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tv   600 Kinder - ein Vater  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2021 4:15pm-5:00pm CEST

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miracle's time as german chancellor may be drawing to a close, but she has left a lasting impression on the us precedent. and if they are on a personal note, i must tell you, i'll miss seeing you at our summits. i would truly will with the bite and presidency us german relations, all comma, but big differences remain for more now. let's speak to john coin to him. he's a former us ambassador did there did germany 1st off. nice to see you again, mr. bass for how important was this visit for us german relations i think this is, it was very important if for no other reason then because it signified the end of a very harsh and difficult to read the trauma ministries. but that there was many things to talk about you reports showed some of the both europe and united states are facing
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a major change in the way the world is rubbing. and it's very important to me understand each other and try to have as close coordination as possible during the era by didn't and medical 1st and foremost showed unity and friendship during the meeting can strong us, german ties be restored after 4 years of donald trump. well, chris, german been strong all the time they've been strong since the 17th century. the question is not where this drug us, german pies could be restored. the question is, can we make successful cooperation? we do things with these ties. and in the last few years, the results of this very close relationship and less than they did in the past. i think that there's going to be many very difficult problems. the face of climate is one. well, the entire question of china is one of the others, and i think it's going to be not so simple simply to say,
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we know like each other again, and everything's been the work we need a totally new agenda for the future. we're not anywhere near getting that yet. one dispute, of course, that hasn't been resolved, is the nord stream to pipeline after the meeting. but in said, good friends can disagree. has he effectively given in on this issue in order not to damage relations with germany? yeah. see that's, that's exactly what happened. he has given it in the sense that he's not going to push it to a confrontation. the problem is that button is not the only person affecting this united states. the reason that there has been such a strong and negative american reaction comes so much from the warehouses from congress. and the congress has many close connections with countries in europe, such as the ukraine, but also the baltic states, poland. also this country. i think germany has not really realized that this is not a german american problem. it's
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a german western problem. and much of the reaction coming out of the american congress is not because somebody in florida protection care a whole lot about best gas. but because the congress has been very date that says the lobby by the central eastern europeans, but also by the european commission. this is a bad idea. as you well know, the u. s. is criticized germany for not only making deals with russia, but also china and turning away from the western alliance. is germany at risk of getting caught between world powers? no, i don't think so. germany has. we also have atmosphere at differences between especially the united states in germany, but also between france and britain and germany because germany very difficult. state western is positions is a very direct and if you will, unflinching manner. i was looking for compromise with countries like this child
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that we had the same discussion with germany and russia over the past 25 years. when you take it apart and you find out that germany's position is not very much different than that of the western countries. but germany, ours has the code is position with a very, very cooperative rhetoric, which many people are the west, the appeasement angle, a medical term comes to an end after september's electrons. what influence do you expect a new chancellor to have on us german relations? well, i think the interesting point here is medical is going to be missed for sure. and we'll see how the new chancellor is able to fit her shoes that we've quite difficult, i think. but the fact is, if you look around the world right now, all of the major power. and so if you want to use that term, shall we say, tried to cultivate germany. germany has, in fact i've argued this in the past year. we haven't become the world's 3rd most
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important country because it's on the supply communication and also defense lines between east and west and north and south. so you're going to find not just the states, but russia and china, and many others as trying to build strong relations with germany. this is going to be an advantage for their chance of it. it's also difficult for he or she, whoever it is, because these people with building these relations are going to expect a lot from germany. and germany, as we just said, is not yet accustomed to taking very strong position, but international issues that sir john conbal and former us ambassador to germany. thank you so much for joining d. w. happy to be with you. thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. at this hour taliban fighters were treated in pakistani hospital after classes with afghan
