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tv   Die Wagemutigen  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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the, the news this is the w news live from berlin tonight, the former us president who launched america's longest war. it says ending the war in afghanistan. now is a mistake. i'm afraid afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable. is it a mistake? that was, i think it is. yeah, i think because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad. exclusive interview with the w news. former president george w bush says nato's african allies are being left behind to be slaughtered. also coming up tonight, europe, carbon free future,
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the european union laying out ambitious plan the pivot away from fossil fuels by the end of the decade. and really from the riot in south africa, a week of rest has hospitals running short on medicine and stores. low on food. ah, ah, i break off the reviewers on p b. s in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we start tonight with striking remarks made by former us president george w bush in an exclusive interview with the w news. bush says that he believes the withdrawal of us and nato troops from afghanistan is a mistake. or says he also fears that the pulled out of troops will lead to women and girls suffering at the hands of the totally by the former president. also speaking of his relationship with german transfer uncle, a miracle, praising her for her support of the military mission. in afghanistan,
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i was very pleased, she was supportive of troops in afghanistan. and by the way, and one of the reasons why is because she saw the progress that could be made for young girls and women. and i'm going to stand is unbelievable. that society change from the brutality of the taliban and all of a sudden, sadly, i'm afraid i have gained women and girls are going to suffer. unspeakable harm is a mistake. so withdrawal, i, you know, i think it is. yeah. i think because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad. and i'm sad and i spent a lot and i spent a lot of time with afghan women and, and they're scared. and i think about all the interpreters and people that helped not only us troops, nato troops, and they're just, it seems like there's, you can be left behind to be slaughtered by the very brutal people and it breaks my
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heart. it was a former us president there, george w bush speaking in an exclusive interview with our washington bureau chief in his pulling his joins me now from washington. good evening to you is. it's unusual for a former us president to even talk publicly about the policies or decisions of a sitting president, but that is what george w bush did when he sat down to talk with you, give us a sense more about how he really feels about this. withdraw brenda, this important to understand that this interview was conducted because of under the medical and his specific relationship to her. so it was very warm and a very honest atmosphere. and in this atmosphere, i asked him about the past wars and how he feels about that. and he then he came up with a gun is done and said what we just played. and i think it's really what you think . i really think it deeply is convinced that that is
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a huge mistake withdrawal of the troops and that as he says, like, mainly women and young girls who suffer from that is dense. want bush fears most i mean yes, i think that is like on the this is, was he like emotionally, fields feel, fears most. but we also have actually went to give you a little bit of perspective on all of us. you know, bush as many of the long time conservative republicans are convinced that the goal to fight terrorism in the middle east was necessary. and actually still isn't that it is really dangerous to leave of gone is done in other countries alone because that might be able enable terrorists to grow further. and it's interesting that we're hearing the former president criticize the decision by sitting president biden biden has defended his decision to withdraw troops from
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afghanistan. this is what he said just last week. take a listen. we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill and it's the right and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. so the president saying we didn't go to afghanistan to nation build. so what was former president bush's original objective that when he launched the board? if dana stand in 2001 well, he initiated the war in afghanistan as part of the whitehall is, are his whitehouse goal to fight the war on terrorism after $911.00 because we have to be fair. you have brightened. you know, i think many of us remember that there was a real fear about global terrorism than not only in the united states, but also all around the world. but now the 20 is after the war. and after it attention is kind of got muddled and became extremely unpopular. now,
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the sitting president, president biden wants to stop this never ending. well, also because mary, many, many americans are kind of tired to pay for these wars and also kind of lose young american soldiers. i noticed too, in the interview with you that the former president, he did not mention biden by name. what does that tell you? mean, was he criticizing the former president indirectly? i think this was his main intention. again, that was a very open and honest conversation. i think he really cares about the situation of women and girls, but also like average people, enough gone, is done. but on the other hand, he's a professional politician and i'm sure he knows what he's saying. so i think he's deeply convinced that this is a mistake. and therefore he mentioned that, but he didn't mention biden's name because he doesn't want to offend him in this
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interview. but he wants to make his stance clear. washington bureau chief in his poll, your think he will be talking with you later in the day, more about this exclusive interview. thank you. or let's get reaction l from afghanistan. journalist ali latino is incredible. he's been covering the native mission in afghanistan for years. it's good to have you with us. tonight's former president bush weighing in as you heard calling to withdraw from him in to stand a mistake. is that a view that is shared on the ground there and afghan estate? it's not too much then. it's necessarily a mistake. it's more that there are no conditions being put on to withdraw, not on the top on or on the government, not on the peace process. but i think if we're talking about mistakes made during the last 20 years, you know, a lot of people will say, bush made plenty of mistake. you know, he never really gave the possibility of negotiations with the color bon,
