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tv   Blut- Schatze  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2021 1:03pm-1:46pm CEST

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was just started flowing in. it came from over there, it flowed in here and we didn't no time it was up to my chest. the regions of north ryan westphalia, rhineland palatinate, and saw land have been worst effected. a damn near the city of upa. tall has overflowed and authorities say could break. the heavy downfall was caused by warm and cool and mixing. such, extreme weather can occur in summer, but it only happens rarely does happen in that type of lift. the my last time we saw this happen was in 2005 well before that in 1999. when some rivers properly flooded due to the sheer amount of rainfall that is indeed exceptional. climate change is expected to make extreme weather events like this one more common and more severe. w a border cade marta is in vogue. paul. time that's new born and the one of the worst effected areas. kate,
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what's the city situation like where you are? yes. so i said, i'm sure it's all time which is not valid yet. it's usually a very beautiful, idyllic area where john gets jumping. but today, obviously, and last night i tried to shield here this morning and people here not that much everywhere. the rest your team, the police have to run in this direction and they want forwarding shot more than happy to be come through. it's a very high margin reason why area, but this morning for a helicopter my overhead. well,
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this is the engine down here as well. which is very well connected. so as i said is taken by surprise. as he's spoken to people on the ground, people who had to leave their homes and all that. what did you hear? what, what was the sentiment that the sentiment is overwhelming? people in a very short, distraught and also i spoke to one man, he might have typed my wanted said, your interview would love to help me out to try to help a young guy. and he was here with your friends. they had the pricing
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to have you been on the waiting for that parent one of the go. she was really upset and they have a few people here from the village mug ups, but nobody knew few women from the village ever. and it's a very overwhelming, really unexpected situation. okay, what can you tell us briefly? things about the rescue f, as are they going as planned or they're being hampered. i spoke to one of the base, hold me that they were very willing to development information that can be themselves that much. what i can please after that has
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a very strong presence, a very small as i said, i'm heading now. so it looks like a very serious operation, as i said, they had a helicopter as well. flying around so we're trying to tap on every for the red operation is i'm going to thank you very much, kate, us president joe biden. we'll meet with german chancellor. uncle michael today in washington dc, that's a final visit to the u. s. before she leaves office, after 16 years, the white house set the meeting will affirm the coach deep and enduring ties between the 2 nato allies. they are expected to discuss common interests, life,
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tackling climate change, combating cyber warfare and defending democracy. but they're also will be some disagreements on the agenda. they don't see eyes why, for example, on the north stream to pipeline. nor does germany agree with the us proposal to waive intellectual property rights for certain coven, 19 vaccines, and macula so far seemed unwilling to join biden's efforts to confront china's rising power and influence of a more this, let's now speak to the obvious political correspondent, nina. how's the relations between us in germany have been severely strained under the trump administration? will this visit is the aim of this? is it also to rebuild these good ties that we have before trump? precisely that germany and the u. s. are definitely trying to press the reset button in terms of transatlantic relations because of course, with the exception of those 4 years under president trump,
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germany always played an essential role for the u. s. is one of the main go to countries in europe simply because it is the strongest economy in the european union. and the biden administration wants to strengthen those ties again. now that the former strongest ally in europe the united kingdom is no longer a member of the european union. the disagreements, just one of them is not stream to this gas pipeline from russia, directly to germany. will we see compromise that did not seem to pipeline is probably the biggest disagreement between the 2 i would say, and president biden will probably reiterate the u. s. s. criticism when you meet the jim chancellor. today, the u. s. is of course, worried that russia might use the gas pipeline to put political pressure on ukraine, and of course, the u. s. also wants to sell their own gas to europe, say critics. and so president biden does want some form of guaranteed for ukraine
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from germany because the pipeline will, in all likelihood be completed. and we're hearing now that after the meeting between boston and michael, there'll be some form of washington declaration which will get out the joint vision between the 2 countries in terms of addressing political challenges, well, lives together like pen demick, i've got a son livia, but also russia, china and ukraine, but how much of a vision can see, actually presents she's leaving office in a couple of months? will there be gonna be any firm commitments that she can still make? cause of cause hartford to do just go to the polls in september. uncle america will then stay in office until the new coalition government is formed here that can take a couple of weeks a month. but of course, many of the concrete deals with the u. s. will have to be negotiated with the next government. and what we do know, ready, and that is something that michael might reiterate, is that the vast majority of the political parties that could potentially form the next coalition government. they all do place a strong focus on multilateralism strong ties with the u. s. but of course,
