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tv   Die Falknerei am Rennsteig  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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the, you know, just north of the african population is growing fast. and young people clearly have the solutions. the future belongs to the 77 percent. now, every region on the w w . a news, a shot coming up today. chinese workers caught up in a deputy explosion in august on at least 9 are killed as they headed to work on a hydro power project. china goals with an attack on an accident which is plus new social media rooms in india, checking the freedom to express views on twitter. but not everybody thinks that we
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look at the divide and money, fish eating slimy caterpillars. why? south korea wants everyone to enjoy this site. the news i'm british manager, welcome to the news a shark metric join us. china is demanding an investigation into a bus blast that killed 9 chinese construction workers in northern parties. on on wednesday, the explosion sent the bus crushing into a ravine in high bertha from bar robins for august on the national also died in the incident. the conway was struggling to dam construction sites, both of the belt and all the initiative funded by b. j. a china foreign ministry spokesperson coal, the incident a bomb attack and demanded severe punishment for those responsible so long.
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china is shocked by and condemned the bomb attack in pakistan, which caused casualties among chinese personnel engine can do while you do your job . we have a mandate to pakistani side, get to the bottom of the incident, arrest and strictly punish the assailants as soon as possible and earnestly protect the safety of chinese personnel institutions and projects in pakistan. but in a statement on wednesday, august on foreign ministry blamed a gas leak for the accident, saying when i caught a bus, getting chinese workers in cardboard box, our province plunged into it of enough that a mechanical failure resulting in leakage of gas that caused a blast for the investigations are underway and joining me for more from a chance from the w a show show middle instead of the difference in views between beijing and islam about over the cause of this incident. rash. there is
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a lot of confusion about the incident and the look of sort the say that it was the on, but the news emerged yesterday and local sources were saying it was blocked. the buckets on a government said that it was an accident. just today, understanding was a minister sharman gray, she told his genius, congress bought that it was an accident, so it was lama bob is playing down. the old thing we saw that the chinese officials initially spoke about and wrote about the bomb, but later they also playing it down and calling it an accident. but as i said earlier, the local sources and i spoke to our d. w cost on an in law about as read, that it was a bomb attack, but it can not be confront. another 9 chinese national that have been unfortunate
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they killed in this incident, were working on a damn and that spot the massive china pockets on economic or, or c pac infrastructure investment project. is there a link somewhere between their work on the project and this incident there could be a link because in the box, the below to separate is all groups have a back chinese and bucket running security balls. they, are you mentally opposed to feedback? the chinese funded project multi $1000000000.00 project and they have been attacking chinese facilities. they have been attacking chinese and just trying to figure out the forces in the box. but in this case we see that the balloon groups have not gained responsibility for doug. so we are not sure that it is directly connected to the feedback, but as i said, it has happened in the past and we cannot love the possibility. could you give us
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a brief primer on what exactly is and what it covers this project, the china focused on economic, colorado was launched into government. 15th inaugurated actually 2050 and it is a multi $1000000000.00 project which connects south west and go other post to the northern areas from the borders china. and it had multiple facility that is an energy project. does it have road length that is connecting the whole region to china? and it's bob of china belt and wrote initiative. and it is a huge fraud. it's also important for boxed on because focused on in dire need for energy. and many people also say that it has generated it will generated a lot of jobs and employment opportunities for looks right. it's clearly important
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for the artist on yet. as you mentioned earlier, it has seen the text by below nationalists and the chinese people have been targeted before with regard to c. beck. how to spot define intend on dealing with this problem. last week, mr. conn and ross on said that you would like to reach out to below separatists and try to hear their point of view. you have to understand that the military operation ongoing and the rest and just on problems it was launched into science and below national. it said that it's not bob and now joined use of data sources. it is a problems rich of mineral resources, a lot of gas and r duty officers. and the bullets start is published on most impoverished products. so local already bought in that area and below sector to say that we are not getting any benefit out of these products. so they want
