of fossil fuel is essentially finding a way to continue replacing the scientist cleo. and then we need to actively remove carbon from the air. but without drugs, public support or government incentives, these technologies remain in the hands of private investors. who will only go where the profits are. to keep the technology going, we need to ensure
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a clever combination of incentives for non oil companies, jackson polluters and pricing for you to hire a scientific solution there for a human made problem. but not all of have to be like that. as humans. we haven't made connection to me to something that's perhaps been lost through the tree concrete and been prequalified architecture. but there are those who are trying to change that in amsterdam. architects are going back to our route, would bio for design. what does that really mean? let's take a look ah, instead of concrete curves rather than hard edges as kind of architecture that loves life. the results of building according to the principles of bias. look, architecture, yakima,
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garcia. i don't know if the architect of the 3 booter, or book and ear in the debt to the of amsterdam, one of the key elements of the bi affiliate approach, is to create a direct connection with nature. and we created by using natural materials that, that simulates or are connected both of these really and experientially, to, to nature wooden slats, run around the entire building, ensuring optimal lighting conditions and privacy. the movement was monitored for a whole year. so the last could be a line perfectly. another fundamental concept of bias to like, architecture, is that interior and exterior say, should merge into one. as soon as we, we wake up in this, in this room, we can really open up and have a direct connection to the terrace into the natural element of,
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of the water. ah, the free boot or a special construction method, only cost about 10 percent more than a conventional way to families live here. each with 120 meters of living space. ah, they enjoy a special indoor climate and a house with close to 0 energy consumption. thanks to state of the art technology especially like this room because the sun move around to have your day and at the end of the day it ends here and the light is fair, beautiful in this room. it's not just a light special. the house appeals to all this. henson, when people come and fix, almost everybody wants to touch this part. it's curved. it's what people love it. ah,
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the concept isn't only finding favor. now. these days greener buildings are built in many places using wood and other natural materials. owners and architects tried to integrate the surrounding nature into their construction even if not always under the label bio filling architecture. co garcia, i was already thinking on a much larger scale. as with this current project might involve living units that can be extended at will it has so many benefits. yeah. there's a high demand for these kind of the building. so i really foresee that in the future there was, there would be more and more buildings designed with a biofuel approach. the free residents have no doubt that their quality of life has improved since moving in
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life changes spaces, change. and they're so much more curve in us. so the whole experience is completely different. i think more calming, perhaps, and more playful, playful. the bio feel like architecture provides a green and holistic approach to living things. and architectural concept with a future ah, like in every other relationship, we have, our relationship with the environment must be quality driven and not quantity driven. if we treat renewable energy as just another cursory to do this without understanding its impacts, we may have to solve more problems than we signed up for. think about that,
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and i'll see you again next week from our entire team in india and germany, goodbye me. the the the the, the, the, me, me, the news
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the news, the ah hi culture. hi hair. super. super food, dilation, dial icon. so let lifestyle europe
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d w many portion of gloves occur now in the world right now in climate conference story. this is life less the way from just one week. how much was really get we still have time to go. i'm doing all this to subscribe for morning is like on the green you feel worried about me to a meal host of the on the green pasco, and to me is clear. we need to change the solutions or join me for deep dive into the green transformation for me to use for the
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the all the news news, news news.
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the news . this is the w news. why from berlin? no lead. catastrophic flooding kills more than a 100 in germany and western europe. hundreds more. our mission. rescuers search for survivors in towns buried under mud and weld more rain is forecast. also coming up. chancellor angler medical makes a farewell visit to washington to bolster strain trans atlantic relations. but there is no agreement with president joe biden on how to deal with russia and china .