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troops at the border. afghan special forces were attempting to retake the strategic spin. bulloch crossing, seized earlier this week of orders photographer was killed in the attack. the lebanese capital bay rude has seen demonstrations over the departure of acting prime minister. so really, he failed to form a government in the past, it was lebanon, is facing its worse economic crisis. in decades, the netherlands is paying its respects to murdered crime journalists. peter de freece, mourners laid flowers where the prominent reporter was gone down last week. his family says he died surrounded by loved ones in hospital and spent his career reopening, cold cases. prime minister mark roger says his death is almost impossible to comprehend. if he was involved in a case against a wanted drug, barons, 2 suspects have been arrested. a reporter jack para has been to the side in
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amsterdam where to freeze was shot and he sent us this update. when are in to the 2nd day of morning here in the netherlands for peter devries, the investigative crime journalist, died on thursday. his family announcing his death in a statement saying that he's come to the fire gunshot wounds that had hit him 9 days in this very spot in central amsterdam. now people have been coming down here to deliver flowers at the spot where he was shot to pay their respects. this was a journalist to with beloved here in the netherlands. he was known for fighting for the little guys the trying to dig out corruption and trying to fight crime people have been turning up from across the netherlands to come here today to pay their respect to pizza, to debrief, and to his family. he helped so many people in his life and he stood up for, for all those people and for,
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for the rights was already fighting for, for, and i was also fighting for muslim people. so in the was, it will, is to the news. what is a very good man? that's why i came in, i guess, couldn't slip now while the tribute continuing to poor in here at the site where he was shot, the investigation into exactly what happened is obviously continuing. 2 men were arrested shortly after the incident. 10 days ago, the dutch federation of journalist said that they are very sure that this case, this incident is shooting, is related to the work that peter degrees was doing with a prime witness, who he was a confident of in a case related to redo on tag he is the leader of a mafia group here in the netherlands, who prosecutors does. prosecutors had a month to the city,
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does everything he can to achieve his goals on top of that. the dusts justice minister as was an investigation as to why someone who was doing the kind of delicate and dangerous work that peter degrees was doing was able to was going around the city without security. they want to make sure, obviously, that incidents like this doesn't happen again. south korea's coastal plains known as the get ball flats are in the running to be awarded unesco world heritage status . the title flats are home to a huge variety of wildlife, including species not found anywhere else. this extraordinary expanse of land is located on south korea, southwestern coast. it covers more than 1000 square kilometers. and it made up of title mudflaps. it's home to a wide variety of animals. some of them read and a thought is important for the bio diversity of the planet. just one of the reasons research is a pushing for it to be included on the world heritage left photo idol,
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slack to the ecological repository where several organisms co exist is one of the most important habitat for the sake of the preservation of the diversity. therefore, it must be protected by humanity and inherited by the future generation. deserve to be included on the let me get it back to one of these. it's also an important dropping off place and a breeding ground for millions of migratory birds, of which several species are threatened with extinction. the birds rely on the food hidden in the mud in order to be able to refuel and continue on their journey body to feed up with much of its logical basis. several organisms exist in the title plant and also it is playing a vital role. the food supply thought and resting place for endangered migratory birds will tell you that. and there's another reason south korea is hoping the area
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will be added to you. next goes world heritage list. it could bring the much needed income from tourism that has been lost during the pandemic. as interest rises, both at home and abroad in the spectacular side of the titles. and a reminder of the sure we're following view. the death toll from severe flooding in western germany as recently or at least $103.00 more or fewer dead in a landslide in the town where there's also the threat of a dam breach south of cologne. you're watching the w news coming up next is the w news. asia cobra, 1900 victims received the last rights in indonesia as infection numbers explode and a mass exodus in bangladesh. after the government lists and national locked down before major religious festival flying arcs and goats on web, the videos to look at the extraordinary business of showing sacrificial animals in
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pakistan, that's coming up on the w news asia with fresh energy. don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock and our website. s d w dot com. i'm michael. look who in berlin from me in the entire news to hear. thanks for watching is more news in 45 minutes who's? [000:00:00;00] who's the news? news? the
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news . the news. the news ah. india. in a secluded valley in the himalayan mountains,
