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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2021 1:00am-1:46am CEST

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me, the news is dw, with wire from berlin, shaping europe carbon free future. the new lays out an ambitious plan to cut carbon emissions. new climate rules for c, phasing out gasoline and diesel cars by 2035 and the introduction of a new carbon tax. also on the show, the former us president who launched america the longest war says ending the war in afghanistan. now the stake, i'm afraid that women and girls are going to suffer us breakable part. this is a mistake to the school. i think it is. yeah,
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i think because i think the consequences are going to be labeled really bad in an exclusive interview with g w, former president george w bush as nato is asking allies are being left behind to be slaughtered that help natalie. and on rest ranges through the south africa after a week of writing and looting food, petrol and medicine, supplies are running low, and the authorities are struggling to keep the upper hand. ah, me. hello, i'm claire. richard's been a very warm welcome to the show. it is ambitious and a challenge to the rest of the world. the european union has laid out plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions 55 percent by the end of the decade. and the program calls for phasing out the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2035. it also call for
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a carbon tax and both the u. s. and china opposed. critics say the plan places are too much of a burden on consumers, especially in poor european countries. environmental activist say the planet doesn't go far enough. good. the moon landing in 1969 a historic day and an event that europe's leaders have compared to another historic challenge, the fight against climate change. we do not have all the answers yet. today's the start of the journey. but this is your man on the morn moment. the you aims to make europe's the 1st climate neutral continent by 2050. that means no more carbons should be admitted into the atmosphere than what's absorbed, for example, by forests. as a 1st step on this journey, you leaders have pledged to cut emissions by 55 percent by 2030. but critics
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say these cuts are nowhere near enough to meet the goals of the 2015 parents agreement. others hear less wealthy you countries and many of its poor citizens won't be able to afford the measures. the e. u, though, has promised to help lower income household and fight climate change by introducing a package of new laws. and earlier we spoke to tim gore at the institute for european environmental policy in brussels, and we asked him whether this climate package is enough to reach the parents climate goals. the 1st thing to say is that of course we need always more action. but this is the e u not only putting on the table and new strength and climate reductions, i'll get 520-3055 percent reductions below $990.00 levels, but critically also setting out a comprehensive plan to actually achieve it. so that the world and what this
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packages really built on is the polluter pays principle. it's going to extend carbon pricing to around 2 thirds of emissions in the that's a good thing as long as we make sure that the revenues it generates and it's going to generate about a 100000000 years a year by the end of the decade. as long as we spend those revenues, well, we can both cut the emissions and reduce inequality in europe at the same time. and here in germany, heavy rains in parts of the country have unleashed some of the worst flooding in decades. so far the storms have been blame for at least one death with or severe weather forecast for the coming days. its a fight against the floods. the deluge took many residence in western germany by surprise. while there was no water around $130.00, but within half an hour it was like a big stream. completely flooded up is all i'm all at once the water started
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flowing in, it came from over there and flowed in here. and in no time it was up to my chest. different parts of germany were hit by the bad weather. in the western city of distilled off an entire housing estate with 350 apartments, had to be evacuated in the town of altenor, a firefighter was swept away by the water and drowned in huge dot close to the check border of 53 year old was caught in a flash flood, rescue workers are still searching for him. the heavy rainfall was caused by warm and cooler air mixing. such extreme weather can occur in summer, but it only happens rarely does happen in the last time we saw this happen was in 2005 or before that in 1999 when some rivers flooded due to the sheer amount of rainfall that is indeed exceptional for that. that is also good. coggan and western germany was particularly hard. it was impossible to drive along some streets even
