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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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please, and the lines behind the scenes of the kind of summit starts august 5th on dw, the the news . this is b, w. news lies from berlin. city, stone, schools, catastrophe. across parts of germany. at least 9 people have died. thousands are missing, and holmes has collapsed. heavy flooding leaves parts of the country under water and more rain, maybe on the way. also coming up the mountain justice on the streets of south africa, the government calls for calm as vigilante groups defend businesses and punish
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looters. the army says it's sending a 1000 small soldiers to stem the week of long and pakistan. women who are sexually assaulted are often accused of bulking the crime against the even by the prime minister. women say it's time to speak. we catch up with a german wave rider determined to make history a tokyo 2020. by winning the 1st ever limpid gold metal insect. ah, i'm going to have as welcome to the program. so it is storms across germany have on least some of the worst flooding in decades of these 9 people have died including 2 firefighters who drowned for the 70. people are missing, hundreds of thousands of homes are without power and several buildings has
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collapsed. many rail services have been suspended. germany's western states have been the worst effected homes and lives swept away some residents who stayed a trapped on rooftop, while others left picking through the devastated homes. emergency workers, the searching for dozens of missing residents, blocked roads and high water levels. a hampering asset and more rain is expected in some areas. the deluge took many people in west and germany by surprise. fly out and there was no water around 130. but within half an hour it was like a stream completely flooded. i my whole at once the water started flowing in. it came from over there it flowed in here and we didn't no time it was up to my chest
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. the regions of north ryan westphalia, rhineland palatinate, and saw land have been west effected, a damn near the city of oop atalla has overflowed and authority. se could break the heavy downfall was caused by warm and cooler mixing. such extreme weather can occur in summer, but it only happens rarely does happen in the talk of let my, by the last time we saw this happen was in 2005 well before that in 1999 when some rivers properly flooded due to the sheer amount of rainfall that is indeed exceptional climate change is expected to make extreme weather events like this one more common and more severe. more of this story with crossover to bone where d w report, lia content has been following,
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eventually. what's the latest in the region that way? you yeah, so actually that, that's totally of no reason to 19, according to some local reports. and that figure is potentially expected to rise as rescuers make their way through the damage in terms of rain and whether it's actually calm down most of western and central germany. so now people are sort of picking up the pieces after the havoc yesterday. so what can you tell us about the rescue efforts that are on the way right now? yeah, good to rescue is actually died during the process and bad phone connections. a lot of the internet went out and a lot of places and that made things very difficult to connect to people. and, but a lot of that is back up now. and like i said, the bear is still sort of going through the damage and finding people and also police and copeland of fed that federal people are still actually stuck in or on
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their how the run through the working out to get those people out any indication that there's an end and sides for the heavy rain. yes, yes. well, it has sort of settled down and most of the country, according to the rather weather report yesterday, was the book up the rain via casa in bon. thank you. thank you. us president joe biden will meet with german chancellor. uncle michael today in washington dc. that's a final visit to the us before she leaves office. after 16 years, the white house set the meeting will affirm the quote deep and enduring ties between the 2 nato allies. they are expected to discuss common interests, like tackling climate change, combating cyber warfare and defending democracy. but they're also will be some
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disagreements on the agenda. they don't see it. so i, for example, the nor stream to pipeline. nor does germany agree with the u. s. proposal to waive intellectual property rights for certain coven, 19 vaccines, and macula so far seemed unwilling to join biden's efforts to confront china's wising power and influence. for more than this, let's now speak to these obvious political correspondent, nina. how's the relations between the us in germany have been severely strained under the trump administration? will this visit is the aim of this? is it also to rebuild these good ties that we have before trump? precisely that germany and the u. s. are definitely trying to press the reset button in terms of transatlantic relations because of course, with the exception of those 4 years under president trump, germany always played an essential role for the u. s. is one of the main go to countries in europe simply because it is the strongest economy in the european
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union. and the biden administration wants to strengthen those ties again. now that, that former strongest ally in europe the united kingdom is no longer a member of the european union. there are disagreements just while it is not stream to this gas pipeline from russia, directly to germany. we see compromise there. i'll not stream to pipeline is probably the biggest disagreement between the 2 i would say, and president biden will probably reiterate the u. s. his criticism when he meets the gym chancellor. today, the u. s. is of course, worried that russia might use the gas pipeline to put political pressure on ukraine, and of course, the u. s. also wants to sell their own gas to europe. critics. and so president biden does want some form of guaranteed for ukraine from germany because the pipeline will, in all likelihood be completed. and we're hearing now that after the meeting between boston and michael, there'll be some form of washington declaration which will get out the joint vision