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many people still live without electricity. hydro electric power is meant to solve the energy problem with ease clean power plants are destroying local agriculture. and the population is starting to fight back to india in 60000000 on w every journey begins with the 1st step and every language, the 1st word. hello, it's been nico it in germany to learn german. why not learn withheld? it's a simple online on your mobile and free p w e learning course, nikos vague german made easy. the
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william had been on the when i and if i had known that that would be that small. i never would have gone on the trail. i would not have put myself in my terrace danger. got a team leader with muslim sensitive hazard. when i had a serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there, my son's. ah, you want to know their story? migrants clarifying and reliable information for migrant. me is coming up today, indonesia unfolding go over, the emergency. oxygen supplies are lower and hospitals are overwhelmed. it's a surge fueled by the depth of areas, but could have been prevented loss. exodus ahead of a festival bung division of national lockdown before either prompting 1000 to leave
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the capital one to purchase on animal vendors. i'm making your killings before the actual killing begins on the me. i'm british manager, you welcome to dw, use a show. glad you could join us into the shop. over $900.00 situation is currently worst case scenario. according to a government minister in the week, the country surpassed india daily. total's of one of his cases registering more than 56000. the optic in cases has been blamed on the more infectious delta variant . first identified in india. was it or the islands of java and bali? some hospitals here are having to turn away patients because they don't have capacity and enough oxygen. the government has imposed new or tougher restrictions
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to control the spread of the virus. but for some, it's already too late. oh, i asked writes food for the victim of indonesia, new devastating wave of covert infections. a team of volunteers support the police and retrieving the bodies of those who died at home. and there are more and more of them putting young when they say we only received a call for one day on the 2nd day. there were 3 days today, a week after the group was formed, there are 7. so the situation is getting worse. many of those who die at home simply weren't able to get a hospital bed. the explosion into the cases has left was overflowing with patients . some of them have to be treated and make sure beds and hospital who ways experts
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say that the government failed to take adequate measures to prevent this crisis. took up on my report. and also everywhere in indonesia, in most of the district, play it with me. and then i would say that this is more or less india tuition and may be would be if and what and like in india 2 months ago, oxygen here is also starting to run short with many patients being treated at home . there is huge demand at this oxygen filling station on the need to have the damages caused me to come here and buy oxygen for my mother. she is sick with cove it and i'm trying to give her oxygen therapy at home. so for all the most people here are buying oxygen for infected people who comp treated at the hospital and they have to care for them at home. what do you mark so far?
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any around 6 percent of people in indonesia been fully vaccinate? vaccine deliveries are finally picking up speed, raising hopes that this native explosion in cases can eventually become and jeremy know from jakarta is knowledge is dr. bundle the owner who's been monitoring the cobit crisis in indonesia. dr. young when the situation has been described by a government minister as a worst case scenario. could it get as bad as india? yes, the part of the increasing cases is like india. you know, we got soon start june. they increasing cases is where it was and almost step up like critical for increasing this look like the india parton's of the increasing of cases it been there. also we got the
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same problem like india, that our goal is because all hospital or the people who got one to do got picking care and also have difficulty to get the ox again, we got a crisis. the ox, again, to appreciate the you know, because all the pace in the month for the oxy, again, it also main hospital run out of hospital because we got the money increasing the money from the people who got infections. and also, another problem is we run out of bad su also, and the drug war taking care of the patients. everything that you're saying is what happened in india, just about a month back. i wonder therefore if indonesia did not see this coming,
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they see it is coming, but they don't know they will hopefully not like india. and that's why the problem is we are waiting until we got the last. finally, the good, the increasing cases, the actually, we could brief any early as possible. like before i'm done are it'll be pretty fast. we got a lot of must be mobile decisions from in from the cart there the java islands and, and at a time or so we already got the built body and best they're not dominated after the massive mobilization during ramadan festival. the interesting built by domini, in our country, then we followed the increasing of the cases. it meant and we are now. we cannot
