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the who's this is the daily news line from berlin slash flooding, inundate germany. at least 8 people have died. dozens or michigan homes have come less as severe storms the parts of the country underwater. morgan is on the way, also coming up, mob justice on the streets of south africa. the government calls for com is vigilante, defend businesses and punish lewd of the army says it's sending a 1000 more soldiers to stem a week of lawlessness in pakistan. women who are sexually assaulted are often
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accused of provoking the crimes against but even by the prime minister. women say it's time to speak. and we catch up with a german wave writer determined to make history at tokyo, 2020 by winning the 1st ever. gold metal in surface ah, unlike look who welcome, where you start off with some breaking news. severe storms across germany have on least some of the worst flooding in decades. at least 8 people have died including 2 firefighters who drowned up to 70. people are missing after a heavy overnight downpours, the regions of north ryan with failure. rhineland police, in age and solid, have been worst effected, a damn near the looper town has overflowed and the authorities say it could break.
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several houses have collapsed and dozens, more structures or at risk. residents have been evacuated from hundreds of homes, but many of those who stayed are now trapped by the flood water. it's a fight against the floods. the deluge took many a residence in western germany by surprise. while there was no water around $130.00, but within half an hour, it was like a big stream completely flooded up. i'm all at once. the water started flowing in. it came from over there and flowed in here, and in no time it was up to my chest with different parts of germany were hit by the bad weather. in the western city of distance off an entire housing estate with $350.00 apartments, had to be evacuated in the town of altenor, a firefighter was swept away by the water and drowned in huge that close to the
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check border. a 53 year old was caught in a flash flood. rescue workers are still searching for him. the heavy rainfall was caused by warm and cooler air mixing. such extreme weather can occur in summer, but it only happens rarely. does happen to be the last time we saw this happen was in 2005 or before that in 1999 when some rivers flooded due to the sheer amount of rainfall that is indeed exceptional is also good. hug in western germany was particularly hard. it was impossible to drive along some streets even for the rescuers, the head. and when the number 2 that's prompted us to request help from the army to get the situation here and hard and under control. and luckily, it turned out very well, 40 eyes out of those, they would pick up. people all across germany are hoping for the rain to relent.
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zoom for more on this, let's bring in d w. nino hauser who's been following the story for us. nina, we understand that dozens of people are missing, after houses collapsed. what are you hearing? the situation is very drastic in many areas of western germany. and that just goes to show the severity of the situation that houses collapse. and in that area where they collapse a large number of other houses, rules unstable and the risk of collapse has the authorities. i've said in many different areas here effected thought. the german rail services was passengers from other parts of the country, not to travel to new pharmacy at the moment because germany's most populous state is the west effected because of the flood people. and the generation is edging people, not to goes there. many people are talking about the situation as a disaster that happens only every few decades. some say it's never happened to
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this extent. and there are reports of what's normally little streams of like 2 meters wide that a current be 200 meters, like just so that you get an idea of this occasion. what can you report about the rescue efforts at this point? i can imagine that the conditions make it extremely difficult. of course, and we've heard already about those 2 fire fighters who have died one as we had in the report was swept away by the water after trying to rescue a man. and many people this morning tried to find shelter in the upper floors of the houses, waiting to be rescued. of course, the authorities have to get access to those people and provide them with, with food. the try and rescue is the everything that's valuable to them from the houses and that causes hindered by those severe floods and thousands of people have had to be evacuated. of course the had been warnings, but people like heard in the report weren't really texting this exit tend of
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flooding. and so there are severe warnings by the authorities to refrain from what they call disaster tourism. so not to try and go somewhere to take pictures because many people just haven't seen pictures like this in the lifetime. i imagine the rescue workers are literally looking to the skies for help these an end to the rain inside. well, the red weather report from this morning says that we're still expecting some rain in many areas in those affected regions, but not to the same extent. luckily as of the past couple of hours. and in some areas, the rain has stopped already. like, for example, in that area that was mentioned in hog and the rain has stopped, but that means that now the water be cleared away, the rubble has to be cleared away. the area has to be tied up and that is the case in hog where incidentally, the regional leader of the affected area. i mean last said who's the conservative candidate for counselor has already arrived to assess the situation on the ground.