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a separate homeland invalid. so the question is that is from on offer him actually, elaine and fears of these nationalists, or is he only interested in securing the chinese in trucks and the china focused on economic corridor abroad? so let's say it is the lead. all is a pleasure talking to some jobs. thanks so much for joining us today. thanks for having me. in india, there government and twitter have been at loggerheads for months now. the reason noncompliance with new social media tools. these would essentially allow authorities to regulate what can be posted online and what conte. critics say, the freedom to express views is at stake. but others argue those freedoms need to be controlled. daddy lawyers,
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i meant that down and such as much by our commission. the want to clean up with. i tanya says he found politicians and journalists with large following speaking disrespectfully bit about the indian government and tradition. he jumped into action and talked with her to court. was going to be public school. he, when prominent public figures called a republic of india, foul names, what feelings be heard? we did, and you know, true citizen of the country can stand by and watch it being insulted. i would say that by this i taught at once the social media giant to follow new rules in india that require prompts to address complaints like from the public or even the government. he insists that this increased oversight does not limit freedom of expression. after all, even that trade must come,
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the reasonable restriction. feeling to fall in line quickly has cost to adopt ever since the new scheme and to please my cases have been filed against across the country. the indian government has essentially said that any 3rd party from the fears to comply will lose its intermediary production. twitter and its officials have been named in police complained ranging from and claiming religious sentiment to distributing child pornography. after initially expressing concerns about freedom of speech, to de now says it is willing to comply with. but even if this needs to leave for twitter, it could spell trouble for many others. i thought, conduct sheet money. a journalist with an independent news up site says that the new regulations could crush small news organizations like holes with legal battles because she herself was named a long play twitter in a complaint accused of finding religious tension. the rules regulate online news as
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well as the mandate a prompt response to complaints and in some cases require content to be taken down immediately. was she had bonnie believes that the government is trying to control the flow of information after facing repeated public porter. look at the whole irony of the issue. i'm supposed to be as a political journalist, i'm supposed to be reporting scrutinizing the work of the government does the government and it's people who are going to tell me what they consider is fake news or not. she bonnie fears that this increase so we're good for the news outlets lie cause to sense then so but unlike twitter heard organization along with several others is challenging. the reuben court. she says they are fighting not just for free speech, but for the beepers. right? to know. ah bast area,
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south korea goes to play in the no one of the get fall flat isn't the running to be awarded unesco while edited status. the title flats home to a huge variety of bud than animals, including some species which can not be found elsewhere. the extraordinary expanse of land. it's located on south korea, southwestern coast. it covers more than 1000 square kilometers. and it's made up of title mudflaps. it's home to a wide variety of animals. some of them read and a search is important for the bio diversity of the planet. just one of the reasons research is a pushing for it to be included on the world heritage list. title, slack to the ecological repository where several organisms co exist is one of the most important habitat for the sake of the preservation of the diversity. therefore, it must be protected by humanity and inherited by the future generation. and it deserves to be included on the let me get it back to that because it's also an
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important talking off place and a breeding ground for millions of migratory birds, of which several species are threatened with extinction. the birds rely on the food hidden in the mud in order to be able to refuel and continue on their journey. 42 feet up with much of its g, a logical basis. several organisms can exist in the title slant, and also it is playing a vital role. the food supply source and resting place for endangered migratory birds will tell you that there is another reason south korea is hoping the area will be added. see you next goes world heritage list. it could bring the much needed income from tourism, but it's been lost during the pandemic. as interest rises, both at home and abroad in the spectacular side of the title flag. and you'd ask a meeting that from determine if these titles,
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let's make it onto the wall. heritage list begins in china on friday, and last till the end of the month will leave you today with more images of this amazing natural wonder. i will see you tomorrow. bye bye. the. who's the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say? information and contact the corona virus because it's 19 special next on the w to be right in front of them. they gave