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sticking points will remain even after mca lee's office, if you take the relations with china, for example, the u. s. once europe, in countries to join the side when it comes to china, and china's growing global influence is a top concern for biden. but uncle america has so far refrain from making this choice in favor of the us. and in that field, gemini has his own business interest and the chancellor candidate of her own party . i mean lesson had so far not sent any signals that he would change that imprints of correspondent nina. how's there? thank you nina. let's not take a look at some of the other stories making headlines. turkey, as commemorating the 5th anniversary of a failed military coup, events are being held across the country, including the capital line for some $250.00 people died and thousands were injured . when a military faction tried to out the president, a sweeping political crackdown and mouth the rest followed. the use top court has ruled that employers can enforce a ban on religious symbols in the workplace,
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but they say the step must be justified and applied to all religions. equally case centers around to muslim women in germany who were suspended from their jobs were full wearing head scarves. and this is national says it has found new evidence of, quote, horrific violations against migrant were returned to libya from the you report a ledger for labor and sexual violence against adults and children in term and tact . amnesty of urge the block to suspend migration and border cooperation with libya . brazil president abel scenario has been hospitalized and might need emergency surgery. the leader is suffering from persistent hiccups. a possible symptom of intestinal blockage both scenario was stopped in the stomach in 2018 and had to undergo several rounds of abdominal surgery. south africa,
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the government is deploying an extra 25000 soldiers to help curb on rest that has seen days of looting. and several of the countries provinces. both indicate the violence of unrest has begun to subside lines, south africans to begin cleaning up more than 70 people have died. the violence and supply chains for food and fuel will happen, disrupted, leading to shortages in some parts of the country. and i'm now joined by a journalist for actually play and john his book for us to have been reports of food and fuel shortages because of the unrest. but can you tell us? well absolutely, we found to see just the beginning of the food and fuel shortages as many have said, it is pretty much certain. it will be much worse in the coming weeks as we've actually gone out of fuel and food because of this unrest. good supplier will have him blocks from all major for the city of death and with the unrest. and he thought it was right now we already talked to get the fuel q that all major petrol station
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. i've heard of it already run out of fuel that already is a concern. and of course the food is a huge concern. the report that farmers are struggling to get they've good to the markets because of the logistic crisis. and that is going to cause a huge issue in coming weeks. some people don't have food. as a hearing $25000.00 more soldiers are to be deployed to curb the unrest. will that work? is that enough? it might work would. what would really work even better than that in my view is get into the root of this. i mean, there's obviously multiple causes that the should inspiration of people who are on the margins of society. davidson with anger, but they've clearly coordinated aspect of their katie from a group of people have to long as jacobs duma who have great understanding of our country and their report the merging, alleging that people that formerly and intelligence the country line to constantly
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taught them more plan strategic attacks on key infrastructure. so i think deploying the army to deal with civilians. it's fine. it's just gone, casey and no lies or loss where we have to get to the root of what is causing this . it's not just contain your post element to it. so what are people then saying about presidency around poses handling off the unrest? a lot of people are quite unhappy with the portals on handling. on one hand, it seems that not enough is being done in fast enough. this was all threatened very publicly that they were going to make the country ungovernable and motion done. and we haven't done immediately. stop from happening and mobilizing, choose to, to long increasing the truth from 2500 to me, 5000 to too long. you think key is to talk to damage. the situation is so fast moving and so crazy that there's new reports coming in all the time. i mean, major refineries have said and i look a railway approach to shock endure shot because of the situation. and it feels that
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too little is being done to nate by sort of poisonous administration ration to fill the job for us. thank you. i'm going to park this down now where women who experience sexual assault not often accused of provoking their attackers. even the country's prime minister, run con, has joined in that practice called victim shaming. last month, he told an interview if a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on the man unless they are robots. and in april and state television con urged women to wear avail to avoid sexual assault, saying it is so that there is no temptation in society, but activists say his comments that reinforce common public perceptions that women invite their souls. and they say that attitude is to change my admin,