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controlling the pun to me because the body and, and also the late response from our government to good to stop to so status addiction. it mean dad, this why it's been a pretty worst. come out. you know that we are, we are coming and any of your, not this i can cases as you connect to point out is also because of the delta vet and you are an epidemiologist. can you tell us what we know about this baby? and why does it spread so fast and why is it so deadly? yeah, because in, in the area actually already we already identified in january. and then we see the old body like old by it is still dominate. and then, after mars will be increasing more because we'll look at the ends of mark
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already tipping of the infection in some c p. and it's been that now it's become ruminated because we find of the transmission is 2 times or double then before and also the increasing or part of it. is it mean that the body and is very, very dangerous? because we cannot stop the band to me, stop the transmission. even in one person's got the infection suddenly and all the member of household in the also it will be also got infected and die. and also the problem is and then the host be the can accept new patients mostly is no people dying in their home and also dying in the, in the and emergency room, right. we'll leave it there for the time being. but thank you so much for joining us today. dr. now, by no,
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there still has seen an uptake in cases due to the delta variant. despite that, the government has now lifted the national lockdown, imposed or during the month, the reason the upcoming festival of either. on monday, for many residents, the lockdown could be lifted early enough. this is getting out of town on an industrial scale. with locked down, lifted the stack of residents, so rushing back to their home towns in time for each one of them. i'm taking the 1st chance to head home off to look down if it's imposed again to see you know if the east and i'll stay at home if everything's normal, i'll return to deca. despite soaring corona virus cases, will thirties have easter restrictions that you cannot make reasons. each represents a big source of income for many industries. industries that have been suffering during the pandemic. life has been very hard for us is not down for us to stay out
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of where we're waiting for people to cross the river with us. i don't know if we'll make any money, so we have to keep the boat going on the line to the base is a country. it's no stranger to overcrowded, ferries. bettina pandemic with social distance thing appearing to go out the window some health expert warning me over crowding will come with additional risks. local police, the vigilant law. you can see the amount of passengers on the ferry locked down list and we've taken strict measures to make sure the fairy takes many passengers. again, when the health regulation got to the water community for these people though, getting home is what matters that prepared to do whatever it takes pandemic or not . and as we just heard, the muslims around the world are getting up to celebrate either next week. among other things,
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festivities involve sacrificing certain types of animals and then eating them with friends and neighbors or giving the meat to the less well off. we look at how some vendors of sacrificial animals are preparing for the event in pakistan. this is about to go on the journey of a lifetime. it will also be the last journey of its lifetime. the lowering of people by crane from the top of the building in karachi has become an annual spectacle ahead of the festival of eat. i'd have the for the community, it's fun for the cattle owner. it's serious business. but i buy the small and i bring them onto the rooftop case in rhythm. and after a year, when they're fully grown, we can get them down to the ground using or so that's why i have to hire crane to
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do it in alma has been rearing castle on his roof nearly 20 years. when the time is right, they're sold, slaughtered and sacrificed for aid and other entrepreneur selling animals ahead of the festival is vanya munez. but she's using a very different and new way of trading her projects. she's telling her goats online. customer simply comes to collect the goats after viewing videos of them. according to my life curve at 19 people became interested in online shopping dining . it's a good opportunity, especially for young entrepreneurs picked up the don't need to go in person. i just like cold book, online orders and as a girl you pick, it's very easy to do my business of what even the competitive you as a good when it is making a lot of sales this way. but there's still a big place,
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the traditional sacrificial market in pakistan such as this one stood up good thought to be the largest in asia. hundreds of thousands of animals are expected to be traded as add her approaches. and that's it for today. and this week, there's other news, an analysis from the region on our website. it was a slash asia, and you can follow us on social media as well. and we'll see you back here on monday. the news the fight against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say, information and context? the corona virus. 19 special. next on d,
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w. you ready to get the places in europe are smashing all the record. step into a venture. just don't lose your grip. the treasure map for modern gold trotter's gonna 1st, some of us are wicker breaking on and also in book form the defense vaccines need police escorts is assign a value, the hot commodity that also goes to waste me as much as 30 percent of the vaccines that thrown away in some countries the reasons very storage