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and he will talk to the press later. so d, w and you know how many? many thanks nina. now to south africa where the government says it's sending some 25000 soldiers in a regions racked by looting and violence. boosting the troop deployment tenfold. unrest has raged in parts of the country for almost a week now. and what's being called south africa's worst violence since the end of apartheid ministers are pleading for people not to take justice into their own hands. what could be confused, the scenes of bustling commerce are actually scenes of chaos. in the eastern city of durban, looting often and riots have continued and scale. police say that arrested thousands of people, but many offices say the situation is still out of control. the
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hallway of dis go for this, what it looks like down. yeah. if you carry on further down the road because burnt out, recalls in the roads that you to everything that actually the burning way out of the burning people are coming by the thousands to come and live. but in other parts of the country, police appear to be regaining control. the government has deployed some $5000.00 soldiers to support local law enforcement and is said to be considering sending more. authorities are concerned, however, about reports that some civilians may be armed and taking matters into their own hands. rounding up suspected looters and resorting to a form of mob justice, lawmakers. so they don't want these groups to add fire to the already simmering situation. we understand the consensus community for their safety and then the need to protect their properties. we would like to edge this comment is to work with a law enforcement agencies to stop the looting and violence and to operate within
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the rule of law. protests began last week after the former president jacob zoom began serving a 15 month jail term for contempt of court, but the frustration or the inequality and rising unemployment. i seem to be feeling the majority of the chaos. now with dozens less dead and the violence, grieving families will be asking themselves, just how long the lawlessness will last for more. let's cross over through circle malo in johannesburg, greetings or through. so what is the situation like in south africa this morning? this is jewish, and in south africa this morning is a bit column compared to other days that are syn, people looting what do you have had to if you incident of looting somewhere in devon but to he and your hands as you can see behind me,
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the comment is now coming back to the more this is one of the malls that was looked at disco mall and the communities have come together now to got them all there. now cleaning up, trying to make sure they are not able to return general across the country. when you had yesterday, that's about 25000 people. so we do lloyd. everyone was hoping for this kind of and it seems the column is attending today. so far, no major incidents of looting. i've been reported. what does the day goes? we'll see what happens because even the trucks, the trucks will be patrolling and come funding talks to deliver goods in. so we all the situation will continue column as it is this morning through. so i'm interested in getting your perspective on the ground today. the government has announced it will send thousands more troops to help quell the unrest. will that work? it is it to the scene if that's going to wake the course when, when the 2004 fund,
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the initial 232, floyds super continued looting. the vote is continued happening across the country . about 2 or over $200.00 incidents or 4 looking have been even after the took was to get off the deployed. what it is you have to see now that you have got $25000.00 to start out to be deployed if the situation will change. but the firms before these are overwhelmed and the currently, because most of the shocks and the walls have been looted, you don't have many people trying to look out there for it. it seems it might come under control. but when you look around today, the buses are big on the 3, and i walking flu on the fluids. but just to see if a column of mundane as it is now, we only have about half a minute. but just to be clear here, explain to viewers have protests. at the jailing of the former president jacob's duma could escalate into a situation where soldiers are being deployed to enforce law and order.
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definitely, because what, what, what just happened is that it became violent. it became out of control and authority is doubting if you still protest about the presence of so my, this is why the source just to come to cause infrastructure has been destroyed, things that are not related to the jailing of the former pressed. and so i think what artist is also seeing that to something more than that just happened. it was the fact that just last night they discovered a amune issues and some less that to get stolen and which indicates that to be even more to might not just be about the, the jalen of the former president. so it seems, authorities know, have intelligence that it could be more than that. this is why that deploying the to try and quinn the situation. got it. that's, that's true. so camacho in joanna berg much that's now take a look at some the other stories making headlines around the world. german chancellor angle and medical is in washington where she will meet with us president
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joe biden. the leaders scene here in file footage are expected to discuss the pandemic climate change in global security. it's likely to be one of miracles last foreign trips before she steps down. as chancellor this fall, brazil's president drive, also nero has been hospitalized and might need emergency surgery. the far right leader is suffering from persistent hiccups or a possible symptom of intestinal blockage. also, nero was stabbed in the stomach in 2018 and had to undergo several rounds of abdominal surgery. well, that was, the un says more than 20000000 children missed essential vaccinations in 2020 due to the pandemic. that's the highest number in more than a decade. it could be to upgrade to measles, polio, and other preventable diseases. the un has worn situation could develop into a perfect storm. you're watching the w news still to come. we