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roger is getting ready to go out. that usually means putting on some makeup and, and only stress, no big deal. you might think, but wearing an outfit like that is still a pretty bold step in pakistan. but more and more women a following suit, i'll just say that there's nothing that makes me more happy than seeing women owning who they are. and kind of, you know, breaking stereotypes and putting a full stop there. because if one woman decides to do that, you know, that changes the food of indigestion, a generation of women who are still fighting for basic rights. just recently an interview with president iran con elise fresh protest. he said that wearing a veil would stop men being drawn into temptation, implying women were at fault for sexual violence. his remarks caused uproar amongst rights activists here. i think here he has discriminated, and he put all the blame a burden over woman dress for us not fair. he should have addressed to men
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as well. so i think that was totally unfair. vit. woman of pakistan many women in pakistan have already experience sexual violence including whom i am in raja. when she was just 6 years old, her parents left her alone with a male friend of the family. she trusted him, but he abused that trust. one of the cavities, and i strongly feel about this than what made me feel and save. and i've mentioned it earlier as well. is that most of these experiences come, i didn't age when that should a religious by those, not even for his on your room. i am in raja wants to convince the women to speak openly about sexual violence. she says it's the only way to bring about change. she believes that her generation can achieve a lot. she is calling for the same rights for everyone. when we are collect,
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a wife will make a difference. we don't need to be ashamed that did happen to us. didn't the burden of proof, the shame lives of the one to do that. so this is something i think are making you different in august. but unfortunately, pakistan's women still have a long way to go while that's still a bit deeper into the story with reynold he then, she's a regional campaign for amnesty international south asia and joins us from la horton pockets on a comp, comments might have caused a wave of protest, mainly from campaign and activists within the long run. is that going to change the situation for women in general in san i thank you so much for having me as to your question. as far as pro just so concerned they are important. indicate an important they demonstrate just how badly women are frustrated with comments. that's the ones that were made by the prime minister. but the fact is that undo the reform, dig nice, that also centralize is an approach that is,
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you know, that goes beyond just a criminal and understands the kind of gender inequality is that persist which lead to gender based on sexual violence until that happens. we're not going to see this kind of change that we need to not going to bring that kind of decrease in the numbers that are being reported on the daily. so every day we had 11 women are being raped in pakistan, are enough of the perpetrators actually being caught and sentenced. the short answer to your question is no. and the number that you said, 11 women being raped every day. i think the real number left be much, much higher because the women that are coming forward and very often because the criminal justice system is essentially rigged against them. there's not enough judges sensitivity training, therefore, and if you have indicators like the prime minister statement, the message that they're receiving is that it's there. and if it's their fault,
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why would they be motivated to come forward, especially with convictions remain dismally low. so i think it just sort of goes to say that the rock in about this and die with that, it failed every at every step to protect them. but even the prime minister says things like that. that seems to be a sentiment that's, that's widely held in pockets thought what can be done to fight against the sentiment and to improve the situation for women in pakistan. so as you're absolutely right and pointing that out. but what is interesting is that in and not just restricted to pakistan globally, there seems to be a ration up of the kind of criminal punishment that needs to be used to address this problem. when the factors, that's not where the solution lies. there is a significant gap in the kind of justice that is able that is available to women and is not that is not accessed sort accessible. it's not affordable,
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it's not even acceptable half the time. so until that is rectified. but we're not going to see that change, that culture needs to be dismantled at the very root. and if from the top that kinds of messages that they're receiving is this reinforces that kind of starts them. that's not a very helpful starting point. thank you very much. room where he didn't understand the national bank. now let's turn to the latest on the grown of ours pandemic around the world. haiti has received his 1st doses of coven 19 vaccines, dominated by the u. s. government. 500000 doses. arrived in port palms on the wednesday, haiti was the only country in the america without a single shot. washington provided them through the world health organizations program for equal vaccine access. the u. n says more than 20000000 children missed essential vaccinations in 2020 due to the panoramic. that's the highest number more than a decade. it could lead to outbreaks of measles, polio,
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and other preventable diseases. the un has was the situation could develop into a so called perfect storm thousands have rallied in france to protest the country's new corona, virus measures police in paris, 5 guys to disperse, proud who opposed the decision to make vaccinations for health care workers, mandatory proof of facts foundation or a negative cova test will also be required for many indoor public spaces to sports use. now the olympic start next week. and so the thing is among a handful of sports, making a w at the tokyo 2020 games stuff, a blown glass that will be representing germany. the 24 year old is hoping to capture the 1st ever gold metal in the event. a spoon born in hawaii, more than 100 years ago is ready for its olympic debut. the father of modern surfing and 5 time limping swimming medalist duke canna mchugh dreamed it would
