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the who's this is the w news live from berlin. catastrophic flooding kill dozens in germany and belgium. 100 more missing after the worst flooding the regional and decade, days of heavy rains, washed away homes and damaged phone lines. complicated rescue efforts will get the latest from our correspondent on the see from her visit in washington national
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america called the disaster and national tragedy. she was in the us for a farewell tour, and during talks with president biden, they agreed to disagree on one big issue. and south africa deploy thousands of troops to counter deadly riots, but is it too little too late? people are arming themselves, defend off looters after nearly a week of unrest. ah, i'm see me so misconduct. good to have you with us. severe storms in western europe have triggered some of the worst flooding and decades. at least 80 have been killed in germany and many more are missing. belgium has reported at least 8 steps. in one german district, hundreds remain on accounted for authority say they hope those people are only unreachable due to cell phone networks being down. as the disaster struck chantel
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anglo michael was visiting washington, she has called it a tragedy for the nation and she has pledged support for the victims. the small with german village of shoals, devastated by the downpour. there's no electricity here, no drinking water and no phone service. many links with the outside world have been cut off. buildings lay in ruins, people's livelihoods in tatters. sweat the floor boards out from under our feet. the river is usually 60 centimeters high in just a couple of hours with a meters from throughout the region. evidence of the force of the flood was everywhere. dozens of streets were completely under water, many calling it the flood of the century. object swaying tons were just tossed around by raging waters residence described how it rained without respite the night
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before had just needed. i could never have imagined it. i've never seen so much water that we've been here for 34 years. we've seen fighting before, but this is a catastrophe. had just been sold so far because he tried to clear something up or move something and it was already too late to tune the spread. rescue crews had difficulty reaching many areas, bridges, blocks by debris or completely destroyed the rhine and platinum state for me areas promising financial support for those hottest head hotter than the day. the government has agreed to supply 50000000 euros in emergency aid for life. that will mostly be spent on rebuilding infrastructure in high school in the morning. in some areas of ryan and classmates, people stranded in their homes had to wait hours to be rescued. emergency crews evacuated many residential areas,
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and even hospitals had to be cleared. last 3 me difficult, there was a power cast and the elevators didn't work. patients had to be carried down the stairs. thousands of people have now been forced from their homes and many remained missing. while we're seeing several areas across the west of germany affected by this flooding, and we have our reporter, julia so delhi, on the ground for us in rhineland. platinum. she is in the city of what time reporting for us there. let's go right to her. now julia, bring us up to date on the situation where your young people here are starting to overcome the initial shock of the extreme rains and flooding at are starting to really assess the real damage that occurred. here it was a bit of a ghost town when we arrived here earlier this morning because a lot of people had to leave the town. there is no electricity. there is no running water and they couldn't stay in their own homes. now the few people that did remain,
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we've seen them starting to come out of their homes and starting to get to work at cleaning up the town. we've also seen many volunteers coming from the entire region with tractors and other equipment to try to help out as well. but many people here have lost everything. you know, we're seeing some of the image is julia that you captured on the ground there. now we're hearing that there are also reports in the region of 1300 people still on accounted for. has there been any progress on locating these people? yes, this news was communicated yesterday evening by the authorities here in the vital region where we are now and already think that a lot of these people that are on accounted for the reason might be that the phone reception and the internet connection is so bad that they cannot reach them for this reason, and they're hoping that this is the case, but there is still worried that some of these people that are not accounted for may
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also add to the number of the dead. we're talking about extensive destruction here julia. now that most of the water is gone, where you are, is there already an idea of how big the damage is? so the streets here are still filled with mud, especially the side streets. the streets are full of trees, of furniture and other kinds of debris. even cars piled up here. and it is hard to really tell what the extent of the damages in terms of money. the authorities still haven't given a figure, but people we spoke to here. for example, a resident who owns different units in the town has said that damage in his case amounts to millions of euros and imagine multiplying that for thousands of people. so it will take time and money to clean up here and to then rebuild afterwards. all right, our reporter julia. so deli, with the latest they're reporting from the city of val part time. thank you.
