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the trees and power plays and the lines is behind the scenes of the summit starts august, 5th on dw me the news w news alive from berlin. dozens dead and hundreds missing. after the worst flooding, germany have seen in decades stays of torrential rain. leave communities along the belgian border cut off, and hundreds of homes are washed away or in ruins. coming up on the shower, on the medical visit, the u. s. for her last official visit, as german chancellor,
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she joined the president biden for dinner and todd end of the pair agreed to disagree on one big issue. we'll get an update from our far as on and ah, hello, i'm claire richardson, a very warm welcome to the show. here in germany, severe storms have triggered some of the worst flooding in decades. at least 58 people have died and many more are still missing. in one small, small town, some, 1300 people remain unaccounted for. authority say they hope those people are only unreachable due to cell phone networks being down. hundreds of thousands of homes are without power, and helicopter crews have lifted stranded villagers to safety. sweeping away anything in their path. these flood waters have claimed homes and lives across west in germany. emergency cruise,
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trying to locate dozens of missing residents, somewhat chaps on rooftops as the water inundated their home. but rescue efforts are hindered by roads that have been ripped apart, raging flood waters and debris. the german army has been deployed, cleared, passed through the mud. you can see in there is not everywhere in the houses, the bridge there collapsed as water over it further down, even houses have floated away and this is guaranteed to take 10 years to recover the people here. oh, broke the businesses too. so it's just horrible. now the regions of north ryan was a failure. rhineland last night and czar land had been west effected the flood gates on a damn near the sushi of cattle, had to be opened as it threatened to best. the unusually intense rainfall was
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caused by warm and cool and mixing. germany's chancellor uncle american express her sympathies from washington where she is on her last visit before stepping down as the german leader. in should thoughts when i am shocked by the reports that are reaching me from the places that are now completely under water in which people have rescued themselves in a situation of great need under the roofs of their houses. and hopefully will also be rescued. i mourn for those who have lost their lives in this catastrophe. we don't know the number yet, but there will be many, some in the basement of their houses, some of the firefighters trying to bring others to safety. my deepest sympathy goes out to their families and doing good, minor teeth and tell them as the weather clears in most of the hot areas, some residents have joined the clean,
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up essence salvaging whatever they can from the devastated homes and d, w correspondent k to marker is in the town of vall, part time in western germany. she has more on the flooding there. i'm here and i'll put time, which one of the villages has been hit hard by the flood board. says debris all around me, as you can see. and the rescue efforts which has been going on throughout the entire day to day police as being rescue workers. and there's been people driving heavy machinery and trying to plan some of the debris off the road. obviously that has been lots of villages as well, set around all day waiting for information to find out what's happened about herman's and also i loved ones that have been unfortunately at least 2 people who have been found dead in this village. they found them pass and all yet in the day, and they have just reported that they have fallen in love has and and i spoke to
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people earlier today and they were telling me about that and talking the story. so they knew that this was going to happen, but they knew that it would be some flooding, and they had some warning from the origin, but they said that they just had no idea that it could possibly be 5 d, w, correspond, indicate march or reporting for us there earlier, we also spoke with residents who live in one of the areas badly affected by the floods. one woman described how flood waters swept through her streets on wednesday night. last evening. it was shortly before dark. the police say the police and the firemen came and they were yelling to the people. we had already heard sirens, but they were yelling for the people, leave your heart, leave your house. and even i live on the 2nd floor. and they were saying we were supposed to leave as well, and nobody had time to react. and within 2 minutes,
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the street was covered. had we left, we would have been swept away. and so we watched the whole night, the level water levels rose and rose to probably at least one and a half meters, which 2 americans would be probably about 4 and a half feet, 5 feet and cars, trees, gas tanks, little propane tanks, floating down the street and today is clean up and has germany. real chancellor. uncle america is an ocean away on her farewell visit to the united states. she's visiting us president joe biden at the white house nation years. the end of a political career spanning for american presidencies. well, the 2 meters held wide ranging talks covering climate change. the pandemic and a global security fight and has said in germany and the u. s. stand for democratic principles. let's take a listen to what both leaders have to say. we are united by common values,
