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tv   Geschaft mit dem Babygluck  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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the news . this is the w news live from bullet catastrophic flooding kills dozens in germany. hundreds mol, i'm missing. rescuers are searching some towns buried in mud and debris, but washed out roads and damaged phone lines complicating south africa, employees, thousands of troops to counter deadly riots. people are arming themselves to friend of looters. south africa, the president says, the armrest was instigated and i'm going to on the streets of lebanon. political squabbling has left the country leader lists,
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as people struggle to find the basics during unprecedented economic meltdown. and the quest to protect the weird and wonderful animal species found on the coastal plains of south korea. ah, gotta help us welcome to the program. city of storms in the western germany have triggered some of the worst flooding into decades. police have raised the death toll to at least $93.00. in one district, hundreds remain on, accounted for, rescues are coming through the debris to find survivors. our reports have judy us out. delhi is on the ground for us and rhinelander class, and she's in the city of the ports. i will talk to her in a moment, but 1st she felt this report. the show shocked. survive is left to peak through
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what's left of the home emergency workers had tried to warn towns that a flood was coming. that involved full time in west germany's rhineland palatinate . resident say they had almost no time to react before their homes were hit by raging flood waters. the fire tv, all of a sudden the water bridge. all the houses here are the same height there when the water came up from the scala and lightning speed. we old jumped in cars and drove up the mountain out of the parks and back off the fog, we had to safety. many towns during have electricity or clean water. internet has been cut off and phone reception is down. volunteers to come from nearby areas bringing whatever equipment they had to help clear roads and houses been, you know, under come when i arrived here it was a catastrophe. and the entire road behind me was covered in branches and wrecked
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cars all mashed into one of these height. you couldn't access the building, left and right. and we didn't know what we would find in the rubble. we will want that we might come across bodies and that we should let the fire brigade and the police from the police i m o many towns a still cut off from help. some major roads are flooded or broken apart. the authorities say overflowing dams could still bust, threatening more homes enforcing residents to stay clear of the area while the weather has cleared in some areas. more. rain is expected. i'm now joined on the phone by julia. sally reported in port sign julia, what's the latest? where you are right now, we see a lot of people have come to the town and because
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a lot of the resident to town because we can't stay in their home without water without tricity, they've all come back to try to hear all the mud trees in the streets and the furniture, but we also are hearing where i am right now from another small town of some houses there have collapsed and what appears to be already rushing to try to help people that are trapped in and they have found also some, some people in the collapse houses, thoughts of more than a 1000 people still unaccounted for in the neighboring region. any progress on locating these people that we've heard on the last night, but the high amount of people on account is already told that it is because he internet and phone connected so bad. that is why they can't reach the people we ourselves are having
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a hard time communicating and connecting to the network. so this is the hope of the offer, but they, they also still expect more, more people to be, to be found that more victim. now that most of the water is gone, that way you are, is that already an assessment of, of how big the damage is. we don't have an official assessment of the monetary amount of damage, but from what it is going to be became the amount of been allowed to walk in some homes of school during the ground floor are completely filled with much. the furniture has been thrown around. doors have been so now hinges. the strength of the water was really impressive. i'm going to take time and definite the money to try to clean everything up and repair what was damaged on the ground. we've spoken to people that have been badly affected. what's the mood like is it is the mood
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basically is people saying, let's get on with this. all people are just devastated for some people are soft, low camp. what happened? very real money, but everyone is now in the streets and in their houses, speeding up, we are determined to try to do what they can they say no, we have to do something to try to make things better here. so there is a bit of both of these are the julia suddenly invite both on the thank into them. thank you. the floods in germany have overshadowed johnson gl america farewell visits to the united states. she will leave office in september, talks with president biden celebrates at the trans atlantic alliance, but there was disagreement over security threats from china and russia. for example, unlike his predecessor though, president joe biden treated michael as a friend rather than a. so it's been
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a long time since the german chancellor received a welcome. this warm in washington merkel back into the white house. she is available of us many times. she had a great friend or a personal friend, as well as great friends united states after the 10 diplomatic relationship with the former president, trump, president joe biden, and chancellor angler mackerel stressed the friendship between that 2 countries we will stand up for democratic principles and universal rights when we see china or any other country working to undermine free and open society as we stand together and will continue to stand together to defend our eastern flight allies at nato, against russia,
