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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2021 5:03pm-5:31pm CEST

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and phone reception is down, fall into you to come from nearby areas, bringing whatever equipment they have to help clear roads and houses. yeah, i've been younger come when i arrived here, it was a disaster. or the entire road behind me was covered in branches and brick cars all mashed into one up to these heights. and you couldn't building left and right. and we didn't know what we'd find in the rubble. we were warned that we might come across bodies and that we should let the fire brigade and the police report it's, i am all many towns. i still cut off some major roads of flooded or broken apart. germany's defense minister has called to the army to make rescue f. it's a top priority. as late as share, their shock at the ferocity of the disaster is trying to target to get us. it is a tragedy that so many have lost their lives. it leaves me stunned dimensions on
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the land. many people in our country feel for those who are graving for their loved one was, is nurse, i'd like to express my sympathy to those families. my thoughts with in and the authority say overflowing dams could still be threatening more homes enforcing residents to stay away while the weather has cleared in some areas. more rainfall is expected that over to kate motor, invalid port time k, to what is the latest where you are for i was here a day earlier when the, when the flooding was still quite new and today is definitely a day that cleanup efforts. you can see there's still lots of this really deep steak mom on the floor that people are waiting through and digging up and digging and trying to de, pulled it out. the way of that house is there was still was that have broken down
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and you can really see the kind of damage that this is done to the interior people's homes as well. so you can see people have taken all of their belongings and they're all lying outside the houses and varies or pass no belongings that you never see outside. so people's like record and that burke that, and people's photographs, they're all just outside of our homes and you can really see kind of how much this is not just damage the infrastructure, but really we're in people's lives as well. okay, there are reports of over a 1000 people still unaccounted for in the neighboring region. first of all, how reliable or those numbers, and is there any progress in locating these people for i would really caution about the the high numbers. because in the valley where we are the signal and the internet, our connection is very bad at the moment due to the flooding and due to the storms
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of the area have had. so i would caution about thinking about the high numbers. however, i did speak to one resident of output time and she said that in beverage village is probably one of the nearest villages that still accessible and never villages. farther into the valley. that is still, the roads have been washed away and people rescuers on able attribute to reach the towns except by helicopter at the moment. so they do expect to potentially find more missing people in the villages. they actually just can't reach at the moment because roads have been washed away. now that most of the water is gone, is there already an assessment of how big the damage actually is? again i've spoken to if he resident, then $11.00 told me that that just for them possibly i had the cost was run up into the maybe millions of euros that but there's also the emotional damage that the storms have done as well. i spoke to this woman and she told me that house i've
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been destroyed with her grandmother and it's been in the family now. so 2 generations. and she found it very difficult to talk about that because losing this harm was a very, very close to how hot and she felt like just losing that was something which is beyond a kind of financial cost. well, i'm not, it's not just for one resident, but for all of the residents here in oakland time and also throughout the whole of our region. that's reported kate mortar invalid for time much thanks. k. the floods in germany have overshadowed chancellor angle mood angle medical's farewell visit to the united states. she will leave office in september, talked with president joe biden celebrated the trans atlantic alliance. but there was disagreement over security trans from china and russia. unlike his predecessor bite, entreated medical as a friend rather than pho. it's been
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a long time since the german chancellor received a welcome. this warm, in washington, merkel back into the white house if she's available of us. many times she'd been a great friend to consider a personal friend, as well as my great friend, the united states, up to the 10 diplomatic relationship with the former president, trump, president joe biden, and chancellor angler. michael stressed the friendship between that 2 countries we will stand up for democratic principles and universal rights when we see china or any other country working to undermine free and open societies. we stand together and will continue to stand together to defend our eastern flight allies at nato, against russia, aggression,