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especially towards the end of his presidency. when the taller bond were very much in a week or position, a chance to go forward, you know, a lot of people say the time for negotiation with the taliban ways. essentially what would have been the presidency of the end of the presidency of george bush or the middle of the president obama? not during donald trump and joe biden. so if we're talking about mistake, then we have to go back through the entire 20 years and look at them and say, bush and each of the success they're leading up to biden. and all the, what about the, the iraq factor, the iraq invasion took place 2 years after the war and afghan staff started. is there a feeling there that once the iraq war started, there just wasn't enough attention anymore on f scanner stan? that's exactly. so i was in the united states at the time because that's where i grew up. and i remember that's what we were talking about. we were saying that, you know, so much of the focus, everything in the news. everything in the media is about iraq. and there is no more
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talk any more about avalon it's on. so if there is no more talk than how much actual military and political focus on the bonus on is there as well. i mean, i even remember, you know, i've learned in the u. s. criticizing the president at the time home, it comes, i for not standing up against the warranty at all, which many of us thought was illegal. and i remember people were saying, look, he's in a, at that time saying he's in a bad position. you know, he needs the support, he needs to keep them happy and you know, it's just not politically prudent, especially with all the attention that will go to it up to try and keep some of the attention on i want it on. and clearly that didn't work either the former us president saying that he's worried about the translators in the interpreters who worked with us, anita troops being left behind. but that is not exactly what is happening. we were getting confirmation today again from the white house that these translators and interpreters will be flown out of the country beginning this month. is that what
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you're hearing? that is what we're hearing. but the other thing is if you talk to people who have application for, for these v says they are stuck in sort of a bureaucratic and logistical nightmare. because what they're finding themselves, then they're finding something, situations where if you don't recall exact dates, exact name, exact places where you can very easily be disqualified or if you don't meet certain like timeline threshold. and then if you don't serve more than a year or 2 years, or however long, the specific threshold is, all of these things are getting in the way of hundreds, if not thousands of people are getting those. and a lot of them aren't getting clear answers because you have to remember their superiors were here years ago for a lot of time for maybe even a few months, not much longer. and so for them to get, you know, legitimate answers and documents and be able to prove their cases is also very
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difficult. so yes, you know, the u. s. is planning this, but the bureaucratic and logistical part is proving a major hurdle for a lot of people. and what about the taliban? there were reports today that the taliban hoisted its flag at a key border crossing with pakistan. today they continued to regain control of territory, don't they? they do. and again, this is part of what people are saying in terms of, you know, it's very quaint that georgia bush is now talking about mistakes. when you know it's easy to say that joe biden is making a mistake at the end. but without saying, you know, what were the mistakes that he made because you know, by 2005, 2006, it's all a bond where much less potent they were by all measures, you know, essentially just wiped out. and yet, how was it that from then until now they've been able to reconstitute themselves and really pose the oppose a threat to the point where they're able to capture spin bolduc. so i think this is
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a question that george bush will eventually have to sit down with and really think about for himself as well as well. brock obama and don trump. yeah. and as he say, it's easier to start a war than to end of war and afghan. stand the perfect example, little tv journalist joining us tonight from cobble. we appreciate your reporting. thank you. thank you. and you can watch our full interview with former us president george w bush at d, w dot com. you can also watch it on our youtube channel. let's take a look now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. on the 5th anniversary of asia hottest attack in these france, the country today paid tribute to the victims 86 people died on july 14th, 2016 when a truck clowned into a large crown, celebrating by steel de speaking to survivors and families. the prime minister appealed for unity and said that france would never surrender to hate investigations. continuing into the killing last week of haiti's president,
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germany weeks after the arrest of one of the alleged plotters, 5 suspects remain at large. authorities are searching for a former haitian senator, a fire government official and a convicted cocaine smuggler police believe the killing may have been politically motivate. the united arab emirates has opened an embassy and israel is housed intel of each new stock exchange building. it marks the latest step towards the normalization of relations following a us broker reconciliation deal last year. a moss has slammed the ration as a quote step in the back of the palestinian people. fears over food and fuel shortages are growing in south africa after a week of looting and unrest. hospitals are now running out of oxygen medicines and food as riding disrupt supply chains across the country. more than 70 people have been killed in some of the worst violence scenes since the end of apartheid.