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aggression. but germany and the us do not agree on how to deal with either russia or china. the plan gigantic north stream to pipeline will bring russian that full gaps into europe. washington says the project makes the continent more dependent on russia and threatened the security of it's small and neighbors, like ukraine, merkel has long championed the project, but play down the differences. now what's and we talk about russia and ukraine and in this context also about node stream to we've come to different assessments as to what this project entails. but let me say clearly our idea is and remains that ukraine remains a transit country for natural gas. i'm not ukraine like any other country has a right to territorial sovereignty. the chancellor farewell tour of washington began with a breakfast with vice president carmella harris and
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later the johns hopkins university bestowed an honorary degree on the form a physicist. the other medical time is german chancellor may be drawing to a close, but she has left a lasting impression on the us precedent. and if they did an a personal note, i must tell you, i'll miss seeing you in our summits. i would truly will with the bite and presidency us german relations, all comma, but big differences remain. so it looks now as some of the other stories making headlines around the world. taliban fighters were treated in a pakistani hospital of clashing with africa and security forces at the border. afghans, special forces attempting to retake the strategic spin black crossing seas earlier this week. pulitzer prize winning. reuters journalist was also killed in the attack
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. a lot of rescue operation is on the way in indonesia, after a storm cause several fishing vessels capsize. at least 9 have died was 81 people on the vessels of war rescues. many more are still missing. several people have been injured after tornadoes struck in the canadian province of ontario ripped through. part of the city of barrie authority. authorities reported property damage and power outages, but they say no one was killed in that storm. in south africa, the countries president thorough, i'm opposed to says the unrest that has marked the country for the past week was incited by known individuals from post made the remarks on a visit to durban. that's the part of the country that has been worst hit by the violence. the military has called in thousands of soldiers to assist the police. it's one of the largest deployment since the end of apartheid. in some areas, the violence has excited and shooting to harrisburg along the clean up to begin the
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south eastern province of natal. the jacob zoom is home province, remains volatile. correspondent christine manuel is in the district of weight, or in hundreds. christine, how widespread is beyond rest still in south africa the day. well, good where i am in halting that is of course and your head of things are lot coma here. of course, there is still a lot of tension, so you won't be seeing any more of the looting that we've been seeing in previous days. but certainly you have soldiers and police deployed at a number of locations. places they suspect could come under attack. you also have a few minutes before i came on a that was a helicopter hovering above us. and of course, as you've mentioned, that deployment of the military. so in a lot of places you can see soldiers just going around patrolling their heavily. it's just a sense of how volatile the situation remains across the country. well in the to
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fix the process. christine, 2 days ago we spoke as well, and you sort of hinted that the unrest, the riots were actually instigated by someone today. president ramos run the poses, said yes, actually they ways to get it by whom and to what end well, this is the thing we heard from the minister states, a curious, she confirmed report that they were investigating former intelligence officials that are linked to the former president jacob's doing what was clear when he was incarcerated, was that there was going to be some instability. you had a hash tag shut down case that in that is, that wasn't the problem. shut down south africa. it appears that there was an agenda to destabilize the country and if you look at what has happened in the last few days, a t trade corridor, a main highway has essentially been blocked off. so that is of course, what it's going to affect
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a lot of trade between these 2 key provinces. and then if you look at the attacks, so you would have seen community members utilize the poor people, elderly people, young people looting. but before they came before, that would have been people who would have gone in and cause devastation and destruction essentially opening up for the masses to come in and take advantage of what is a de escalate security situation. so it is suspected that this has been an orchestrated campaign by 4 people in the zoom a camp you certainly saw his daughter, for example, who had south of being investigated retreating videos of piano, key and looting, seeming to, to call people to come out to mobilize people to continue in that, so this was triggered by the rest of the for president. and it is suspected that of course, people in his camp are responsible for for this course in manuel for us in south africa. thank you. christie lebanon's prime minister designate has announced he is stepping down after failing to form
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a coalition government. the decision threatened to think 11 and deeper into crisis . the country remains without a government for nearly a year. the last one was forced to resign after a huge explosion. beirut port last august. political squabbling has repeatedly obstructed assets to form a government and sent the currency to unprecedented. lowe's imported medicine and fuel are increasingly, increasingly on the 4th of july, and by the w. corresponding battle already in the bay road and now the tried to form a government has failed. why is this so hard? according to the designated or former prime minister. now, in an interview last night with a look in the tv channel, he said that the reason behind this take you to 1st of all, that the new president refused to take the job in the, at the line of 44 minutes,
