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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2021 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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the power please, and the lines behind the scenes climate summit source auto spit on d. w. the news . this is d w. news line from berlin. catastrophic flooding kill dozens. in germany. hundreds more are missing. rescuers are searching through towns buried in the mud and debris washed out rows. damaged phone lines are complicating their efforts, will get the latest from our 1st funding. from her visit in washington, nangle, america calls the disaster and national tragedy. she was in the us for
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a farewell tour and during talks with president vitamin they agree to disagree on one of the big issues. plus the quest to protect the weird and wonderful animals she found on the coastal plane of south korea. ah, i'm see me. so much good, that's good to have you with us. severe storms in germany have triggered some of the worst flooding in decades. just moments ago, authorities raised the death told to at least 93, many more missing. in one district, hundreds remain on accounted for authority, say they hope that these people are only unreachable due to cell phone networks. being down as a disaster struck chance along the medical was visiting washington. she is called it a tragedy for the nation. and as pledge support for the victims,
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the small west german village showed devastated by the downpour. there's no electricity here, no drinking water and no phone service. many links with the outside world have been cut off. buildings lay in ruins, people's livelihoods in tatters. swept the floor boards out from under our feet. the river is usually 60 centimeters high in just a couple of hours with it. 8 meters from throughout the region. evidence of the force of the flood was everywhere. dozens of streets were completely under water, many calling it the flood of the century. object swaying tons were just tossed around by raging waters. residence described how it rained without respite the night before, had just needed. i could never have imagined it. i've never seen so much water that we've been here for 34 years. we've seen fighting before, but this is
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a catastrophe. cutter for, for dusting. those just so far go to can you try to clear something up or move something and it was already too late. not going to spread. rescue crews had difficulty reaching many areas. bridges are blocked by debris or completely destroyed the rhine and platinum state per me areas, promising financial support for those hardest hit the i'm hyper grant. the government has agreed to supply 50000000 euros in emergency aid for life that will mostly be spent on rebuilding infrastructure. in high school in the morning, in some areas of ryan and classmate, people stranded in their homes had to wait hours to be rescued. emergency crews evacuated many residential areas, and even hospitals had to be cleared. it was me difficult. there was a power kept and the elevators didn't work. my patients had to be carried down the
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stairs. thousands of people have now been forced from their homes and many remained missing. well there are several areas across western germany affected by this flooding and dw julia. so delhi is on the ground for us in rhineland. platinum. she is in the city of port time tracking the latest for us there. let's bring her in. now, julia, tell us what the situation is like where you are started here to move on from the initial shock of what happened then actually taking stock of the real damage that has occurred here. as you can see here, behind me, there is the breeze strewn all over the streets, mud inside the homes. it is filled with mud. when those that have been torn away and people are slowly starting to clean up, we don't see many authorities or firefighter is here helping clean up. there are a lot of volunteers who came to this town with track. there isn't other equipment
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to try to clean up the streets. a lot of them are farmers from the neighboring region and we spoke to one of these volunteers and ask them what he saw when he 1st arrived here in the town. let's have a listen. yeah, i've been here when i arrived here, it was a catastrophe and the cut of the entire road behind me was covered in branches and rex cars all mashed into one up to this hot links for me and he couldn't access the buildings left and right. and we didn't know what we'd find in the rubble lice, and we were warned that we might come across bodies and we should alert the fire brigade and the police as well as wireless, or to tell when the video was all very uncertain. and we were working with our own tools, we brought with us images or keep them with julia. we hear there really is all hands on deck deck and what is an unstable situation still and were heard reports that in the region, there are still 1300 people on accounted for. is there any update on the finding
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those people? this is news we heard yesterday evening from the authorities here in the region and we haven't heard of an update since then. they of the authorities are hoping that these people that are on accounted for that it is because the communication via telephone and internet is very spotty, very difficult at the moment. and that's why they can't reach all these people. but there is fear that there will be more dead discovered and found in the, in the coming hours. julia, we see some of the destruction there behind you. can you give us an idea, or is there an idea already of how big the damages authorities haven't yet given a number or an pounds for how much the damage amounts to in terms of money. but as we see here, it is a serious situation. there are entire trees and cars through across street mud,
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everywhere the ground floors of homes are completely inundating with mud. and it's going to take time and money to clean up the town here and to start rebuilding afterwards. he w julia. so deli reporting you there with the very latest, from about what time. thank you. it's not just germany that's experiencing heavy rains and flooding. neighboring belgium and the netherlands have both seen unusually heavy downpours. rising water levels caused rivers to burst their banks, sending water gushing through the streets. belgian authorities have reported 12 deaths and there are urging people to seek higher ground to stay safe. parents curiously on their rooftops. these residents in the belgian province of lee edge are doing all we can to stay dry. the hi waters forced them to take refuge where they could get that catastrophe. in 60 years,