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ah welcome to our viewers around the world, michael local. we begin with the devastating floods which have killed more than 100 people in western europe. historic towns have been reduced to rubble in 6 countries . the dutch prime minister has declared a national disaster here in germany. hundreds are still missing in the worst flooding in decades. in areas where the flood waters have receded, emergency crews are searching for survivors. in a moment we'll get the latest from our correspondent on the ground. but 1st, this report another mock of these devastating floods. a landslide collapses houses into the mud evacuated residence had already started to return home. now many a few dead in other towns,
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the cleanup effort has already started in volatile time. residents peak through what's left of their home. they say they had almost no time to react before raging flood waters hit the town of mars. and all of a sudden the water breached the damn. all the houses here, the same height. so when the water came up from the cell at lightning speed, we all jumped in our cars and drove up the mountain out of a part of itself in back walker farm. we had to get ourselves to safety. the hundreds of thousands of houses are without power of clean water. the internet is being cut and phone reception is down. fall in tears have come from nearby areas, bringing whatever equipment they have to help clear roads and houses. yeah, i've been here under come. when i arrived here, it was a disaster for the entire road behind me was covered in branches and brick cars. oh,
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mashed into one up to this heights and you couldn't access the building left and right. and we didn't know what we'd find in the rubble. we were warned that we might come across bodies and that we should let the fire brigade and the police report it's i am many towns and still cut off some major roads flooded or broken apart. germany's defense minister had called for the army to make rescue efforts a top priority as late and share their shock at the ferocity of the disaster. this is done, it's good to get us. it is a tragedy that so many have lost their lives. it leaves me stunned dimensions on the land. many people in our country feel for those who are graving for their loved ones, is mercy. i'd like to express my sympathy to those families and in my thoughts with them in the authority say overflowing dams could still be threatening
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more homes enforcing residents to stay away while the weather has cleared in some areas more rainfall is expected. that's cost over to kate martyr in val ports. sean kate, you've been on the scene all day. what is the latest where you are? so i was also hey, for the whole day today and the whole day yesterday. and today's bethany a day from a clean up effort, which is as you can definitely going on behind me. and now some of the main roads have been closed by have been cleaned up by some of the big machinery. but now people have decided to town their attention to that, the interior of that home. and it's really, really sad to see as you walk through the streets. people have just entirely emptied the entire contents of the piles of bricks and there's a table full of people's records and people do
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a covers and very pos and all items that usually only you ever see inside of home and never covered in so much, much as yeah, today is definitely a day where people are returning attention to their own home and they're going inside and really being able to grasp the sense of the absolute sense of the damage, not just to the village, but that might as well. no doubt. there are dozens and dozens of sad stories where you were standing right now. have you been talking to people affected by the flooding? and what are they telling you? so i've just actually spoken to you one couple here and they're both. the 32 year old young professionals works as she help, but they were children at school in the nearby city of bon. and they kindly showed me inside the home and they showed me how high the water level had come up. and they pointed me around the home and said that that bedroom and this is where the
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home office was. and that's that kitchen where they just bought a washing machine 2 months later. and now it's completely destroyed. but that, that's really the least that worries because they also didn't have, they've had from their insurance company that they had no actually insured for their kind of water damage. they don't own the houses and renters, and they didn't think we would need this kind of damage at kind of damage cover cover for that home, but not to investors because they said they don't live near the river. the water never comes to high up either. and they're worried about how they can meet that cause. we've been hearing reports said over a 1000 people are still accounted, unaccounted for in the neighboring region. how reliable is that number and have conditions east enough to enable rescue workers to locate some of these people? for you, that's a really good question because it is a really, really high figure and it sounds quite scary, but i do want to caution with that because here in the region in the valley,
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the phone signal and the internet connection is incredibly bad at the moment because of the flood, flood water damage. so people have actually been very unable to contact people and therefore is making it difficult to realize who's, who's missing. but some of the villages nearby as well, actually inaccessible because of the roads. some of the roads have actually been swept away and people are unable rescue teams are unable to actually really get to the villages that set by helicopter. so they're trying to really get a bit better picture of the number of people who are actually missing and that unable to do that right now. because at some of the villages i just really difficult to reach with a bigger machinery that they would need. now that most of the water is gone, is there any assessment of just how widespread in serious the damages? so i have spoken to you a few other residents here and one resident to lauren told me that the damage for themselves, person, me for their belongings not heard,
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would run up into the 1000000 many of people who have told me that they've thought that cause they just don't have the insurance or they're looking at very high tech, but people said that themselves, they haven't really worked through the kind of disaster themselves to them. really began adding another layer of concern on top of that by looking at the financial costs as well. there's definitely something that everyone is thinking that's been reported kate. martyr in ballot. shine much thanks. one of the organizations providing assistance in the floods is germany's technical relief agency. the t h w. it's a disaster relief agency made up almost completely of volunteers. i'm joined now bye guillermo graham from the th w headquarters in bon welcome to d w gamma. how many people does your agency have assisting in this disaster right now? and where are they exactly?