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become a lympics port one day in tokyo. that dream will come true. and another hawaiian born is preparing to show the world the germans consent to hi my name is leon. glad. i'm 24 years old. i'm a surfer and i'm going to tokyo glass that grew up in costa rica, assessing paradise. the pandemic gave him plenty of time to get ready for the big event. in 5000 fancy, it was all over for me in 2020. there were no competitions at all. no lippy games, nothing. but it was not bad at all. i had lots of time to train, lots of time to think about myself, about my goal. and i had a lot of time with my coach buying coaches. glass is happy that thing is finally recognized as an olympic sports rather than just a lifestyle. and the german team now has the support it needs to compete
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internationally for surfing was like a lifestyle does. i was always alone in all the competitions all over the world. but now we have a lot of support from the german olympic committee and support groups. we have a large team, team. the surfing it here, 2020 will take place on the japanese east coast. where the challenge will change is each wave comes. but that suits lay on glass. just fine. you will live in the olympics, belong in the ocean, proper wave riding and surfing. this here is rapid surf which i don't do that often . only a couple of days a year. but the railway is in the ocean of the 1st and only german to represent his country in the event will be competing is one of the 20 best surface for the sports 1st ever. olympic gold metal, it's really euro 2020 hero, john luigi. don't
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a rama. is on the move from ac milan to paris on my, on a free transfer. the go keep assigned to deal in past days after being a player of the torment at the or a p injunction ships where his crucial saves help italy. bead england in dramatic penalty issues author decided the tournament. the 22 year old leaves milan 6 years after making his debut at the tender age of 16 and boss alone, i have agreed terms of a new deal that we'll see. lionel messy, stay with a club. spanish newspapers reporting that odds and time have find a new 5 year contract that would cut his wages. in half, his previous deal was worth $10000000.00 euros per week. the new deal will take him to the age of 39, but relies on the club selling another player to remain on the legal news salary cap system. this is the w news. here's
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you. it is dorms across germany have at least some of the worst flooding in decades. at least 20 people have died and many people are still missing. several homes have been destroyed. rail services, i've been cancelled across several states. and more heavy. rain is, excuse me, on the scene up next. former us president george w bush exclusive interview with v w. news. i don't know that i got it was invalid. thanks for watching. the the news news. news,
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news. news. news. the the printed and george w bush invited us to his summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationships to chancellor. i'm going to medical and i was not afraid to make a decision. it was not afraid to leave a kind person with a lovely soul. and that's a person i got to know the exclusive interview with george
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w bush on d, w. into the conflict with tim sebastian after 20 years fighting taliban and surgeon failing to think of forces, i'm pulling out of afghanistan. my guess this week is mid july. my deputy secretary general, who joins me this week from the alliances headquarters in belgium, odyssey justified the abandonment of the afghan people at the time of macs in conflict zone. in 60 minutes on w. o. in december, 2019 the european council of new president show me shows important on a ground breaking mission. i have
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a clear job to make sure of the 1st time it's it's i don't see things on the planet by 2015, but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. some time when the getting the diplomatic poker interest to power plays and alliances behind the scenes, a big easy climate summit starts august 5th on the double. you. now the exclusive interview with george w bush president george w bush doesn't give many interviews anymore. but because of his special relationship to chancellor, uncle americal, he invited us to his summer home in may. we talked about the past and the future of the trans atlantic relationships on the la mantles take on china on russia. the also explains how he felt when he was rubbing her shoulders. president bush. you
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have med chancellor, uncle america. so many times do you recall kind of a defining moment? you know, the last time i saw was defining because she flew all the way over to my dad's funeral. and we're at the blair house, which is right across the street from white house. my whole family was there and somebody said i merkel would like to call on you and i just met a lot and i was very close to my day and the fact that she would take time to come really defined, i think our relationship, she's a very thoughtful kind of person and i think another time was at the ranch. we've got a ranch re love in central texas. and she and professor sar came revisit, learn me. and i remember she and i walked across our prairie. we went for probably an hour walker, so just visiting a better variety of things and it was oppertunity not to conduct diplomacy,