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which considered how do you by how do you that it is the do you the best government for the best cabinets to do that you want to take the baby? and if it's 2nd that mind the main obstacles. the said then his son in law, but that he did for much the minister of foreign affairs, refused to do this. is that how did he would do of the christian minister so that it will not be accurate in his interview last night. his law that he didn't question before the new government. so this is what based on how do you do? on the other hand, we have from other obstacles, which is obvious that the current collisions, the crises in and it's still hard for anyone to take to hand that it's so it was like mission. so give them the deed, financial, and economic crisis. you mentioned the cons to their country urgently needs a government capable of acting. let's have a look at the challenges that lebanon is facing right now. bangor is
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rising off in beirut. by this time the relatives of those killed in last year's port explosion. taking the protest to the court, demanding that immunity granted to senior politicians is lifted show their loved ones can finally get justice. but one of the immunity to be less than to get justice untruth. that's all we want. we're not asking for the impossible. she's not deadly day. last summer, lebanon's problems have only got worse. long lines of cars. it gas stations tell the story of a country running out of money unable to pay for fuel and forced to rush in it. and the people too are running low on hold they can fly and go for the bomb and they would 2nd,
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the economic crisis. we want to like become something and society, but like the whole damn thing is like pushing us down is all the poor people. how will they get money? how will they so many ladies, a baby's walking down the street. very pharmacists, a warning of medicine shortages as the state can't afford to subsidize them. going on. right on like every we just said the light about the crisis because we don't have enough quantities to 2 thirds of indications to the people that is sorted in medication. power cuts are a regular feature of life, but no blackouts like this. so growing ever more frequent casting, the city and the country into darkness all costs one about that really is still with us in bay roots about the what are the most urgent with farms and new government has to tackle according to the french initiative that all political
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parties agreed on, 1st of all, the electricity sector at the court said it's going to, i'm back to earth. no excuse. he got about 18 hours a day, a 2nd. it's to implement capital control. no, just the phone to flight corruption. no, no, none of this happened. at this moment. all none of as a single refund has acute you to the political turmoil, bustle, the after the prime minister. step down. what's going to happen next? politically, according to the constitution that the president must ask for the parliamentary parliamentary, that's when it me, nate and you prime minister. but as what, this is not an easy task, sorts of old as i mentioned before, it's too,
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it's like mission according to the bullet. good morning, i need you to do. you want an ability to do according to the french initiative and then that's what i've been demand by the submission community that he' honda. this moment we can say that the need economy in its state. people be moving forward with our a k, u, p. w correspondent bassett. i read the embarrass. thank you very much bye here watching t w still to come. why these south korea and mud flaps are a vital snacks port, species of fish and birth. but 1st to the latest on the corona virus pandemic around the world. a covey, 900 cluster in tokyo, has raised new concerns about the increasing number of infections that dozens of the brazilian olympic team members have tested positive along the stars at their
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hotel. the post city has reported its highest number of new cases in 6 month trail in state of new south wales has reported 97 new corona virus. this comes as the country battles a growing number of colbert. 19 plastic staley has been relatively successful in containing over 1911. the recent outbreak has seen the countries to largest sydney and melbourne. go back into locked up people in the netherlands, paying their respects to murder crime. journalists pay to the phrase following his death in hospital on thursday. morning gathers lay flowers where the prominent crime journalist was critically wounded. when he was gone down, last family says he died surrounded by love once in hospital 5 minutes. said the death is almost impossible to comprehend, to freeze had been involved in a court case against a wanted drug back to suspect have been arrested. but
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of course one jack parrot is in amsterdam from where he joins us now. jack, people in the netherlands had some time to reflect on the news of it for his death . what are they saying there today? hi, that good? well indeed here at the spot where the shooting took place just about 10 days ago. you know, a number of people have continued ever since that news came out. the pizza debris had died yesterday afternoon. people have been coming down here to more than a day to lay flowers and to show that respect to a couple of people died. one guy that he just could not sleep and he was compelled to come by and, and sort of be part of the morning process. another go that i spoke to come from utrecht, another city in the netherlands and said that it was impossible to understand that someone that was so good and did such good work would be killed on the streets of