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i case for having me here. so, so far to shelby has deployed about 2000 dedicated volunteers to assist in the various operations going on. and so yeah, and these, these, these volunteers are from most parts of germany, actually since we are federal agency with nationwide, nationwide network volunteers. but most of the list, their sponsors, obviously focusing on the run and palatine and was failure. what do they focus on focusing on in terms of their actual activity? is it rescuing people or repairing infrastructure? and so it's, it's, it's really, it really kind of spends entire palet keeps w, the capacity. so you have obviously the main focus is this is reaching the people that have not yet been able to be reached by emergency response staff. or yes, to make sure that the people on account of, for our and, or for but you do have
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a large number of different pumping operations going on stabilizing structures that have been damaged, removing rubble, water purification, or for drinking water for the people who have been affected and evacuated, that's really the, the full pallet of teaching over the past year. no, no doubt. a lot of our viewers see these images and it's almost unimaginable to them. what can you say about the challenges your staff are facing on the ground there? yeah. okay. so yeah, obviously the one thing and everybody in the back of every mind is the, the ongoing pandemic teacher has been part of the response there, obviously for the last year and a half as well. and so now you have a national giant pandemic. and in such a, such a violent event with such deep impact on the innocent, wider area in western germany on top us in germany. and so it's, it's really like a double event at the same time. and also, as i mentioned, you were asked you immediately, all of a sudden you need all kinds of capacities in a large area that really is a big draw,
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which i think is only able to be compensated by steady training and good investment . and in decent equipment and function equipment. so you know, graham from germany's technical relief agency. many, many thanks. thank you. well, the floods in germany have overshadow chancellor anglo manacles, a farewell visit to the united states. she's due to leave office in september, talked with president joe biden celebrated the trans atlantic alliance, but there was disagreement over security threats from china and russia. unlike his predecessor bite, entreated medical as a friend rather than pho. it's been a long time since the german chancellor received a welcome. this warm in washington merkel back into the white house. she's available of us many times. she's been a great friend. i consider personal friends as well as my great friend,
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the united states, and up to the tense diplomatic relationship with former president trump, the president joe biden, and chancellor angler. michael stressed the friendship between that 2 countries we will stand up for democratic principles and universal rights when we see china or any other country working to undermine free and open societies. we stand together and will continue to stand together to offend our eastern flight allies at nato, against russia, aggression. but germany and the u. s. do not agree on how to deal with either russia or china. the plan gigantic north stream to pipeline will bring russian natural gas into europe. washington says the project makes the continent more dependent on russia and threatened the security of it's small and neighbors,
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like ukraine. merkel has long championed the project, but play down the differences. now what we talk about russia and ukraine and in this context also about node stream to we've come to different assessments as to what this project can tail. but let me say clearly our idea is and remains that ukraine remains a transit country for natural gas ukraine. like any other country has a right to territorial sovereignty. the chancellor farewell tour of washington began with a breakfast with vice president carmella harris and later the johns hopkins university bestowed an honorary degree on the former physicist. the other medical time is german chancellor may be drawing to a close,
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but she has left a lasting impression on the us precedent. and if they are on a personal note, i must tell you, i'll miss seeing you at our summits. i would truly will with the bite and presidency us german relations, all comma, but big differences remain to asian. now, dozens of protesters have marched against the tokyo olympics with the opening ceremony just a week away. public concern remains high. despite the organizes banning spectators from venues, several athletes and staff have tested positive for october. 19 officials are urging the public to stay home and watch the games on television. and a bit of a limbic mystery at this point, a member of the uganda and the weight lifting team has gone missing 20 year old julia's sec, you told lake or fail to show up for a corona virus test. the authorities are now trying to find him. athletes and
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officials have to take regular tests and follow rules on where they can go. you're watching the w news alive from berlin, coming up next, rob watts, with the business use. and don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information round the clock on our website, w dot comp. a mike look who in berlin, thanks for watching. this is doug the, the news. ah, the, we're going to be on field. yes. as we take on the world we're all of those stories that matter to you.


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