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tv   600 Kinder - ein Vater  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2021 4:00am-4:46am CEST

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one, 0, can you hear me now? yes. yes, we can hear you. and her last is germans house. we bring your uncle a mac or you've never had to have before the fright, just so with what is? who is medical really what moves. and once you talk to people who follow along the way, admirers and critics alike, how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her leg is join us the macros last the me ah, this is the w new than the there are top stories. german chancellor, uncle american has held talk with us president joe biden at the white house, the 2 leaders air to their differences over the nearly complete nor stream to gas pipeline. although both of read that russia should not use energy as a weapon, it's miracles, final official trip to the u. s. before she stepped down after national election in
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september, in the european union at least 50 people have died and hundreds of people are missing. after some of the worst flooding in germany in 2 decades, severe storms and heavy downpours in the west of the country near belgium have left many villages cut off. the extreme weather has called master back to ations property damage and highway closures. there have been demonstrations and scuffles with police and 11 e capital bay roofs. after the failure of the countries leaders to form a government to enter the political crisis. prominence, politician, thought i'll ha duty and president michelle blamed each other for the end of efforts to form a new cabinet. this is due to the news from berlin and there's more on our website . that's d w dot com the whole.
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oh, the job or uncle american is a leader known for being a realist. she is a physicist to use principal the master, the elements of politics and power for almost 2 decades. today she was in washington dc on a final visit before she steps down later this year. the list of people praising her and offering their transatlantic thank you's was long tonight. we take a realistic look at the legacy of uncle a miracle, a friend of america. she will be missed by many in the us, but not by all on brit gulf and berlin. this is the day the things that i want to talk about is the dorian friendship chance, or it's been so responsible for natalie down. she is seen as the stalwart anchor to
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a modern transatlantic relationship cooperation between the united states, germany strong. it fits, i value our friendship, but i know what america has done to create a free and democratic german. and i think it's fair to say that the united states has no better partner, no better friend in the world than, than germany. so you are experiencing a reset in the german american relationship. the also coming up more than 45 people lost their lives today in some of the most severe flash flooding western germany has seen in decades and ocean away chancellor america was made aware of the unfolding tragedy. for this order to sleep, places are experiencing a catastrophe. one could say a tragedy. the words heavy, rain and flooding are not enough to describe it. it is quite simply a catastrophe in the sub for polish and cut us over
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the reviewers on p b. s. in the united states, into all of the around the world. welcome we begin the day. as america begins saying farewell to angela miracle michael was in washington, d. c. today on what will most likely be her final. he was visit as german chancellor, after 16 years, as germany's leader, after being called the most powerful woman in the world. uncle americal is stepping down after national elections here. this coming september barrels chancellor ship has transcended the terms of for us presidents from george w bush to morocco, obama, to donald trump. and now president joe bite. tonight, the chancellor is president biden's guest of honor for dinner at the white house. medical is a committed transatlantic, she has said so many times a friend ready to support the us, but also an honest l. y. willing to remind washington of what matters. she congratulated donald trump on becoming us president by reminding him of the values
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that germany and the u. s. shape. tonight will find out what marilyn biden talked about, where they agree, where they don't, and whether or not they found common ground today. listen to what both leaders told reporters today after they finish their one on one meeting at the white hands. once again, today we've seen that we're not just allies in partners, but we are nations that are mostly the ones that have close ties and i'm grateful for the course. the day we are united by common values, supervision by a will overcome the challenges facing us in today's day and age and as my conviction. and it's not enough to just be connected to common values, but that we live in the same time where new challenges talk to keep with requiring this policy making. no, thank you for your continued support for the long standing goal over europe,
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whole free and at peace. you run a stalwart champion, the transatlantic alliance. the atlantic partnership under your chancellor ship, the friendship and cooperation between germany, united states has grown stronger and stronger. and i'm looking forward to celebrating more at our dinner this evening, but today was very much a working and our washington bureau chief indisposed. you join me now. she is just coming out of that press conference. good afternoon to you. so let's talk about, there was a lot that they discussed, obviously in this one on one. what would you say is the most important message that both leaders wanted to convey in this press conference? the world is complicated and we are out here together side by side we as germany and we as united states to face all of these challenges. i think that was the main
