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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2021 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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to postpone the olympic games that tokyo $22021.00 thrown off course during the quantifying ground. not least for sports heroes, actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. when i'm fired up and ready down during lock down, the lock you go to tokyo, starts july 19 d w. the news . hello, in a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me, peter craven. and we begin in bella ross, where dictator, alexander lucas. shank. o has been stepping up efforts to silence his opponents despite an international outcry and sanctions among those in detention. bella ross
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and bank of victoria barber rico, who launched a short from the base for the presidency before he was arrested. and prominent dissident roman protests of h parents they remains under house arrest. while countless opposition figures are continuing their resistance from abroad. among the ranks is yanna sho stack who has been protesting in a way that can only be described as brave, angry and loud. the activist and both the media artist was born in bella ross, but she currently lives in exile in they bring poland. at each day. she goes to the european commission office in warsaw and continues her protest. now remember, you have been warned. what you are about to see is brave, angry, and very, very loud. the screening for
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freedom, once again, bellow, routine, artist, piano, show dog has taken up position outside warsaw, 0 pm commission office flanked by 2 friends. she's calling for a change in her homeland. i am doing this for all, bella, rosie, and who cannot raise their voices at home. she can ship a little get, get the black and i am screaming because we have been silent for the past 27 years . you tension she and other activists want to draw attention to the grim situation and neighboring bella. ruth, never mind. just sending a text message or seeking psychological support is enough information to get you handed over to the militia. up to the 28 year
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old has lived in poland for 11 years. last year she returned to bella ruse for the presidential election. hopeful that lucas shank goes rule would end. when the dictator controversially declared himself the winner of a highly contested election, yana joined to the anti regime protest. just shows me how people were all smiles knowing they are in the majority. you don't have to eat somewhere handing out water . others flowers because we're taxi drivers. we're getting our meals to protesters. excell couple valgy venue. but then more and more people are arrested and tortured. most opposition leaders were either jailed or forced into exile. back in poland. yanna began her near daily protest screams or do i draw strength from every single person
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who has told me about their pain for you? i should them no, they're torture to me because they can't make it public eve . i scream in their name and on their behalf, then you should push the 1000. the ruffians have fled to poland. and the pat year where they received support, ah, many of them are protesting against the lucas shall go and demanding the release of political prisoners. ah, like vanya and asked, yes, parents, for example, who were sentenced to 5 and a half years behind bars for collecting signatures and co organizing protests. and
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by the we know, but there's, this is me, this is my mom, that is my dad. this is grampa, and that is vanya. it does lying. as far as both children are still learning how to read. yet they already know what these protest signs mean. struck. expect. this means mom and dad went to jail for saving the country out there in jail without us and they missed us very much money. mommy writes us letters, but we've only received one letter from dad. birth to
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their grandmother is deeply worried about her imprisoned daughter. that he's been in jail for 9 months already and we don't know what's been going on with her schedule and need to have a good mother look or not being able to see her children has been unbearable for her. and now watching. she's terrified of serving the full 5 and a half years sentence, which is not being able to watch her daughter grow up. we deal on our centimeter last saw her daughter not feel when she was people, or nobody knows when she will see her again. it's awful torch and trash. yana shaw stock tries to offer support yesterday moment. so whenever someone needs help. so i tried to get a foundation involved. i'm sure. the net lever ship shifts to pull in
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very often supportive individuals step up. and from that you don't watch to purchase the vehicle lucy vanya and his sister nasty. i have had a hard time dealing with their parents absence. why? that's why you wanna show stock, often visit the little ones and their grandmother, hannah, to be there with them in their dark times. for the artist activist, this is her very own silence scream for bella. ruth. now in recent years, china has been working hard to increase its political and economic influence. here in europe. and serbia is among those countries with a strong and growing chinese presence, such as in the eastern board district where copper mining has been a long tradition. there are many in the region and zora and for universe, which is certainly among them who say that serbia is slowly coming under what they term chinese occupation and that it's the locals who are paying the price
