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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2021 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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in washington for a final trip to america, the chancellor received an honorary doctorate from johns hopkins university. she's saying farewell visit to the united states. it's one of her final overseas trips at the germ. later later, she'll hold talks president show by stick with the w. a business of next week robots, and i'll think about what the out the old in december 2019 the european councils new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a clear door to make europe the 1st time i turn things on the planet by 2050 not all member states support it. and some persuasion is required to surprise you into the very heart of
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our to us. because when the game diplomatic poker treat, how we're please, and alliances behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august 5th on d, w. the the merkel meets bite and in washington for the 1st time since he became president. there's plenty on the agenda, including the controversial nod stream to pipeline because the pat make any progress. it's just 2 months until the chancellor steps down. mostly coming up. a global push to close coal power plants, forcing some african countries to act fast on finding new energy sources we reported from zimbabwe state business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program.
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german chancellor. grammatical is holding a one to one meeting with us president joe biden. for the 1st time since he took office, she may only have about 2 months left in her job, but this won't be a mere farewell dinner in washington. there's plenty of unfinished business between the 2 countries. it's anglo merkel last visit to the united states as chancellor. the 1st thing on the agenda, a meeting with vice president comma la harris had talked with president joe biden at the white house. despite the smiles, there are still several issues that divide them. tv topping the agenda, nordstrom, you, president biden still feeds the german russian gas pipeline as a bad deal. and also a danger for european energy security. germany disagrees for weeks. berlin and washington have been trying without success to find a solution, acceptable to both sides. i appreciate that one is that a few weeks ago,
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u. s. foreign minister anthony blink. and warranty yet again about the pipelines potential to threaten ukraine. aside from the and past surrounding the baltic sea nordstrom to there's also still no final agreement on punitive steel tariffs and there are differing approaches to china as well. but after for difficult years, the final predecessor donald trump merkle is washington trip, as seen as a rebuild to german american friendship. let's discuss this further with president of the info institutes for economic research clemons 1st. thanks for joining us on b w. business. let's talk about china, which we only briefly touched on that because there are differences of opinion between the 2 leaders on this on back certainly are for the us. china is primarily a geopolitical competitor, arising power in the asian region and also globally for germany. a china is mostly a trait partner, very important export destination,
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and the trade partner for imports. it's also important investment destination. at the same time, there are common interest for instance, in human rights. but still, the perspectives are very different. yes, one is more about competing with from the us than the other is working with. i suppose another of the issues that there are differences on is you terrorists on still on utah tires on ease tail, excuse me, which prison button hasn't got rid of. they're brought in by president trump. do you think of chancellor america can persuade him to get rid of them? a probably not. i mean, at the recent you, us some, it, it was decided that they would be talks trying to resolve this until the end of the year. now, this is of cause a responsibility of the e, u, not of germany. so it will be difficult for magnitude anything about that. and then also the, the, the u. s. has made some confessions, for instance,
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they removed sanctions related to not for him to i think the that they will hardly make more concessions at this stage. but the talk we're continue. so is there any space on any of these issues for meaningful progress during this meeting or is it more or less a farewell visits, chancellor? i think it's mostly a farewell visit. there will be talks and it's always useful to exchange positions, maybe also be informed about shifts and positions and better understand also the domestic political situation for both sides. that's useful. but in a way, this is primarily well visited. marco will not make decisions that will bind the next german government and i think both sides are aware of that. i think a change of government is likely to cause the us to move on any of these subjects because as pretty firm grounding in all of its opinions. that's right,
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but i think the u. s. government is a way that to find solutions and to strike a deal. it will need a new german government. macro can hardly do this at this stage. she's an outgoing chancellor. so she may prepare certain things and exchange views with her team. but the new data will have to be struck with the new german government. and that will certainly be a compromise which involve the package of things like not stream like the, the terrorists and other issues. right. clemons 1st from the info institute. thanks a lot for joining us on data we business. thank you. now, china has reported growth just under 8 percent for the 2nd quarter compared to last year. that is less than half the rate it grew in the 1st quarter and below economist forecast. manufacturing is lowering and consumer demands not picking up as quickly as expected is more from china on the list listed coolant. there been