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message spread. it was a warm meeting in the beginning, a joe biden addressed his deep condolences to enter to the german people because of this because taught could talk catastrophe which had happened there you saw to kind of tired leaders, but both of them really wanted to show that germany and the united states are back together again. and i was struck listening to the press conference and what both presidents said regarding ukraine and efforts that they have agreed to to, to bring ukraine even closer in to, to europe. let's talk about that. there's going to be a new alliance to fight climate change that's going to incorporate ukraine, right? exactly right. so job i didn't said good friends can also agree to disagree. we all
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know that joe biden, as most of the americans, definitely president trump himself, also are really against the high blind rooms who medical supports that even so it was started before her chance to read about it by the end of the day is now nearly ready by 90 percent, so it would be really, really very expensive and complicated to stop it. but yes indeed, brent, just as you pointed out, they really want to make sure that you crane isn't kind of left behind when this pipeline is working and both of them promise to do everything to protect the sovereign a t of ukraine. and were you struck by the language that was used? we heard president biden say that russia must not be allowed to use energy as a weapon of coercion. he also named china when he said that germany in the u. s. will continue to push for democracy and human rights to be he either he was
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targeting these countries, did then surprise you. he was very outspoken about that, but that's not really new brand. he does said really. i mean, i'm sure he's convinced about it, but he also does it for domestic reasons because the fear of china and the fear towards russia or off russia, especially now after the cyber attacks is growing in this country. and the president, the former president donald trump, was really outspoken and his criticism, most of china. so that puts some pressure on president biden, kind of to keep this critical approach alive. and again, there are some disagreements between germany and the united states, especially when it comes to join to trade with china. but medical also said, you know, there are many ways to, to deal with this competitive. but again,
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germany and the united states also do agree that human rights to play a role and that it is important kind of to face this competitive also side by side . you know, we know that after 16 years the chancellor is about to step down after the elections here in germany. this coming september. obviously that's the, that's the big elephant in the room. right to be. they know that in just a few months, washington will be dealing with a different chancellor, a new chancellor in berlin. absolutely. and that was also really the feeling in the press conference here in the white house. the american colleagues hardly addressed any really serious questions towards spite and regarding that matter because the feeling is a little bit she is a lame duck. she was very important than many. many americans praise her for her steadiness, for her reliability, for her part poor democracy. but everyone knows she's leaving office soon. even so
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she really stresses the fact that this is a work meeting, but it is her last meeting and it is also also the celebration of her 16 years. yes, that's true. and despite that, you could see in her face there bit, she obviously is very worried about the, the flooding catastrophe in western germany. and it obviously is difficult being the chancellor and being outside of the country so far away when a disaster hits at home. absolutely. therefore, she addressed the floods this early morning. also she met with vice president canada harris. calling it a catastrophe, a catastrophe. and she was shaken. you could, she could see that she was shocked by the event. and i heard from people in her inner circle that she would have left washington this morning if this would not
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have been her last visit. therefore, she stays through this dinner tonight, which might be shorter than expected, and then flies directly home to her fellow germans who have to go through this horrible times. that's right. more than 45 people died in that flash flooding. always our washington bureau chief in his po, with the latest from that press conference between biden and miracle in his thank the one area where uncle maribelle has not been able to agree with any of the 4 american presidents that she's worked with. that's the new word stream to natural gas pipeline. the project, the pot pipe russian natural gas directly to germany is seen as a security threat by the united states germany and says it's just an infrastructure project which will meet a small percentage of the countries energy needs. the pipeline problem hasn't gone away and yet the white house didn't listed on the agenda for today's one,
