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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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everyone has the right the, everyone has the right to me like i i the was who's this is the w news live for berlin, that catastrophic flooding kills dozens in germany and belgium. hundreds more are missing after the worst flooding the region of been a decade, days of heavy rains washed away homes of damaged phone lines complicating rescue efforts. we will get the latest from our course on the, on the coming from or visit washington medical course. the disaster
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a national tragedy. she is in the west for a farewell tour during talks with president biden read to disagree on one big issue . ah, i'm see me so much gone. that's good to have you with us. severe storms in western europe have triggered some of the worst flooding in decades. at least 80 have been killed in germany and many more are missing. belgium has reported 8 deaths. in one german district, hundreds remain unaccounted for. authority say they hope these people are only unreachable due to cell phone networks being down. now as the disaster struck chancellor michael was visiting washington. she's called it a tragedy for the nation and as pledge support for the victim. the small west german village of shoals, devastated by the downpour. there's no electricity here,
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no drinking water and no phone service. many links with the outside world have been cut off. buildings lay in ruins. people's livelihoods in tatters. swept the floor boards out from under our feet. the river is usually 60 centimeters high in just a couple of hours with it and 8 meters from throughout the region. evidence of the force of the flood was everywhere. dozens of streets were completely under water, many calling it the flood of the century. objects swaying tons were just tossed around by raging waters. residence described how it rained without respite the night before, had just needed. i could never have imagined it. i've never seen so much water that we've been here for 34 years. we've seen fighting before, but this is a catastrophe. had just been sold so far. i go to going to try to clear
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something up or move something and it was already too late, not going to to spread the risky cruise had difficulty reaching many areas. bridges are blocked by debris or completely destroyed the rhine and platinum state pay me air is promising financial support for those hardest hit. the i'm hyper government has agreed to supply 50000000 euros in emergency aid for life that will mostly be spent on rebuilding infrastructure in high school. and then come on in some areas of rhinelander night. people stranded in their homes had to wait hours to be rescued. emergency crews evacuated many residential areas, and even hospitals had to be cleared. last 3 me difficult. there was a power cast and the elevators didn't work. patients had to be carried down the stairs. thousands of people have now been forced from their homes and many remained
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missing. let's get the latest on the story. now, d w julia. so delhi is on the ground for us of the city of part time. hi julia. bring us up to date on the situation where you are. well this morning people are overcoming the initial shock and they're starting to understand the real extent of the damage here. it feels a bit like a ghost town here because the town is left without electricity without running water. so a lot of people have to leave their homes and find another kind of accommodation for the night. and as you might see behind me, the damage is significant. we've seen volunteers from the entire region coming here with tractors and other equipment to try to help clean up the streets, but also the ground floors of houses. but many people here have lost everything. we're hearing reports from authorities that there are still
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a 1300 people unaccounted for. has there been any progress on locating these people? so this is what authorities here in this area where we are now had been seeing last night. and they hope that the high amount of people that are accounted for is due to the fact that phone reception is difficult. here we are, selves experienced difficulties yesterday trying to use both the internet connection and the phone connection. so authority, hope that these people will get in contact or that they will be able to reach them . but there is concern that there are still people missing at the moment. julia, you mentioned the extent of the damage where you are, we can see that most of the water is gone. is there already some idea of how great the damage is and now that the water has gone, one can see what really has been left behind. streets are strewn with trees, cars and all sorts of debris. a lot of the ground floor of the homes have been
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invaded by water and mud and all sorts of objects. and authorities haven't really estimated the general amount of damage that has occurred here. but people on the grounds, people who live here have told us that it is. it is huge. one resident here who owns different units have said that only for himself, the damage is in the millions of euros and imagine multiplying that by by the 1000 . so it will take time to try to estimate what the damage is to clean up and then also rebuild dw reporter julia. so deli, in by what time reporting for. so thank you so much. let's get a round up. now some other headlines, firefighters are battling a major wildfire in the us state of oregon. the place is just one of dozens rating across the west coast. the fires mark and usually active start to the annual fire season coming in mid extremely dry conditions and record breaking the heat. several
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people have been injured after a tornado struck in the canadian province of ontario. the tornado ripped through part of the city of buggy. authorities reported extensive property damage and power outages, but they say no one was killed in storm. in south africa, the death told us where to at least a $117.00. after a week of unravels, the military is called and thousands of soldiers to assist the police. now the rest followed, the jailing of former president jacob's duma, and if the worst violence, the country of seem to the end of a part time and have been protesting the lebanese capital bay route. after acting, the prime minister sat down on thursday. he failed to form a government over the past a month, and her really was asked by parliament to build a cabinet in october 2020. his resignation comes in the country facing its worst economic crisis decades. the deadly flooding in germany has overshadowed
