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tv   Ein Sommer auf Hiddensee  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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this women in asia in me for all the money and money and the voices. the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire. this weekend on d. w did up and use a show on today's program. the unending fight against massage of me in south asia beginning and when no less the prime minister implies women are responsible for the sexual crimes against them. we ask, is iran con massage of estate? and in the muslim women are offered up for sale online. it's a new law in what's become the norm, the targeting of educated, articulate women,
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the me i british manager, welcome to the the news asia, glad to join us. blamed for the crime, viewed with suspicion, and told to hush it up. many women were experienced sexual assault in pocket on say, this is what they face. but amidst this victim, shaming the country's leader, prime minister in ron khan has gone on television and appeared to do the same. last month he told an interview out court. if a woman is wearing very few clothes, you can have an impact on the man unless they are robots on court. and in april, during a life chat broadcast and state television con urged women to wear a veil to avoid sexual assault, saying it is so that there is no temptation in society
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activists there. his comment reinforced common public perceptions that women invite to that assault. and they say that attitude needs to change and then roger is getting ready to go out. but choosing what to wear and pakistan is a fright decision. women can be judged harshly for how they dress, and the conservative country she'd like to just put on what she wants and be done with it. i'll just say that there's nothing that makes me more happy than seeing women owning who they are and kind of, you know, breaking stereotypes and putting a flu. stop there. because if one woman decides to do that, you know that changes the food of dies and ration generation of women who are still fighting for basic rights. just recently, an interview with prime minister in ron con unlist fresh protests. he said that wearing a veil would stop men from being drawn into temptation,
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implying women were at fault for sexual violence. his remarks caused uproar amongst rights activists. if i think he has discriminated, he put all the blame a burden over woman dress. that was not fair, he should have addressed to men as well. so i think that was totally unfair. vit wilmont north park is fun. many women and pakistan have already experienced sexual violence including mer. when she was 6, her parents left her alone with a male friend of the family. she trusted him, but he abused that trust, whom i wants to convince other women to speak openly about sexual violence. she says it's the only way to change prevailing attitudes that blame victims for sexual assaults, rather than perpetrators when we are collect away will make
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a difference. we don't need to be ashamed that had happened to us, the burden of proof, the shame lives of the one who do that. so this is something i think are making you different in august. but fundamental change may be elusive until those in power get behind their cars. and i'm on this, i'm joined by be nice. java from the w aisha vinnish. women's groups are outraged over iran concert recent comments is a non communist or genetic high british in man, how can you do disappoint bancwest many women? he has repeatedly given statements. dead women, right? got been this. they undermine the gravity of sexual crimes against different people . and they said that a point by hitting nice approach to a very complex problem and blaming them and, and the blue thing for him. yes, dr. like humiliation too,
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or those who have suffered. they also said that publicly saying that men cannot control them unless their robots, these kind of statements give validation and encouragement of men that they can go on as anyone want. as long as they think that she's not properly dressed. i'm wondering if this approach to women's issues offers him any political advantage. yes, absolutely. so during its election campaign and also as a prime minister on his views on religion, on society, on rest, and that he was all one to 5 right? individuals and guns every different country. and if you speak to him, support a government minister there said that he has brought thing anything that's incorrect, he actually did to fix the mind for the findings of id. so it seems that his support to subscribe to a very dry and traditional view of understand and don't understand or are
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insensitive to the changing gender. what i think they don't understand that, but it's slowly but struggling to become more liberal and dynamic. vinnish. you have a grown up and budget on spent a lot of time over there. i wonder how this binding to the conservative elements of august and the society impacts daily life for a woman in pakistan show. yeah, i have grown up and gone and i tell you that i was brought up very differently from the way my best woman from the child. i talked to behave a certain dark that they need to protection that they are submissive, they have to behave a certain way. what certain way. and i think slowly and gradually these beliefs and these concepts are changing,