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but an opportunity to get to know or get to know each other better. and that was kind of a defining moment to you painted the pol trade of her. i'm sure all that kind of is seen in this portrait. maybe you can talk a little bit about the process and the picture itself. sure. well, you know, i was just the new painter, so i was a little worried about making sure i captured the person that i was trying to paint and ankle in case i wanted to paint a kind person with a lovely soul. and that's the person i got to know. i mean, she's plenty tough in order to survive and, and what was a man's world german politics for a long time. she's gotta be pretty tough. and she's resolute. and, but i also saw side of her that was very compassionate and decent. and that's what i, that's the, what i've tried to do in the portrait. i hope she likes it. and i was, you can tell people that i had great respect for like,
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and some i want to close to when you look at the portraits i painted and hers is one of on the plus side. i liked her a lot, talking about more complicated relationships. the relationship with god screwed up the previous s or at the end was a little bit icey variation. yeah. which rolled into a personal relationship with i'm going to michael pay for the improvement of a transatlantic relationship. well, i think, i mean it again, her schroeder used me as a political pond on his re election and it became very personal. and people in his cabinet says some things that they shouldn't say. and i want to compare me to our hitler or something like that. and, you know, to have policy, there's roommates, there's one thing, but to personalize it in a way to help one self politically, really was i didn't think very good very, it didn't represent
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a good friendship. angela came in and change that completely. we had our disagreements, of course, and what was your biggest disagreement with her? you know, probably whether or not georgia should be given the membership application process and nato. and, and she was very resolute and didn't think it was the right thing to do. and i thought the right thing to do, but we conduct ourselves in such a way as not to personalize it. because because above all, the politics here is just friendship and. and so she, you know, whether or not she intentionally tried to repair relationships with me. i don't, i don't even know if she need the relationship need to be repaired. i guess she saw what schroeder did, but anyway, it was, it was a different relationship and much more positive and constructive. what about going to animal be that was also a huge disagreement. right,
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and you're not really not. yeah. and i was going to change. i mean, my attitude there was, is that if you're worried about guantanamo bay, go down there and inspect it, like to international re crossed in on a regular basis. but i don't remember any friction over that talking about difficult relation relationships. what triggered i'm going to medical and donald trump and cause these harshly actually he once refused, shaking her head. i don't know. i don't know. that was just a, not a good period in german or us relations and i don't know, i don't, i don't know. donald trump met him one time at the very same funeral. then i feel a miracle game too. and so it's hard for me to guess, why am i germany is a very close ally and a very important friend, germany really important for europe and, and germany's got a lot of way in terms of helping shape kind of world opinion on key issues. and therefore, it makes sense for you as president to be close to the german chancellor. and even
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though you're on the road and i had a disagreement on issues, we nevertheless were able to send the signal that us german relations are very important. how does this work? mister president, after you left offers to stay in contact with chancellors or presidents from other countries to, to talk to america after that or not really. i feel like i'm out and i don't and i'm happy to be out. as you know, i become a simple painter and i, i'm out of politics. i kind of got into us politics a little bit when i, when i published a book on immigrants, one of them was a great german named dirt nowitzki. we both share the same hometown nav, dallas, texas. he's a remarkable guy, loyal and community activist for children, and he's a good man. and anyway, we have an immigration to be going on in the united states. now,
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i was unhappy with the tone of it, and i think we start with the premise that we're all guy's children and every life matters. then all of a sudden one has a different perspective on how to enforce the border and how to deal with people who are escaping tyranny. and anyway, but other than that, i'm pretty much out of politics. talking about immigration, that's what that was. something which will define probably medical's chancellor. what's your take on her reaction when she didn't close the borders and led in like a 1000000 or so. yeah. you know, my 1st reaction was there's a one with a big heart, and i'm sure she was motivated by human compassion. and it, it was i, it was clearly a tough political decision for her. but she took a lead, like i made a lot of tough decisions too. and i hope when people look at my record as president, they say he did what he thought was right and stood to ground. and so i admire. i
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admire her steadfastness. and uncle is not afraid to make a decision, was not afraid to lead. and the world needs leadership that has based upon principle. and that's what she did. and i know it cause political points, but she bless you. doing pretty well. here's the thing that amazes me. 8 years in a democracy is a long time. i know for well people who have tired over year, and they retired reagan every years. their darnesha retired to me after 8 years and idle and merkle has managed to survive in a pretty tough political environment for more than 8 years. and it's pretty amazing when you think about it, at the 10 year reflect something. and i think it reflects the german voters trust. they may not agree with them, but they trust her and they trust your most 1st and foremost because she's a good person. did she in your perspective, make any major mistakes?