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zone around vienna, which rearranges his roof tiles every now and again, but he's not really sure why. 2 years ago, a part of his bond suddenly collapsed. he also b o. e sport. i was inside when they were blasting really communicate, it was as if a mom had gone off. not you only story. we uh, you know, everything moved to the mirror and always the full that was all shifted to the left and then the roof caved in the door for the door shortly after all he has been waiting in vain for compensation ever since 3 years ago. the chinese companies, each in took over the copper mines around the serbian city of 4 for unit which says the gin has been mining couple with 0 regard for the environment or local residence . milan can be ship, mayor of the neighboring town of presuming feels the same. he's just replaced at
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his home. yet the 1st cracks already appearing. and he has actually said this has been happening all over the place where 2 people will send and complain. so that a commission, you can come have a look then document and pay for the damage from the state. but management at cg and pool has yet to respond. instead, new shaft towers popped up next door inspector. recently that was out of your door mining authority ordered to hold production of the towers because they were built without the proper permits and environmental inspection. dino major, but the towers are operating anyway allegedly, and testimony. the company has just kept on mine and i just re post bore is one of the biggest copper mines in europe, and it has been active for over a century. the surrounding landscape is scarred with open pit mines and slack keeps . in the past 3 years. c team tremendously expanded production,
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yet again costing residents in the environment daily. this region is one of the most polluted in serbia, the serbian institute for public health. we conducted the study and found the cancer rate in for to be far above average, primarily due to severe pollution. and these results came to light even though the study has yet to be published. local environmentalists feel it's irresponsible to hide us data. it's a public document and should be available to all citizens so they know what's going on. there is no reason to conceal this information or portrait or secret technical fault for requests for interviews to the ministry of mining, to the gin itself and to local authorities. but received no response. instead, jean employees appeared while we were filming to observe us. journalists are
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clearly unwelcome. sylvia is arguably china's top partner in the balkans and chinese investors are welcomed with open arms. it's hardly a week goes by without the serbian president alex on the verge, which praising sir b as friendship with china, and poor as part of china strategic investment in the new silk road, which the country has been expanding for years to open up new trade routes with europe, china is willing to continue collaborating with central and eastern european countries . astonished to be in serbia, our expectations have been met. by the way, form the minister of transport is now responsible for mining all these projects being built by chinese companies and chinese workers. and z jane has already brought hundreds of them to bore. they live isolated on the mine premises, but can be spotted in the city from time to time. chinese owner appear self
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confident. new buildings at the mine entrance of pagoda like roofs and the signs of bilingual doors we feel completely occupied by the chinese as though we were in some chinese province instead of them being in serbia. a common sentiment and bore the serving employees as a tin currently have secure jobs, but things are getting harder for them. work has recently protested in front of the headquarters because that bonuses were meant to be caught in the gene has made some huge investment. and we are not opposed to them investing to increase profits, but we feel like they're targeting older employees, the ones over 50 percent of liquid for this to be the push. our employer was obligated to comply with the existing wage agreement on what they violated it. and now they want to lower our wages and restrict our right one ever since his bond
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collapsed zone. unvil, univision hasn't kept anymore livestock all, he has left, this is vegetable garden. he feels he's at the mercy of his new neighbor and wishes . he could just move away forever. and so the turkey now when times are tough for many people like and good. yeah shall. for instance, a bearing the brunt of the economic downturn that came in the wake of the corona virus pandemic. now most mornings and can can be found among many others down at the legend tree glass, a bridge that connects the european and asian sides of the city. and his desperate struggle to feed his family. his resolve it through an old hobby. the dawn breaks over the boss for us. fishers on the latter bridge are pulling their 1st catch out of the water their hums thee, or turkish and jovial its way or for anything bigger,
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to bite along the coast of vista and this time of year. and you and your show had been coming to the bridge every day for months. not just because he enjoy fishing. during the pandemic, your shower lost his job as a custodian. there used to be a hobby of mine, but not anymore couple other. now i have to do it. the pandemic is making it hard to find a job. i got fired because they wanted to save money after 17 years old and i never learned a trade. thank goodness, i've been doing this since i was a kid and can use it to earn some money. but exactly how much did you miss more and more people have been coming here to fish recently. many are doing it for the same reason as you shar. they've lost their jobs. i can just barely stay afloat by fishing. your show or is going to try to sell his