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on one talks between biden and mirror. and while i read my while, i reiterated my concerns about nor stream to chance, and merkle are absolutely unite in our conviction that russia must not be allowed to use energy as a weapon to coerce or threaten its neighbors. we spoke about russia and ukraine by and about know, extreme to in that context to we see the issues differently in terms of what this project entails. but let me say very clearly that understanding remains that ukraine is it will remain a transit country for natural gas. so no, it's jim to is an additional project. it is not a project. instead of having ukraine transit country for gas, because anything else would trigger the huge tension. and we are still in conversations still in discussion about how we can move forward. i missed or my
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next guest is a for we're europe, energy security advisor at the us state department. he worked on many transit landing energy security issues including nord stream to he's now a fellow at harvard university. he joins me tonight from cambridge, massachusetts, benjamin smith. it's good to have you back on the show, benjamin. so what do you make of what came out of this today? i think they actually said things in more concrete terms than most people were expecting. what's your take? yeah, bring i just start by saying i have a lot of friends that live in the region in, in, in western germany where the flooding is taking place and my heart goes out to all of them. and of course, the tragic loss of life. so i just want to make sure to say that, but it look, it's great to join you. it's been a, it's a really, truly historic day. the valedictory visit of german chancellor, doctor, anglo merkel to washington, after in years leaving germany and look, it's been
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a relationship that has been extremely positive over that time. the president bivens said today, the enduring friendship between the u. s. in germany that the chancellor has been so responsible for herself nailing down. he made that very clear and well, merkle tenure has been characterized by this pragmatic, an incremental foreign policy approach. it's favored multilateral stability, over bold moved and the trans atlantic relationship. it's also been one the seen, a number of areas of disappointment to foreign policy experts that really urine for merkel to step away from this vandal to handle this, this re all politic approach when it comes to authoritarian nations. in particular, in the past several years. in the case of russia, in china, and in the case of nordstrom to so that's really what we see this today. and remember, brent, this project was announced 7 years ago in the shadow of rushes, illegal in face of premier and aggression eastern ukraine. an uncle of merkel has, has stood by this project no matter any of the aggressive threshold the kremlin.
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it's cross from cyber attack to the poisoning and imprisonment of electing a volney to extra duty shall killings in berlin to election interference, aggressive, military fostering, et cetera, et cetera. the chancellor would not even consider withdrawing or political support . 4 and 4 doors, string to you as a tool to at least try to get put into rethink his malign action against the trans atlantic community. and i think for that, and i'll just and my opening by saying that, i think that for all the excellent european leadership that channel merkle has demonstrated on this broad array of issues that will define her legacy, certainly for support of nurturing to will, sadly, forever be in africa, in her historic tenure, that would be the case. what do you make of what was in now today this, this new alliance to fight climate change? that is going to include ukraine, maybe even, you know, helping upgrade the infrastructure, maybe helping them to be able to be a transit country for sustainable energy types. and it reminds me to of what was
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agreed earlier in the week when presidential n t was here from the ukraine. and the promise was made by angela medical that germany will help you create that is going further than you had expected when you when i last spoke. right. right. yeah, i think so. i think at the same time, brent, there's still quite a bit of distance in terms of the details between washington, berlin on talks regarding north spring to we need to remember 1st of all, i don't personally like this framing that it's supposed to be this washington in berlin deal that have been discussed in the expert community. i think it's problematic from the outset because as you said, president, so let's give you crane and, and needles, eastern plank country are most impacted by this project and therefore should be active participants at the table. rather than having these proposals come up with and then having them a priori to, to sell to the rest of the european community. i think that, you know, these are, these are, you know, the sort of a trial balloon that you and i have talked about on the show
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a number of time german proposals for economic in green energy and investment in the ukraine. snap. that mechanisms are extended gasper in the contract. the problem is the sort of deals in no way address the coord national security concerns associated with the project. and that a german shut off mechanism for the project. less credibility because if gas is not coming through ukraine, the idea that germany would then cut off gas nor string to as well, to create a massive energy shortage in europe. it's really just not something i think that, that anyone can see happening in blood repute. and just a few weeks ago had made a very clear that ukrainian gap claim that will and should keep not show sufficient . quoting, quoting in an old word, goodwill demarco and gas from its currently as we speak, backing up that threat by pumping the lowest amount of gas in the european storage in recent years to create more pressure for north spring to i think it would be very, very difficult what you know, it's important. it is what the chancellor had guaranteed to actually do that in the presence of northridge, to what do you think the, the thinking is,