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you know, i don't, i'm not, i'm not very close to german politics. not really. yeah. man, i'm sure that i'm sure as you, i hope are 10 years not defined by the decision on refugees. what's, what's your can you be defined by immersion? i think it ought to be on bringing honor and principal leadership to the chancery of germany. what we will say, what's your greatest legacy, my life, greatest legacy was you know, my girls love me after being present others as there is profound principles that are important with leaders and leaders. my set examples, i bet a legacy about merkle was. there's a lot of girls watch on the la merkle say, i too can have a position of responsibility and power because she conducted herself with such dignity. and you know that there's no such thing as accurate, short term history, others angle as place in history won't be known until other chancellors come until
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events them around the world unfold. and i think there's people are beginning to realize the premium on character when it comes to leadership. and the lack of character is very notable people with character. it seems like they take people take that for granted. but nevertheless, in a period where the characters been lacking all of a sudden, people are going wow, that, that's an important trait for later. and i'm going to merkel later, she's not a follower, which is which i admire a lot. this is changing leg in the world with facebook or social media, like political leaders are more populous or a better on twitter than really like with f principal. yeah, it's interesting question i'm i got out of there before all this stuff happened.
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and you know, i probably would have made my time at more washington different, although i can assure you, i wouldn't have been on twitter and i wouldn't of been on facebook. but yeah, it's, i think populism though is a result of more than just social media platforms. i think populism reflects a frustration with, with, with society and other words here in the states. you know, i made a decision in 2008 to use tax payers money to bail out wall street to, to prevent a worldwide depression. and that made a lot of people mad, really mad. i mean, the average guy out there were raised in texas payers mortgage and all of a sudden, george bush uses his taxpayers money to give it to wall street. and there's something unfair about that in their mind. and i wouldn't have done it had not been necessary to save the economy, but you can't explain that to somebody. you know,
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you can't prove a negative. and so in that created this anger. and then wages were stagnating, which created ag nor then. and then people felt, you know, immigration kind of begin to crowd them out, which i think it's a multiple set of factors. what, what the mass media does, or the current media does, is enables him to talk among themselves. and the real danger is the conspiracy theories that arise and it's going to require strong leaders to knock that down. and to refute some of these ridiculous extremist ideologies on both the left and the right, i'm glad that you were out of the white house before that happened before the twitter took over. so yeah, i think well, yeah, i'm glad look, i'm glad i survey years. it was a fabulous 8 years in my life and and i'm glad i'm out of the political maelstrom.
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you know, it's weird about america right now. so i have a stablish is friendship, because i sit next to her at funerals with michelle obama. and i, one time i gave her a met, now toyed and a my, my daughter said to me, you're trending an order. ok, what is that is? and then now you're on social media. you and michelle obama and the country was shocked that a republican male and a democrat female can have some kind of bond other than you know, debating politics. and it just goes to show how little rice things are now. the question, and i'm sure they are in germany as well. and the question is will we be able to merge out of this? and my attitude is so long as there's democracy, we can because most americans don't like the hostility and the political system, most americans are not populous, raging popular shoot,
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express their anger through conspiracy. theories and elections were reflect that so long as the elections are opened and people vote in germany is about to have a big election. and, and that's part of the healing process. coming back to america. mr. president, so you were just out of office when metal was informed that her mobile phone was tab by the and it's a and i quote her, her, she said spying among amongst friends is not at all. okay. do you understand that? totally. yeah. i've question, i had no idea on merkel, but yeah, i mean that's about the definition of friendship and she had every right to be straightforward in her criticism. she is also seen as kind of a world leader who is taking climate change really seriously. what role did she play and you're alive, to make you understand or actually on your take when it comes to the climate?
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well, i understood the issue. i just didn't want to have a global treaty that didn't include china and india. otherwise is a waste of time. now i, she was i remember when i came with schroeder was the chancellor and they went to the boon in stock and sat down with all the leaders there. and the green party guy was, you know, this, giving me lecture on that and i said fine, why don't you support me on civilian nuclear power is clean and so renewable. i mean, it's the best thing you can do for the environment. after all, your neighbor in france just figure out a way to get rid of this waste and all of a sudden conversation with quiet. and you know, there's a lot of competing interest in a lot of different views. but no question. was very strong on the environment and i don't blame or the other thing she was strong on though at the same time the world seem to be focused on, on the environment when people were dying of age on the kinds of africa. and of
1:46 pm
course i was concerned about having a agreement that work but on, on climate. but i was also deeply.


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