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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2021 7:45am-8:31am CEST

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but today, other fishermen were faster than him. it's been tell for fish mongers. another sales on going well, right now. there's a problem with the sea. we'll just eat the fish ourselves. and that that problem is a harmful algae bloom in the sea of marbury. that's been drifting off his symbols coast for weeks. the boss for us and mom are a see, they're essentially the same waters now that the algae of spread aggressively many a symbol residence or preferring to go without fish. but yes shar has no other choice. his children are hungry, we shall know which my wife has started to work. so we've got some extra income. and i think now that they've lifted corona virus restrictions, i'll soon find regular work and we'll be able to get by a little better so you should get it. and then
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this is the way hums, the prepared yes are explains. and for a brief moment, he and his children forget their dire circumstances. turkey practically reopened on july 1st, tourists from iran and russia are already re entering the country. many casting their lines from the lots of bridge they that's a hopeful sign. perhaps they can find work and hospitality, and fishing can go back to being just a hobby. now in a somewhat different notes, bears have long been extinct in many parts of europe. but in spain's north, in the woodlands of the canterbury, a region brown bez, growing in numbers. it's a development that is largely welcomed. that is the best begin to come down from
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the mountains that are their traditional habitat and in danger local residence. there are growing calls for more to be done to protect the villages. he must be here somewhere for about a lot. a sanchez is holt on his trail. europe's largest predator his home in the woodlands of northern spain. he didn't, if he got a k look, there was a bear here, says no doubt about it. only connie milk, no other animal would climb up a cherry tree and break off a branch just for the fruit was committed. less. roberto has proof. he works for a wildlife conservation association and has installed surveillance cameras in spotswood baz visit. frequently he loves watching the behavior of wild bears when they're feeling undisturbed. yes, this cat,
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you'll see there they are melody and that makes me so happy with. it tells me this is one more place where the species feels at home. again, my bears have died out in large parts of europe a month and here they've survived to people like to so that's wonderful. what can they listen? even here in the contemporary and mountains brown bears really became extinct today . there are about $300.00 of them in these parts, the biggest population of best and western europe. but the numbers are problematic to the animals have been entering people's property in search of food. in maria, sunrise, esco's garden in a re a 0, one second, entire cherry tree. well also there came and ate everything. when you can, you know, you didn't leave a single cherry behind him for more and we were just about to harvest him. yes. i know it, i felt now it's too late for me. 90 kilometers away and says, dana, ben has been making daily visit to a restaurant storage room. the owner, jose gonzalez filled the bag, trying to get into
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a barrel of old cooking oil. he says he'll store the oil in the carriage from now on, but he also wants more protection. as they were telling us here. we've got to chase the bears away and see to it that they don't come into our village anymore. that's vital. my youngest, lots of children and elderly live here in the summer. there could be an incident with an incident like the one a few weeks before. when a bear took a 75 year old woman by surprise, and seriously injured her. biologists operating a refuge for injured and behavior already abnormal bears examined the case that convinced the confrontations with such serious consequences. a very rare so i'm into the 1st with rang and normally bears run away from people liberating. in this case, it attacked the woman because it felt threatened that the woman broke her head during the attack and her face was injured. bears are not aggressive or dangerous per say . that was an unfortunate encounter rental for roberto and his association wants to
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identify suspect bears and observe the behavior in order to stare pain if needed. the conservation is knows why the predators have lost their fear of humans. last wavelengths or list there is less and less farming in the villages was distant meadows and pastures are reverting back into a forest. so now many villages are right in the middle of the woods. the bear isn't really exiting the forest. when it approaches a village, it's staying and it's habitat. and it's important we take a closer look at what's really going on here. and instead of just blaming the animals for anything that goes wrong, to keep the bears out of the villages. the conservationists want to ensure that the animals find plenty of food far away from civilization. that's why roberto and his colleagues are planting fruit trees in woodland clearings.