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need a police chief who's been given a top you went award for empowering women to speak up about domestic violence to pakistan. now where women who experience sexual assault are often accused of provoking their attackers, even the country's prime minister in ron con, has joined in victim shaming. last month, he told an interviewer, if a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on the man unless they are robots. and in april and state television con, urge women to wear a veil to avoid sexual assault, saying it is so that there is no temptation in society. activists say his comments reinforce common public perceptions that women invite their results. and they say that attitude needs to change my i'm in raja, he's getting ready to go out. that usually means putting on some makeup and
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a nice dress. no big deal you might think. but wearing an outfit like that is still a pretty bold step in pakistan. but more and more women a following suit. oliver say that there's nothing that makes me more happy than seeing women owning who they are and kind of breaking your dates and putting a full stop there. because if one woman decides to do that, you know that changes the food of indigestion, the generation of women who are still fighting for basic rights. just recently an interview with president iran con elise fresh protest. he said that wearing a veil with stop men being drawn into temptation, implying women were at fault for sexual violence. his remarks caught up pro amongst rights activists. i think he has discriminated and he put all the blame and burden over the woman that does not fear he should have addressed to men as well. so i think that was
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totally unfair. that woman of pakistan many women in pakistan have already experience sexual violence including whom i am in raja. when she was just 6 years old, her parents left her alone with a male friend of the family. she trusted him, but he abused that trust. one of the good isn't that strongly feel about this and what made me feel n 7. as mentioned earlier as well. is that most of these experiences come at an age where that should a religious by those not even for on who am in raja wants to convince the women to speak openly about sexual violence. she says it's the only way to bring about change. she believes that her generation can achieve a lot. she is calling for the same rights for everyone. when we are elect a wife will make a difference. we don't need to be ashamed that had happened to us dish and the
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burden of proof. the shame lives of the one to do that. so this is something i think making you different in august. but unfortunately, pakistan's women still have a long way to go. for more, i am joined by remo. he dean in the hole pakistan. she's a regional campaigner for amnesty international self asia. welcome to d. w. cons comments might have caused a wave of protest, but in the long run, is that going to change the situation for women in pakistan? hi, thank you so much for having me. i think that what brian is sitting around on commons did was frustrate a lot of activists who have been fighting for this for a very long time. and unfortunately, the trends that we've seen globally and august on is that there seems to be a ratcheting up of criminal punishment, rather than looking at the situation from
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a lens of, of the a more comprehensive approach which goes beyond prosecution and punishment. there is the responsibility on the government to prevent, prosecute, protect against, punish, and provide progress, so can victim. and until that is done, the conversation needs to move on to that point because otherwise them and will continue to remain on every day. some 11 women are raped in pakistan. i'm gonna repeat that every day 11 women are raped in pakistan, but only very few perpetrators get sentence for these crimes. why is that? well, i mean to say that this happens in box stand alone is, is, is not there. it is the global phenomenon, and i'm sure the numbers and boxes are actually much higher because neither only the women that are coming forward. and unfortunately with comments like the ones that the prime minister made, it makes it even harder for victims to come forward because the idea that is being
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sent to them is that it's your heart. and if it's your fault, and you must have done something wrong, and without gender sensitivity training within the police, that is supposed to investigate these crimes without reforming a criminal justice system. that doesn't seem to that seems to place the burden on victims to go to re live their trauma as again and again, it is clear that this is the, it is clear that this is the problem that's going to remain pervasive until that sort of conversation to the next me, if it's not going to watch those numbers and only get higher, 30 seconds left here, but what needs to happen, essentially to, in order to improve situation for pakistani women? i think in terms of the application of criminal law that forceful implementation the adequate capacity, building gender sensitivity training and doing and the government taking meaningful steps to dismantle great culture is a good place. busy to start,
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that is remo. know he deals with amnesty international. really appreciate your time and your perspective. thank you so much. united nations is given a major award to a new share police chief for her work in keeping women safe. coming to her sunny house was this c o 0 has been named the 2021. us population award laureate the recognition honors individuals for improving people's lives. d, w caught up with the wearer in the share of their most powerful female police officer in the j. she's in charge of tons of police offices, hitting the national police division to protect miners and women. each morning she views reports of violence against women and children from across the country. why does it say that again?
