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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2021 7:03pm-7:31pm CEST

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land palatinate, and saw land have been was effected. the flood gates on a damn near the city of upa tile had to be opened as it threatened to burst. the unusually intense rainfall was caused by warm and cool and mixing. the leader of one of the worst hit regions warned climate change could make more frequent disasters like this we will be confronted with such events again and again. and this means that we need most speed in climate protection measures. european nationwide and worldwide to life. as the weather clears in most of the hot hit areas, some residents have joined the clean, up effort, salvaging whatever they can from the devastated homes. and every report, kate martyr is in the port some ports time near bon, one of the hardest hit areas. i want to ask you kid, what is the scene where you are?
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you are on hands, i'll put time and it's a scene of chaos and a lot of sadness, a lot of exhaustion to people who have been coming out of that herman. all morning bringing a few belongings and they've managed to salvage from their homes. there's been lots of rescue teams here as well this morning as well as the police and firefighters as well. and they've been going in trying to clear houses from all this like really, really fake mark, which has covered the road just behind me as well. so it's a scene of a chaos and sadness and there's a lot of uncertainty to, sir. i've spoke to many people. yeah. and people just thought they will have a clear picture of what's going on and how widespread the damage from being what the people seem to have been taken by surprise and authorities as well. the residents not receive warnings. why? why were the authorities not really weren't was no action taken so i
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spoke to people here in the village and they said that they were actually warned about that. but what they told me was that they just had no idea that the destruction would be this bad. so they had, they had warnings and they were told that they thought they would would be able to save that because they just never seen anything like this. sorry, that's just the red band going behind, which i can maybe might be. but that's just part of the rest of us as well. but this is just so people would just so on. the thought that this would be the extent of the damage. they said they, they did know they were aware, but they just hadn't just don't even have the word to describe how bad it seems. they just couldn't find them in the 1st place. i mean, are these areas more flood for know than others? what do we know about that? i would say to some of the villages and they said yes, the scene about flooding, but they didn't think it were it. they didn't think it would reach the far order as
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far as value out that house. so some of them they thought maybe it would just affect the holidays which are near the more you see very smooth villa, very small river that flows through the village when they thought that that would be i maybe just effect a few houses. it's usually very useful and yeah, but they, they just had no idea that it would be or so. right. and that would be so much salvage and debris. everyone unprecedented deluge are there where you are is, are the search and rescue efforts still underway. yes, they are still on the way as well. so that has been a helicopter flying over several helicopters as such. and for more people as wow, and that has been intimate. and now there's a slightly less police has in this morning, but the rescue efforts and the community effort looks like it's going to continue to take them very long time to ask those what to do. and what's the forecast there?
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are people bracing for more flooding? they don't really, nor, as i said, there's a lot of uncertainty. lots of people have actually moved up the road and they're waiting for more information and they said they're just not really getting any at the moment. they did hear that one of the dams my break, which is kind of a rumor that seem floating around. so everyone has moved away to see if they need to move out the way in case of 2nd wave in cases. second flood way. it's martha reporting from the 1st time you're buying. one of the hardest hit areas in what some are describing is a once in a generation flooding or taking place, or thank you so much for your continued coverage, greatly appreciate it. and anglo merkel is in the u. s on a farewell visit, and she's due to speak with president joe biden, a shortly. well, earlier she received an honorary doctorate from the world we're noun to johns
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hopkins university. she was awarded the university's finest honor that of the doctrine of humane letters in recognition of her achievement as one of the world's longest serving leaders. university president praise the chancellor's science based response to the start of the corona virus pandemic ball. in her acceptance speech, chance a miracle. look back on the impact of the pandemic on people around the world to take a listen. and let's see if i think back my last night it's late in may. 2019. come on, come fuck. it's hard to imagine what has happened since this time, 2 years ago, very few people and the thought of a virus when they heard the word corona, but since 18 months. now we have seen how the world has been in the grip of this virus and how it isn't changed world as well. the chances are they're speaking at moments ago. do you wash and burn in a pole is on the white house lawn were joining her there. i see at some
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commotion behind you. people are getting ready for the chancellor's visit to the white house. but before we start talking about that, i want to get your take the chancellor has of course her visit is overshadowed by the catastrophic floods that we're seeing here in germany. and she addressed that with the she se, right, layla, you could really see and tell that she was really shaken by the flooding in germany . she refer to it as a catastrophe. she says her deepest condolences with family members who have lost family members and thing to all those who are helping. now in this moment, this indeed is overshadowing this visit with which was meant to be a celebration of the trans atlantic relationship here from the macro cam.