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mama haynes, in particular, thrust him in the coming decades how we want to make it possible for bears and humans to co exist. we want to sensitize people to the fact that there is belong here. so, i mean, just like we, people do and that conflicts are very rare in us raising awareness to dispel fear, the love for bears it would seem, is all a matter of perspective and proper distancing. absolutely fantastic images there. now, it almost goes without saying that the pandemic that we mentioned earlier has also had a huge impact on lives in sweden. many people that have decided to spend vacations, not in sunny southern climes, but closer to home. and with more than 30000 large and small islands,
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the stunning archipelago east of the capital stock home is one destination that is proving particularly popular their back guests are lining up at stock homes, ferry, pier. it's saturday and they're heading for the stock home archipelago captain. make checks the tickets and how many have come aboard? normally the boat can carry 160 passengers. but due to corona virus restrictions only 50, are allowed on board. after one more look down the pier they cast off touring the stock hallmark a pell ago is a month for any visitor, but these days hardly any tourists venture out. most here are city residence out on a weekend job. we say it's can really go abroad with forced to stay here and find something to keep us busy. taking a trip to the stock home archipelago, for example. he always comes along when they're heading out. the whole other spits is like the 2nd made. he watches as nick pilots,
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the boat calmly navigating it through narrow channels. these friends are enjoying the fantastic view to philip honda and louisa are on a day trip to glinda island. if you've got something like this right on your doorstep, you really don't need to travel far. many swedes have also decided to spend their summer vacation at home this year. going to the stock home archipelago is so beautiful. everyone's welcome here. and there are wonderful islands, water and clear. we have been sunday at 1015 and there are still other parts of sweden that are simply magical august gamma can ok, can know you can go hiking in the north or lie on the beach in the south. there are plenty of gorgeous spots. the crew is preparing to dock spots is one of the last destinations on today's trip. the stock home archipelago is about 50 kilometers from the capital i
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on on lucas macs, and magnus are also on an adventure. at least for a few days, they work for a large firm. but today they've swap their office computers for some kayaks. they're taking the boats and tends to fin hum. nearby island be fixed for coffee house will be holding something of a meeting. and we're working on a project together and this will be a small workshop with the mixing business with some pleasure like this. they're also working from home right now, taking their jobs with them into the outdoors, open, whole new horizons for them. right. i were to say corona, that's corona has brought
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a veritable boom to the island of spots. johan se thing grew up here. he works in the city, but comes out on weekend to rent his kayaks, the water through morgan, lost him. many people moved into the summer homes on the island. they didn't have to keep commuting to the office. and instead of work from here, it's almost along with the course. i meant a huge upswing for the business is on the island. the coach thing for me the for are putting their boat to water they want to enjoy the peace of their natural surroundings. so at full speed ahead for an escape and the great outdoors of stock homes archipelago alex, absolutely fantastic. beautiful beautiful landscapes. i don't see a lot on focus the europe this time round. thanks very much for joining us. and if you'd like to see any of our reports again, just go to our home page on the w dot,
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come to come back next time. brown. until then, bye bye. the news . the news. the news, the news, the
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news. the news, the news the ah. kind of george w bush invited us to summer home. we talked about the pass and the special relationship to chancellor. i'm going, i'm not afraid to make a decision, was not afraid to leave a kind person with a lovely song. and that's the person i got to know the exclusive interview with george w bush in 30 minutes on d. w. m. been december 2019 the
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european council president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a job to make sure the 1st time a gentleman held the planet by 25th. but not all member state supported and some persuasion is requires a surprising glimpse into the very heart of our negotiations. fluttering incentives, but best lead time, often go astray who will win the game of diplomatic poker. the intrigue power plays and the lines is behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august, 5th on dw,
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the closer to reach the respects
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the news . this is the w news life and berlin flash floods inundate germany. south. at least 6 people have died and dozens are missing. homes have collapsed as severe storms leave. parts of the country underwater, at least to rescue workers have ground and more rain is on the way. also coming up, mob justice on the streets of south africa. the government calls for comments, feature, land, t groups, defense businesses and punish lutes. the army says it's sending thousands more soldiers to stem a week of lawlessness. and the us president who started america's war in
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afghanistan, says anything it is a mistake. i'm afraid that the women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable park . this is a mistake. let's try. i think it is. yeah, i think because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad. in an exchange of interview, i speak of you, former president george w bush, says nato's african allies are being left behind to be slaughtered as troops pull out the me and a warm welcome to viewers around the world. i'm michael local. we start off with some breaking news. severe storms across southern germany have unleashed some of the worst flooding. in decades, 6 people have died including 2 firefighters, and up to 30 people are missing. after heavy overnight down ports,
