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ah, ah, the the news . this is due to be news alive from berlin. no let catastrophe. catastrophic flooding kills more than a 100 in germany. hundreds more are missing. rescue research for survivors and towns buried under mud and rubble. more rain is forecast also coming out the chancellor angle of miracles speaks of the national tragedy. a farewell visit to washington, both through strain trans,
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atlantic relations. but there is no agreement with president joe biden and how to deal with russia and china. mourners grieve over the shocking deaths of a dutch crime reported gun down in broad daylight. is family say he breathed new life into cold case with awe and warm welcome to viewers around the world and michael locus, more than 100 people are known to have died in the worst flooding in western germany. in decades, hundreds more remained unaccounted for. several villages have been evacuated because engineers fear a dam could collapse. president and frank vault or stein meyer says the situation remains grave. this is time to talk good. it is a tragedies and so many have lost their lives. this must be present,
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it leaves me stun dimension on many people in our country. feel for those who are grieving for their loved ones on the hill colon committed in. i'd like to express my sympathy to those families in my thoughts with them. the suffering touches my heart. first missions hats in areas where the flood waters have receded. rescuers are searching for survivors. w reported julia sound dally is on the ground for us in the town of baltimore time in line it rhineland pallets. net will get a live update in a moment. first, this report another mock of these devastating floods. a landslide collapses houses into the mud evacuated residence had already started to return home. now many a few dead. in other towns, the cleanup effort has already started invalid for time. residents peak through what's left of the home. they say they had almost no time to react before raging
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flood waters hit the town of miles. and all of a sudden the water breach the damn. all the houses here are the same height. so when the water came up from the salad lightning speed, we all jumped in our cars and drove up the mountain out of pocket. on this, often back on the farm, we had to get ourselves to safety. hundreds of thousands of houses without power of clean water. the internet has been cut and phone reception is down. volunteers have come from nearby areas, bringing whatever equipment they have to help clear roads and houses. yeah, i've been younger come when i arrived here. it was a disaster off the entire road behind me was covered in branches and brick cars all mashed into one up to these types of things from you couldn't access the building left and right. and we didn't know what we'd find in the rubble,
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and we will want that we might come across bodies and that we should let the fire brigade and the police report it's, i am many towns are still cut off. some major roads of flooded or broken apart. germany, defense minister, has cold for the army to make rescue efforts a top priority. as late and share their shock at the ferocity of the disaster. it's time to, to good to get us. it is a tragedy that so many have lost their lives. it leaves me stunned dimensions on the land. many people in our country feel for those who are grieving for their loved one with its mercy. i'd like to express my sympathy to those families and my thoughts with in and the authority say overflowing dams could still bus threatening more homes enforcing residents to stay away. while the weather has
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cleared in some areas, more rainfall is expected. that's cost over to kate motor in bel, port time k, to what is the latest where you are for i was here a day earlier when when the flooding was still quite new and today is definitely a day that cleanup efforts. you can see there's still lots of this really deep steak mom on the floor that people are waiting through and digging up and digging and trying to de, pulled it out. the way of that house is there was still was that have broken down and you can really see the kind of damage that this is done to the carrier people's homes as well. so you can see people have taken all of their belongings and they're all lying outside the houses and varies are possible belongings that you never really see outside. so people's like records and that burke that, and people who are photographs, they're all just outside of our home. and you can really see kind of how much this
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is not just damage the infrastructure, but really we're in people's lives as well. okay, there are reports of over a 1000 people still unaccounted for in the neighboring region. first of all, how reliable or those numbers, and is there any progress in locating these people for i would really caution about the the high numbers. because in the valley where we are the phone signal and the internet, our connection is very bad at the moment due to the flooding and due to the storms of the area have had. so it would caution about thinking about the high numbers. however, i did speak to one resident of the output time and she said that in beverage village is probably one of the nearest villages that still accessible and never villages. father, father into the valley. that is still roads have been washed away and people rescuers on able actually to reach these towns. it's set by helicopter at the
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moment. so they do expect to potentially find more missing people in the villages. but they actually just can't reach at the moment because roads have been washed away. and now that most of the water is gone, is 0 ready in assessment of how big the damage actually is. again, i've spoken to if you residents and $11.00 told me that that just for them possibly add the cost was run up into the maybe millions of your room. but there's also the emotional damage that the storms have done as well. i spoke to this woman and she told me that house i've been destroyed with her grandmother and it's been in the family now. so 2 generations. and she found it very difficult to talk about that because in losing this harm was a very, very close to how hot. and she felt like just losing that was something which is beyond a kind of financial costs as well. and that's not just for one resident, but for all of the resident care in oakland time and also throughout the whole of