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but germany and the us do not agree on how to deal with either russia or china. the plant joy can take north stream to pipeline will bring russian natural gas into europe. washington says the project makes the continent more dependent on russia and threatened the security of it's small and neighbors, like ukraine. merkel has long championed the project, but play down the differences. lots and we talk about russia and ukraine and in this context also about nord stream to we've come to different assessments as to what this project entail. but let me say clearly, our idea is and remains that ukraine remains a trans that country for natural gas. i'm not ukraine like any other country, has a right to territorial sovereignty. the chancellor farewell tour of washington began with a breakfast with vice president carmella harris. and
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later the johns hopkins university bestowed an honorary degree on the former physicist the other medical time is german, chancellor may be drawing to a close, but she has left a lasting impression on the us precedent. and if they are on a personal note, i must tell you, i'll miss seeing you in our summits. i would truly will with the bite and presidency us german relations, all comma, the big differences remain for more now let's speak to john coin to him. he's a former us ambassador, did germany 1st off. nice to see you again, mr. bass for. how important was this visit for us german relations? i think it was very important if for no other reason then because it signified the
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end of a very harsh and difficult but that there was many things to talk about is you report showed some of the both europe and united states facing a major change in the way the world is running and it's very important to me understanding each other and try and have a close coordination as possible during the era. by didn't and medical 1st and foremost showed unity and friendship during the meeting can strong us, german ties be restored after 4 years of donald trump. well, chris, german, and strong all the time they've been since the 17th century. and the question is not whether it's drug us, german ties can be restored. the question is, can we make successful cooperation? can we do things with these ties? and in the last few years, the results of this very close relationship has been less than
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a bit in the past. i think that there's going to be many very difficult problems. the face climate is one. well, the entire question of china is one of the others, and i think it's going to be not so simple simply to say, we know like each other and everything's going to work. we need a totally new agenda for the future. we're not anywhere near getting that one just of course that hasn't been resolved. is the nord stream to pipeline after the meeting. but in said, good friends can disagree. has he effectively given in on this issue in order not to damage relations with germany? yeah. see that's, that's exactly what happened. he has given it in the sense that he's not going to push it to a confrontation. the problem is that is not the only person affecting this united states. the reason that there has been such a strong and negative american reaction comes so much from the white house as from
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congress. and the congress has many close connections with countries in europe, such as ukraine, but also the baltic states, poland, also the country. i think germany is not really realized that this is not a german american problem. is a german western problem. and much of the reaction coming out of the american congress is not because somebody in florida protection care is a whole lot about best gas. but because congress has been very date, says the lobby by the central and eastern europeans, but also by the european commission. this is a bad idea. as you well know, the u. s. is criticized germany for not only making deals with russia, but also china and turning away from the western alliance. is germany at risk of getting caught between world powers? no, i don't think so. germany has we also have atmospheric differences between especially the states in germany, but also between france and britain in germany. because germany very difficult.
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state western positions is a very direct and if you will, unflinching manner. i was looking for compromise with countries like this. i tried that we had the same discussion with germany and russia over the past 25 years. when you take it apart, you find out that germany's position is not very much different than that of the western countries. but germany, our test, the code is position with a very, very cooperative rhetoric which many people are the west. the appeasement actually angle. and merkle is term comes to an end after september's electrons. what influence do you expect a new chancellor to have on us german relations? well, i think the interesting point here is medical is going to be missed for sure. and we'll see how the new chancellor is able to fit her shoes. quite difficult, i think. but the fact is, if you look around the world right now,
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all of the major powers, if you want to use that term, are actually say, tried to cultivate germany. germany has in fact, i mean this is the pat you really hasn't become the world's 3rd most important country because it's on the supply communication and also defense lines between east and west and north and south. so you're going to try and not just the united states, but russia and china, and many others as trying to build strong relations with germany. this is going to be an advantage for the new chapter, but it's also difficult for he or she, whoever it is. because these people building these relations are going to expect a lot from germany. and germany, as we've just said, is not accustomed to taking strong positions, international issues. and so john conbal and former us ambassador to germany. thank you so much for joining d. w. happy to be with you. thank you. let's take