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for the rescuers. that had been one to another to this prompted us to request help from the army to get the situation here and hard and under control. and luckily, it turned out very well. 40 eyes out of those, they would get up. people all across germany are hoping for the rain to relent soon . and we can turn our attention now to some of the other stories making headlines at this hour. the united arab emirates has opened an embassy in israel, located and television, a new stock exchange building. and marks the latest step toward the normalization of relations. following a u. s. a broker reconciliation deal last year. how much has slammed the in on duration as a quote stab in the back of the palestinian people. investigations continue into the killing last week of haiti's president is jovan marie. after the arrest of one of the alleged plotters, 5 suspects remain at large. authorities are searching for a former haitian senator,
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a fired a government official and a convicted cocaine smuggler. police believe the killing may have been politically motivated. on the 5th anniversary of a bust fuel de attack in nice france, the country has paid tribute to the victims. 86 people died on july 14th, 2016 when a truck loud into a large crowd. speaking to survivors and families, the prime minister appealed for unity and said france would never surrender to have the taliban are pressing ahead. with their surgeon, afghanistan, a troops complete their withdrawal from the united states. longest war and 20 years ago, us president george w bush launch the us invasion of afghanistan following the september 11th attacks. he has now given an exclusive interview to d. w. news, saying he believes president biden's decision to leave afghanistan now as a mistake. the former president also spoke of his relationship with german
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chancellor uncle americal praising her or her support of the military mission enough janice, dan, and what it would mean for women and girls? there. i was very pleased. she was supportive of troops in afghanistan. i'm by the way and one of the reasons why is because she saw the progress that could be made for young girls and women in afghan to stand as a believable how that society changed from the brutality of the taliban. and now they're sudden. sadly, i'm afraid i have gained women and girls are going to suffer. unspeakable harm is a mistake. so withdrawal i, you know, i think it is. yeah, i think because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad. and i'm sad and i spent a lot and i spent a lot of time with afghan women and, and they're scared. and i think about all the interpreters and people that help not only us troops or nato troops. and they're just, it seems like there's,
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you can be left behind to be slaughtered by the very brutal people and it breaks my heart. and that is a clip from an exclusive interview conducted by our washington bureau. she's in as poll. i'm president biden has defended with the growing troops by saying that the united states did not go to afghanistan, termination bills earlier, we caught up with in as to discuss how the bush administration also initially saw the war in afghanistan as a mission to defeat al qaeda rather than the nation building projects. i think over the course of the years, former president bush kind of focus sistant. maybe also because he realized that he needed a fresh, fresh argument to justify this military action. i mean, to just put in some figures here, we mustn't forget, around $2500.00 us military, lost their lives and x and $40000.00 african civilians died and the total cost for
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the war was over a $1000000000.00. so this became a very unpopular war here in the united states. and earlier we also spoke with a journalist, i little a tv in a couple. and we asked him about the legacy of the nato mission in afghanistan, and got his reaction to those comments by george w bush. i think is very interesting that he's suddenly, you know, concerned about women and children because, you know, his war made a lot of little of them made a lot of children or friends. you know, there was a lot of you know, there were, there was areas from dish and there was going on him. oh there was imprisonment, there is night. raise their stroke strike. there's air shape. there's all kinds of things that if he's concerned about civilians, he should've thought about during his own administration. as for the legacy, i mean, the fact that we're having these questions the legacy, right? the fact that the taller bond is still able to pose a threat to, to, to the government, enter the security forces. the fact that we're still having these battles and the
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fact that we're still asking what might happen to women, to children, to interpreters, you know, 20 years down the line. that is a legacy if you know what really was achieved for still asking these questions 20 years later. and you can watch that full interview with a former president george w bush at d, w dot com, or on our youtube channel will fears over food and you will, shortages are growing in south africa after a week of looting and unrest. hospitals are now running out of oxygen and medicines and food as riding disrupt supply chains. more than 70 people have been killed in some of the worst violence seen since the end of apartheid. a building is on fire. a baby is thrown down thankfully caused by a small crowd that gathered below. others managed to make their escape to the ground floor shops were looted and set ablaze.