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between the 2 countries in terms of addressing political challenges. well, live together, like repent, demik, of kind of sun libya, but also russia, china, and ukraine. but how much of a vision can see acts actually presents? she's leaving office in a couple of months. it will be going to be any firm commitments that she can still make because of course hartford to do demons go to the polls in september angle america will then stay in office until the new coalition government is formed here that can take a couple of weeks a month, but of course many of the concrete deals with the u. s. will have to be negotiated with the next government. and what we do know, ready, and that is something that michael might reiterate is that the vast majority of the political parties that could potentially form the next coalition government. they all do place a strong focus on multilateralism strong ties with the us. but of course, sticking points will remain even after mca leaves office if you take the relations
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with china. for example, the u. s. one, your pin countries to join the side when it comes to china and china's growing global influence is a top concern for biden. but uncle america has so far refrain from making this choice in favor of the u. s. and in that field, germany has his own business interest and the chancellor candidate of her own party . i mean lesson has so far not sent any signals that he would change that approach . correspondent nina, how's there? thank you nina. let's, i'll take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. turkey is commemorating the 5th anniversary of a failed military coup. events are being held across the country, including the capitol and crop. some, 250 people died and thousands were injured. when a military faction tried to oust the president as sleeping political crackdown and mass, the rest followed. amnesty international says it has found new evidence of quote, horrific violation against migrants who are returned to libya from the you. the
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report the ledges forced labor and sexual violence against adults and children in term and comes and urge the you to suspend border cooperation with libya, brazil's president jebel scenario has been hospitalized and might need emergency surgery. the far right leader is suffering from persistent hiccups. that's a possible symptom of intestinal blockage wilson. our was stopped in the stomach in 2018 and had to undergo several rounds of abdominal surgery to south africa. now where the government says it's sending some 25000 soldiers into regions, racks by looting and violence. boosting the troop deployment tenfold. unrest raged in parts of the country for almost a week now and was being called south africa's west violence. since the end of apartheid ministers are pleading for people not to take justice into their own hands. what could be confused to scenes of bustling commerce or
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actually themes of chaos. in the eastern city of durban, looting often and riots have continued and scale. police say that arrested thousands of people, but many offices say the situation is still out of control. the hallway of this go for this what it looks like down. yeah. if you carry on further down the road because burnt out, recalls in the ridge due to everything that actually the burning way out of the burning people are coming by the thousands to come and leak. but in other parts of the country, police appear to be regaining control. the government has deployed some 5000 soldiers to support local law enforcement. it is said to be considering sending more authority to concerned, however, about reports that some civilians may be armed and taking matters into their own
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hands. rounding up suspected looters and resorting to a form of mob justice. lawmakers say they don't want these groups to add fire to the already simmering situation. we understand the consent for community for their safety, and then they need to protect their properties. we would like to edge this come into to work with a law enforcement agencies to stop the looting and violence and to operate within the rule of law. protests began last week after the former president jacob zoom began serving a 15 month jail term for contempt of court that frustration or the inequality and rising unemployment. i seem to be feeling the majority of the chaos. now with doesn't less dead and the violence grieving families will be asking themselves just how long the lawlessness will last one a lot. and i'm not joined by journalists to actually play in johannesburg for us to
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have been reports of food and fuel shortages because of the unrest. what can you tell us? well absolutely, we found that the just the beginning of the food and feel shortages as many have said it is pretty much so much. it will be much worse in the coming weeks as we've actually gone out of fuel and food because of this unrest. good supplier, have you blocked from all major ports that happened with unreal dots and he thought it was so right now we already talked to get fuel q that all major petrol stations. i've heard a re run out of fuel that already is and of course the food is a huge concern. the report that farmers are starting to get a good to the market because of the logistic crisis. and this is going to cause a huge issue in the coming weeks. some people don't have food. as we have $25000.00 more soldiers ought to be deployed to curb the unrest. will that work?