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it, then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that tokyo with $22021.00 thrown off course during the qualifying ground or not for sports hero. i'm fired up and ready. count down during walk. walk you go to tokyo, starts july 19th on w, me alone, lockdown, and uganda is helping to make coven case number's full, but livelihood just now. frank. one in 5, you get it and have lost their jobs during the pandemic. to help the government handed down flower and beans during the 1st lockdown last year. now authorities have gone digital. they using mobile phones to provide cash payments to those
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struggling. it's a novel approach in east africa, condensers, all unwelcome uganda is in a precarious situation. case numbers are easy, but shortages of oxygen and back seems could see a sudden turn for the worse intensive care units is still in high demand. we'll talk to someone on the ground in a moment. first detail. we use julia, small gamble, reports, gray, smoky, mommy, as a coffee, 19 survivor. every day he performed breathing exercises. as his doctors told him, he must do. a month ago, he was discharged from one of uganda public hospitals. they have been overwhelmed by the demand for oxygen for corona virus, patients. the city does basically shed by many people. so you get to city and it has to pass into oxygen or 50 percent oxygen. it's been
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used by other people and probably they've died or they've been discharged. mostly mommy cell, other patients die as they waited in vain for oxygen. 2 weeks after he was discharged, one of his close friends died at another public hospital. up though i know i could not talk to him, i called the whole evening the whole night in the morning, only to reach the facility. and i was told old peter that one he passed on last night. uganda 1st confirmed cove in $1000.00 death at the end of july last year. but case numbers have spiraled recently the highest number of deaths in a month with recorded in june. the government want to vaccinated people, but has been having trouble getting enough doses. the we have
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had to fly to the over a $1000000.00 is into the country. and yet we have a population over 22000000 people to works to mid or does, but still on the stand by. so it's the over the rocks in that you're lifting lithium gust down. authorities introduce the 6 week partial lockdown in june with the more transmissible delta variance spreading in the country. and last month's steep increase and infections. grace murphy, mommy fears that not many will be as lucky as he was tell who was a senior advisor for access to finance the royal danish embassy and compiler just how bad the shortages of oxygen and vaccines just check in with us. the keep the health picked up and we had very many cases being admit,
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being admitted to us because, but what really happened was that the install capacity for oxygen in but it was, it was far all straight. but almost 3 times what was being stored in the public and private sector. so it's so people need oxygen. they can't get it. however, the, the, the private sector cammie got to be invested. they, they be very often manufacturers stepped in their production capacities. and we had been publish other entities donating box into these hospital at no cost to sort of leave the discretion. but as we speak now, is distressed and be escalating as we see more induction in admissions. so covert is obviously impacting people's lives and livelihoods of report. you were part of revealed 2 thirds of respondents and you gander. and can you experienced income
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shocks due to the crisis? can you tell us more? yes, the locked up done. what? yeah. and what we open up in this we used to, we just had to hear the people saying i've lost jobs. i lost my job by disclosing that because of the severe lock. don't measure that. what is due to me by the government, by then and for awesome, you've done that. and then for and it was, it was better strict. the total country was these 2 countries was locked up and people had to provide for the service that was totally annoying. you gotta mention that because of fact i was lucky, but the phone for the, for the supply chains. wiley, top of look at the industrial, the muslims as well as what we want to understand how to hopefully cope with these severe pain or blocking down their businesses. and that's what we did that
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the study on what it put to numbers to some of these things that we are hearing around. so that it coming from the planning planning ahead because we know a good but people's lives must continue. what about people in real dire situation? so what's, what's being done to support the poor in uganda considering such a long lockdown? know public transportation, little work going around out of the 8000000 people. what company, what we normally, what about 510000 even cash trust and i want to upload the the payment for these. for this initiative, data has been uploaded to the prime minister uploaded it listing on monday is sent the form directly off the beneficiaries. so if you get from the telecom committee for barrick, and i think one of the innovations that has come up to me
