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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2021 5:00pm-5:04pm CEST

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and your family from diseases in the home by playing the 5 keys to see for use them . you also have a role to play the news . this is you to be news life from berlin, deadly deluge. dozens killed in the worst flooding to germany and decades. severe storms we've huge areas, underwater communities cut off homes collapse. meanwhile, uncle america calls the flooding in germany a catastrophe. the chancellor begins a farewell visit to washington. she's met by vice president, come harris, and also hold talks with joe biden on the pandemic and climate change change. also
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coming up a renown dutch crime reporter side after being gunned down on the street to hear about his remarkable legacy. and south africa begins clearing up after a week of looting. business is sit there by looters, the government sending in thousands more soldiers onto the streets. ah, i thank you so much for your company. every one will we begin this broadcast with extreme weather that is battering a jeremy severe storms across the country have unleashed the worst flooding. in decades. at least 42 people have died, including 2 firefighters who drowned. dozens are still missing and driven chance. an ugly american la just made a statement, moments ago in washington,
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where she is on a farewell trip. before stepping down in september, the chancellor expressed her sympathy for the victims of the flooding. if it should have been in business, i am shocked by the reports that are reaching me from the places that are now completely under water in which people have rescued themselves in a situation of great neat onto the roofs of their houses. and hopefully will also be rescued and more for those who have lost their lives in this catastrophe. we don't know the number yet, but there will be many fuses, some in the basement of their houses, some as firefighters trying to bring others to safety. my deepest sympathy goes out to their families and doing good minor teeth and tell them while a german cancer and medical is speaking, they are just moments ago in washington. meanwhile, here in germany, hundreds of thousands of homes are now without power and many have collapsed. several real services have also been suspended. germany's western states are
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bearing the brunt of the disaster. sweeping away anything in their path. these flood waters have claimed homes and lives across west in germany. emergency cruise, trying to locate dozens of missing residents. some were trapped on rooftops as the water inundated their homes. but rescue efforts are hindered by roads that have been ripped apart, raging flood waters and debris. the german army has been deployed clearing pod through the mud. then you can see here there is mud everywhere in the houses, the bridge that collapsed the water over it further down, even houses have floated away as a victim from guaranteed to take 10 years to recover from people. it's just horrible. now the regions of north run.


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