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pointing to the fact that peter de fries had always really stood up against a crime, stood up against particularly drug related crime in the last 2 years in the netherlands . and it was a very courageous man. that's also something that prime minister, my career of the dutch prime minister is saying in his, in his words, he's saying he was deeply touched by the death of peter the phrase and that a courageous man had left the country and had left this life. and now this day there was up to this day to really stand up and fight against the crime that was, is presumably a behind the desk of this crime reporter barbara. we heard 2 arrests were made. what do we know about the suspects than what we know about that possible motives? we don't know anything about them. notice so far, because obviously the, the dutch authorities have tried and the police have tried to talk to them,
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but it seems they are not talking. they're not really saying who may have commanded the death of peter to free who is behind it. we know it is a 2 dutch citizens, one of polish to send an older man and a very young man. and that's pretty much all because that so far there has been no clarity about really what is behind this death. everybody assumes that the same drug gang that you already referred to where the trial is ongoing and where already the brother of the key witness. and his lawyer were murdered in 2019 might be behind this new attack. but is there is no proof so far. the police is being very tight lipped. bob of is in brussels that thank you. so there are storms across germany have on least the worst flooding in 15 years, at least 30 people have died including 2 firefighters who drowned further. 70
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people are missing hundreds of thousands of homes without power and several buildings have collapsed. many rail services have also been suspended. germany's western states have been bearing the brunt of this disaster, the homes and lives swept away. some residents who stayed a trapped on rooftop, while others left picking through the devastated hone emergency work as the searching for dozens of missing residents, but blocked roads in high water levels, a hampering assets and more rain is expected in some areas. the deluge took many people in west and germany by surprise. that's why there was no water around $130.00,
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but within half an hour i was like an extreme, completely flooded. i live once the water started flowing in. it came from over there, it flowed in here and within no time it was up to my chest. the regions of north ryan westphalia, rhineland palatinate, and saw land have been west effected, a damn near the city of voted, has overflowed, and authorities say could break. the heavy downfall was caused by warm and cool and mixing. such extreme weather can occur in summer, but it only happens rarely does happen in the top of the month. by the last time we saw this happen was in 2005 well before that in 1999. when some rivers properly flooded due to the sheer amount of rainfall that is indeed exceptional. i'm, it change is expected to make extreme weather events like this one more common and
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more severe report. ok, martin is in a vote pop time. that's near bone and one of the hardest hit areas that we can see the devastation there behind you. okay. what's the situation like where you? well as you said, i'm in val port time. usually it's very beautiful. wine regional germany with vineyards everywhere for today. this absolute tragedy has hit the small village behind me the. a clean up operation is ongoing, people are cleaning out her house is really think mod, which has completely covered the town during the night of their rescue teams here there are police and just recently moving in have been those who think goes to try and clear some of the destruction away, and as you can see you behind me with these big piles of debris. there's also been cause that has been swept off as well. and absolute. everyone is feeling really
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high at the whole situation and the rescue operation is clean is coming on here. tonight, today. ok, you have spoken to people on the ground that people like the man we're seeing behind you there. what did you hear from the residents there? for it was actually quite difficult to get people to speak. everyone was understandably very exhausted from the situation. is completely unexpected. it's such a mobility and it's usually very people, as you can hear, perhaps the retro operation is people scraping. i spoke to one man. he was young man in his mid twenties and he says that he had to spend the night on his roof and he would love to help on more questions from me. but he was just too tired to i spoke to another woman and she was an absent p
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o. she managed to just save a few of her belongings from her house to wrap them up and i was carrying them in a bed sheet and she was waiting for her mom from from the nearby sitting on the people that absolutely exhausted that was still in shock. they seemed like complete hormones and the likelihood just be completely covered up with mud. and the space is just one night of heavy rainfall. okay, what can you tell us about the rescue efforts that we will for with our rescue efforts are ongoing. still, there have been the police here has been a rescue work as well. that was also a heavy cook to hear this morning so they will go around trying to find if there are any people stuck on the roof. so the rescue operation is ongoing and people are