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durban is one of the cities in south africa, being rocked by unrest and businesses are paying a high price in some places, south africans are now forced to q for essentially well, i think we just a bit concerned about fuel and water at the stage, but no otherwise we can get to go, hopefully the future was stopped running in from next week. some suspected looters have been arrested for them. but in this small, in a town outside johannesburg, it looks like a free for all the it's what, thank you to see what you've pulled up and what's going on. and you know, it's all to the other people out there that you like. and dave, you turn outside for toria, police fire on looters,
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and the military has been sent in to so with to try to restore law and order. the protest began last week after former president jacob duma began serving a 15 month jail term for contempt of court. but frustration over inequality and rising unemployment are also fueling the chaos. i just, i guess the real reason is because we have nothing and when you see other people stealing at some point, you realize that shops will close and you'll be left with nothing. so you asked yourself after all of this, how will i survive with the way things are? and for now, there is no sign of the unrest letting up and d, w corresponded christine moon. what is reporting for us from south africa, where she says there is no sign of tensions easing. we are now on god here for the
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racial tensions that are flaring up, particularly in was when that's how this is amanda black and indian communities. essentially what it's come down to is that you've got on civilians. now in the 2 provinces, basically standing in promote enforcement, they all have any on that. they say that we are guarding our property. and of course, that has tension between communities in the process of the problem that wasn't in itself, it was white people and black communities as well. and so these are the fears ortiz also warned about violence. a way you will see attacks on foreign nationals that we already seen, some foreign nationals, pakistani, nationals, great, bubble closing up shop in anticipation that they will be the next target essentially. so there is no sign of less up when it comes to the tensions. in fact, it's starting to to move into other forms of tensions, particularly the racial tension at the moment. christine moon were there will give you a reminder of the top story we are following for you before we go to europe and commission has unveiled legislation aimed at reducing carbon emissions 55 percent by 2030. if
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the legislation is passed, it will give a major post to renewable energy production. credit that they at please have a heavy financial burden on citizen. especially in for you countries that are giving you update our rob. what is up next with t w business? if you stay tuned for that, i richardson, thank you so much for joining us. ah. my 1st vice, i want the sewing machine. i come from women are bones by the social or something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle, even since i was a little girl. i wanted to have a bicycle last night and it took me years to finally gave up and went to buy me and my cyprus return because sewing machine going, i suppose, was more appropriate for then writing a bite as no,
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i want to reach out to those woman back home, bound by the social rules and inform them about the basic rights. my name is david and i work at the i the me you says how it plan to go. carbon neutral within 3 decades. the green deal could revolutionize european life from the car. people drive to how they homes, who will end up paying for it or dig deeper. they're coming up. violent unrest is brought trouble at times, the south african businesses, ryan thing following jane and go for the president. jacob zoom has in store looted . shopping centers, traps the date of the business time of what's in berlin. welcome to the program. we
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began here in europe where the e. u has laid out plans and data cheating, carbon neutrality, by 2050 among dozens of proposals to be put to met the state. brussels wants to ban the sale of new combustion engine vehicles after 2035 be used so called green deal would make factory power plants and airlines pay more for the carbon that they emit by revamping the existing emissions trading system. if put into practice, the plan will affect nearly every aspect of the economy. so will europe and can see him as ultimately and paying for them. well that's the question i put to mathias book from the energy transition thing. thank a gora and a given the so there will be some areas where prices will go up like you saw if it is concerning production based on faso eating your homework with or it will become more and more expensive. driving fuel engine vehicles will
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become more expensive on the other side and clean electricity will become cheaper and hitting your home with renewable electricity. heat pumps will become cheaper. driving electric cars will become cheaper than driving cars for combustion engines . so it's a mix spec. what is clear is the signal sense from the commission to since you are governments and citizens in europe. now we're getting serious about trying to targets that we have set ourselves no time to waste. let's face the hard discussions on the measures needed. while the plans weren't be universally welcomed across the member states with entire communities who rely on polluting industries will need convincing of the need for swift change in poland there's already resistance to e. u. pressure to close the countries, coal mines in war saw workers from the tour roof open. caf live night. mine
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demonstrate to preserve their jobs. they want to keep using the environmentally damaging soft brown coal to generate electricity right up to 2044, regardless of climate change. they won't even consider environmental effects. they claim it's more about business than environmental protection. the notion that get to approve the repeat in union is forcing us to become dependent on other countries for our energy against the future. we'd have to import it from abroad sky and check for that. so that wouldn't be good for the environment. talk component generates 80 percent of its energy with league nice. the open cost mine a to roof is a 225 meter depot. that's eaten away 25 kilometers of countryside. opponents popular national government gets its way. it will be eating up the landscape for another 25 years to feed the nearby power plant.
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the mayor of bog kenya close to the mine has just been confirmed for another term and office in part because he was 100 percent behind keeping the mind and operation stolen conduct were in close contact with the european commission. we sent several letters clarifying our position to them. would you know the menu, the reply that came from commission president funder lion. said that the aim is to do away with coal as an energy source by 2030. that's not enough time for us to allow a fair transition to take place on the mine. keep 6000 people in the area in work. you ideas are burly, emerging on how to attract new companies to the region. one idea that's been moved it is to refurbish the old town of bog tenure to attract tourists.