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warning signs in recent months about the chinese economy. record commodity prices for raw materials like iron, or have driven factory inflation to their highest levels in more than a decade. china is a key player in the global supply chain. supply chain disruptions called by shipping backlogs, and an energy shortage. i've been a dragon factory production. also the services sector as load recently. as efforts to contain a coven, 1900, a break in glasgow, and province in the south, curb consumer and business activity. so the rebound from the pandemic may be losing steam, but the overall picture remains positive, and china is still on track to exceed its annual growth target this year of more than 6 percent. now a quick look at some of the other business stories making headlines. john, you're on thursday for the back against a new bill passed by the us senate to ban imports from the ocean. jang region washington has accused beijing of genocide against the regions. muslim, we go population ratings that the bill is quite inconsistent with the fact and threatened global trade. timeless at the end. 5.2000000000 euros in the
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2nd quarter sharply. b thing was 3 sex asians. mercedes benz maker is focusing on making more profitable vehicle. was it a global semiconductor shortage that has constrained production and african leaders have been me to, i've been arriving in abidjan for a world bank to summit on financial supports for the continent, and that the panoramic improving africa has access to corona virus. vaccines will also top the agenda, only one percent of the population has been fully vaccinated against the current of ours to now the global efforts to hope climate change is forcing the hands of countries you currently rely on coal. as international funding for fossil fuel projects, dry up, they have no choice but to accelerate the switch to renewables. and for countries that are running an energy deficit likes and bob way the need to find new source of electricity is extra urgent. zimbabwe is energy
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requirements are still relying on coal power plant, a boat for the most part, stations supply the country with above 500 megawatts against a national demand of more than 2000 megawatts. the country has been on a drive to expand its generation capacity to both industrial production. the major hydro power plant was severely affected by years of drought leaving the country depending on coal power plant, and electricity in ports. economist the see the cutting of funding to projects that could increase climate change. what impacts on economic growth is in bob. we move to renewable energy. our huge competitive goes or product of to get is directly also is that out of our deputy in a just so definitely growth projections for the coming upcoming years will be
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seriously em weekend air by this continuing. this is the electricity energy d. c has wanted the countries businesses revolving 18 hour parker force industries to operate a few hours off in lead in the night. the transition to renewable energy has started some local interest renew, was his picking up the opportunities to invest in solar fansite, central greed, a solar farm outside the capital. hurry generates 2 mega was but plans to expand to $25.00. they found victor is positive about the future. renewables is the way to go. our government is saying we need to deploy 2000 megawatts of renewables, new solar, wind, hydro, small hydro us by 20 to it. and we really think that with the focus should be one
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driving financing towards renewable, which is good for the climate. it's good for the global economy where all it is to get in it to give that invest as a hoping government will continue to put attracted incentives to grow. the renewable in a fixer, zimbabwe is already offering 5. it takes breaks in duty free importation of equipment for national projects, verify is from correspondence. revelation missionary he joins is on the line now and other enough incentives fall is involved. and so we've completely away from coal energy. secondly, incentives their investors that i've spoken to reporting that government is quite keen in terms of having investment in renewable energy is going up. i saw
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some of the things that the putting on the table is that investors are being offered 5 year corporate tax breaks. they're also allowed to import equipment judy free into the country, and they're also allowed if it is a local investor, they can partner with international investors to put solar farms in the country in the efforts to boost renewable energy solutions. china is actually the last fund of co projects in zimbabwe, but isn't the pressure to stop funding those will, will it stop certainly, yes, because we have seen the pressure that is mounting, but typically with the withdrawal of it $3000000000.00 funding by the chinese international industrial and commercial bank towards one of the
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core points stations that were supposed to start to be constructed in zimbabwe about which is about which was going to add about 2800 megawatts. so the chinese bank has been pressure to, to withdraw its funding to us that project because of the issues of claim or funding projects that are contributing to climate change. okay. privilege motion area and her already for us. thank you. and just finally on the program is your chance to ride like the king of call himself late american actors. steve mcqueen, his portia, 917 k. we auctioned off by surveys in new york. next month, it was featured in his 1971 film limo, a fictionalized story about the 24 hour long french sports car race. the car is expected to sell for at least $16000000.00, which would easily make it the most expensive portia ever to sell at auction.
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and that's all from me in the business team here in bell. and if you'd like a bit more from us, you can head to our website to be dot com slash business. you can also find us on the d, w, a news youtube channel, and were on facebook as the w dot business until next time. take care. thanks a lot for watching the news . the secrets lie behind me discover new adventures in 360 degree. ah, and explore the fascinating world heritage sites, the e. w. a world heritage 360. now sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning like global ideas. we will show you
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how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for me doesn't use a chart coming up today. chinese work i was caught up in a deadly explosion in part is done. please 9, i killed as they headed to work on a hydro power dam project. china calls with an attack focus on an accident. we do this plus new social media rules in india, checking the freedom to express views on true tough, but not everybody thinks that we look at the divide and money, fish eating, slimy caterpillars. why? south korea once everyone.


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