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still quite frustrated. i think they want to be happening now. but as i said, the rescue operation is ongoing at the moment, but people have a lot to contend with your report. okay, onto the for us reporting from my post on thank you very much and that's now have a look at some of the other stories making headlines today. john and chancellor michael is in washington to meet us president joe biden. the latest scene here and filed with it's expected to discuss the pandemic climate change. and global security is one of mac of la foreign trips before she sets down. as chancellor. this for turkey is commemorating the 5th anniversary of a fails military coup. events are being held across the country, including the capital of crop. some 250 people have died and thousands were injured when a military faction tried to out the president. a sweeping political crackdown and martha read followed. the european union top court has ruled that employers
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can enforce a ban on religious symbols in the workplace of the set must be justified and applied to all religions. equally case expenses around to muslim women in germany who was suspended for wearing headscarf. you watching the w news still to come. we meet the police chief who has been given the top you and award for empowering women to speak up about domestic violence use 1st to south africa where the government is deploying an extra 25000 soldiers to help could unrest that has been has seen days of looting in several of the countries, provinces, reports indicate the violence and unrest has begun to subside, allowing south africa to begin cleaning up. well then 70 people have died in violence and supply chains for food and fuel. have been disruptive, leading to shortages in some parts of the country. and i'm not joined by
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a journalist for actually play in johannesburg 1st, and they have been reports of food and fuel shows just because of the unrest. but can you tell us? well absolutely, we found to see just the beginning of the food and fuel shortages as many have said, it is pretty much certain. this will be much worse in the coming weeks as we've actually gone out of fuel and food because of this unrest supply we have in blocks from all major for the city of death and with the unrest dot the end is that it's worth right now. we already struggling to get the fuel q that all major petrol stations. i've heard of it already run out of fuel that already is and of course the food is a huge concern. the report that farmers are struggling to get their good to supermarkets because of the logistic crisis. and this is going to cause a huge issue in the coming weeks. some people don't have food. as hearing $25000.00 more soldiers ought to be deployed to curb the unrest. will that work?
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is that enough? it might work would. what would really work even better than that in my view is get into the root of this. i mean there's obviously multiple causes that the should inspiration of people who are on the margins of society. a substitute the anger but there's clearly a coordinated aspect of the case from a group of people have the longest jacobs numa who have great understanding of our country. and the report emerging alleging that people that were forming an intelligence of people aligned to them. i want to talk with some of the more plans strategic attacks on key infrastructure. so i think deploying the army to deal with civilians is fine. is on the gun case. he had no life a loss where we have to get to the root of what it caught him if it's not just on paying your post the elements to it. so what are people then saying about presidents or poses handling of the unrest?
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a lot of people are quite unhappy with the point of handling on one hand, it seems that not enough is being done enough fast enough. this was all brick and very publicly that they were going to make the country ungovernable and motion done . and having done immediately stop that from happening and mobilizing, choose to, to long equipment shoes from 2000, 525000 to too long you think key and so tough to damage. the situation is so fast moving and so crazy that there's new reports coming in all the time. i mean i'm major refineries have said and i look a railway approach to shock. endure shot because of the situation. and if it feels that too little is being done to nate by sort of poses administration rational and job for us. thank you. we're going to pakistan now where women who experience sexual assault often accused of provoking their attackers. even the countries prime minister em run con, has now joined the practice of victim shaming. last month,