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several houses collapse and dozens more structures or at risk. residents have been evacuated from hundreds of homes, but many of those who stayed are now trapped by the flood water. it's a fight against the floods. the deluge to many residents in western germany by surprise. while there was no water around $130.00, but within half an hour it was like a big stream. completely flooded up is all i'm all at once the water started flowing in, it came from over there and flowed in here and in no time it was up to my chest. different parts of germany were hid by the bad weather. in the western city of detailed off an entire housing estate with $350.00 apartments, had to be evacuated in the town of altenor, a firefighter was swept away by the water and drowned in huge that close to the
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check border. a 53 year old was caught in a flash flood. rescue workers are still searching for him. the heavy rainfall was caused by warm and cooler air mixing. such extreme weather can occur in summer, but it only happens rarely does happen in that's the last time we saw this happen was in 2005 or before that in 1999 when some rivers flooded due to the sheer amount of rainfall that is indeed exceptional. there's also a good hug in western germany was particularly hard. it was impossible to drive along some streets even for the rescuers that hadn't. and number 2, this prompted us to request help from the army to get the situation here and hard and under control. and luckily, it turned out very well for either of those they would get kept people all across germany are hoping for the rain to relent soon and will bring you more coverage of
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germany's floods in our upcoming new bulletins here on d. w. now to south africa where the government says it's sending some 25000 soldiers into regions, racked by looting and violence, boost the troop deployment by tenfold. unrest has raged in parts of the country for almost a week now. and what's being called south africa's worst violence. since the end of apartheid ministers are pleading for people not to take justice into their own hands. the what could be confused, the scenes of bustling commerce are actually scenes of chaos. in the eastern city of durban, looting often and riots have continued and scale police side ever arrested thousands of people that many offices say the situation is still out of control. the hallway of this go for this,
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what it looks like down. yeah. if you carry on further down the road because burnt out recalls and the roads are due to everything. factory, the burning of the burning people are coming by the thousands to come and loot. but in other parts of the country, police appear to be regaining control. the government has deployed some 5000 soldiers to support local law enforcement. and it said to be considering sending more authorities that concerned however, about reports that some civilians may be armed and taking matters into their own hands. rounding up suspected looters and resorting to a form of mob justice might say they don't want these groups to add fire to the already simmering situation. we understand the consent for community for their safety, and then that needs to protect their properties. we would like to edge this communities to work with law enforcement agencies to stop the looting and violence and operates
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within the rule of law. protests began last week after the former president jacob zoom began serving a 15 month jail term for contempt of court, but frustration or the inequality and rising unemployment. i seem to be feeling the majority of the chaos. now with dozens left dead and the violence. many grieving families will be asking themselves just how long the lawlessness will last for more let crossover through suca malo in johannesburg. greetings are through. so what is the situation like in south africa this morning? the situation in south africa this morning is a bit column compared to other days that are sin, people to what you have had to if you incident of looting firmware in devon, but to he and your hands, as you can see behind me,
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the comment is now coming back to the more, this is one of the malls that was looked at this group more at the communities of come together. now to got to be more than now. cleaning up, trying to make sure this order and show are not able to return general across the country. when you had that day. that's our $25000.00 full to be deployed. everyone was asking for this kind of and it seems the colonies attending today so far. no major incident of looting. i've been reported. what does the day go? we'll see what happens because even the trucks, the truck will be patrolling and come, finding, plucks, to deliver goods in. so we all the situation will continue column as it is this morning. so i'm interested in getting your perspective on the ground today. the government has announced it will send thousands more troops to help quality on rest . will that work? it is it to the scene if that's going to wake the course when,
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when the 2000 and funded in the shelter to floyd's continued looting. devout is continued happening across the country about over $200.00 incidents or for looting . happened even after the trip was to sit off the deployed, but it is yet to see now that we have got $25000.00 to start out to be deployed. if the situation will change soon, the police are overwhelmed and they currently, because most of the stuff and the walls have been looted, you don't have many people trying to loot out. therefore, it seems a suggestion might come under control. but when you look around today, the buses are back on the streets and i will conclude on the fluids, but just yet to see if a column of mundane as it is now, we only have about half a minute. but just to be clear here, explained to viewers have protests. at the jailing of the former president, jacob's duma could escalate into a situation where soldiers were being deployed to enforce law and order.