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i've never seen anything like this. so it's really unusual. and i think it's going to cause a lot of trouble for a lot of people. residents are relieved to get to safety, but also devastated by what they've had to leave behind you for your leave. but i've lost everything. i live on the ground floor and they are on the ground floor. everything has been destroyed. it was hard. i had to open the door of my mother's bird cage to the bird could escape to do, but my 3 cats are still up there. in the netherlands, limburger province has also been hit with flash floods and heavy dying pores. thousands of people have been evacuated. the army has been sent in to help rescue and flood prevention efforts. let's take a look out. some other headlines from around the world in south africa,
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the death toll has risen to at least a 117 after a week of unrest. the military is called and thousands of soldiers to assist the police. the unrest follow the jailing. a former president, jacob's duma, and the worst violence. the country has been to the end of apartheid. there been protest in the lebanese capital, the route after acting prime minister start re step down on thursday. he failed to form a government over the past 8 months. i really was asked by parliament to build a cabinet in october, 2020. his resignation comes in, the country is facing his worst economic crisis in decades. and top, that's crime reporter peter de vries has died after being shot in a busy street in amsterdam. more than a week ago. the journalist had been involved in a court case against the wanted drug baron, to suspect, have been arrested while the deadly flooding in germany as overshadow, chancellor anglo medical farewell visit to the united states. she will leave office in september after years as one of europe's key political figures talks with
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president biden's celebrated the trans atlantic alliance. but there was disagreement over security threats from china and russia. unlike his predecessor, president joe biden treated medical as a friend rather than full it's been a long time since the german chancellor received a welcome. this warm in washington fashion, merkel back into the white house of us. many times. she's been a great friend. i consider personal friends as well as my great friend, the united states. up to the tense diplomatic relationship with the former president, trump, president joe biden, and chancellor angler mac whole stress, the friendship between that 2 countries we will stand up for democratic principles and universal rights when we see china
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or any other country working to undermine free and open societies, we stand together and will continue to stand together to defend our eastern flight allies at nato, against russia, aggression. but germany and the us do not agree on how to deal with either russia or china. the plant gigantic north stream to pipeline will bring russian natural gas into europe. washington says the project makes the continent more dependent on russia and threatened the security of it's small and neighbors, like ukraine. merkel has long championed the project, but played down the differences. now my looks and we talked about russia and ukraine and in this context also about node stream to we've come to different assessments as to what this project entails. but let me say clearly, our idea is and remains that ukraine remains a trans that country from natural gas. ukraine, like any other country, has
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a right to territorial sovereignty. the chancellor farewell tour of washington began with a breakfast with vice president carmella harris. and later the johns hopkins university bestowed an honorary degree on the former physicist the other medical time of german chancellor may be drawing to a close, but she has left a lasting impression on the us precedent. and if they make a personal note, i must tell you, i'll miss seeing you at our summits. i would truly will with the bite and presidency us german relations, all comma, but big differences remain now to the corona virus pandemic. let's take
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a look at the latest developments. there are the new york yankees baseball team has been forced to postpone home games after positive cobra, 1900 tests among vaccinated players. a member of the nigerian olympic team has been hospitalized with cope with 19, after arriving in japan for the games. and the philippine has reported it 1st locally transmitted cases of the delta variant. 11 people were infected domestically in one person has died. now a vast area, a south korea's coastal plains known as the get bull flats in the running to be awarded unesco world heritage status. the title slaps are home to a huge variety of birds and animals including some species that cannot be found anywhere else. this extraordinary expanse of land is located on south korea, south western coast. it covers more than 1000 square kilometers. and it's made up of title mud flaps. it home to
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a wide variety of animals. some of them read and just search is important for the bio diversity of the planet. just one of the reasons research is a pushing for it to be included on the world heritage list. title, slack to the ecological repository where several organisms co exist. it's one of the most important habitat for the sake of the preservation of the diversity, therefore, must be protected by humanity and inherited by the future generation. and it is death to be included on the let me see that's one other because it's also an important stopping off place and a breeding ground for millions of migratory birds, of which several species are threatened with extinction. the birds rely on the food . hayden, in the mud, in order to be able to refuel and continue on their journey. 42 feet off with the mud as its geological basis. several organisms co exist in the title slant, and also it is playing
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a vital role. the food supply source and resting place for endangered migratory birds will tell you that. and that's another reason south korea is hoping the area will be added to you. next goes world heritage list. it could bring the much needed income from tourism that has been lost during the pandemic. as interest rises, both at home and abroad in the spectacular side of the tidal plan. thanks for watching the interest, the global economy, our portfolio g w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission analyze the fight for markets dominance.


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