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the white house. they know that in 2 months there will probably be a new government, a new german chance to deal with. aren't they just waiting? i mean uncle michael isn't. she's a lame duck chancellor right now. and there they may be dealing with a different set of cards in 3 months time. it is very possible. that's in part one of the reasons why i don't understand why this administration why strongly supported all of their actions and trans atlantic community. aside from some of the details on north street to has taken this action to remove sanctions pressure and try to move forward with a deal directly with, with the current government in berlin. when you said it could be a much different political situation that has the ability in the future to really use nurturing to as i think it should be used. if there is to be some sort of deal to try to get real verifiable. behavior changes from the kremlin that benefit germany that benefit the united states and been the entire national security
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dynamic in the trans atlantic community. and i think that's what we really need to hope for. but let me ask you the last time we spoke the, the greens were looking very good in the polls here for the national election degrees are adamantly against nord stream to that has changed the they are now really looking bad in the polls. the election is just a couple of months away. it's looking like that the political constellation here is not going to change very much. that's bad news for people who want to see nord string to kilt. yeah, i agree with that. and i think that the problem that we see from the cd you in particular, is what merkel sat again today and in repeated saying that quote, it additional infrastructure rather than what it really is. which is the replacement for the ukranian gap claim that route, which is just a variation on, on this governments in berlin. long standing description of the project is quote,
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just a commercial deal. the chancellor also mentioned that the extension of the previous gas trends, the contract between russia and ukraine was a big success. but we have to remember you and i've spoken about that. it was the imposition of us sanctions in december 2019 that actually got the kremlin to come to the table center diversionary root of northridge to could not then be completed in order to be completed. it's going to be incredibly difficult, if not impossible for the translator to make good on her assurances or any future cancel to make it. and in their currency is, can you continue that gas printed by ukraine without russia actually buying in which i don't to get as any intention to do? all right, benjamin smith is always benjamin. it's good to get your input in your insights. valuable, especially as things are changing now politically, are about to change politically here in berlin, talking with you. thanks. thanks much, brent. let's be in touch. thank you. the in germany, severe storms have set off the worst flooding. in decades,
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dozens of people died including 2 firefighters. many more are missing. hundreds of thousands of homes are without power. helicopter crews have lifted stranded villagers to safety, sweeping away anything in their path. these flood waters have claimed homes and lives across west in germany. emergency cruise, trying to locate dozens of missing residents, some with traps on rooftops as the water mandated their home but rescue assets are hindered by roads that have been ripped apart, raging flood waters and debris. the german army has been deployed, cleared, passed through the mud. you can see there is not everywhere in the houses the bridge. they're collapsed as water. further down, even houses have floated away from when the lease is guaranteed to take 10 years
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to recover the people here. oh, broke the businesses too. so it's just horrible. now, the regions of north ryan with failure, rhineland plaza, night and czar land has been west effected the flood gates on a damn near the sushi of booker towel, had to be opened as it threatened to burst. the unusually intense rainfall was caused by warm and cool and mixing. germany's chancellor uncle american express her sympathies from washington where she is on her last visit before stepping down as the german leader. if it should, that when i am shocked by the reports that are reaching me from the places that are now completely under water in which people have rescued themselves in a situation of great, neat onto the roofs of their houses and hopefully will also be rescued. i mourn for those who have lost their lives in this catastrophe. we don't know the number yet,
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but there will be many, some in the basement of their houses, some as firefighters trying to bring others to safety. my deepest sympathy goes out to their families and willing good, minor teeth and tell as the weather clears in most of the hot heat areas, some residents have joined the clean up essence salvaging whatever they can from the devastated homes. like responded kate martyr is in the town of vogue for time in western germany. she has more on the flooding there. i'm here and time which one of the villages has been hit hard by the flood bordeaux says debris all around me as you can see. and the rescue efforts which has been going on throughout the entire day to day police as being rescue workers. and there's been people driving heavy machinery trying to clear some of the debris off the road.