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definitely because what, what, what just happened is that it's the can vote and it became out of control and authority is not doubting if you still protest about the prison. so my, this is why the source just have to come to course infrastructure has been destroyed. things that are not related to the jailing of the former president. so i think i thought it is also seen that to something more than that just happened. it was just last night. they discovered a amune issues and some less that to get stolen and which indicates that the even more to might not just be about the, the jalen of the former president. so it seems, authorities know, have intelligence that it could be more than that. this is why that deploying the to try and quinn the situation. got it through. so kumato in johannesburg much that's that's now take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. at this hour,
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thousands of rallied in france to protest the country's new crew of virus measures . police in paris, fire tear gas to disperse crowds, who opposed the decision to make fascinations for health care workers. mandatory proof of vaccination or negative covert tests will also be required for many indoor public spaces. the un says more than 20000000 children missed essential vaccinations in 2020 due to the pandemic. that's the highest number in more than a decade. it could lead to outbreaks of measles, polio, and other preventable diseases. the u. s. has warned the situation could develop into a perfect storm. the taliban are pressing ahead with their surgeon, afghan, or strand as troops complete their withdrawal from the united states longest war. it's been 20 years since us president george w bush launch the us invasion of afghanistan in an exclusive interview with dw news . he now says president biden's decision to leave afghanistan is
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a mistake. former president had also spoke of his relationship with german chancellor, anglo miracle, praising her for her support of the military mission in afghanistan. i was very pleased, and she was supportive of troops in afghanistan. i'm by the way, and one of the reasons why is because she saw the progress that could be made for young girls and women. and i'm going to stand as a believable how that society changed from the brutality of the taliban. and our sudden sadly, i'm afraid afghan women and girls are going to suffer. unspeakable harm is a mistake. so withdrawal i, you know, i think it is. yeah, i think because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad. and i'm sad. i spent a lot and i spent a lot of time with afghan women and, and they're scared. and i think about all the interpreters and people that helped not only us troops, nato troops. and they're just,
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it seems like there's you can be left behind to be slaughtered by the very brutal people and it breaks my heart. the us afghan war has cost the lives of some 40000 afghan civilians and more than 2000 us soldiers. earlier d w spoke to journalists, ali la t. c. in cobble, who says former president bush bears responsibility for the impact of this war. i think it's very interesting that he's suddenly, you know, concerned about women and children because you know, his war made a lot of widow that made a lot of children or friends. you know, there was a lot of you know, there were, there was from dish and there was going time. all there was imprisonment, there is night, raise their stroke strike. there's airstrike. there's all kinds of things that if he's concerned about civilians, he should have thought about during his own administration. as for the legacy, i mean, the fact that we're having these questions the legacy, right? the fact that the tall bond is still able to pose a threat to, to,
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to the government, enter the security forces. the fact that we're still having these battled in the fact that we're still asking what might happen to women, to children, to interpreters, you know, 20 years down the line. that is the, is a legacy. it's, you know, what really was achieved for. so asking these questions 20 years later, by the way, you can watch that full exclusive interview with george w bush at the bottom of this hour. or of course on our youtube channel d w documentary, and a d, w dot com. as the taliban or gaining ground in afghanistan, ma summa ali's adi is preparing to compete at tokyo. 2024. the olympic refugee came the 24 year old cyclists wants to be a beacon of hope for women who have been forced to give up their sporting dreams. cycling has become, i assume, i'll leave that as passport to liberty. back in august in cycling is very difficult
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for women to practice that was constantly attacked both physically and verbally. and some family members urged her to give up her sporting rains. but she didn't. and in 2017, her family claimed asylum in france, said to compete and tokyo on the refugee team that wants to represent more than just the team up. it's not just for me, it's for all the women in afghanistan and all the women in countries like afghanistan, where they're not allowed to write a bike policy. it's also for countries like france that we'll see for the 1st time a veiled woman on the bike. and it's a bit strange for them, for me, for i'd like it to be for all of that. and also for all the refugees who have been forced to leave their country for different reasons. i would like to represent a very strong hope for the refugees. is that i had a month of training at the u. c. i world cycling center in switzerland to prepare
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for the event. she'll compete in for the 1st time ever. be limping women's road time trial on july 28th. daniel winter is up next week. the w business followed by more news at the top of the hour. don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock and our website, d, w dot com. more news and 45 minutes. the news y subscribe to d w books, you meet your favorite writer. my only objective when i write is to share what does fine beautiful d w books on youtube. wyndham, in asia, ah, speaking definitely was nobody and mentioned on the