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building is on fire. a baby is thrown down thankfully caused by a small crowd that gathered below. others managed to make their escape to the ground floor shops were looted and set ablaze. durban is one of the cities in south africa, being rocked by unrest and businesses are paying a high price. in some places, south africans are now forced to q for essentials. well, i think we just a bit concerned about fuel and water at the stage, but no, otherwise we could, we could to go, hopefully the future was stopped running in from next week. some suspected looters have been arrested for them. but in this small, in a town outside johannesburg, it looks like a free for all the, it's what,
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thank you to see what you all the, what's going on. and you know, it's all to the other people out there that took everything up and davy turned outside for toria, police fire on looters. and the military has been sent in to so went to try to restore law and order. the protest began last week after former president jacobs duma began serving a 15 month jail term for contempt of court. but frustration over inequality and rising unemployment are also fueling the chaos. i guess the route, i guess the real reason is because we have nothing and when you see other people stealing at some point, you realize that shops will close and you'll be left with nothing. so you ask yourself, after all of this, how will i survive with the way things are?
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for now, there is no sign of the unrest letting up it is ambitious and it is a challenge to the rest of the world. today, the european union laid out plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions 55 percent by the end of the decade. it calls for phasing out the sale of petrol and diesel cars by the year 2035. and it also calls for a carbon tax that both the u. s. and china oppose. critic say the plan place is too much of a burden on consumers, especially in poor european countries. environmental activists say the plan doesn't go far enough. quite a good moon landing in 1969, a historic day. and an event that europe's leaders have compared to another historic challenge, the fight against climate change. we do not have all of the answers yet. today's the start of a journey. but this is europe. man on the moon moment.
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the you aims to make europe the 1st climate neutral continent by 2050. that means no more carbon should be admitted into the atmosphere than what's absorb. for example, by forests. as a 1st step on this journey, you leaders have pledged to cut emissions by 55 percent by 2030. but critics say these cuts are nowhere near enough to meet the goals of the 2015 paris agreement. others hear less wealthy you countries and many of its poor citizens won't be able to afford the measures. the e. u, though, has promised to help lower income households and fight climate change by introducing a package of new laws. we want to cross over now to tim gore in stock, home sweet and he's the head of the low carbon and circular economy program at the institute for european environmental policy. that's
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a sustainability think tank. it's based in brussels. it's good to have you on the show him me. this is an ambitious plan that europe is presenting to itself and the world. is it what is needed to meet the promises and the pledges of the parents climate agreement? well, thanks for having me. and the 1st thing to say is that of course we need one more action, but this is the e u. not only putting on the table a new strengthened climate reduction target by 203055 percent reductions below 1990 levels, but critically also setting out a comprehensive plan to actually achieve it. so that the world and what this package is really built on is the polluter pays principal. it's going to extend carbon pricing to around 2 thirds of emissions in the u. and that's a good thing, as long as we make sure that the revenues that generates and it's going to generate about a 100000000 years to year by the end of the decade. as long as we spend those revenues,
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well, we can both cut the emissions and reduce inequality in europe at the same time. you say making the polluter pay. i know a lot of people watching will wonder, does that mean making the consumer pay more is well? well, timidly it will, because in the end, if you are the business to change what they're doing to take account of the carbon emissions that they're producing, what they tend to do is pass that on to consumers. so doesn't matter in the end, whether you try and regulate or the use of carbon price consume, as we'll have to pay. now, the advantage of doing this with the carbon prices that you will generate substantial revenue in the process. i really critical questions, how you then use those revenues to make sure that the current citizens are not bearing the burden. so i think it's important that the commission today has set out some initial plans for climate social funds that is going to generate billions and direct those toward some of the poorest. how so across the you to help them with
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the transition is all about, you know, at embedding span if at the heart proposals i think what we've had today, the start, and now we need to build on that. to me, that's about 30 seconds. me just ask you, there are 27 members of the european union where these measures have to be watered down before we finally get an approval by everyone. well, inevitably, nobody gets everything that they want. there's also the european parliament to take into account. they'll have to use it for thing as well. i think the key here is it's a package deal. so you're going to have to horse trading. but as long as politicians can sell this to their public, to show that actually this is going to be good for their health is going to be good for jobs. and he's going to make sure that we have a safer climate, both for current generations and future generations. and if they can do that, i think that that the package will get through to him who are the institute for european environmental policy. can we appreciate your time and your insights tonight? thank you. thanks for here in germany. heavy rains and parts of the country have