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couch at the market. he's married and has children. every lira that goes into the household budget count. but today other fishermen were faster than him. it's been tell for fish mongers. sales on going well right now. there's a problem with the sea. we'll just eat the fish ourselves. and that problem is a harmful algae bloom in the sea of mara. that's been drifting off as symbols coast for weeks. the boss for us and mom are a see they're essentially the same waters now that the algae of spread aggressively many a symbol residence or preferring to go without fish. but yes, shaw has no other choice. his children are hungry. we shall not which my wife has started to work. so we've got some extra income. and
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i think now that they've lifted corona virus restrictions, i'll soon find regular work and we'll be able to get by a little better so you should get it under shaking the guy you should use in this is the way hums the are prepared. yes, our explains. and for a brief moment, he and his children forget their dire circumstances. turkey practically reopened on july 1st, tourists from iran and russia are already re entering the country. many casting their lines from the lots of bridge they that's a hopeful sign. perhaps they can find work and hospitality, and fishing can go back to being just a hobby. now in a somewhat different notes, bears have long been extinct in many parts of europe. but in spain's north in the
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woodlands of the canterbury, a region brown bez, a growing in numbers. it's a development that is largely welcomed. that is the best begin to come down from the mountains that are the traditional habitat and endanger local residents. there are growing calls for more to be done to protect the villages. he must be here somewhere for better water sanchez, his hold on his trail. europe's largest predator, his home in the woodlands of northern spain. he didn't. if he got to kayla, there was a bear here is no doubt about it. it only connie milk. no other animal would climb up a cherry tree and break off a branch just where the fruit was. command less. roberto has proof. he was for wildlife conservation association and has installed surveillance cameras and spots went baz visit frequently. he
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loves watching the behavior of wild bears when they're feeling undisturbed. yet as soon as you do this, you'll see there they are. and that makes me so happy with. it tells me this is one more place where the species feels at home. again, bears have died out, enlarge parts of europe and month and here they survive. people like us. that's wonderful. awesome, awesome. even here in the contemporary and mountains, brownback mailing became extinct today. there are about $300.00 of them in these parts. the biggest population of bears in western europe, but the numbers are problematic to the animals have been entering people's properties in search of food. in maria, sun, re esco's garden and re aos one second, entire cherry tree. also, the bear came and ate everything. noon is going, you know, he didn't leave a single cherry behind him for more and we were just about to harvest him. yes, i don't watch it now. it's too late to 90 kilometers away and says dana,
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a bell has been making daily visits to a restaurant storage room. the owner, jose gonzalez filled the bag, trying to get into a barrel of old cooking oil, essentially stole the oil in the garret from now on. but he also wants more protection is telling us here. we've got to chase the bears away and see to it that they don't come into our village anymore. that's vital. i years, lots of children and elderly live here in the summer. there could be an incident with them. he was an incident like the one a few weeks before when a bear took a 75 year old woman by surprise, and seriously injured her. biologists operating a refuge for injured and behavior already have normal bears examined the case that convinced the confrontations with such serious consequences. a very rare i've been dealing with running the normally bears run away from people in the restroom. in
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this case, it attacked the woman because it felt threatened that the woman broker having during the attack and her face was injured, bears are not aggressive or dangerous per say. that was an unfortunate encounter rental for to be prepared tony's association one. so i didn't defy suspect bears and observe their behavior in order to stare pain if needed. the conservation is knows why the predators have lost their fear of humans. with lossless las, there's less and less farming in the villages was the meadows and pastures are reverting back into forests. so now many villages are right in the middle of the woods. the bear isn't really exiting the forest when it approaches a village in its thing and its habitat. it's important we take a closer look at what's really going on here and instead of just blaming the animals for anything that goes wrong. to keep the bears out of the villages, the conservationists want to ensure that the animal find plenty of food far away