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voice. the only way i can be up top to create my own. the see their house standing stories, me women in asia this weekend on d. w. in the local and bide. and finally meet one on one. there's plenty on the agenda including the controversial nod stream pipeline. but can the, to make any progress with just 2 months until germany's election and braving rio is roads is a dangerous job for delivery drivers. we'll see how they're pushing back against low pay and poor conditions. welcome to the w. a business. i'm daniel winter in bullet. thanks for joining us. anglo merkel is meeting joe biden to day
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for the 1st bilateral meeting during his administration. she may only have about 2 months left and the job, but this won't be me as well dinner. there's plenty of unfinished business between the 2 countries. it's her 1st and last official visit to the us under president joe biden. merkel knows biden from his time as the vice president when he visited berlin. positions are clear and the talks between the 2 will likely get straight down to the core issues. topping the agenda. nordstrom to president biden, still sees the german russian gas pipeline as a bad deal, and also a danger for european energy security. germany disagrees for weeks. berlin and washington have been trying without success to find a solution acceptable to both sides. on his visit a few weeks ago, u. s. foreign minister antony blinking warrant yet again about the pipelines potential to threaten ukraine. aside from the impasse surrounding the baltic sea
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nor stream to there is also still no final agreement on punitive steel tariffs and there are differing approaches for china as well. after for difficult years with biden's predecessor donald trump merkel is washington trip, is being touted as a reboot to german american friendship. and simona mana is the president of the american chamber of commerce in germany and joins us now. thank you very much, simona. there's only 2 months until the election time is running out. so can we really expect knuckle and bite into salt? how much of this meeting? well, i think we shall not put it all on this visit. and this to people that come community . since the beginning of the by an administration, and there will be further steps also with a new coalition in germany after the election. but i think it's important steps can be done with a to during this visit now. okay. one thing holding back transatlantic relations,
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you could say nord stream, the pipeline, what's the way forward? they're both sides are still at opposite ends. germany wants to continue with the pipeline. the u. s. just has no well i think we have to bring it to a practical and pragmatic solution. it's a very emotionally heated topic and it to we have to and they have to find a compromise. because i think the fear is crane and we have to solve the problems which could appear for ukraine. and if there is a mechanism, i think we can get the emotion out of this more or less business project. ok. but just briefly touch on that again. do you feel that that's likely that we will find a way through and find a way through soon on that? i think it's very important and i think it's understood by the germans and by the german government. that we also have to give signal and to have to give some,
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some tools in the hands of the biden administration and the job by him himself to be successful in his, in his general politics in the us. so i think there is a likelihood, yes. ok, we heard yesterday the you announced a big green deal involving a border tax. now that might be a bit controversial duties on concrete steel and other competence materials. how does this affect the trans atlantic trade? i mean, is it, you know, going to be harmful or is it going to be a long over due over hold of climate policy? what do your member companies think of that? i think all our member companies say there has to be something done and there will be a transformation and we cannot deny it. climate if it's a threat nowadays, we just had terrible accident here in germany because of heavy rain. so we have to
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do something. so i think it's a good start to start with the package like the you, das angel by and had a climb summit already. so there is the need and the knowledge of the need. and so now we look for tools and i think it will be what will be the common price. will it kind of be kind of clap, which would be ideal because you and us together really strong to solve this global problem. and others may join. so diet with suggestions start with tools, well this tool to find them the best solution for all. ok, well they'll certainly have plenty to talk about that show a similar manner from the american chamber of commerce and germany. thank you very much. thank you so much. have a good day. now, a quick look at some other business stories making headlines. china, recovery from the pandemic is slowing gross domestic product in the world's 2nd largest economy. rising 7.9 percent in the 2nd quarter of 2021 compared to last
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year. as less than half the rates, it grew in the 1st quarter and below economists. forecasts. manufacturing is slowing, and consumer demand is not picking up as quickly as expected and staying and china . it's expected to launch its national carbon emissions trading scheme this month where they launch ceremony on friday. if successful china would become the largest carbon market in the world by the volume. the trading platform has been set up on the shanghai environment and energy exchange. that's part of the chinese plan to bring emissions to net 0 by 20. 60 now it's time to check in with conrad booth and at the frankfurt stock exchange to take a look at what's going on with the markets. conrad dime le is the big story. they've sent out an early earnings report for the 2nd quarter. it seems that they have some good news. yes, good morning. daniel. number's had to be sent out one week earlier than planned because they were much, much better than what the market had anticipated. pre tax profit for donner during
8:23 am