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limited as fighting to have more dominant position and binding to have been white voices genic. nice. that kind of change. a stable themes on the trip to be too conservative in the sky. the gum kind of wanted with the support of those kinds of it over. thanks so much for speaking to us today. thank you. nibbling in the massage. any has taken an oddly unsettling ton. recently, a little over 18 muslim women discovered they had been put up for sale on a newly created up by unknown people. the app called suddenly deals also the women up as deals of the day, using photographs from their social media profiles. this is a screen shot shared on twitter, one of the women targeted. so lee is a sla directed against most of the women in india. the apples also don't get hub, an open source hosting platform, and was ultimately taken down of numerous complaints. one of those was targeted and
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later also filed the police complaint is commercial pilot now, mostly in a car who joins me now. how not welcome and thanks so much for joining us today. i'd like to begin by asking you how you are doing since you became aware you have been targeted in this way. thank you so much for having me and how i'm doing, i'm okie. i have this, i keep repeating here, everywhere that i have this reach that is constant, this angle which is constant. so i've come back mentally, i am doing my work and i am doing other things. but i also this, this underlying, he already just doesn't go away. so i didn't that i'm doing okay. now why do you think you and other muslim women were targeted in this way? well, so interestingly, you know, i am not
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a political ago and i don't grade politics. you know, there's nothing the right fight against. i don't see bad things about be put on 9 because this, the work that i mean and i was still targeted. so that is, you don't make, it's completely transparent why that happened. it's because it was muslim woman who had a wife all the women who are dog data or educated women, women who, you know, have a presence on social media when they talk people listen. so that is the reason that we were targeted in the 1st place because we were muslim women who are talking who had a conversation going, who people listen to. we didn't fit into the narrative of this muslim woman that fit the narrative that they want everyone to do. i do believe that we, i'm listening or pressed and somehow, you know, don't have rights which is absolutely incorrect right here in front of you and saying that this is incorrect,
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which is why i think all of us were targeted. do you know, this is something that's particularly far was for most slim women, given the fact that women in general in india educate women particularly targets on social media? absolutely. it's like fighting if it's only referring to, you know, or women, as you said, there's this patriarchal society that's, that's surrounded me. you have to fight so much and work so hard to do what we are doing to get where we are, you know, fight mindsets, fight people who are saying that we cannot do what we want to do. people telling us how to walk, what, where, how, what to eat, etc, etc. and you still make it. so you are already fighting with so many elements. and then along comes views. hey, you know, gangs, and me are auctioning us online,
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so it just is district. it feels as if, you know, you're just fighting so many different, you know upfront and that i think is absolutely unfair for any human being in the world. and especially women in india. we are already fighting so many things in this. you add this to us also, so you so we, we are strong, we are strong enough to retaliate, but do we need to be like this? do we need to be this way? do you think the targeting of muslim women in particular has become more pronounced in recent years and if so, why c? absolutely. i think, nick, you know, i don't, i like to talk about how it, in ancient times women were, or until women are supposed to be the soft target community. so community that has already been targeted on different levels. lynching is being become government days . all of that already. you know, so normally it's because normalized. now you come to that, you know,
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so the thing that we are the soft doug, and you've also find the police complaint in this matter. how hopeful are you that the police will actually act? so i have been treated very nicely by the police. i have, you know, i am not so like, i did not get any negative lights that i was trying to gray nicely because they're calling me again. you know, all the time. they're asking me for any update. i'm asking them for updates, so they've been very decent. you know so far and i and daily police actually made and i fire without me. anyone else doing and fire and yet. and the women's commission has, has spoken about it without, you know, it was an f i r annoyed that happening and you know, so, so i am pretty hopeful that they might come, you know, they might get to the bottom of this. i am pretty awful. how most you can believe
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it there for the time being, but thank you so much for joining us today. thank you so much. thank you. the f i r there refers to a report that's made to police in india. that's it for today. that of course, more on our website in the upper dot com, forward slash fisher. and you can follow us for facebook as well. we're back to more of the same time. see that the, the my foot i think was a sewing machine i found from women are boned by their social or something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle, even since i was a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle. my took me years to finally gave up and venture by me on my side,
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but return sewing machine going, i suppose, was more appropriate from goes than writing a button. and now i want to reach out to those women back home for bones by their social goals and inform them about their basic rights. my name is david holmes and i work i welcome to arts and culture coming up a to lay an architect, design for peace. could this timber meeting hall help and centuries of conflict? and later on the show where the stars go to shine and dine at the cannes film festival. but 1st one of the rising stars of