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a look at some other stories making headlines around the world at this hour. a rescue operation is under way in indonesia, after a storm caused fishing vessels to capsize. at least 9 people have died while 81 were rescued. many more or still missing. a russian passenger plan that went missing during a flight in siberia has been found. according to state media, the entre north aircraft made of force landing on its way to the city of thomson authorities say all 18 passengers and crew survived. taliban fighters were treated in pakistani hospital after clashes with afghan troops at the border. afghans special forces were attempting to retake the strategic spin boiler crossing, seized earlier this week of orders photographer was killed in the attack. in south
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africa, the death toll has risen to at least a 117 after week of unrest. the military has called in thousands of soldiers to assist the police. the young rest followed the jailing of former president jacob's duma, and is the worst violence the country has seen since the end of a part time. lebanon is facing a deepening political and economic crisis. the prime minister in waiting for how really is stepping down after failing to form a new coalition has been no government for a year. the last administration class following the deadly explosion at basins port . earlier, we spoke to d. w. corresponded basil reading and asked him why it is so difficult to form a government according to the designated or former prime minister. now in an interview last night with a look in the tv channel, he said that the reason behind this say get you to 1st of all that the nice guy,
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presidents refuse to take the cup in at the, at the line of what you 4 minutes, which consider how do you, by, how do you that it is the, do you the best government or the best cabinets to do that he wants to take the baby. and it's like the 2nd that morning, the main obstacle, that's the event on his son in law, under the minister of foreign asset, refused to do this. is that how do you the name of the christian minister that people lot use has thought. how do you the accurate in the interview last night? his will law that he didn't enough question before the new government. so this is what based on how do you do it. but on the other hand, we have from other obstacles, which is all of us that the kind of relations the crises in. and it's still hard for anyone to take to have that it's so it is, it seems like mission the netherlands is paying its respects to murdered crime journalists. peter de frees mourners laid flowers where the prominent reporter was
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gone down last week. his family says he died surrounded by loved ones in hospital and spent his career reopening, cold cases. prime minister mark says his death is almost impossible to comprehend. freeze was involved in a case against the wanted drug bearing. 2 suspects had been arrested. a reporter jack pair of has been to the side in amsterdam where de fries was shot, and he sent us this update. when are in to the 2nd day of morning here in the netherlands for peter devries, the investigative crime journalist that dies on thursday. his family announcing his death in a statement saying that he should come to the fire gunshot wounds that had hit him 9 days in this very spot in central saddam. now people have been coming down here to deliver flowers at the spot where he was shot to pay their respects. this was a journalist who was beloved here in the netherlands. he was known fighting for the
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little guys the trying to do guys corruption and trying to fight crime people have been turning up from across the netherlands to come here today to pay their respect to pizza, to debrief, and to his family. he helped so many people in his life and he stood up for, for all those people and for, for the rights was already fighting for, for, and i was also fighting for muslim people. also in the was, it will, is to the news. what is a very good man? that's why i came in and i guess couldn't sleep now. well, the tribute continuing to poor in here at the site where he was shot the investigation into exactly what happened is obviously continuing. 2 men were arrested shortly after the incident 10 days ago. now the dutch federation of
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journalist said that they are very sure that this case, this incident is shooting, is related to the, the work that peter devries was doing with a prime witness. who he was confident of in a case related to read a one time fee. he is the leader of a mafia group here in the netherlands, who prosecutors does. prosecutors had a mercilessly does everything he can to achieve his goals. on top of that, the justice justice minister, has lost an investigation as to why someone who was doing the kind of delicate and dangerous work that peter degrees was doing was able to was going around the city without security. they want to make sure, obviously, that incident like this don't happen again. now to the latest developments in the crone of virus pandemic, indonesia has reported a record daily rise of more than a 1000 coves, 900 deaths. a new wave of infections is being driven by the delta variance of the