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so to speak, that if this wouldn't be the 1st visit with the new president and the last visit of her as being a chancellor, she would have flown bag needed immediately to be with her fellow germans in this very, very dire situation. very dire situation. indeed. well, let's now put our focus back on the honorary degree that she has received and the, the speech that she made there, she focus mainly on the pandemic. what can you tell us more? right. you know, like we have to keep in mind. she is a scientist herself, and that was her approach from the very beginning on wild president. trump then was still in the office kind of refusing to accept the scientific knowledge she as a scientist, referred to it from the very beginning on. and that was something she kind of stressed in her speech as well as saying how important science is and how big the role of us of johns hopkins university,
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because they delivered the very important crucial data from the very beginning on what else did she talk about it was amazing that she who is known not to talk a lot about herself, really also talked about her past growing up in the east and kind of talking a little bit about the importance of the friendship between the united states and germany. and that the american university system is kind of copying the german system, she talked about whom was seen as the founder of the understanding that at the university, you should not only teach but also have the freedom to do independent research. so it was all in all of the celebration of science and the celebration of the trans atlantic relationship and about the transit atlantic relationship. of course we're waiting for her to go to the white house and meet with president joe biden
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a little later. for now, we're going to have to leave it there. thank you so very much. it's for reporting from the white house aren't let's every to see now with some of the other stories making headlines around the world. top dutch crime reporter peter or the fries have died of gunshot wounds after being shot in a busy street in amsterdam. more than a week ago, he was the confident of confidant of a key witness and a drug trial. 2 suspects have been arrested. turkey is marking the 5th anniversary of a field military coup, some 250 people died and thousands were injured when a military faction tried to ask the president, as we think political crank down and mass arrest followed lebanese, that politician say, then how do you read says he's abandoned efforts to form a government and deepening political crisis. in 11 on mister hetty was asked by the
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parliament to form a cabinet back in october. he says those efforts failed. due to disagreements were lebanon's president's mission room. the south african government is sending in an extra $25000.00 soldiers to help curb unrest and days of looting. violence has begun to subside, allowing the clean up to begin with so many people have died and supply chains for food and pew. disrupted the w course. one interesting, when do i send this report from johannesburg? i mean alexandra township and i'm actually at the last mall standing in this particular part of town. this is the one more that was not looted and i just want to bring in the most managed mr. lucky might be later. just to answer the question, please come into the frame as i was telling all of us. now this is the last small standing here. we did see long queues throughout the day to send us a little bit about what that was about. well, after the tech glue didn't opened in the 2nd day,
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because assessing the damages and stuff then yes, that it was started over to because we felt we were fought for the small for 5 to 6 hours when our tech. so we had, we had to put our lives in it. so we decided that we got to open because people are sitting there, no food, no medication and stuff. then we thought there are no companies that it could come back and be a tech we said we need something from you and the company said is fine. go ahead configure of okay, i don't see any police. i did see soldiers earlier patrolling there. there's nothing here now, are you worried about the situation? the security situation? no, we randomly with the security and we coordinate and we know that police can always be here. they have to go to other places that affect it and don't call this. so that's a situation at this more. thank you so much, mr. said this is of course the last most standing people have been flocking here throughout the day to stock up on the centrals because there is the fear that