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and logistical challenges as well as the type of files and syringes used. but innovations could end the waste and dense as well and nice to have you on some countries sometimes to throw away thousands of jobs. others like finland of fine shooting their vaccine campaigns to ensure every last drop counts. it's putting the nation way ahead of others. at this explanation center around 3000 doses are prepared and administered every day. it's around 40 percent more than should be possible with the supplies available. that is because a finish invention makes it possible to make a little bit effect seen go a long way. the person behind the creation is nurse sorry. ruth, who was among those starting cobra vaccinations in december last year on 180 and see if that if that we don't want to throw away any viable vaccine if it's been,
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it has become paramount used to vaccines as economically as possible, especially after some of them were limited to certain age groups, only cruise works in a public hospital, but volunteered to do extra vaccination shifts. she find you and her technique within the 1st few days of preparing the doses. why have, who am i saying that? once i noticed that exchanging the syringes and getting rid of excess error in the equipment, guaranteed to extra doses of faxing. i sent an email to our medical director, but he quickly contacted health authorities about it. everybody was very excited. i thought roses technique requires syringes with a one millimeter capacity and small scale. the syringe is 1st filled the vaccine, but just enough to get the required vaccine dose. in addition, a bit of air is drawn from the vial, bottle into the syringe. finally, the air and vaccine inside the syringe,
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the to swap places before the vaccine is administered. the air bubbles at meek maximizes the amount of faxing that is extracted from each vile. for instance, it makes it possible to prepare 7 instead of 5 by intake doses, as well as 12 instead of 10 astrazeneca those cease health experts made rosa's technique, their official recommendation for covert vaccinations in the country. and generally, despite its benefits, norway is the only country to follow finland's footsteps. medical director, democracy, pan from the city of helsinki so far hasn't had the time to advertise the method globally. some teaching materials have only recently been translated into english. club bodies, 330 because i think this technique can be copied to other countries to, to be able to vaccinate 40 percent more people on originally projected as simply
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incredible and proper for the world to reopen. however, it is not enough to vaccinate people in just one country. while nations such as finland are continuously easing restrictions, other parts of the world are only starting their own vaccination campaigns. i think he city medical director team or look at it and joins us so team or should the rest of the world be watching our show very closely today. truly, we are. we are in dire in dire need of vaccines then of course, every, every box dean can't explain to us again then how exactly this works. you're talking about precision equipment. but getting the right type of equipment is extremely important. starting with what sort of syringe do we need to know? there are different sorts of syringes with low dead space. others with high dead space. so a lot of that back thing it's wasted. it gets stuck either in the syringe or in the needle itself. what sort of syringe do we need?
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first of all, we start with nick. it's actually a b d. if you're you only need small enough range. that's why i mean that is the range is enough. because at the end, when given, when the best thing is given, the data space can be it doesn't matter when you have the air properly and over there to be used to push out the vaccine from the range. and then what sort of a needle do you need? it's a small mac. well basically it's a small, smallest possible neater neil what, which can handle there vaccine itself. so small die meter long enough to be able to keep a pen a way. so there's not enough problem with the needle in a way. and what about when it comes to the vile that the you get the actual vaccine in? yes, the vials are a little bit different story. first of all is this. of course,
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you have to be good with the hygiene, but on the other hand, there's a different amount of doses in each file. you might get 6, you might get 8. so you have to be precise that you, you, for every dose you take every maxine you create from them all the files. you make sure that every every vaccination, every job you're going into the case that the patients are. ringback truly full so that you get the precise dose. so you cannot accept kinda as little less than that precise amount of dozing, if not enough for those. and there's not enough. so there are so many little steps where this could go wrong, and we're talking about human error here. why not just go for a single dose while where it's all pri, measured, and pre dosed and you have nothing to worry about. well, those miles are much easier to produce,
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i think as well that is to be around to globally. so we pri, make a pre dosed theories isn't and pre with needle thing in so that are ready. but there's not, there's no such thing at the moment available for college. yeah. it's all a race against time. in the meantime, you can other countries. i mean, is there anything holding back all the countries from repeating what you guys are doing, replicating the method that you've discovered? i don't think so. it's basically all that you need is the rise, the preference precise working. and the pros, this, around that, around the vaccination century that you get to take care that you have the precise amount of that kind of the patients you're vaccinating this enough of them as well. because if you,