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obviously that has been lots of village villages as well, sat around all day waiting for information to find out what's happened about herman's and also i loved ones that have been unfortunately at least 2 people who have been found dead in this village. they found them passing aaliyah in the day and they have just reported that they have another cousin. and i spoke to people earlier today and they were telling me about the possible stories that they knew that this is going to happen. that they knew that it would be some flooding, and they had some warning from the origin. well, they says they just had no idea that it could possibly be 5. ah, well, there have been many miracle moments in the past 16 years. and some of those involved the us president at the time photos that became iconic images as history was being made. consider this photo taken at the g 7 summit in canada in 2018. know in the
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eyes of many around the world. it spoke volumes about president trump's america 1st attitude regarding the rest of the world. if you go back even further to the year 2015 into a different president, brock obama. this photo was taken at the g 7 summit in germany, but for many americans, it looks like the austrian alps and a scene from the sound of music, miracles, arms, outstretched like a singing julie andrews. it is safe to say that miracles, relationship with obama was much more in tune than with president trump. but there were other songs, other moments and other presidents take a look in texas when you invite somebody in your home, it's expression of warmth and respect. and that's how i feel about chance for muslims the
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we want to pay tribute to an extraordinary leader who bodies these values and who's inspired millions. busy around the world, including me, and that's my friend, jennifer merkel. here's an exemplary life of groundbreaking service to germany, and i might add, i mean, from the bottom heart to the world on behalf of the united states. thank you for your career, a strong principal leadership and thank you for speaking out for what is right and for never failing to defend human dignity. and but then the day is almost done. the conversation continues ally, and you'll find us on twitter either at the w news. you can call me at brit dot tv . remember, whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day. we'll see you then everybody who's
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the news. the news, the news streaming to belkora. ah, regina cried from exile while in prison and they opened children
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to own or not to well, what about assuring economy change in thinking it's changing the economy to create something new b, e can nomics magazines and we need germany in 60 minutes, w ah, the news up to date, don't miss highlight d w program online, d, w dot com highlight women ease
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in speaking. that's me for them all the money and lunch and the voices. the only way i can be to create my own. i see their house standing stories in women in asia this weekend on d. w. the hello, in a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me. peter craven. and we begin in bella roswell dictator, alexander lucas shank o, has been stepping up efforts to silence his opponents despite an international
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outcry and sanctions among those in detention bella russell, bank of victoria baba, rico, who launched a short from the base for the presidency before he was arrested and prominent to sit in rome and protest of h apparently remains under house arrest. meanwhile, countless opposition figures are continuing their resistance from abroad. among their ranks is yana sho stack. who has been protesting in a way that can only be described as brave, angry and loud. the actual and both the media artist was born in bella ross, but she currently lives in exile in they bring poland. at each day she goes to the european commission office in war soul and continues her protest. now remember, you have been warned. what you are about to see is brave, angry, and very, very lout ah screening for
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freedom. once again bellow ruthie. an artist piano shows doc has taken up position outside warsaw, 0 pm commission office flanked by 2 friends. she's calling for a change in her homeland. i don't get the blog. i am doing this for all the reasons who cannot raise their voices at home. go ship a little, get get a lot. and i am screaming because we have been silent for the past 27 years. retention she and other activists want to draw attention to the grim situation and neighboring bella. ruth, never mind. just sending a text message or seeking psychological support is enough information to get you handed over to the militia. attempted to follow up to the 20 year