the 2nd quarter of this year is 5 round about $5000000000.00 euros. that's 1000000000 euros. more than at least on average had anticipated. and that's particularly worth mentioning because tyler, like all the other comic as well, got to feel the world wide computer chip shortages too. but what they did is they took the computer chip that they had and built them in the cars with the highest profit margins. and that's how they manage to keep the numbers up. what's more, diamond also managed to increase the prices for its own product. so this kind of make it does not only get to feel higher prices for all materials and intermediate products. it also manages to roll those over onto its customs. ok, and briefly called my german stocks it and record highs earlier this week. how come? well the fears about inflation are going away a little bit less. yesterday jerome paul, the fed chairman, said in the house of representatives in washington, that is too early to change,
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the super generous monetary policies and that 3, sorry for the markets. ok. some reassurance. finally, after panicking about inflation for what else seems conrad those and frank, but thank you very much for that. and now the army has been called in to protect businesses in south africa, off the several days of riots. over 1300 people have been arrested at least 72 have died in unrest since the jailing of former president jacob zoom up for contempt of court. the violence and destruction on the streets of johannesburg, the economic capital of south africa. this shopkeeper is just one of thousands of petrified business owners caught up in the looting and vandalism now spreading across the country once more what initially started as a protest against the incarceration of former president jacob's zoom of contempt of
8:25 am
court has mushroomed into nationwide unrest. yes, we have a lot of poverty and people did grab the food that they needed. but we've now gone further than that where we've seen over 200 shopping centers destroyed. we seeing a lot of businesses going out of business. we've seen a lot of fear, and this is going to take years come back and fix itself. so the poverty and the inequality in south africa is going to get worse before it even has a chance to get better. the south african national defense force has now been deployed by the government for only the 4th time in 3 decades to re establish launch order as businesses are plunging by angry mobs that out number the countries police say for business owners the help can't come soon enough with the majority of those in affected areas too scared to reopen for trade,
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food delivery has become an alternative source of income across the world. as the pandemic eliminates jobs in re edition the road that's caused serious problems for the usual writers who are never well off to begin with. now that pushing back against poor pe and working conditions using rio de janeiro renown city theater is a backdrop. so delivery, ride is stage of protest strike during upon demik that working conditions have become dire. omega move, you told me the virus crisis caused unemployment to rise. so more people turn to delivering food, followed by that means that everyone's earnings took a hit on all of us now have to work longer and the increased competition causes arguments are managing somebody myself braving the roads of rio is also a dangerous job. and many of the ride is complain that the algorithm,
8:27 am
the delivery up uses means they have to be permanently on line, always mobile and always available what they can about that it's not, we don't have contracts and get no support. i had an accident recently, my bike was nothing but scrap afterwards because a driver ignored a red light. i could have been killed if you will. will rain and resume is that right? as spokes person today, he's addressing, the city legislature explains to the members what the ride is working, conditions alike, and that they want more rights. as things stand now, they feel like outcast in their home city. i mean, it's not. you don't think it's not acceptable that we hardly got anywhere to even go to the toilet to be we're only allowed to do it in a very few buildings on it. i just keep putting it off. mostly. i intend to pay my
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mobile phone charges. i have to work 12 hour shifts at the moment, the city is debating a low aimed at improving the ride as rights. when okay, pull up, what are the providers are always talking about self employed entrepreneurs with their employees who work 12 days for one and the same company they need help like toilet access and internet flat rates. when the strike is meant to be an opening shot in the struggle for decent working conditions. whatever them on this job like modern slavery as far as unconcerned, i can barely get bi. you're only have a one step away from landing on the street and making sure you don't go hungry. call me regardless of up on the right as they're already planning the next stage of that campaign. and a reminder of the top story this our ankle a month old is in the us for what is likely to be her last visit. there is german
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chancellor shall meet us president joe biden as well as american business leaders. discussions between the 2 are likely to focus on the contentious north stream to pipeline between germany and russia and trade with china. and that's all from me and the business team here in berlin. i'm daniel winter until next time. take care . and thanks for watching. the president george w bush invited us through the summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationships to chancellor uncle. i'm not afraid to make a decision was not afraid to leave the kind of person with a lovely soul. and that's the person i got to know the exclusive interview with george w bush on d w a. we've got some hot tips for your bucket,
8:30 am
lift the magic corner, check spot for food, and some great cultural memorials to boot the w travel off we go. now the exclusive interview with george w bush president george w bush doesn't give many interviews anymore. but because of his special relationship to chancellor uncle medical, he invited us to his summer home in may. we talked about the past and the future of the trans atlantic relationships. i'm as old take on china, on russia. he also explains how he felt when he was rubbing her shoulders. president bush, you have met the chancellor, uncle america. so many times do you recall kind of a defining moment.


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