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if you count that there's only 5 doses coming from the while and you get sick and you only have 5 patients coming in, then the one dose gets wasted anyway. so we have to take care that there's also patients around. it's also a lot to call for now, but for other vaccines are so global, best practice. is there a possibility of maybe some day seeing that needles? the right needles are always use the right. the ranges there also use that we get some sort of global best practice. definitely in a way, if we use this more, that was biles. but when it comes to pre pre manufacture it, sir inches with needles attached to their threat, there's not much to do anymore. but if you use more the dose miles than of course, it's kind of a technique can be applied to different scenes as well. okay, fantastic. savvy on the show today, tim will look at it and i'll thank you. city medical director and excellent news
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and nice insights about that local hero of yours, you'll have to pass on my congratulations. thank you. we will now here's derek williams with his take on back things. vials and waste out of your question call. why aren't injected vaccines manufactured as a single unit, instead of having the vaccine in the syringe separate? this is a great question, one that i've never really actually considered before. right now, most vaccine manufacturers are filling and shipping. multi dose vials of vaccine that contain between 5 and 15 doses on site at the vaccination center or at the doctors office. staff then have to painstakingly draw them into syringes and a complex time consuming series of steps where, where
4:54 pm
a lot could actually go wrong. due to human error and, and there are a lot of other issues with the bio system, not least that once the seal on one has been broken, all of the doses in the bio has to be used quickly. leftovers can't just be stuck back in the fridge for use later so. so since everyone is getting their own syringe anyway, why aren't machines just pre filling them directly as a single unit? instead of putting large batches of doses in vile 1st pre filled single shops, syringes are already the norm in some parts of the world for, for vaccinations against other pathogens. but, but there appear to be 2 primary reasons why the older, via the system has been the method of choice so far for the mass cove at 19 vaccine rollout. the 1st is speed with manufacturers churning out hundreds of
4:55 pm
millions of doses. it's simply faster for them to score 10 at a time into a single vile than it is to fill 10 separate syringes. and what's the pandemic in full swing? getting as much vaccine as possible out there has been vital. and the 2nd factor is cost until now single dose prefilled syringes have been more expensive to produce but, but many manufacturers say that's changing. and that, that pre filling syringes is actually more efficient because then you don't need millions of medical grade glass files. so. so when demand for cobra, 1900 vaccines begins to slow. i think that you can expect prefilled syringes to grow in popularity because they have so many advantages. me and some other stories making years in asia has reported
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a regular increase of 1025 cove deaths. that brings the total number of fatalities to more than 71000 southeast asian country has been struggling to cope with a new way. the inventions and the pfizer by and take colored vaccine is on track to become the 1st foreign jap approved in china. chinese regulators have completed an expert review of the m r in the event st. china look said to use the drunk as a booster for those who proceed to shots and made vaccines. and so watching, stay safe and see you again soon. the me the
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news the the, the, the, the use, the eco india in a secluded valley in the himalayan mountains. many people still live without electricity. hydro electric power is meant to solve the energy problem with these
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clean power plants going local agriculture. and the population is starting to fight back to india in 30 minutes on d w o little guys that it's a 77 percent platform for africa due to the issues and share ideas you know, are just not afraid to capture and delicate the african population is growing and young people clearly have the solution that future belongs to 77 percent. now,
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every weekend on the w in december, 2019 the european county's new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time jones on the planet by 25th but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. the surprising glimpse into the very heart of our negotiations use money can be a process flattery. and the best laid plans often go astray. most of will when the game of diplomatic poker
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was power, please. and alliances behind the climate. some it starts august on d, w ah ah ah, this is the w news line from berlin. no, let up. catastrophic flooding kills more than a 100 in germany. hundreds more are missing. rescuers search for survivors and towns buried under mud and rubble. more rain is forecast also coming up the chancellor angle of medical makes
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a farewell visit to washington to bolster screen trans atlantic relations. but


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