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unleashed some of the worst flooding in decades. so far as the storms have been blamed for at least one death with more severe weather forecasts for the coming days. it's a fight against the floods. the deluge took many residence in western germany by surprise. while there was no water around $130.00, but within half an hour it was like a big stream. completely flooded up is all i'm all at once the water started flowing in, it came from over there and flowed in here. and in no time it was up to my chest. different parts of germany were hit by the bad weather. in the western city of distilled off an entire housing estate with 350 apartments, had to be evacuated in the town of altenor, a firefighter was swept away by the water and drowned in huge dot close to the check border. a 53 year old was caught in a flash flood. rescue workers are still searching for him. the heavy rainfall was
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caused by warm and cooler air mixing. that's extreme weather can occur in summer, but it only happens rarely does happen in the last time we saw this happen was in 2005 or before that in 1999. when some rivers flooded due to the sheer amount of rainfall that is indeed exceptional. there's also good hug in western germany with it particularly hard. it was impossible to drive along some streets even for the rescuers. that one to another through this prompted us to request help from the army to get the situation here and hot and under control. and luckily, it turned out very well for either of those they would get up. people all across germany are hoping for the rain to relent soon. alright. turning to the point now against the corona virus here in europe,
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most countries are on track to reach their goal of getting around 70 percent of the population vaccinated against cobra. 1900. by the end of the summer, but bulgarian is nowhere near that target. it has the lowest vaccination rates in europe. just 16 percent of citizens have received one job so far. the w correspondent, barbara visa went to find out what's behind the reluctance. people are not exactly flocking to the explanation center in sophia's jewish by district. today, only a trickle of locals are coming in to get the jap, walked over to more people come. they have, you know, we are overall public opinion about the victim. nations have been very skeptical, but over time this changing the room we need dr. tania is doing his best vaccinating it's speed, handling up to 15 patients for our but he works alone and getting the job into all arms in this district is going to take time. in spring, bulgaria didn't have enough fiction, but now people us for,
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for choice. johnson johnson, the allison johnson and john, which is one dose, you get the certificate right away. as far as any and an r n a which is more down and pfizer up to number. they're not. if i said this here is the wire color over the no, i can go to greece to the seaside, but this happy patient is in the minority at the nearby market. locals are of a different mind backs and skepticism. abounds, though, we don't want to get vaccinated, i'm not afraid, but i'm not doing those. no more than i am very skeptical about these things. they've been developed too fast, is going to still come from abroad. so i'm not sure they're good. this is not afraid of the corona virus and i'm not going to get vaccinated. google, civil can get on the former government officials already fear next have of infections and doctor on you couldn't ship from bulgaria, ministry of hills. is it the last to explain the low uptake to examine the choices
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based on emotions are not based on rational thinking off rabo who have to develop talk will show no way in europe is so much room given to and to vaccine opinions. also from doctors. unfortunately, it is not rational, i can really cannot explain for myself, why did cap and it's crazy, but media expert or how did circled chevy things? she knows the reason there was the guy, the link between the leading duty probation and conspiracy theories about call me and low levels of trust in national government. and she also believes that the last government is at fault avoiding a political decision, not giving clear messages to citizens. we had to medical council, i think, to contradicting things about co within about measures. and then of course, this,
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the internet, a lot of disinformation coming from russia. we have a mean staying after 2 world wars. now we have a 3rd world war, which is fault, not with the gulf, but we've seen gary's government is now planning a big p r. campaign in order to from the vaccinations, but given public opinion w, it seems the uphill battle to beg. it is a reminder the dump stories that were following for you. former us president george w bush says he believes the bedroll of native troops from f canister is a mistake. he kills the w news and is exclusive interviews that women girls and afghans who assisted native forces are being left behind to suffer. and fears are growing over food and fuel shortages in south africa. mass looting has his supply chains after writers ransacked, stores, more than 70 people have been killed in violence. the spark, by the jailing of former president, jacob zoom. ah,
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you're watching the w news after a short break. i'll be back to take you through the day tonight. more on our exclusive interview with former us president george w bush. the president who started the war in afghanistan, says anything the more now is a mistake. will be right that the, [000:00:00;00] with the news the news,
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the news oh, the a president george w bush invited us to his summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationship to chancellor. i'm not afraid to make a decision. it was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely song. and that's a person i got to know the exclusive interview with george w bush. the 60 minute
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w. o. the sometimes a seed, it's all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning facts like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and mental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now for the goal was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. we agreed to postpone the or didn't the game said talk your with 202421.
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thrown off course. during the qualifying round. not least for sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing super powers. i'm fired up and ready. down doing walk down the rocky go to tokyo, started july, dw me, your former us presidents rarely publicly criticize a sitting us president. perhaps that slip george w bush's mind when he told the w. news that president biden's decision to withdraw us troops from afghanistan is a mistake. bush also said that he's worried about what the taliban may do to the women and girls of afghan to stand. but that is not why the us went to war in


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