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well, the deadly flooding in germany has overshadowed chancellor anglo michael's farewell visit to the united states shall leave office in september after years as one of europe's key political figures talks with president biden celebrated the trans atlantic alliance, but snagged over security threats from china and russia. unlike his predecessor, president joe biden treated michael as a friend rather than foe. it's been a long time since the german chancellor received a well come this warm in washington. merkel back into the white house for she's available of us many times. she's been a great friend. i consider personal friends as well as a great friend, the united states and up to the 10 diplomatic relationship with the former president trump, the president joe biden,
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and chancellor angler. michael stressed the friendship between that 2 countries we will stand up for democratic principles and universal rights when we see china or any other country working to undermine free and open societies. we stand together and will continue to stand together to defend our eastern flight allies at nato, against russian aggression. but germany and the us do not agree on how to deal with either russia or china. the plan gigantic north stream to pipeline will bring russian natural gas into europe. washington says the project makes the continent more dependent on russia and threatened the security of it's small and neighbors, like ukraine. merkel has long championed the project, but play down the differences. once we talk about russia and ukraine, and in this context, also about node stream to we've come to different assessments as to what this
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project entail. but let me say clearly our idea is and remains that ukraine remains a trans that country for natural gas. i'm not ukraine like any other country has a right to territorial sovereignty. the chancellor farewell tour of washington began with a breakfast with vice president carmella harris and later the johns hopkins university bestowed an honorary degree on the form a physicist. the other medical time is german chancellor may be drawing to a close, but she has left a lasting impression on the us precedent. and if they make a personal note, i must tell you, i'll miss seeing you in our summits. i were truly will with the bite and presidency,
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us german relations, all comma, but big differences remain. d, w reporter william glue crossed is following the chancellor's visit to the states for us. i, william. but we heard in that report the differences do remain. so tell us more about how those differences were discussed in these talks. good morning to me there's so. busy many differences in this relationship that have no clear strategy for resolving as much as they say, they want to resolve them and want to remain on a, a friendly, agreeable path. you have, you know, china, for example, the us to use it as a, not just an economic threat, but also a strategic military one, germany and europe more broadly has basically, she's only as an economic opportunity. you have europe and common security in germany's role. they are in what it's ready to commit in terms of security and military and defense. of course, coven travel americans can travel to the european union, but german and other europeans can't travel to the us. there was no clear
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resolution of that. and of course, the vaccine patent question, germany wants to go with the kovacs of the callback's route to get back seen into lower income countries. and by the and already months ago said he's prepared to wave patent wavers, excuse me, wave pat, and to allow other countries develop them. so there's just so many things that didn't really come out in a substantive way in this meeting yesterday, when we saw one of the largest disagreements is still the north stream to pipeline . and we saw president biden and chancellor michael issue a warning to russia and not use energy as a weapon. but when do they have a strategy there? if russia does choose to limit gas supplies to europe, right, it's a great example of just how there may be goals and there's ideas and there is general agreement, but there's no strategy or policy in place for how to actually achieve those things . we know that the united states that joe biden and many european allies are absolutely against nor stream to given each strategic
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a challenge is to your energy security climate concern. germany is pushing forward with it. after a very tense winter in spring where there is a threat and impact some sanctions imposed bite and has backed off saying really it's too late to do anything about it. but the u. s. congress has no oh this, the sanctions are not optional. they are law and they are pushing biden to actually impose those sanctions. and it's really remains to be seen how that's going to be worked out. but we knew going into this meeting in a background call, the senior white house official. he said already there be no concrete deliverable on the north string to issue. so he knew going in and nothing was really going to come out of this in a concrete way. and william, given these disagreements after september's elections, there will be a new german chancellor. how much could that actually change the us term and relationship is extremely interesting. what's gonna happen? come september. and after, when there's going to be a new government in place,
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you know, of course, don't know who is going to be in that government. polls are looking like it will either be or could be the greens or angular medicals. conservative the union co line with biden's ideas about climate, about human rights. democracy approaching were confronting russia and china. and the conservatives are more align and more traditional aspects of nato. a common defense of military spending, these kinds of things, but really, germany has a long history of not really stepping up to the plate to me just global responsibilities as a major power and has disappointed the united states and many, many times in many ways. and that could be the result regardless of the party that wins or the co coalition that comes together after september's elections. william blue cross reporting for a ser, thank you one second. now in some other stories making headlines, several people have been injured after a tornado struck in the canadian province of ontario. tornado ripped through part of the city of barrie authorities reported extensive property damage and power