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britain's music scene 24 year old pasa lew britta can be an artist wraps about racism and crime. and his hometown of coventry, a city that's been called the most dangerous in the u. k. now pass, i lose, says coventry is just a place where people have fewer opportunities. and yet he's managed to make some of his own opportunities by sharing his experience. they don't know about the building the building man is just story was on as in. so live in the everything. so i was on what's happening in front of, you know, poverty and i was on violence was on friends day and was friends, turned it into crack scenes. was on schools in front 9 or zone. you know,
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like the front 9 this know about the building ramps about life in coventry, a tough city in britain, the front line for the under privilege and the forgotten. and that's the kid. even going to school, we have to pass frontline. my secondary school was on front end is a long strip. you know, as i said, you see now will, because in all scenes this in this you'll see everything normal. you know, if you see situations in, on seen, even going to school, you'll see the see those all this time being was little you them, you know, send to you not just normal canaan the would pass. so he was born in the industrial town slouch as a small child, he was sent for a time to can be to be cared for by his grandmother. that the upbringing was strict,
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but so lu also felt sense of freedom and belonging gambia. among the more the community and gambia was warm and caring. so a trice connections with neighbors, food would be shared with me in this is them up blood land isn't. it is a different kind of pride to see when i was i was born in england by my 1st language. it was of you know, and then so i knew i was different from the stuff you know, that can be, i taught me my history again. what i know today i would have known if i didn't get sent to gambia nonsense or grandparents took me villages. you know, i've had experiences my, my own parents didn't have, you know, had the chance of seeing real life. you know, obviously, coming back to the u. k,
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i learned what life is the cover sheet. to me, my mom coventry has been called to the most dangerous city in britain. you don't need to you there back. your why don't you, don't my phone gone. got killed that morning. most my friends in prison. they weren't raised in, nor we were raised in no, crazy way or any think, you know, it's in and most of my friends and that turn into crap famous. their parents moved a parent parents who kids in the system ever gave them mercy. nope. so the sit stops with a violent cit, insurance, that's it. the biggest main thing is
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self empowerment. lekia that you think would be great. i come from worry, you know, my trauma is normal and we all have, you know, we shape or we have too much trauma. so i'm saying, well, the thing is the only option we have to turning negativity into positivity. that's it right now we have despite having the show in the head in coventry was just a year and a half ago. one of these things happen every day. i sit again forward a digest to day. they would have sold me the criminal regardless gang bang. they would have no me, i in or gang sin of our family, you know, sin when it comes to when they put us in a situation in a jungle as a call it,
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you learn to have a people that's been food where you've been for comfort you know you comfort each other in not the people you have around you. that will you comfort with the end of the day in one by one. providing solace in lead times. this is the one your co energy where you live in a non nation's are in for this year. the emmy awards the top prizes for television in the us and leading the pack baby yoda. that's right. the star wars spin off the amanda laurie and isn't nominated and a whopping $24.00 categories. and so as netflix is the crown for its portrayal of princess diana's tumultuous marriage to prince charles. sorry. too much energy. and for the 1st time and emmy history,
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a transgender performer is up for a major acting award. m j rodriguez is nominated in the category of lead drama actress for, for role in pose the series about new york's ballroom scene during the aids crisis . rodriguez says she believes her nomination will open up doors for other trends and queer stars. for me when you are at the wisdom. for anyone interested in architecture, venice is the place to be every 2 years. the city hosts architects from around the world who come together with their visions and dreams for the future. this week on arts and culture, we've been featuring different projects from the architecture be analysis. today, a design meant to foster piece and understanding. and sheila is architecture, be another question, how will we live together? it's a pretty one for different people's pricing to regain control their interest or lands . this structure is from chile when
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a job dispute to the territory or ptolemy between the chilean states and the indigenous mccook population has recently escalated. spanish, colonialists were unable to conquer them, a future and so recognized them as an autonomous nation. today they claim the territory has been illegally requisitioned by agriculture and forestry companies, acting with state complicity. they resist and try to live in harmony with nature. pushing back against threats to the environment like deforestation, gillian star architect alejandro unavailable is looking for a solution to this conflict. ah, and as a professional into this process, we learned that then the future have an ancient tradition when it comes to solving conflicts. and this is the question of this be and how will we live in future, what they have a parliament and these have on condition that there should be a symmetry of knowledge on both sides. before you negotiate,