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from civilization. that's why roberto and his colleagues are planting fruit trees in woodland clearings. mama haines in 13 or 14 in the coming decades. however, we want to make it possible for bears and humans to co exist. we want to sensitize people to the fact that there is belong here. that's why we just like we people do . and the conflicts are very rare in us. raising awareness to dispel fear, the love for best it would seem, is all a matter of perspective and proper distancing. absolutely, fantastic images there. now, it almost goes without saying that the pandemic that we mentioned earlier has also had a huge impact on lives in sweden. many people that have decided to spend that occasions,
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not in sunny southern climes, but closer to home, and with more than 30000 large and small islands. the stunning archipelago east of the capital stock home is one destination that is proving particularly popular their back guests are lining up at stock homes, ferry, pier. it's saturday and they're heading for the stock home archipelago captain. mick checks the tickets and how many have come aboard. normally the boat can carry $160.00 passengers, but due to corona virus restrictions only 50 are allowed on board. after one more look down the peer, they kept off touring. the stock hallmark a pell ago is a month for any visitor, but these days partly any tourists venture out most here are city residence out on a weekend job. we suites con, ready go abroad were forced to stay here and find something to keep us busy. like taking a trip to the stock home archipelago,
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for example. he always comes along when they're heading out. the whole other spits is like the 2nd made. he watches the nickel pilots, the boat calmly navigating it through narrow channels. these friends are enjoying the fantastic view to philippa honda. and louisa are on a day trip to glenda island. if you have got something like this right on your doorstep, you really don't need to travel far. many swedes have also decided to spend their summer vacation at home this year. prior to the stock home archipelago is still dutiful. everyone's welcome here. and there are wonderful islands water and clear sunday at tense. and there are still other parts of sweden that are simply magical august, and i cannot get to know you can go hiking in the north or lie on the beach in the south. there are plenty of gorgeous spots. the crew is preparing to dock spots is one of the last destinations on today's trip.
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the stock home archipelago is about 50 kilometers from the capital i, anton lucas, macs and magnus are also on an adventure. at least for a few days. they work for a large firm, but today they've swap their office computers for some kayaks they're taking the boats and tends to fin hum. nearby island be fixed for coffee house will be holding something of a meeting. and we're working on a project together. and this will be a small workshop they like mixing business with some pleasure like this. they're also working from home right now, taking their jobs with them into the outdoors opens whole new horizons for them.
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right, when i were to say corona, that's corona has brought a veritable boon to the island of spot to johan. se thing grew up here. he works in the city, but comes out on weekend to rent his kayaks, the water through morgan last year. many people moved into the summer homes on the island. they didn't have to keep commuting to the office. and instead of work from here, it's not so much the cost. i meant a huge upswing for the businesses on the island. which thing for me the for are putting their boat to water they want to enjoy the piece of their natural surroundings. so its full speed ahead for an escape and the great outdoors of stock homes archipelago me alex, absolutely fantastic. have beautiful beautiful landscapes. but i'm afraid that see
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a lot on focus. the europe this time round. thanks very much for joining us. and if you'd like to see any of our reports again, just go to our home page on the w dot, come to come back next time. brown, until then. bye bye. the use . the news. the news news . news
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. the news. the news into the conflict with jim sebastian after 20 years fighting taliban insurgence and failing to defeat the nato forces. i'm pulling out of afghanistan. my guess this week is mid july mac deputy secretary general of nato, who joins me this week from the alliance's headquarters in belgium. how does he justify the abandonment of the afghan people in the time of max in conflict
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in 30 minutes on dw, the great power, just a handful of chemical tanya, dominate the industry, manipulating plants and the markets. however, they please because of them, some crumbs that are thousands of years old or almost 16, but farmers and consumers are in 75 minutes on d. w. ah. the news in december 2019 the european council president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission george. to make you the
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1st time i turn the news on the planet by 2050 but not all member states supported and some persuasion is requiring a surprising glimpse into the very heart of power. negotiations among the flattery and incentives, but best laid plans often go astray who will win the game of diplomatic poker intrigue power plays and the lines behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august 5th on dw. mm. ah excuse
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. this is the news line from berlin, flash flooding, inundate germany. at least 8 people have died. dozens or michigan homes have come last as severe storms lead. parts of the country underwater. more rank is on the way also coming up mob justice on the streets of south africa. the government calls for calm and future land to defend businesses.


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