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but the problems are huge. the whole malesky family works for the mine. mother is a geologist. father is on shift now as an engineer. and when she's left school daughter, isabel can also imagine herself from the same line of work usually do after that, i'd like to go to technical college and study chemistry. after that, i consider a job with the mining company, pays very well. the european court of justice recently rules that the tour of mine must suspend operations to allow an environmental impact assessment. so far, poland has ignored diverted. facebook has joined amazon and then asking the us is top anti trust regulator to step back from investigations into its business. federal trade commission chief, lena khan, was a vocal critic of silicon valley. and before taking over the agency last month, facebook argued in its petition that con, can't be impartial in anti trust probes to,
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to have passed the criticism of the social media giant con pieces said that she would consult with ethics officials, if questions about her impartiality. it arise. let's discuss this further with our wall street correspondent again quarter or amazon and facebook actually likely to get their way on this well, i mean, i would say all gloves are off. it was already a punch in the face of the big tech company. it's written earlier this year con, actually got the job as the head of the at the see that was already historical with 32. she's the youngest person to lead that agency. and it was well known that she has critical about the possible monopolies in big tech companies or in the overall industry. she had to criticize also amazon for example, in an article that she wrote for her university paper. and she also had been vocal
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and critical on facebook, but the big question, it's only if you are a critical thinker, does that mean you're not qualified or not to work as a regulator and that really remains to be seen. i don't really see that there is a real legal case for facebook or for amazon, but clearly now those big tech giants are striking back. we have not gotten any comments from con or her team as of yet, but just imagine if she set okay, i will step aside and to leave it to somebody else to go after those tech items. so that might set a wrong in how serious you can take this agency and the f t c. so let's wait and see what's happening. it is definitely an interesting case to stop by the way from facebook was done a good one percent here in the wednesday session on wall street that will keep following that one course in new york. thank you. now
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a quick look at some of the other business stories making headlines. does airlines as opposed to this 1st quarterly profits and the pandemic began thanks to a $1500000000.00 in u. s. government age without the help it would have lost $700000000.00. delta says us leisure travel has recovered 40, but international business travel remains and the european central bank has formerly begun to project to create a digital your own. electronic current thing would operate similarly to digital currencies like bitcoin or payment service, paypal, but the, the says the earliest we could launch is 2026. next, the army has been caught in to protect businesses in south africa after several days of riots. over 1300 people have been arrested and at least 72 people have died in unrest since the jailing of former president jacob zima contempt of court, violence and destruction on the streets of johannesburg. the economic capital of
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south africa. this shopkeeper is just one of thousands of petrified business owners caught up in the looting and vandalism now spreading across the country. the most wonderful woman all over what initially started as a protest against the incarceration of former president jacob's zoom of her contempt of court has mushroomed into nationwide unrest with the countries logistical supply chains fast becoming affected. fuel food and medicine shortages are now only days away. it started off as a political message to the government and it quickly erupted into riots and
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looting. and yes, we have a lot of poverty and people did grab the food that they needed. but we've now gone further than that, where we've seen over 200 shopping centers destroyed, we seeing a lot of businesses going out of business. we've seen a lot of fear. and this is going to take years come back and fix itself. so the poverty and inequality and so that because gonna get worse before it even has a chance to get better the south african national defense force has now been deployed by the government for only 4th time in 3 decades. to re establish long order as businesses are, plundered by angry mobs that out number the countries police say 5 to 10, but i was in mind about happening. they are now is that people started breaking them to shop soon as you saw or more. but i think the thing i will go on over
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because we want to former president jacob zoom out towards the following is even if the president does do that, will carry on because we are hungry to destroy it. for business owners, the help can't come soon enough with the majority of those ineffective areas too scared to reopen for trade. i think that i'm going to send up very soon property and they're going to label the widespread looting. we'll put further pressure on in already strange economy as the country battles of lethal 3rd wave. but the corona virus just fine land and slightly light. and i want to make you aware of your chance to ride like be king of cool himself. know not me. the late american actor steve mcqueen, his portion $917.00 k,
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will be auctioned off by so that is in new york next month. it was featured in his $971.00 film, the mall, a fictionalized story about the 24 hour long french sports race car is expected to sell for at least $16000000.00, which would make it easily and expensive. porsha ever to sell at auction. that's all for most of the day. good by me claiming the beller ah, in origin, the right to do wild interest in me in children's movies on sundays and george