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you have to know who you're dealing with. the picture say we know what chile is, but chilly has no idea who we are going to be out of. and i came up with the idea for a meeting place. we hope the chilean m a future people could discuss their a dispute over land and autonomy to look into that. we inspire ration from the religious architecture of him, a future in which we integrated like the circle shape, which is typical for oral cultures orientation towards the east is essential for the future facing the sunrise. so we have to make that visible, and by visible we mean something vertical. with a meeting we set up here between the mythology and a timber company, willing to negotiate due to pandemic related travel restrictions. it hasn't been able to take place yet can so called neutral spaces like this really hopeful conflicts. here all if it's to open up the dialogue for
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a better future. a welcome future questions are pushing us with clearly not happy with the answers we have today. so where compelled to think the future, we have no other option, no other option, but to recognize social responsibility. and this isn't just true architecture. the cannes film festival is where some of the world's top films get shown for the 1st time. and for the 1st time since the pandemic, the red carpet, there has been teeming with celebrities, including this year's jury president directors by chloe. now this weekend, the festival will culminate with the top prize. the coveted time dove. but for can insiders. pandora isn't just a trophy, it's also a place to eat an exclusive restaurant with 2 michelin stars and a whole lot of movie stars. ok, martinez and
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a fine dining restaurant. time. do our favor, some people in the film industry? that's not only because of the restaurants excellent french cuisine is to mount the. our guests are very our people when they're used to traveling the world to be to the way i have a taste enough. i know the amount when steven spielberg was, he's impressed by the see the music whole setting that i regularly don't definitely on aging. as seen scenario center born in con, p started at le pine door in 1989 as a kitchen assistant. before going on to train under prominent european chef a lover and defender of classic pulled the saw additions, he returned in 2001 and became hatch in 2007. 0, the restaurants. terrorist offers
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a panoramic view of the cut and the closet. the main festival venue is also conveniently closed inside the restaurant, the core is an homage to the cities world famous film festival. traditionally, the come film festival jury members gather here for an exclusive dinner. as many of them are filmmakers, they appreciate the aesthetic flare that goes into the dishes which should have never had any complicated request. and i don't. people say stars are high maintenance, but i think all are complicated. it was critical, so people don't just come here for food and they come for the experience is not you can call this place the restaurant, but it is more than that. it's an experience. i know. like when you go to see a movie in the cinema? well, yes, yes. if you think you're the most,
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you're whoever takes home the coveted time door lord at this year's come film festival. he or she is likely to stop by la poem dollar restaurant for some of the finance cuisine on the w. and the average meal there with a few courses and wine will set you back around $300.00 euros possible celebrity sightings, included as it for this arts and culture. scenic fun. the the me ah, the
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ah, the against the virus pandemic now has the rate of infection in developing measures are being taken. what does the latest research say? information and context, ah, can really data special monday to friday on dw, the little guys, this is a 77 percent. the bomb is used to be issues and share ideas. you know, on these channels, we are not afraid to talk to young people clearly have the solution, the future 77
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percent now every weekend on b, w in december, 2019 the european council president showed me embarked on a ground breaking mission job to make us the 1st time jennings on the planet by the 25th but not all in new member state supported. and some persuasion is requiring a surprising glimpse into the very heart of our negotiations. among the flattery incentives but best lead time, often go astray who will win the game of diplomatic poker, the intrigue power plays, and the lines behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august 5th on dw.
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mm. ah, excuse me. this is the news life from berlin. unbelievably bad for us. president george w bush says he believes the withdrawal of nato troops from i've gone on. is a mistake. i'm afraid afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable heart . this is a mistake. i think it is. yeah, i think because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad. in an exclusive interview with d. w, the president who launched the longest u. s. one,
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says nato's gone al on is there a being left behind to be slaughtered? also.


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