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is that enough? it might work. what would really work even better? than that in my view is get into the root of this. i mean, there's obviously multiple causes, the sheer desperation of people who are on the margins of society, davidson but anger. but they've clearly coordinated aspect of their kelly from a group of people have lungs, jacobs, duma, who have great understanding of our country and the report. the merging, alleging that people that were forming and intelligent people aligned to them and talk with some of the more plan strategic attacks on key infrastructure. so i think deploying the army to deal with civilians is fine. it is on the gun case. he had no life a loss where we have to get to the root of what is causing that. it's not just on paying your post the elements to it. so what people then saying about presidents are around poses handling off the unrest. a lot of people are quite unhappy with
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the important one handling on one hand. it seems that not enough is being done enough fast enough. this was all, but it can vary publicly that they were going to make the country ungovernable and motion of done and having done immediately stopped from happening and mobilizing, choose to, to long increase the truth from 25250022 long you think key infrastructure damage, the situation is so fast moving and so crazy that there's new reports coming in all the time. i mean i'm major refineries have said and i look a railway approach. the full shot they shot because of the situation. and if it feels to little is being done to nate by sort of poisonous administration ration to fill out the job for us. thank you. thank you. to pakistan now where women who experience sexual assault are often accused of provoking their attackers . even the countries prime minister and run con has joined in that practice regarded as victim shaming. last month he told an interview, and if
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a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on the man unless they are robots. and in april and say television con urged women to wear a veil to avoid sexual assault, saying it is so that there is no temptation in society. well, activists say his comments reinforce common public perceptions that women invite their souls and they say that attitude needs to change. my, i'm in roger is getting ready to go out. that usually means putting on some makeup and then always dress. no big deal. you might think, but wearing an outfit like that is still a pretty bold step in pakistan. but more and more women a following suit. i always say that there's nothing that makes me more happy than seeing women owning who they are and kind of, you know, baking studio dates and putting a flu. stop there because if one woman decides to do that, you know that changes the food of indictment,
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ration the generation of women who are still fighting for basic rights. just recently an interview with president iran con, unleashed fresh protests. he said that wearing a veil with stop men being drawn into temptation, implying women were at fault for sexual violence. his remarks caused uproar amongst rights activists. i think he has discriminated, and he put all the blame a burden over a woman dress. that was not fair, he should have addressed to men as well. so i think that was totally unfair with woman of pakistan. many women in pakistan have already experience sexual violence including whom i am in raja. when she was just 6 years old, her parents left her alone with a male friend of the family. she trusted him, but he abused that trust. one of the good is,
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and i strongly feel about this and what made me feel and even as mentioned it earlier as well, is that most of these experiences come at an age where that should a religious by those not even for as on who i am in raja wants to convince the women to speak openly about sexual violence. she says it's the only way to bring about change. she believes that her generation can achieve a lot. she is calling for the same rights for everyone. when we are collect wise will make a difference. we don't need to be ashamed that did happen to us dish and the burden of proof, the shame lives of the one to do that. so this is something i think us are making it different in august, but unfortunately pakistan's women still have a long way to go. remo, my heating is a regional container, fantasy international and the whole pakistan we spoke to earlier and asked whether the backlash against cons,
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comments will change the position of women in pakistan. i think that what prime is sitting around on commons did was frustrate a lot of actor, those who have been fighting for this for a very long time. and unfortunately, the trends that we've seen globally and as august on is that there seems to be a ratcheting up of criminal punishment. rather than looking at the situation from a lens of, of the, a more comprehensive approach which goes beyond prosecution and punishment. there is the responsibility on the government to prevent, prosecute, protect against, punish, and provide progress, so can victims. and until that is done, the conversation needs to move on to that point because otherwise them and will continue to remain on the look. now, the latest on the corona virus pandemic around the world. haiti has received its very 1st doses of cobit 19 vaccines donated by the u. s. government. 500000 doses.
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ross and puzzle pass on wednesday. haiti was the only country in the americas without a single chart. washington provided them through the world health organizations program for equal vaccine access. the u. n says more than 20000000 children missed essential vaccinations in 2020 due to the corona virus panoramic. that's the highest number in more than a decade. it would lead to outbreaks of measles, polio, and other preventable diseases. the un as well, the situation could develop into a perfect storm. thousands have rallied in france to protest the country's new corona, vice measures please in paris, fire tear gas to disperse the crowds, who oppose the decision to make vaccinations for health care workers. mandatory proof of vaccination or a negative covert test will also be required for many indoor public spaces like restaurants. spain is holding attributes to health care workers who died off the contracting the virus. king philip and queen little joined at the royal palace in
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madrid by spanish prime minister pedro sanchez more than $100.00 of them. the victims are to receive a cross of civil marriage, austin postuma, 3 argentina and is expected to register. it's 100008 corona virus related death today. the country has been one of the hardest hit in the region. and although infection rates are falling, health experts are worried that a slow vaccine rollout could invite another outbreak. just 11 percent of the population is fully vaccinated compared to 44 percent. for example, in germany, officials say many people haven't even registered for vaccination. now, the government is sending mobile teens to take that pro vaccine message to the people. when, as iris has a problem, one in 5 adults has still not registered to be vaccinated. so daniel quinn tutti
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and his team are going door to door to find out why. what is going on. one of the reasons for not registering one of the reasons could be the lack of accessibility of the technology. then we register the person ourselves or don all over the total moment was another important reason we found in the last rounds is the fear of the vaccine on our corner. daniel is keen to come back miss information and put the record straight about the vaccine side effects. and he is using some other methods to help convince people when i have friends who have been vaccinated and have been sick for a week, i can't afford to risk being sick for a week. firstly, i'm alone. and then if i don't work, i don't eat no more. so if you don't get enough to eat because you don't have a job, we can take care of it. a bag of food. are you interested?