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w bush invited us to this summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationships to chancellor hunger le, medical i know is not afraid to make a decision, was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely soul. and that's a person i got to know the exclusive interview with george w bush. 60 minutes w o. the goal was right in front of it. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone beer olympic games that tokyo with $22421.00 strong off course during the quantifying round. not least for sports heroes,
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actually it was a flap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down during walk down the walking go to tokyo, georgia july 19 dw me the alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me. peter craven and we begin in belarus, where dictator, alexander lucas jenko, has been stepping up efforts to silence his opponents. despite an international i was cry and sanctions among those in detention. bella ross and bank of victoria barber rico, who launched
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a short from the bay default presidency before he was arrested. and prominent sissy didn't romance, protested which apparently remains under house arrest. meanwhile, countless opposition figures are continuing their resistance from abroad. among the ranks is yanna sho stack who has been protesting in a way that can only be described as brave, angry and loud. the activist and both the media artist was born in bella ross, but she currently lives in exile in neighboring poland. and each day she goes to the european commission office in warsaw and continues her protest. now remember, you have been warned. what you are about to see is brave, angry, and very, very loud. the screening for freedom. once again bellow, ruthie. an artist piano shows doc has taken up position outside warsaw 0 p and commission office flanked by 2 friends. she's calling for
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a change in her homeland. i am doing this for all bella, rosie, and who cannot raise their voices at home? she gone. oh, can't ship a little get a black and i am screaming because we have been silent for the past 27 years retention she and other activists want to draw attention to the grim situation and neighboring bella. ruth, not a moment of just sending a text message or seeking psychological support is enough information to get you handed over to the militia. to follow up with that to be. the 28 year old has lived in poland for 11 years. last year she returned to bella ruth, for the presidential election, hopeful that lucas shank goes rule would end. when the dictator controversially
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declared himself the winner of a highly contested election, yana joined to the anti regime protest, shows me how people were all smiles knowing they are in the majority. you don't to some were handing out water. others flowers? because we are they val, taxi drivers were getting our meals to protesters. excell couple venue. but then more and more people were arrested and tortured, most opposition leaders were either jailed or forced into exile. back in poland. yana began her near daily protest screams or the back of her. i draw strength from every single person who has told me about their pain for directions in their torture to me. because they can't make it public to
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eve, i scream in their name and on their behalf, fanny dash irks into the thousands of other routines. have fled to poland. and the pat year where they received support. ah, many of them are protesting against the lucas shall go and demanding the release of political prisoners. ah, like vanya and nasty s parents for example, who were sentenced to 5 and a half years behind bars for collecting signatures and co organizing protests. and by the rule,
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but this, this is me, this is my mom that it's my dad. this is grampa, and that is vanya wine. both children are still learning how to read. yes, if they already know what these protest signs mean. stop loving expect. this means mom and dad went to jail for saving the country out for exactly if they're in jail without us. and they miss us very much money. mommy writes us letters, but we've only received one letter from dad. birth had to last to their grandmother is deeply worried about her imprison daughter he's been in jail or 9 months already and we don't know what's been going on with her schedule. no,
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no, she and nina is a good mother because not being able to see her children has been unbearable for her. i'm not watching. she's terrified of serving the full 5 and a half years center and for not watching, but not being able to watch her daughter grow up on our center. need a lost all her daughter not feel when she was evil, or nobody knows when she will see her again. it's awful. dorchence crush. yana sho, stock tries to offer support yesterday. lunch of so whenever someone needs help. so i tried to get a foundation involved. i'm sure the net liver shipped to talk to and very often supportive individuals step up from that really don't watch to to purchase the vehicle luigi vanya and his sister nasty. i have had
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a hard time dealing with their parents absence. that's why younger show stock often visit the little ones and their grandmother hannah to be there with them in their dark times. for the artist activist. this is her very own silence scream for bella. ruth. now in recent years, china has been working hard to increase its political and economic influence. here in europe. and serbia is among those countries with a strong and growing chinese presence, such as in the eastern board district where copper mining has been a long tradition there. although many in the region and so around for you know, which is certainly among them who say that serbia is slowly coming under what they term chinese occupation and that it's the locals who are paying the price zone run vienna, which rearranges his roof tiles every now and again,
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but he's not really sure why. 2 years ago, part of his bond suddenly collapsed. yes, some v o is put. i was inside when they were blasting really communicate, it was as if a bomb had gone off. not you only story. we mean, you know, everything moved to the mirror, you're always the one that was all shifted to the left and then the roof caved in for the door. shortly after all he has been waiting in vain for compensation ever since 3 years ago. the chinese companies he jin took over the copper mines around the serbian city of boar. for university, as the gin has been mining coupled with 0 regard for the environment for local residence. milan can be ship inch, mayor of the neighboring town of presume it feels the same. he's just replied that his home. yet the 1st cracks already appearing. he has actually said this has been happening all over the place where 2 people will send and complain. so that