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he told an interview if a woman is wearing very few clothes is it will have an impact on the man unless they are robots. and in april on state television, com, edge women to wear a veil to avoid sexual assault is that it is so that there is no temptation in society. activists say his comments reinforce common public perceptions that women invite their souls and they say that attitude used to change my i'm in raja, he's getting ready to go out. that usually means putting on some makeup and then i stress no big deal. you might think. but wearing an outfit like that is still a pretty bold step in pakistan. but more and more women are following suit. i'll just say that there's nothing that makes me more happy than seeing women owning who they are and kind of, you know, breaking cedar dives and putting a full stop there. because if one woman decides to do that, you know,
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that changes the food of indigestion, a generation of women who are still fighting for basic rights. just recently an interview with president iran con, unleashed fresh protests. he said that wearing a veil with stop men being drawn into temptation, implying women were false for sexual violence. his remarks caused uproar amongst rights activists. i think he has discriminated, he put all the blame a burden over woman dress. that was not fair. he should have addressed to men as well. so i think that was totally unfair with the woman of pakistan. many women in pakistan have already experience sexual violence including ma am in raja when she was just 6 years old. her parents left her alone with a male friend of the family. she trusted him,
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but he abused that trust. one of the good isn't i strongly feel about this and what made me feel unsafe, and i've mentioned it earlier as well. is that most of these experiences come at an age where that should a religious by those not even for his on who am in raja wants to convince the women to speak openly about sexual violence. she says it's the only way to bring about change. she believes that her generation can achieve a lot. she is calling for the same rights for everyone. when we are a collective voice will make a difference, we don't need to be ashamed that did happen to us dish and the burden of proof. the shame lives of the one to do that. so this is something i think are making you different and focus on. but unfortunately, pakistan's women still have a long way to go. while that's still a bit deeper into this story with read all the heat in. she's a regional campaign for amnesty international south asia and join us from la hor
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and pakistan. a com comments might have caused a wave of protests, mainly from campaign and activists within the long run. is that going to change the situation for women in general in san i thank you so much for having me, sir. a question as far as pro just so concerned they are important indicator and an important they demonstrate just how bad the women are frustrated with comments. that's the ones that were made by the prime minister. but the fact is that, and do you know, reform dig nice, that also centralize is an approach that is, you know, that goes beyond just the criminal and understand the kind of gender qualities that persist, which lead to gender based on sexual violence until that happens. we're not going to see the kind of change that we need to not going to bring that kind of decrease in the numbers that are being reported on the daily. so every day we had 11 women being raped in pakistan are enough of the perpetrators actually
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a being caught and sentenced. the short answer to your question is no. and the number that you said, 11 women being raped every day. i think the real number left be much, much higher because the women that are coming forward and very often because the criminal justice system is essentially rigged against them. there's not enough judges sensitivity training, therefore, and if you have indicators like the prime minister statement, their message that they're receiving is that it's there. and if it's their fault, why would they be motivated to come forward, especially with convictions remain really low. so i think it just sort of goes to say that the rock in about this entire with that it failed every at every step to protect them. but even the prime minister says things like that. that seems to be a sentiment that that's widely held in pockets thought what can be done to fight
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against this sentiment and to improve the situation for women and pakistan. so as you're absolutely right and pointing that out, but what is interesting is that in and not just restricted to pakistan globally, there seems to be a ration up of the kind of criminal punishment that needs to be used to address this problem. when the factors, that's not where the solution lies, there is a significant gap in the kind of justice that is able that is available to women and is not that is not accessing, it's not accessible, it's not affordable, it's not even acceptable half the time. so until that is rectified, but we're not going to see that change, that group culture needs to be dismantled at the very root. and if from the top that kinds of messages that they're receiving is this reinforces that kind of starts them. that's not a very helpful starting point. thank you very much, roemer. he didn't understand the national bank, the united nations house, giving a major reward to police chief and his yet for her work and keeping women safe.