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supervision by a will overcome the challenges facing us in today's day and age. and it's my firm conviction, and it's not enough to just be connected to common values, but that we live in the time. first woman, chancellor in german history, the 1st chancellor from the former east germany. and now the 2nd largest, longest serving and chancellor since he would call here is an exemplary life from groundbreaking service to germany. and i might add, i mean, from the bottom heart to the world on behalf of the united states. thank you for your career of a strong principal leadership and thank you for speaking out for what is right and for never failing to defend human dignity. during that press conference, the flooding in germany was miracles. first order of business. the chancellor open
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her remarks by expressing her shock at the scale of the catastrophe or washington bureau chief as paul was there at the white house press conference. and earlier i asked her how climate change featured into the 2 leaders discussions. this comes at a moment her, when the chancellor was expressing her deep, deep sympathy to all the family members who last members of the families in the floods. she did that directly after her meeting was kind of the harris this morning . it also comes at the moment when the best part of the united states it's, it's really hard there. it's so hard that some, some lakes are basically burning. that trims are getting cooked in the water. so climate change most definitely is a crucial topic and both natural and bite and stress. the fact that they will work very closely together on that. also, after tonsil america will have less office in
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a pull there for us. and the other main point of contention during biden and miracles meeting was nor to stream to in nearly completed gas pipeline being built from russia to germany under the baltic sea. the u. s. as long argue that the projects will threaten european energy security, increasing its reliance on russian gas, and allowing russia to put political pressure on eastern countries like ukraine, abiding and merkle avow to work together against russian aggression. let's take a lesson. while i read in my row, i reiterated my concerns about nor stream to chance to merkel are absolutely unite in our conviction. that rush must not be allowed. use energy is a weapon to coerce or threaten its neighbors. we talked about russia and ukraine and in this context also about not seen by to leave coming to different assessments as to what this project entails. but let me say very clearly, the idea is and remains that ukraine remains trans country for natural gas that
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ukraine just as any other country in the world has a right to territorial 70. which is why we've been come engaged and continue to be engaged in the main process. we will be actively acting. should russia not respect this right of ukraine, that it has as attends the country? so no to is an additional project and certainly not my project to replace any kind of transit who ukraine, anything else would obviously create a lot of tension. so point of difference during an otherwise largely friendly visit for miracle. now we can turn our attention to some of the other stories that are making headlines at this. our top a dutch crime reporter petra. the reese has died after being shot in a busy street in amsterdam. more than a week ago. a journalist had been involved in a court case against a wanted drug baron, to suspect, have been arrested. never been processed in the lebanese capital bay route after
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acting prime minister, thought harry abandoned his bid to form a government. harry was asked by parliament to form a cabinet in october 2020 and his failure comes in the country is mired in its worst economic crisis in decades. while the south african government is sending in an extra 25000 soldiers to help curb on rest and days of looting, violence has begun to some side allowing the clean up to begin. 120 people have died and supply chain for food and fuel have been described, dw corresponded, christine wound, a sentence. this report from johannesburg. i mean a shopping mall in alexandra township. this is in johannesburg. and this really is one of the last small standing in this particular township and throughout the day, members of the ellison community has been coming along to do their shopping here.
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it's already been monitored really well, you've had soldiers patrolling at the area. of course, there is some panic buying that's starting to happen now is people fear that they're not going to have access to food and other essentially in the coming days. yes, that will end up not having something that i'm tired of me. this is one of the more that was lift gate and it's being protected very much by a number of officials. so in a short while from now you're going to see members of the south african national defense forces patrolling the area. basically just touching base to see that everything still remains calm. and in order to give us a sense of how much longer you feel that you guys are going to be eligible, we are going to be here for some time. as long as this lifting and the painting of warehouses, we are still going to be in the crowd. their presence is making it possible for a shop like this one behind need to stay open at this time because of course the
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threat level is still very much alive here. t w corresponding christine moons are reporting there from the johannesburg township of alexandra. just before we go, we have in this story, a vast area of south korea's coastal plains known as the get bull floss is in the running to be awarded unesco world heritage status. the title flats are home to a huge variety of birds and animals, including some species which cannot be found anywhere else. this extraordinary expanse of land is located on south korea, southwestern coast. it covers more than 1000 square kilometers. and it's made up as title mudflaps. it's home to a wide variety of animals. some of them read and a search is important for the bio diversity of the planet. just one of the reasons research is a pushing for it to be included on the world. heritage left idle slack to the ecological repository where several organisms co exist. it's one of the most