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our region. that's reported kate mortar invalid. fortunately much thanks. k. germany's interior minister horse say horse. i said he has no doubt that this extreme weather is a consequence of climate change. explained to us, sir, i should introduce you 1st, or of course we're speaking to now william lamb, he's a research associate at the mccade or research institute on global commons and climate change here in berlin. tell us a little bit about this whole issue of climate change and whether we should have been expecting floods like this stream, whether event, what we can be that they've become more likely warming both in terms of their frequency and how often they. and also there's
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a very to stream now. now we've been warming the climate for about 250 years since we started burning appeals. and on average, temperature is increased by one degree. so the fact that we're not seeing such extreme event occur germany, but also similar in other parts of the world like the heat, 515 night drive in medical type a long time ago. the fact that these are occurring is consistent with expectation coming from the kind of times, which is that when we try such events and it will continue to drive such been in the future so long as we continue running fossil fuels and releasing great. i've got some things here. so until we make those changes, this will be the new normal. well, of course we can predict what kind of weather effects are going to occur on the
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data we can. but certainly as long as we talk the recording, the climate change to the fossil fuels, then the temperature, right, going to increase an extreme events will become more frequent. and what are you surprised that we're already seeing the consequences of climate change, or where is this expected to this degree? well, surprising for me personally, speaking to many other scientists is just having stream. these events have been the last few months. only running degree of work, like i said before, we're on track for much more money as long as we can factor q 3 degrees warming, ending on nation, we take now in the future. but certainly it's surprising to see such a stream event occurring just because of this one degree alone. the e u unveiled,
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it's an ambitious climate plan earlier this week. is that enough or politicians still underestimating climate change? yes. so hard looks to be very large and impressive. it's certainly important for choosing the target the lines which are a 55 cent reduction on 990 levels by 2013. so i'm kind of neutral by 2050. so emission we do live there, position and policies to achieve a miss. take some steps towards doing it. what we need to see in particular that they start to address, for example, in the emissions in transport of the billing cycle. a lot of focus on energy. so coal power stations are patients, but of course emissions come from many, many sources across your package to deal with those problems. and so, yeah,
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so we need to see that this is started up with more concrete policies as a national level, and then hopefully it will start to make a difference. william lan research associate at the counter research institute on global commons and climate change. many, many thanks. the floods in germany have overshadowed chancellor anglo miracles, a farewell visit to the united states. she will leave office in september, talked with president joe biden celebrated the trans atlantic alliance. but there was disagreement over security trans from china and russia. unlike his predecessor biden treated medical as her friend, rather than a phone. it's been a long time since the german chancellor received a welcome. this warm in washington. merkel back into the white house for she will of us many times. she's been a great friend. consider personal friends as well as my great friend,
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the united states. after the 10 diplomatic relationship with the former president, trump, president joe biden, and chancellor angler. michael stressed, the friendship between that 2 countries we will stand up for democratic principles and universal rights. when we see china or any other country working to undermine free and open society as we stand together and will continue to stand together to defend our eastern flight allies at nato, against russia, aggression. but germany and the us do not agree on how to deal with either russia or china. the plant gigantic north stream to pipeline will bring russian natural gas into europe. washington says the project makes the continent more dependent on
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russia and threatens the security of it's small and neighbors, like ukraine. merkel has long champion, the project played down the differences. now what we talk about russia and ukraine and in this context also about nord stream to we've come to different assessments as to what this project entails. but let me say clearly our idea is and remains that ukraine remains a trans that country from natural gas. i'm not ukraine like any other country has a right to territorial sovereignty. the chancellor farewell tour of washington began with a breakfast with vice president carmella harris and later the johns hopkins university bestowed an honorary degree on the form a physicist. the other medical time is german chancellor may be drawing to a close,
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but she has left a lasting impression on the us precedent. and if they are personal note, i must tell you, i'll miss seeing you at our summits. i would truly will with the bite and presidency us german relations, all comma, but big differences remain for more. now let's speak to john coin bloom. he's a former us ambassador did or did germany 1st off. nice to see you again, mr. bass for how important was this visit for us german relations? i think this is, it was very important if for no other reason then because it signified the end of a very harsh and difficulty or a trauma. but that there was many things to talk about. you reports showed some of the both europe and united states facing
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a major change in the way the world is rubbing. and it's very important that we understand each other and try to have as close coordination as possible during the .


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