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they're all going to be food shortages. and that even places like this will run out of supplies. and that was said, it was christine when reporting from the johannesburg township of alec xandra. that's all from us for now. coming up next to our cobra, 1900, specially you going to 2nd wave rock in berlin for now. thank you so much for spending this part of the day with us. back at the top of the i will see that the the side against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research information and contact the corona virus code? 19 special next on dw, can you hear me now? yes. yes, we can hear you and hello germantown,
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can we bring you uncle mac or you've never had before? the right? just so what, what is, who is the medical really want me to talk to people who follow along the way, admirers and critics alike. and how is the world's most? how for women shaking how they join us for macros? last long look down in uganda is helping to make co the case numbers full. but livelihoods are suffering one in 5, uganda, and have lost their jobs during the pandemic. to help the government handed down flower and beans during the 1st lockdown last year. now authorities have gone digital, they using mobile phones to provide cash payments to those struggling. it's an awful approach in east africa ah, all,
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and welcome uganda is in a precarious situation. case numbers are easing but shortages of oxygen and vaccines could see a sudden turn for the worse intensive care units is still in high demand. we'll talk to someone on the ground in a moment. first detail, we use julius mill gamble, reports grace, mostly mommy, as a coffee, 19th survivor, every day he performs breathing exercises. as his doctor has told him, he must do. a month ago he was discharged from one of uganda's public hospitals. they have been overwhelmed by the demand for oxygen. for corona virus, patients. the city does basically shed by many people. so you get to city and it has to pass in oxygen or 50 percent off. and it's been used by other people and probably they've died or they've been discharged. mostly
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mommy cell, other patients die as they waited in vain for oxygen. 2 weeks after he was discharged, one of his close friends died at another public hospital. up to one. no, i could not talk to him. i called the whole evening the whole night in the morning, only to reach the facility. and i was told old peter vet what he passed on last night. uganda 1st confirmed accompanied 19 death at the end of july last year. but case numbers have spiraled recently. the highest number of deaths in a month were recorded in june. the government wants to vaccinate it's people, but has been having trouble getting enough doses. the. we have had the slave to the over and media and those is into the country. and yet we have
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a petition over 22000000 people to work submit mid or does my to still on stand by. so it's the over the works in that you're lifting lyft, invest down authorities introduce the 6 week partial lockdown in june with a more transmissible delta variance spreading in the country and last month steep increase and infections grace, mercy, mommy, fears that not many will be as lucky as he was tell who was a senior advisor for access to finance the royal danish embassy and compiler just how bad others shortages of oxygen and vaccines. the 2nd with us, the keep the health picked up. we had very many cases being admit, being admitted to us because, but what really happened was that the install capacity for oxygen, but it was,
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it was far off place by almost 3 times what was stored in the public and private sector. so it's so people. busy need oxygen, they can't get it. however, the, the private sector cammie got to be invested they, they, they, manufacturers stepped in their production capacities. and we had been public, other entities donating boxed into these hospital at no cost to some of this tricia. but as we speak now, this distress and escalating, as we see more induction in admissions, the covert is obviously impacting people's lives and livelihoods of report. you were part of revealed 2 thirds of respondents and you gander. and can you experienced income shocks due to the crisis? can you tell us more?