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krona virus. hospitals and cemeteries are overwhelmed. new south wales has recorded nearly a 100 new cases. australia's 2 biggest cities, sydney and melbourne, have reimpose lockdown. dozens of protesters have marched against the tokyo olympics with the opening ceremony just a week away. public concern remain. ty, despite the organizers, banding spectators from venice. several athletes and staff have tested positive for cobra. 19 officials are urging the public to stay home and watch the games on television. and the less excitement is building before the opening ceremony in 2019 the south sudan running team went to japan to acclimatize train and pursue their limpid dream. 2 years later, they're still there. the w press harrington has more. that's the cell sudanese team. got
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a head start when they came to japan and even low cobra 19 put the games on hold for one year. the team never left. the reason why we have to see the mission we came for is never accomplished. over the past year, the team have immerse themselves in japanese culture. they've taken language lessons and are part of the local community, thanks to donations in tax revenue. the teams host city, my boss, he raised $300000.00 us dollars to support the athletes. some of it even came through this vending machine. but being far away from home, this challenging, if you think something, then you have to be always ready to be much of what this up i'm so 15 to do this for my country. mean that i am the regional to sacrifice anything. we've been my time with the family or whatever,
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but she did. tokyo 2020 will be the 2nd appearance at the olympics for south sudan, the nation. only 10 years old. uganda are hoping to box their way to elliptic glory. the games will be groundbreaking for one finder, catherine n 0 will make history by becoming the 1st woman to represent uganda at the olympics . she wants to inspire more young women to follow their dreams. passion, confident, and obedient. that's how catherine nancy at its coach describes her the 1st female boxer to represent you. gander, will create history for her country of the fix that follows the i o t decision to allow women to participate in the games in 2012. a full proud of myself cause it's a pray over, but she could have prayed to go for the only begins and being that just that the festival book. so it's, it has given me a be a good, a good profile,
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depending on the sport future. the fly, wait books in 1st started look thing in 2016 but then dropped out of training to earn a living. it looked like she might follow the path of other uganda and female books, those who never for since the early promise button on the resume here, boxing putting it in 2018. i'm with her ticket to talk you. it's pushing new boundaries. i'm a unique person, i think as my name is fewer it means period. so i, i love to be unique in sports or the environment or own me. so i decided to join book thing being that i wanted to know like an explosion, 2 young ladies in school where i started books. and from due to the corona virus pandemic, the olympic qualifiers and patterns were canceled by the i o. c, button and theory was a still look,
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she made it to tokyo based on her war drinking of 12 and forth in africa. not about going for someone who only started competing internationally, left, you say, listen, i think if my were potent call when i'm looked at by people they think i could book and that's very, that's the. c weapon i use in the ring, 4 or 4 get the 7 medals in the history of the how come and the ring and theory is hoping to snatch the 1st box in gold for her country. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour. the death toll from severe flooding in western germany has risen to at least a $103.00 more fear dead and a landslide in the town of earth. there's also the threat of a dan breach south of cologne. who's your watching
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d. w. news line from berlin up next. eco, india, our environment magazine. with a look at opposition to hydro electric power in india. himalayan violates. and don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website. that's t w dot com. i'm michael, look who in berlin from me in the entire team here. thanks for watching. the news . the news news. the news
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the news, the news, the new ico india. in a secluded valley in the himalayan mountains. many people still live without electricity. hydro electric power is meant to solve the energy problem. with these clean power plants and local agriculture. and the population is starting to fight
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back to india. next d, w o. the news again, and at any time in any play video, you have to sing along to come from super interactive exercises. everything is online, mobile and then jim and the goal was right in front of them. they were all for this one moment. we agreed to postpone the or didn't the game central care with 202021.
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thrown off course during the qualifying round. not least for sports heroes, actually it was a weapon, the face. but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down during walk down the walk. he goes to tokyo starts july 19 d, w. the news. the global hunger for energy is only increasing with every passing year. united nations beneath that, our journey towards climate disaster will continue steady unless we make an organ
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switch to an efficient and renewable energy in all sectors. but renewable energy comes at a cost to be on eco, india, and it's critically.


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