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a commission can come have a look then document and pay for the damage maddie step. but management that c g and bore has yet to respond. instead, new shaft towers popped up, next door inspector is out of school. the mining authority ordered to hold production of the towers because they were built without the proper permits and environmental inspection. users that do, you know, may, june the towers are operating anyway, allegedly, and testimony to the company has just kept on mining. yet i just bought or is one of the biggest copper mines in europe and it has been active for over a century. the surrounding landscape is scarred with open pit mine some slack keeps in the past 3 years in tremendously expanded production, yet again costing residents in the environment daily. this region is one of the most polluted in serbia, the serbian institute for public health. we conducted
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a study and found the cancer rate in for to be far above average, primarily due to severe pollution. and these results came to light even though the study has yet to be published. local environmentalists feel it's irresponsible to high data. it's a public document and should be available to all citizens so they know what's going on. there is no reason to conceal this information or portrait of 1630 for the multiple requests for interviews to the ministry of mining, to the gin itself and to local authorities. but received no response. instead, jean employees appeared while we were filming to observe us. journalists are clearly unwelcome. sylvia is arguably china's partner in the balkans and chinese investors a welcome to the open arms. hardly
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a week goes by without the serbian president alex on the church, praising sir b as friendship with china, and poor as part of china strategic investment in the new silk road, which the country has been expanding for years to open up new trade routes with europe drove on, china is willing to continue collaborating with central and eastern european countries, foundries to be in serbia. our expectations have been met by the way, form a minister of transport is now responsible for mining all these projects being built by chinese companies and chinese workers. and z jane has already brought hundreds of them to balls. they live isolated on the mine premises, but can be spotted in the city from time to time. chinese owner appear self confident. new buildings at the mine entrance has become delight roofs and the signs of bilingual dollars. we feel completely occupied by the chinese as though we
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were in some chinese province instead of them being in serbia. a common sentiment and bore the serbian employees as in tin currently have secured jobs, but things are getting harder for them for the work has recently protested in front of the headquarters. because that bonuses were meant to be caught in the gene has made some huge investment. and we are not opposed to them investing to increase profits. but we feel like they're targeting older employees, the ones over 50 percent of liquid. but this we're going to be with our employer was obligated to comply with the existing wage agreement, but they violated it. and now they want to lower our wages and restrict are right. when you think about ever since his bond collapsed zone unvil unit, which hasn't kept anymore, livestock hold, he has left, this is vegetable garden. he feels he's at the mercy of his new neighbor and wishes
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he could just move away forever. and so the turkey now where times are tough for many people like angle. yeah shall. for instance, a bearing the brunt of the economic downturn that came in the wake of the corona virus pandemic. now most mornings and can can be found among many others down at the legend trigo last a bridge that connects the european and asian sides of the city. and his desperate struggle to feed his family. his resolve it to an old hobby. the dawn breaks over the boss for us. fishers on the latter bridge are pulling their 1st catch out of the water. their hums, the, or turkish and jovial. it's rare for anything bigger to bite along the coast of vista and will this time of year. engine your show had been coming to the bridge every day for months. not just because he enjoys fishing. during the pandemic,
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your shower lost his job as a custodian. there's used to be a hobby of mine, but not anymore. couple of the. now i have to do it all. the panoramic is making it hard to find a job. i got fired because they wanted to save money after 17 years old and i never learned a trade. thank goodness i've been doing this since i was a kid and can use it to earn some money. but exact mothers get more and more people have been coming here to fish recently. many are doing it for the same reason as shar. they've lost their jobs. i can just barely stay afloat by fishing. your show or is going to try to sell his couch at the market. he's married and has children. every layer that goes into the household budget count. but today other fishermen were faster than him. it's been
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tell for fish mongers another sales on going well right now. there's a problem with the sea. we'll just eat the fish ourselves. and that that problem is a harmful algae bloom in the sea of mara. that's been drifting off his symbols coast for weeks. the boss for us and mom are a see they're essentially the same waters now that the algae of spread aggressively many of the residents are preferring to go without fish. but yeah, shaw has no other choice. his children are hungry. we shall not re which my wife has started to work. so we've got some extra income and i think now that they've lifted corona virus restrictions, i'll soon find regular work and we'll be able to get by a little better. so that should.


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