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the flowers in the morning is continuing. but obviously this country is still very much in shock, as you said, the prime minister saying that it was almost m. m comprehensible that this has happened. well, you mentioned the prime minister. the sentiment of course, is grief there at the moment, but are the authorities coming under pressure to intensify their fight against organized crime? well, this is exactly what's happening because obviously this turns nigh from an attempted murder case into an actual murder case, because he's to come to these injuries. as his family said, the dutch federation of journalist says that they are very sure that the murder took place on the kinds that the motive of some of the investigative what the piece of disease is doing with a key witness in a case against a man named ron tiger, who is a big matthew boss in the netherlands. they say that that invested work people had
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in fact himself said that he felt that he would hit target from that, marcia organization. and the 2 men that have been arrested the investigation surrounding them. now obviously goes into a murder investigation rather than just an attempted murder investigation, answer to the investigation that you mentioned. is there any talk of any progress? not quite yet. the 2 men come u e, who is the 35 year old polish national. and i'm the longer g with the 21 year old dutch national, and this is what we call them, their pit in court. last friday, we understand that they will remain in police custody for at least 2 more weeks. as i said, the investigation, i stepped up into a murder investigation. also there are other investigations being lost by the dutch justice ministry. they are looking into why somebody like pizza debrief that was
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investigating such dangerous and such important and significant cases wasn't. didn't have enough security to allow this attack on them to happen, as we say they really here on the street is about looking into mourning the death of this man who is so beloved here in the netherlands as beloved his respective. he was seen as somebody who really full for the little guys tried to dig out corruption and really expose the worst parts of a dutch society guys w as jack pack that in to them. thank you. jack of asked area of south korea, the coastal plains known as the get both flat is in the run it to be watered unesco wealth heritage status, the title plaza home to the shoes. variety of birds and animals, including some species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. the extraordinary expanse of land, it's located on south korea,
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southwest and coast. it covers more than 1000 square kilometers. and it's made up of title mud flaps it home to a wide variety of animals. some of them read. and the search is important for the bio diversity of the planet. just one of the reasons research is a pushing for it to be included on the world. heritage left idle slack to the ecological repository where several organisms can exist. it's one of the most important habitat for the sake of the preservation of the diversity. therefore, it must be protected by humanity and inherited by the future generation. and it deserves to be included on the let me get it back to the system. it's also an important dropping off place and a breeding ground for millions of migratory birds, of which several species are threatened with extinction. the birds rely on the food hayden in the mud, in order to be able to refuel and continue on the journey. but in order to fit up
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with much of its g, a logical basis, several organisms exist in the title plant and also it is playing a vital role. the food supply store and resting place for endangered migratory birds will tell you that. and that's another reason south korea is hoping the area will be added to you. next goes world heritage list. it could bring the much needed income from tourism that has been lost during the pandemic. as interest rises, both at home and abroad in the spectacular side of the tidal plan. you know what she did? i mean, use it. as a reminder of the top story we're following for you. rescue us are searching for hundreds of people. still unaccounted will offer severe flooding in western germany . the number of people who have died as now risen to at least 100. many homes have been destroyed. the army has been deployed to some of the west has aris
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the and that's it from me and the new steamer up today. don't go away though. up next more chance on america visit to washington and the implications for economic ties with stephen beardsley on the w bestbuy. don't forget to get all the information on the website, the w dot com. i'm gonna lose lose, lose, lose,
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lose. lose the the ah africa willis from the national park and congo, the gee and his family would love nothing more than to live in peace. but poachers and farmers hunting them and threatening the species ah, what's to be done to protect the co in 60 minutes on the w as well. and i'm not sure that it
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was a dinosaur meeting, but him he w i in december 2019 the european council president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i like to you to make you the 1st time i did so i don't see the planet by 2050 but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. a surprising glimpse into the very heart of power. negotiations online is the flattery and incentives. but best lead time,
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often go astray who will win the gain of diplomatic poker. intrigue power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august 5th on dw, the me the it was anglo merkel, the last visit to the us. miss chancellor. but did she managed to take off any items on her political bucket list? we'll take a look and the u. s. is poised to ban all imports from the chinese region of ching giant cues in china, refusing false labor on the muslim.


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