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outages, but they say no one was killed in the store, firefighters are battling a major wild fire in the us state of oregon. the place is just one of dozens raging across the west coast. the fires marked an unusually active start to the annual fire season. coming to medic, streamer dry conditions and record breaking cheek. such top, dutch crime reporter peter degrees has died after being shot in amsterdam more than a week ago. the journalist had been involved in a court case against the want to drug baron, to suspect have been arrested questions i did in south africa. the death toll has risen to at least 117 after a week of unrest triggered by the jailing of former president jacob, zoom up. the military is called in thousands of soldiers to assist the police. if one of the largest deployments at the end of apartheid in some areas, the violence has subsided, including johannesburg along the clean up the stars. but the south eastern province
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was lou natar. jake assume a home problem remained all the time. and d w as christine manuel is in the district of the welto in johannesburg with the latest on the story for us. hi christine. it's good to see you. we were mentioning that violence has subsided, and johannesburg, but it remains volatile and wasn't going to tell us. so. how widespread is the unrest in south africa today? while suit me, i'll tell you a little bit about where i am right now. i am in a way, so that is the township subway. so if you're harrisburg, and basically you can see by the deployment of both police and soldiers, that the situation remains 10. i'm now joined by one of the community leaders miss that sounds like who's really most just one of the local heroes in the story, in the absence of law enforcement and not to mobilize people to protect this is my point more what is now the last more info away told,
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standing i want to bring him in mr. like you have been out here for 5 days straight . just tell us what that experience has been like the 1st day of it with our low enforcement, just us in the community called the guys to do with fire power to come and help us protect them all day they came. and on that day, they tried to loot and vendor lives a small and are confronted by us. and we couldn't allow that to have and because as a lot more spending, this the biggest, more its employees the most people around. so it to, as we speak right now, so i mean, if we just going to remain bystanders and take a back seat and look at external forces infiltrating township and we do nothing about it. there is say so much about us. so we took a dance and that led us into shootouts. we end up shooting at each other with these guys, but we, we won that battle because they retreated, they left but the 2nd night they tried again. and luckily that night with sept, and it was the, you know, they, they got it shifted. and the 3rd night the military came, and the 5,
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how became triple. and it was a different story. they, they knew that they couldn't take mr. lex, we talked about the fact that this is the last standing just fits just about the damage that's been done to just away from the damage is incredible because the looting, as a consequence, we have, we have a serious food security crisis in so people can buy food anyway, the atm, the older people calling his draw money. you have got grannies that are, that are on chronic medication that need food before they eat the medication. now, what are you saying to them? then let's continue eating the medication without having anything to eat. we were literally saying, dig your grave in puzzle, and that's how that is the other effects that province you now has an outbreak of inter camino violence. have you seen anything like that happening here? it hasn't started, but what i know is because what's been happening in that though has influence. what's happening here. so from alyssa point of view, that racism that's going on the black against indians that we're seeing now. that's
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disgusting. that i hate so much will probably have been, he has so even into start putting measures in place for, for us to be able to contain that and manage it because that's disgusting. we're never allowed to have been in our community. okay, thank you so much mr. like thank you so much for that's a so there you have it to me. absolutely. at a place like this remains on high alert because it appears that while there isn't any looting, there are people trying to penetrate this more make way. and of course, the masses when they see an opportunity to come and take, will probably do that. so there is a, a big contingency here. now we see police and soldiers assisting people like plants and ordinary members of the community. well armed by the way, who said that they're not going to allow this more to be taken down d w as christina would be there. and so we're to thank you so much for your reporting. now lebanon's, a prime minister designate has announced that he stepping down after failing to
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form a coalition government. the decision threatened to think lebanon deeper into crisis . the country remains without a government for nearly a year. the last one was forced to resign after the deadly explosion that they would port. political squabbling, has repeatedly stymied efforts to form a government and sent the currency to unprecedented. lowes imported medicine and few are increasingly on affordable. anger is rising off in beirut, one by this time the relatives of those killed in last year's port explosion. taking the protest to the court. 8 demanding that immunity granted to senior politicians is lifted show their loved ones can finally get justice but not one of the immunity to be elected. and to get just this one untruth, that's all we want. we're not asking for the impossible since the deadly day last
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summer, lebanon's problems have only got worse. long lines of cars, it gas stations tell the story of a country running out of money. unable to pay for fuel and forced to rush in it. and the people to are running low on hope. they killed us, fly in august for the bomb and they rode 2nd, the economic crisis. we want to like, become some things and society, but like the whole damn thing is like pushing us down is all the poor people. how will they get money? how will they so many ladies, a baby's walking down the street very sad pharmacists, a warning of medicine shortages as the state can't afford to subsidize them. going on strike on strike every week. just says the light about the crisis because we don't have enough quantity, 2 thirds of indications to the people that is sorted in medication power cuts or