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old has lived in poland for 11 years. last year she returned to bella ruth, for the presidential election, hopeful that lucas shank goes rule would end. when the dictator controversially declared himself the winner of a highly contested election, yana, join to the anti regime protest just shows me hire. people were all smiles knowing they are in the majority. you don't to eat somewhere handing out water. others flowers. because we're taxi drivers, we're giving our meals to protesters. excell carpet verjee venue. but then more and more people were arrested and tortured. most opposition leaders were either jailed or forced into exile back in poland. yanna began her near daily protest screams or do i draw strength from every
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single person who has told me about their pain, but i should them. no, they're torture to me because they can't make it public police eve, i scream in their name and on their behalf. dash should push the thousands of ruffians have fled to poland and the pat year where they received support. ah, many of them are protesting against the lucas shall go and demanding the release of political prisoners. ah, like vanya and asked yes, parents, for example, who were sentenced to 5 and a half years behind bars for collecting signatures and co organizing protests. and
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by the rule, but is, this is me, this is my mom that it's my dad, this is grampa, and that is vanya. it does lying. both children are still learning how to read. yet they already know what these protest signs mean. strong. this means mom and dad went to jail for saving the country exactly if they're in jail without us. and they miss us very much money. mommy writes us letters, but we've only received one letter from dad to that to
4:36 am
their grandmother is deeply worried about her imprison daughter. he's been in jail for 9 months already when you and we don't know what's been going on with her schedule. no, no she she and need as a good mother, but don't look or not being able to see her children has been unbearable for her. i'm not watching. she's terrified of serving the full 5 and a half years center and watching but not being able to watch her daughter grow up. we deal on our cent, anita, and i saw her daughter not feel when she was evil, or nobody knows when she will see her again. it's awful. she's trash. yana show us doc tries to offer support yesterday. moment of so whenever someone needs help. so i tried to get a foundation involved, i'm sure, the net diversity to talk and very often supportive individuals step up and
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from that you don't watch t adoption vickers luigi vanya and his sister nasty. i have had a hard time dealing with their parents absence. that's why yanna show stock often visits the little ones and their grandmother hunter to be there with them in their dark times. for the artist activist. this is her very own silence scream for bella. ruth. now in recent years, china has been working hard to increase its political and economic influence. here in europe. and serbia is among those countries with a strong and growing chinese presence, such as in the eastern board district where copper mining has been a long tradition. there are many in the region and 0 around for universe, which is certainly among them who say that serbia is slowly coming under what they
4:38 am
term chinese occupation and that it's the locals who are paying the price zone around vienna, which rearranges his roof tiles every now and again, but he's not really sure why. 2 years ago, part of his bond suddenly collapsed. you also v o e sport i was inside when they were blasting really communicate, it was as if a bomb had gone off. not your story. welcome, you know, everything moved to the mirror and always the full that was all shifted to the left and then the roof caved in for the door. shortly after all he has been waiting in vain for compensation ever since. 3 years ago. the chinese companies, each in to cover the copper mines around the serbian city a bought for unit which says the gin has been mining couple with 0 regard for the environment or local residence. milan can be ship inch, mayor of the neighboring town of presuming feels the same. he's just replaced at
4:39 am
his home. yet the 1st cracks already appearing me. as i said, this has been happening all over the place where 2 people will send and complain. so that a commission, you can come have a look then document and pay for the damage and the steps. but management that c, g and bore has yet to respond. instead, new shaft towers popped up next door is specter. what is that for the mining authority ordered to hold production of the towers because they were built without the proper permits and environmental inspection with each managers that made you not the towers are operating anyway allegedly and testimony that the company has just kept on mining. latisha yet i just for post bore is one of the biggest copper mines in europe, and it has been active for over a century. the surrounding landscape is scarred with open pit mine some slack keeps in the past 3 years in tremendously expanded production,
4:40 am