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she gathered deputies to she out the work fighting domestic violence under which we shouldn't be leaving. like this is no woman, no child should accept the injustice and violence isn't just i've made domestic violence my personal battle because it's not normal. normal. not all the women who is men beat and terrorize them, feel safe enough to make a complaint to the police. but those who come to commission as well as do or find a sympathetic welcome and the women of wife, a mother and a sister. i mean the right position to understand the situation of women. i'm in a good position to understand issues facing children because of my experiences. she visits women at the safe house for domestic abuse survivors in the may. she
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paid a part in getting men of these women away from the men who were abusing their model . comission as well as team, sometimes hard to intervene, right at the start of someone's life. sometimes they end up bringing children into these orphanage for the kids are vulnerable and they find themselves in traumatizing situation that can affect their all life. so it's important that i make time for them play with them. i think the whole commission as we keep the survivors she meets in mind when looking at the big picture. she's often involved in training, next generation of or you sophie says when she's out of uniform, the treutlen commissioners will take care of all. she's the 3rd generation of
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the police officer. even with her keys and cation, there will still be what to do. if one of her children decides before in how footsteps, here's some more stories we're following for you. thousands have rallied in france to protest the country's new corona virus measures. police in paris, fire tear gas to disperse crowds, who oppose the decision to make vaccinations for health care workers, mandatory proof of vaccination or negative cobra tests will also be required for many indoor public spaces. amnesty international says it has found new evidence of quote, who riffing violations against migrants who were returned to libya from the you reported ledgers, forced labor and sexual violence against adults and children in internment camps. amnesty has urged the block to suspend migration and border for operation. with
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libya, spain is holding attribute to health care workers who died after contracting the corona virus. kings, felipe and queenly teja, were joined at the royal palace in madrid by spanish president pedro sanctions. were the hundreds of the pandemic victims or to receive a cross of civil merit posthumously while the olympic stroke next week. and sure thing is among a handful of sports, making a debut at the tokyo 2020 games surfer leon glasser will be representing germany, and the 24 year old is hoping to capture the 1st ever gold metal. in the event, a sport born in hawaii, more than 100 years ago, is ready for its olympic de view, the father of modern surfing, and 5 time olympic swimming med list. you can mark who dreamed it would become an lympics book, one day in tokyo. that dream will come true. and another
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hawaiian bull and is preparing to show the world the germans consent to hi my name is leon glass. no, i'm 24 years old. i'm a surfer and i'm going to tokyo glass that grew up in costa rica, assessing paradise. the pandemic gave him plenty of time to get ready for the big event. in 5000 sunset, it was all over for me in 2028. there were no competitions at all. no one left games, nothing but it was not bad at all. i had lots of time to train. lots of time to think about myself, about my goal. and i had a lot of time with my coach. my coaches glass is happy that thing is finally recognized as an olympic sports rather than just the lifestyle. and the german team now has the support it needs to compete. internationally for surfing
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was like a lifestyle. i was always alone in all the competitions all over the world. but now we have a lot of support from the german olympic committee and support groups. we have a large team, team, the surfing it. so here 2020 will take place on the japanese east coast, where the challenge will change is each wave comes for that suits lay on glass, just fine. you will live in the olympics, be long in the ocean, proper wave riding and surfing. this here is rapid surf, which i don't do that often, only a couple of days a year. but the railway is in the ocean of the 1st and only german to represent his country in the event will be competing is one of the 20 best surface for the sports 1st ever olympic gold metal. and reminder of the top story we're following for you. severe storms across germany have unleashed some of the worst flooding in decades. at least 9 people have died and many people are missing. after heavy
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overnight down forwards. more heavy rain is expected. watching t w news line from berlin, focus on europe is up next. and don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at w dot com a. michael ok in berlin is more news right around the corner who's who's who's the
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into the conflict with jim sebastian after 20 years fighting about insurgency and failing to defeat them. plato forces i'm pulling out of afghanistan. my guess this week is mid july. my deputy secretary general of nato, who joins me this week from the alliance's headquarters in belgium, odyssey justified the abandonment of the afghan people at the time of macs in conflict. on d, w,
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the great. just a handful of chemical to dominate the industry, manipulating plants and the markets ever. they please because of them. some cars that are thousands of years old are almost 16, but farmers and consumers on w. ah. the news, the little guy that is the 77 percent the platform is used to be used share ideas you know, we are not afraid to patch and africa population is willing
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and young people clearly have the solutions, the future. 77 percent. now every region on the w i, we knew that our decision to wait role would entail risk. you know, what kinds of regime the advance, again, imposing on the areas may control public execution, india. and it's up to the people to really decide what the future is not up to us after 20 years fighting taliban insurgents and failing to defeat them. nato forces i'm pulling out of afghanistan. last week. correspondence reported there's more than half the countries at poland to the taliban. the my guess this week is mid
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july. my deputy 2nd.


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