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a regular feature of life. but no black coats like this growing ever more frequent casting. the city and the country into darkness. all right, let's 2nd on the corona virus pandemic now. and the latest development fair, the new york yankees baseball team has been forced to postpone home games after positive cope in 1900 tests among vaccinated players. a member of the nigerian olympic team has been hospitalized with covered 19 after arriving japan for the games and the philippines as reported at 1st locally transmitted case of the delta variance. 11 people were infected domestically and one person have died. you're working d. w still to come the quest to protect the weird and wonderful animals found on the coastal plain of korea. the 1st in india, the government and twitter had been at loggerheads for month. now,
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the reason the indian government test twitter is not complying with new social media critic said these rules would essentially allow authorities to regulate what can be posted online and what cannot threatening freedom of expression. but others argue these freedoms need to be controlled. daily lawyers i'm in charge of and such and much by our mission the want to clean up twitter. i tanya says he found politicians and journalists with large following speaking disrespectfully bit about the indian government and judiciary. he jumped into action and talked with the 2 court war back. he got up near the public school. he, when prominent public figures called a republic of india, foul names, one feelings be heard be there is no true citizen of the country can stand by and watch it being insulted. i will say that by this i taught at
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once the social media giant to follow new rules and india that require prompt your addresses of complaints like from the public or even the government. he insists that this increased oversight does not limit freedom of expression. after all, even that trade must come, the reasonable restriction. feeling to fall in line quickly has cost to adopt. ever since you came into play. might that make it says have been quite against across the country, leaned in government has essentially said that any toward body form but for you to comply will lose it in community protection. twitter and its officials have been named in police complained ranging from and claiming religious sentiments to distributing child pornography after initially expressing concerns about freedom of speech. to de now says it is willing to comply with the rules. but even if this needs to leave for twitter, it could spell trouble for many others. i thought condom,
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she had money. a journalist with an independent news website says that the new regulations could crush small news organizations like holes with legal battles because she herself was named a long play widow in a complaint accused of finding religious tension. the rules regulate online news as well as the mandate a prompt response to complaints and in some cases require content to be taken down immediately was she bonnie believes that the government is trying to control the flow of information after facing repeated public porter. look at the whole irony of the issue. i'm supposed to be as a political journalist, i'm supposed to be reporting scrutinizing the work of the government, the government, and its people who are going to tell me what they consider is fake news or not. she bonnie fears that this increased surveillance good for the news outlets lie cause to says central. but unlike twitter, her organization,
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along with several of those is challenging the rules in court. she said they are fighting not just for free speech, but for the people. right. to know a vast area of south korea's coastal plains known as they get bull flat is in the running to be awarded unesco world heritage status. the title slots are home to a huge variety of birds and animals, including some species that cannot be found anywhere else. this extraordinary expanse of land is located on south korea, south western coast. it covers more than 1000 square kilometers. and it's made up of title mudflaps. it's home to a wide variety of animals. some of them read and a thought is important for the bio diversity of the planet. just one of the reasons research is a pushing for it to be included on the world heritage left to title slack to the ecological repository where several organisms co exist is one of the most important
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habitat for the sake of the preservation of the diversity. therefore, must be protected by humanity and inherited by the future generation. deserve to be included on the let me see, got to know that because this is also an important starting off play and a breeding ground for millions of migratory birds, of which several species are threatened with extinction. the birds rely on the food hidden in the mud in order to be able to refuel and continue on their journey. to sit up with much of the logical basis, several organisms can exist in the title slant, and also it is playing a vital role. the food supply, thorsten and resting place for endangered migratory birds will tell you that. and there's another reason south korea is hoping the area will be added to you. next goes world heritage list. it could bring the much needed income from tourism that
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has been lost during the pandemic. as interest rises, both at home and abroad in the spectacular side of the tidal flank. thanks for watching d. w or show eco africa is up. next the news. the news the news, the news
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news, the news, the news eco africa from the national park in congo. he and his family would love nothing more than to live in peace. but poachers and farmers hunting and threatening the species ah,
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what's being done to protect africa on w? me wants to see them because they're, they're open your eyes. vietnam traffic is out of control. and someone likely heroes beated every day. 3016, w. o. the gulf be as we take on the world,
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we're all about the stories that matter to the whatever it takes, at least for the fire made for mines. ah, the me, the hello and welcome to echo africa. weekly environmental magazine produced illegals, kampala on berlin. i am privileged the legal area being joined by my colleague sandra. hello, please on the pillows everyone out there. very glad to help you with us. again. i am sandra to no view coming.


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