yet again costing residents in the environment daily. this region is one of the most polluted in serbia, the serbian institute for public health. we conducted a study and found the cancer rate in 4th to be far above average, primarily due to severe pollution. and these results came to light even though the study has yet to be published. local environmentalists feel it's irresponsible to higher data. it's a public document and should be available to all citizens so they know what's going on. there is no reason to conceal this information or portrait. $1634.00 that we sent multiple requests for interviews to the ministry of mining, to the gin itself and to local authorities, but received no response. instead, jean employees appeared while we were filming to observe us. journalists are
4:41 am
clearly unwelcome. serbia is arguably china's top partner in the balkans and chinese investors are welcomed with open arms law. it's hardly a week goes by without the serbian president alex on the church, praising serbia as friendship with china, and poor as part of china strategic investment in the new silk road, which the country has been expanding for years to open up new trade routes with europe tomorrow china is willing to continue collaborating with central and eastern european countries, families to be in serbia. our expectations have been met by the way, form a minister of transport is now responsible for mining all these projects being built by chinese companies and chinese workers. and c chin has already brought hundreds of them to balls. they live isolated on the mine premises, but can be spotted in the city from time to time. chinese owner appears self
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confidence. new buildings at the mine entrance have to go to like roofs and the signs of bilingual doors we feel completely occupied by the chinese as though we were in some chinese province. instead of them being in serbia, a common sentiment and bore the serving employees isn't in currently have secure jobs. but things are getting harder for the workers recently protested in front of the headquarters. because that bonuses were meant to be caught in the gene has made some huge investment. and we are not opposed to them investing to increase profits . but we feel like they're targeting older employees. the ones over 50 percent up with this to be with our employer was obligated to comply with the existing wage agreement. but they violated it. and now they want to lower our wages and restrict our right when you come out. ever since his bond collapsed zone envoy,
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innovator hasn't kept any more livestock. all he has left. this is vegetable garden . he feels he's at the mercy of his new neighbor and wishes he could just move away forever and go to turkey. now when times are tough for many people like an game. yeah sha, for instance, a bearing the brunt of the economic downturn that came in the wake of the corona virus pandemic now most mornings and can be found among many others down the legendary glass of bridge that connects the european and asian sides of the city. in his desperate struggle to feed his family, he resorted to an old hobby. the dawn breaks over the boss, berth fissures on the latter bridge or pulling their 1st catch out of the water. their hums, the or turkish anchovies. it's rare for anything bigger to bite along the coast to
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vista and will this time of year engine your show had been coming to the bridge every day for months. not just because he enjoyed fishing. during the pandemic, your shower lost his job as a custodian. yes no, there's used to be a hobby of mine, but not anymore. couple other now i have to do it on the pan. demik is making it hard to find a job. i got fired because they wanted to save money. after 17 years, i never learned a trade. thank goodness, i've been doing this since i was a kid and can use it to earn some money each, but exactly much. did you miss all the more and more people have been coming here to fish recently. many are doing it for the same reason as you shar, they've lost their jobs, they can just barely stay afloat by fishing. your show or
4:45 am
is going to try to sell his couch at the market. he's married and has children. every lira that goes into the household budget counts, but today other fishermen were faster than him. it's been tell for fish mongers. you're not another sales on going well right now. there's a problem with the sea. we'll just eat the fish ourselves and that that problem is a harmful algae bloom in the sea of mar maria that's been drifting off his symbols coast for weeks. the boss for us and mom are a see, they're essentially the same waters now that the algae of spread aggressively many a symbol residence or preferring to go without fish, but yeah, shar has no other choice. his children are hungry. we shall not re which my wife has started to work. so we've got some extra income
4:46 am
and i think now that they've lifted corona virus restrictions, i'll soon find regular work. and.


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