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important habitat for the sake of the preservation of the diversity. therefore, it must be protected by humanity and inherited by the future generation. and it deserves to be included on the let me get a cut to got to know that because it's also an important stopping off place and a breeding ground for millions of migratory birds, of which several species are threatened with extinction. the birds rely on the food hayden, in the mud, in order to be able to refuel and continue on their journey. 42 feet up with the mud as its logical basis. several organisms exist in the title plant and also it is playing a vital role. the food supply, i thought i'm directing place for endangered migratory birds will tell you that. and there's another reason south korea is hoping the area will be added. see you next goes world heritage left. it could bring the much needed income from tourism
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that has been lost during the pandemic. as interest rises, both at home and abroad in the spectacular side of the title flag. that is your news update at this hour. stay tuned for a d. w documentary about the world most legendary grants hotels. don't forget, there is of course, always more on our website and d, w dot com, social media act i, claire interests and in virginia for me and the entire team here. thank you so much for joining us. with the goal was right in front of them, they gave it. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the are well in the games that tokyo with 2020 from of course, during the qualifying ground, not for sports heroes. downtown during lockdown starts july
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19th on d. w. ah ah ah ah, the history of the illustrious book revised hotel is dotted with tragedy. more than a century ago, an emperor died in this luxury establishment. she was staying incognito, signing the guest book under a false. in miss les, everyone knew she was 50 empress elizabeth of austria tim between 1898. she was stamped in geneva
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and measure it was an honest named luigi channing. he smiled, he was led away by authorities. if he was brought back to the bill, revise was she died in the arms of the hotel now ah if you use this tragic event left its mark on our hotels history to my my grandmother finding who was 24 then and newly married. welcome to the impression she was, even in her lifetime. she was already such a mythical figure of legend to solve evil imagines grips. i imagine how emotional it must have been to go from hosting this extraordinary woman
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. she to being at her side in her final moments. the rest of the joshua glasses did not sit down in mobile impress. elizabeth was no stranger to this tranquil sweet city. ah i see a door that says cc the loved spending time on the shores of lake geneva. it's an exceptional place for the excuse she loved hiking in the mountains, which was very unusual for a person of her rank ha. that fateful september day began like any of a stroll. some shopping, nothing special. just before she died, she reportedly asked what happened to me as well as yours? for her? she came for just 24 hours. on this issue, refund, old showed,
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had invited her to lunch. she'd been a guest at the boulevard many times before, but this was just a short visit. just dropped off her luggage and hurried off to lunch on a she. then she shopped and ate some ice cream. she loved ice cream, more glass and the last she sees memory is kept alive in the holes. she once walked showcase displaced. the interest has brought us to drops. of blood have faded in the fabric was time o um i can just drop it off. it is tragic loss, left an imprint on our hotel and the history was brought to light again. in the postwar period, when mariska made his legendary films about cc him, this is my sister's and i all watched them. of course,
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we immersed ourselves in the story knowing the ending took place in our house here, my office that it on not missile or, you know, it was quite traumatic for us as children to watch these films that the whole world was talking about with the knowledge that the end happened here in our hotel could far at the bottom is the reverse has been owned by the maya family for 5 generations. hotels past and present a closely intertwined chatam stuck out. this is a theater. sometimes the players, lighthearted. a comedy. other times it's tragic, a drama. it's a place that's full of life going to when the hotel was founded in the mid 900 century and there wasn't the same competition that exists today. if you migrate grandfather opened a house that respected the needs of an aristocratic clientele,
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a secluded kind of world. liberalism. what can young, delicate think y'all to see and be seen? that's what 1900 century guesses came to do here among their peers wiper, to prepare them. the reception area is modern and vibrant. teeming with activity is to tell, may pay homage to it's passed, but it's not stuck in. it isn't semi and i don't and so we want to be a family house with solar panels. and we all really enjoy working in our house with such a rich history level. but we also must move into the future with modern technology . for example, if you did and in the month or something our guests needs have evolved over the years and we have to adapt to them. but as to when you would, you celebrate christmas. we also have to stay curios and observe what the
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competition is doing for you on this committee. to hear them the hidden from the guests is a labyrinth star for the revised work swiftly to produce the sophisticated touches the hotel is known for the me now and they give the hotel a soul. if you will, use the bookcase help to fill out the splendid rooms. the guest is really appreciate the flowers. if you know pos excel