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coming south ha song. how's this is where ron has been named the 2021 us population award laureate. the recognition almost individuals for improving people's lives their most powerful female police officer in asia. she is in charge of tons of police offices hitting the national police division to protect miners and women each morning. she views reports of violence against women and children from across the country. why does it say that again? she guys hi deputies to she out the work fighting domestic violence under where we shouldn't be leaving legs is no woman, no child should accept the injustice and violence is and just i've made domestic
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violence. my person will because it's not normal. normal, not all the women who is men beat and terrorize them, feel safe enough to make a complaint to the police. but those who come to commission as well as do find a sympathetic welcome from and the women of wife a mother and the sister. i mean the right position to understand the situation of women. i'm in a good position to understand issues facing children because of my experiences. she, the visits we met at the safe house for domestic abuse survivors in the may. she paid a part in getting men of these women away from the men who were abusing their model comission as well as team, sometimes hard to intervene, right? of discard of someone's life. sometimes they end up bringing children to these
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orphanage. for the past on kids are vulnerable and they find themselves in traumatizing situation that can i think they're all life. so it's important that i make time for them play with them. i think the full commission as we keep the survive as she meets in mind. when looking at the big picture. she's often involved in training the next generation of or you sophie says when she's out of uniform, the children commissioners will take care of all. she's the generation of family police officer, even with her keys and cation, there will still be what to do. if one of her children decides before in how footsteps you lympics start next week, and surfing is among
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a handful of sports, making a w at the tokyo 2020 games. so if a lay on glass, it will be representing germany, and the 24 year old is hoping to capture the 1st ever olympic gold metal. in the event, a spoon born in hawaii, more than 100 years ago, is ready for its limpid view. the father of modern surfing and 5 time limping swimming med list. duke cannon, who dreamed it, would become a lympics sport one day in tokyo. that dream will come true. and another hawaiian born is preparing to show the world that germans consent to hi, my name is leon. glad. i'm 24 years old. i'm a surfer and i'm going to tokyo. glad to grew up in costa rica, assessing paradise. the pandemic gave him plenty of time to get ready for the big event. and i thought it was all over for me in 2020. there were no competitions at
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all. no lippy games, nothing. but it was not bad at all. i had lots of time to train, lots of time to think about myself, about my goal. and i had a lot of time with my coach. my coaches glass is happy that thing is finally recognized as an olympic sports rather than just a lifestyle. and the gym and team now has the support it needs to compete. internationally for surfing was like a lifestyle. i was always alone in all the competitions all over the world. but now we have a lot of support for the german olympic committee and support groups. we have a large team, seen the surfing it so here 2020 will take place on the japanese east coast. where the challenge will change is each wave comes for that suits lay on plots. just fine . you will live in the olympics,
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be long in the ocean. proper wave writing and surfing this here is rapid surf, which i don't do that often. only a couple of days a year. but the railway is in the ocean of the 1st and only german to represent his country in the event will be competing is one of the 20 best surface for the sports 1st ever olympic gold metal on his reminder of the top stories we are following for you, that's crime reports. a piece of the fries has died after being shopped last week. the claim journalist was gone down the street after appearing on live tv in amsterdam. the phrase was known for his reporting on the ducks, on the world. severe storms across germany have at least some of the worst flooding in decades. at least 30 people have died and many a missing several homes have been destroyed. rail services have been cancelled across several states as news coming up next on d, w, a news asia,
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was it an accident or an attack, a bus blast the kill chinese workers in pakistan. raises the question that a lot more on the w news. asia with spanish arise out of his book. don't forget to get all the latest news information. on the talk on our website. post d w dot com. got office in berlin from me at the tiniest team handle in source. ah, the the me the incentives who's
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the, the the, the, the, the ah, the express feelings. i am not very creative yet, but i would love to be considered an artist one day looking for new perspectives on the door, naturally replaced by the cabinet. doing things differently,
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come to the place where we reflect on society, part 21, dw, i loosely ah, listen carefully, don't know how to go. i feel the magic discover the who's subscribed to the w documentary on youtube. the little guy that is that 77 percent the platform for africa used to be issues and share ideas. you know,
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just said that would be in north africa. population is growing fast and young people clearly have the solutions. the future belongs to the 77 percent. now, every on the w. w . news a show coming up today. chinese workers caught up in a deputy explosion in august on please 9, i killed as they headed to work on a hydro power dam project. china goes with an attack party on accident, which is plus new social media rooms in india, checking the freedom to express news on twitter. but not everybody thinks that we
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look at the divide and money, fish eating slimy caterpillars. why? south korea wants everyone to enjoy.


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