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chancellor anglo medical's farewell visit to the united states shall leave office in september after years. that is one of your key political figures. talks with president biden focused on climate change and, and enduring disagreement over a russian gas pipeline. unlike his predecessor presidential by and treated michael as a friend rather than foe for her day at the white house. it's been a long time since the german chancellor received a welcome. this warm in washington. merkel back into the white house she variable of us many times she had a great friend. i consider a personal friend as well as my great friend, the united states, and after the 10th diplomatic relationship with the former president, trump. president joe biden. m chancellor. angler mac whole stress, the friendship between that 2 countries
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the we will stand up for democratic principles and universal rights when we see china or any other country working to undermine free and open society as we stand together and will continue to stand together to defend our eastern flight allies at nato, against russia, aggression. but germany and the u. s. do not agree on how to deal with either russia or china. the plan gigantic north stream to pipeline will bring russian natural gas into europe. washington says the project makes the continent more dependent on russia and threatened the security of it's small and neighbors, like ukraine. merkel has long championed the project but played down the differences that looked like we talked about russia and ukraine and in this context also about nord stream to we've come to different assessments as to what this project can tail. but let me say clearly,
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our idea is and remains that ukraine remains a transit country for natural gas. ukraine, like any other country, has a right to territorial sovereignty. the chancellor farewell tour of washington began with a breakfast with vice president carmella harris. and later the johns hopkins university bestowed an honorary degree on the former physicist the other medical's time. as german chancellor may be drawing to a close, but she has left a lasting impression on the us precedent. if they meet on a personal note, i must tell you, i'll miss seeing you in our summits. i would truly will with the bite and presidency us german relations, all comma, but big differences remain. d w reporter william glue crossed
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is following the chancellor's visit to the states for us by william. but we heard in that report the differences do remain. so tell us more about how those differences were discussed in these talks. good morning to me there's so. busy many differences in this relationship that have no clear strategy for resolving as much as they say, they want to resolve them and want to remain on a, a friendly, agreeable path. you have, you know, china, for example, the u. s. t as a, not just an economic threat, but also a strategic and military one, germany and europe more broadly has basically, she's only as an economic opportunity. you have your opinion and common security in germany's role. they are in what is ready to commit in terms of security and military and defense, of course covey travel americans can travel to the european union, but germans and other europeans can't travel to the us. there was no clear resolution of that. and of course, the vaccine patton question,
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germany wants to go with the kovacs of the callback's route to get back scenes into lower income countries. and by the and already months ago said he's prepared to wave patent wavers, excuse me, wave pat. and to allow other countries develop them. so there's just so many things that just didn't really come out in a substantive way. in this meeting yesterday, we saw one of the largest disagreements is still the north stream to pipeline. and we saw president biden and chancellor michael issue a warning to russians and not use energy as a weapon. but when do they have a strategy there? if russia does choose to limit gas supplies, you're to europe, right. it's a great example of just how there may be goals and there's ideas and there is general agreement, but there's no strategy or policy in place for how to actually achieve those things . we know that the united states that yo bite and in many european allies are absolutely against nor stream to given a strategic a challenges to europe. energy security, climate concern germany is pushing forward with it. after
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a very tense winter in spring where there is threat and in fact some sanctions imposed bite and has backed off saying really it's too late to do anything about it . but the u. s. congress has no oh this, the sanctions are not optional. they are law and they are pushing biden to actually impose those sanctions. and so it really remains to be seen how that's going to be worked out. but we knew going into this meeting in a background called the senior white house official. she said already there be no concrete deliverable on the north string to issue. so we knew going in it. nothing was really going to come out of this in a concrete way. and william, given these disagreements after september's elections, there will be a new german chancellor. how much could that actually change the us term and relationship is extremely interesting. what's gonna happen? come september. and after, when there's going to be a new government in place, you know, of course, don't know who's going to be in that government. polls are looking like it will either be or could be the green's or angular. michael's conservative the union
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coalition or some combination of that. and each party based on their platform kind of aligns with jo biden's thoughts and agenda in different ways. the greens, more aligned with biden's ideas about climate, about human rights democracy approaching were confronting russia and china. and the conservatives are more align and more traditional aspects of nato, a common defense of military spending, these kinds of things. but really, germany has a long history of not really stepping up to the plate to meet global responsibilities as a major power and has disappointed the united states and many, many times in many ways. and that could be the result regardless of the party, that winds where the cold coalition that comes together after september's elections will in blue cross reporting for thank you. we just had time for reminder now of our top story. severe storms across germany have unleashed some of
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the worst flooding in decades. at least 80 people have died and hundreds are missing. many homes have been destroyed as well. the army has been deploy to some of the worst areas coming up next to more on transfer medical visit to washington and daniel winter, it has to be a business. and a few moments today with the news in december, 2019 the european council president showed me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time jennings on the planet by 2015 all member states supported and some
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persuasion is required.


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