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with just under $100.00 rooms and sweets boulevard, manages to offer a feeling of intimacy to guests. since the very start, celebrities have been drawn to the hotel charm. nevertheless, when 2 different hall to sell you this on, every stars are all different. but those who stay at the boulevard embrace its values. and that means discretion. un prieto pool. they come to hide away so that privacy is respected. the booby vase is not a stage. it's a place to live on your end. it's protected on your q q type. what is your
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the luxury suites? look out for lake geneva, with its landmark shed drill, a fountain that pumps water, 140 meters high. the bowl fits right into this enchanting landscape with the lake and the alps. it is okay for your massage. geneva is a cross road. the mountains cut us off, but the plains are open as far as the i can see. people have to travel to geneva because the lake is an obstacle. even if you want to travel from the north to the south, you have to cross the lake. should like an obstacle, you can only do that via geneva for sure. perfect. you most vision i have heading south to italy or in the other direction over the saint bernard. pass it over to look at them for the new like for the past. geneva is also a crossroads of thought. so where great thinkers develop their theories that jones young, who so this is also part of our history set. since it's
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reflected in the character of the people here. they welcome the whole world yourself to learn a little bit from everyone and yet remain themselves there. may fiscal, ma'am, ma'am. geneva genevas. again, if jennifer said it would be like, it's considered the most cosmic pulse and city in switzerland located in the french speaking part of the country. geneva is the 2nd largest city in switzerland after zurich, 2 characteristics of geneva, discretion and consistency. the words of a $900.00 sixty's observe a sound almost timeless. me begin such as the old town of geneva, plain, but rich, the secret millionaires live here in geneva. poverty is a vice, and
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a person who's bankrupt is a godless sinner, outcast. ostracize the times may be changing, but not in geneva. have a meeting good. geneva is with the french for format. john. calvin developed his beliefs. there is still echoes to the strict protestant doctrine of calvinism here today. supposed to be the default of use. do you this is a calvinism that is not religious, but a calvinism of thought in the spirit of reform law and justice. bhaskar, if he's some of the people of geneva, can practice this because they live in a prosperous world. from where the city is not all that extravagant. geneva is built on rigor and straightforwardness. we don't show off. we are discrete on a disk, on multiple ah geneva 150 years ago.
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my his grandparents left their homes in germany. his great grandmother came to hanover, his great grandfather from sway be opening their own hotel in geneva would be an adventure and okay, she ended up using social sounds like a bunch of personal time for to get it. but it actually didn't need to in the hotel opened in 865. there was no central heating, electricity, or running water. each room was equipped with the fireplace and the staff carried would upstairs and ashes back down again. it was a lot of work that you know, in fact you can receive them. this is a bill for heating material. thank you. do what for ya. pool or push fast? he'll we have 100 kilos of beechwood for heating and a ton of coke. the cook coke at that time was not what we call cocaine today. it was fuel actually cold us, that i put on dirt,
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which was formed into cold briquettes or blocks for me only get beyond all, did albertine and shown jeff maya, the founders, enterprising spirits still permeates the hotel, serving as inspiration. innovation was on the couples mines from the start. where was the largest dining room in the city? and the 1st elevator the bo revise, of course. the hotels for from 900? no, it has a neo classical look. that a cool is elegant and lavish. the illustrious guests came in droves. actors that have been with the loyal guest case the manager of particular artist john coke tool,
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w 7. that is roger more from a french president, sharp goal greeted by a young shock, maya and the sisters. the princesses and princes, politicians and heads of face the household guest book is filled with the signatures of stars. the american act, burt lancaster wrote one spoon stolen. if we could talk, each floor of the garage would have stories to tell, especially at the very top where the hotels most exclusive, sweet is tucked away. it was here that eleanor roosevelt, the widow of us, president franklin, d. roosevelt changed the course of history. the year was 1947, and the former 1st lady stayed in the sweet while drafting
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a major paper for the united nations. this she, those are you except who the better not you for amanda. we are here in a very special place where people who have shaped the world have status guess, new social boss. all the heads of state politicians and people who participated in the great geneva conferences, the edition, i have an end of course, eleanor roosevelt and unforgettable personality for geneva. who's she was in charge of a commission to draft the universal declaration of human rights. and she did it here also like michelle. ok, hotness. ya. this is the fundamental document of the united nations, like a guiding star. so muffled multi nationals. you need this is really to our, it's our do no go far the cities, hotels in the united nation. so the very special relationship during state visits,
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hotel serve as the link between back room politics and official announcements. it's the point between private conversation.


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