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yes. this the locked down. what? yeah. and what we open up in this we used to, we just want to hear the people say i've lost jobs. i lost my job by disclosing that because of the via lock. don't measure that. what is due to me by the government, by then and for awesome you've done that. didn't fall on can it was, it was better strict. the total country was these 2 countries was locked down and people had to buy for instead the subject was totally normal game. you gotta prevented that because effect was lucky. but the font for the supply chains, wiley, capital, when look at the industry, the muslim shows well of what we want to understand how to hopefully cope with these severe pain of locking down their businesses. and that's what we did that the study on what it put to numbers to some of these things that we're hearing around
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so that it can inform the planning planning ahead because we know the good but people's lives must continue. what about people in real dire situation? so what's, what's being done to support the poor in uganda considering such a long locked down? no public transportation, little work going around, but out of the 8000000 people, what company, what do we know? what all $510000.00 even cost, and they want to upload the payment for these. for this initiative, data has been uploaded to minutes depending if that is uploaded in the listing. and money is sent to the form directly beneficiaries. so if you get from the total cost for barry, and for me i think one of the innovations that has come up charles,
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or was speaking to me earlier, they're the author of our study on the economic impact of covered 90 uganda and kenya. if and more than 2 thirds of households have experienced income shocks and worse and food security. and so if there's digital payments get through to those hit hardest and more supply of oxygen and vaccine become available for you guys. it's a little look at some of the other developments around the world. 80 has received its 1st shipment of cobra, vaccines. half a 1000000 doses donated by the us government every distributed through the kofax sharing scheme for poor countries. on the 22 percent of haitians, they, they'll accept the jap, south korea recorded 2nd highest daily corona virus, cali. on thursday, 1600 new cases. infections are spreading beyond the hearted capital where officials have enforced the countries tougher social restrictions. the government is urging citizens to cancel their plans and stay home rocking protested outside of burn down
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cocoa board, calling for justice at least 60 people died. the place that of his st hospital in the city of another we on monday evening was the 2nd such deadly firing rock. in the past few months. both were blamed of the explosion of badly stored oxygen bottles. kidneys reporting a slow down in new code cases as residents enjoy the 3rd week of lockdown, australia's largest city is trying to suppress the highly contagious delta variance total infections across the hospital. then as a $900.00 to get it been reported the 1st for the country this year. and growing corona virus classes is off the neighboring state. victoria still locked down for 5 days. now an interesting question on variance and strains, the one about view was sent to the w science correspondent derek williams. call o, please explain the difference between a new strain and a new variant. this is tough to do since even by rob. i just seem to
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view the differences as fairly fluid but, but let's start by maybe going over some of the other biology basics that you've, you've probably learned this year already. first is that, although it's technically not considered alive, a virus evolves constantly as it replicates. just like living things do, it's genetic code changes because mistakes happen as the code is copied by a living cell that gives rise to what are commonly known as mutant. now for complicated biological reasons, not every mutation leads to actual physical changes in the viruses structure. but, but when it does, you can begin thinking of that mutant as a very guns. now a variant is generally considered
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a strain when it's wandered even farther down that road and acquired characteristics and behaviors based on its new structure that clearly distinguish it from other earlier forms. so you could say that although all strains are variance, not all variance or strains. let's maybe make a comparison from the macro world. we've been genetically engineering dogs for thousands of years through selective breeding. and it's pretty astounding how, how different they can book, but dogs all share common characteristics that allow you to instantly identify an animal as a dog, whether it's a chihuahua or a newfound dis, breeds can be viewed as variance on the canine genome. but go far enough back and split off another evolutionary branch and you end up with the modern wolf,
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which has a common ancestor, but some distinct characteristics and behaviors that allow us to instantly identify it as a waltz. so if they were viruses, then breeds of dogs would be variance, while dogs and walls would be strains. now, i'm the 1st to admit that the analogy is imperfect, but maybe it makes the terms a little easier to grasp. finally, spain has held it 2nd ceremony for the victims of the pandemic and to pay tribute to health care workers. is what king philippe had to say. are you ready to show more size to move out of order get a day will return to the place because we need much remember all those who until the 1st tribute and those since then i no longer with us. you must show our deep
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respect, recognition and admiration for the health personnel from the beginning of this license for. hi leslie. good. there's nice your faculty. she's hosting this cancelled. thanks for watching. stay safe and healthy. you against the news? the news, the news news
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. news. the news, the news ah ah ah, what people have to say matters to us in that's why we listen to their story. reporter every weekend on dw do you like it? do you want?
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ok then buckle up, put the pedal to the metal, and let's ride the press on d w. me who doesn't use a shot coming up today. chinese work. i was caught up in a deadly explosion in pockets on at least 9 i killed as they headed to work and hydropower dam project. china calls with an attack on an accident which is plus new source and we did rules in india certain the freedom to express muse on trip up . but not everybody thinks that we look at the divide and muddy fish eating slimy caterpillars. why? south korea, once every.


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