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this man is happy to take help and daniel asks for his details. it's a good result. the direct contact has paid off because despite the patients concerns, daniel is able to register him for the shot. one small victory in argentina's fight against corona on the we tend to sports the olympics start next week and thing as a mom, a handful of sports, making w at the tokyo 2020 games. leon glasser will be representing germany and the 24 year old is hoping to capture the 1st ever olympic gold metal. in the event, a sport born in hawaii, more than 100 years ago, is ready for its olympic debut. the father of modern surfing and 5 time limping swimming medalist duke of mac who dreamed it would become an lympics port one day in tokyo. that dream will come true. and another hawaiian bull and
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is preparing to show the world the germans consent to hi my name is leon. glad. i'm 24 years old. i'm a surfer and i'm going to tokyo glass that grew up in costa rica, assessing paradise. the pandemic gave him plenty of time to get ready for the big event in $5000.00 sunset. it was all over for me in 2020. there were no competitions at all. no lippy games, nothing was but it was not bad at all. i had lots of time to train, lots of time to think about myself, about my goals. and i had a lot of time with my coach, with my coaches. glass is happy that thing is finally recognized as an olympic sports rather than just the lifestyle. and the german team now has the support it needs to compete. internationally for surfing was like
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a lifestyle. i was always alone in all the competitions all over the world. but now we have a lot of support from the german olympic committee and support groups. we have a large team, team, the surfing it. so here 2020 will take place on the japanese east coast. where the challenge will change is each wave comes. but that suits lay on glass. just fine. you will live in the olympics, be long in the ocean, proper wave riding and surfing. this here is rapid surf which i don't do that often . only a couple of days a year. but the railway is in the ocean of the 1st and only german to represent his country in the event will be competing is one of the 20 best surface for the sports 1st ever olympic gold metal, keep my fingers crossed. italy's euro 2020 hero, gender age. you don't know how much is on the move from ac milan to paris,
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paris assumption. i'm out on a free transfer. the go keep assigned to deal in paris just days after being named player of the tournament at the p and championships where his crucial saves helped italy beat england in the dramatic penalties shoots out that decided the tournament . the 22 year old leaves me on 6 years after making his debut at the tender age of 60 and buffalo now have agreed terms of a new terms of a new deal that we'll see. lionel messy, stay with the club. spanish newspapers are reporting b, argentine has assigned a new 5 year contract that would cost his wages in half. is previous deal was worth 10000000 euros a week. the new deal will take him to the age of 39, but we live on the club selling and other player to remain on the league as news salary, capitol system. it was indeed w news. here's a reminder off the top story we're following for you. severe storms across germany
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have at least some of the worst flooding in decades. at least 9 people have died and many people are missing. several homes have been destroyed. rail services have been canceled across several states. and more heavy rain might be on the way. that's it from me and the news team don't go away though. daniel winter is up next with the w business office in rural in for me in the news team. thanks for watching the news. the news . the news news
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. news. the news, the news, the news ah, president george w bush invited us to this summer. we talked about the past and the special relations chancellor under the medical, idaho, is not afraid to make a decision,
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was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely soul. and that's a person i got to know the exclusive interview with george w bush. 60 minutes w women in asia in that's me. all the money and i mentioned on the voice. the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire this weekend on d. w. and the rules in the
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office cuz that's cool. but it's just me in the mood the the, china's rapid recovery takes stumble to countries, economic growth continues, but the figures show the bounce back is losing steam. also coming up local, abide, and finally meets one on one. there's plenty on the agenda, including the controversial nod stream pipelines, the can they make any progress with just 2 months until germany is election.


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