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charles, or was speaking to me earlier, they are the author of that study on the economic impact of covered 19 on uganda and kenya. if and more than 2 thirds of households have experienced income shocks and worse and food security, i thought those digital payments get through to those hit hardest and more supply of oxygen and vaccine become available for you, gathered a little look at some of the other developments around the world, 18 has received its 1st shipment of cobra, vaccines. half a 1000000 doses donated by the us government ever distributed through the co back sharing scheme for poor countries. on the 22 percent of patients, they, they'll accept the jap, south korea recorded. it's 2nd highest daily corona buyers tally on thursday, 1600 new cases. infections are spreading beyond the hearted capital where officials have enforced the countries toughest social distance restrictions. the government is urging citizens to cancel their plans and stay home. rocky said,
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protested outside of burnt down, covered board calling for justice. at least 60 people died. the place that has st hospital in the city of another we are on monday evening with the circumstance deadly firing a rock in the past few months. both were blamed till the explosion of badly stored oxygen bodies. sidney is reporting a slow down in new code cases. as residents enjoy the 3rd week of lockdown, australia's largest city is trying to suppress the highly contagious delta variance little infections across the city stand as a 900 to get it been reported the 1st for the country this year. and growing corona virus class, as on the neighboring state of victoria, still locked down for 5 days. now an interesting question on variance and strains, the one about view was sent to d. w science correspondent, derek williams. paul,
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please explain the difference between a new strain and a new variant. this is tough to do since even by rob. i just seem to view the differences as fairly fluid but, but let's start by maybe going over some of the other biology basics that you've, you've probably learned this year already. first is that, although it's technically not considered alive, a virus evolves constantly as it replicates. just like living things do, it's genetic code changes because mistakes happen as the code is copied by a living cell that gives rise to what are commonly known as mutant. now for complicated biological reasons, not every mutation leads to actual physical changes in a viruses structure. but, but when it does,
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you can begin thinking of that mutant as a very guns. now a variant is generally considered a strain when it's wandered even farther down that road and acquired characteristics and behaviors based on its new structure that clearly distinguish it from other earlier forms. so you can say that although all strains are variance, not all variance or strains. let's maybe make a comparison from the macro world. we've been genetically engineering dogs for thousands of years through selective breeding. and it's pretty astounding how, how different they can look. but dogs all share common characteristics that allow you to instantly identify an animal as a dog, whether it's a chihuahua or a newfoundland. the dis breeds can be viewed as variance on the canine
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genome. but go far enough back and split off another evolutionary branch and you end up with the modern wolf, which has a common ancestor, but some distinct characteristics and behaviors that allow us to instantly identify it as a waltz. so if they were viruses, then breeds of dogs would be variance, while dogs and walls would be strains. now, i'm the 1st to admit that the analogy is imperfect, but maybe it makes the terms a little easier to grasp. finally, spain has held a 2nd ceremony for the victims of the pandemic and to pay tribute to health care workers. is what king philippe had to say. are you ready? i'm marseilles to know how to order today will return to the place because we need
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and remember all of those who until the 1st tribute and those since then i no longer with us. you must show our deep respect, recognition and admiration for the health personnel from the beginning of this life . so hi leslie. good. there's very nice. you're stuck. this is a hosting this cancelled. thanks for watching. stay safe. and i'll see you again, sir. the me the the
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the the the the ah, the greed you feel worried about me to a meal of the on the grievance postcard. and to me it's clear release the solutions or alpha, join me for a deep green transformation to me. for the
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in december 2019 the european council president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission job to make sure the 1st time a gentleman by 25th but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. a surprising glimpse into the very heart of our negotiations alone is the fluttering incentives, but best lead time often go astray, to host who will win the game of diplomatic poker.
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entry power plays and the lines is behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august 5th on dw, the the me ah, me, i cannot because is in law oh no, no no. me
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ah, the the news this is, you know, we news live for berlin a were announced from crime reporter to come to his gunshot wounds, dutch insuring his paper or the free skies of his wounds. a week after being shot point blank in the head. we'll hear about it legacy after a lifelong career, exposing criminal also coming up. fatal flood doesn't die in the worst flooding.


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