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tv   Blut- Schatze  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 4:15pm-5:00pm CEST

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and more, more filling them in europe, also stronger economic. absolutely, and of course there is also this dilemma because it also always comes down to yes, we definitely need a greener future. but you're also limiting in terms of the growth of the economy in this package too. expensive for less, less wealthy countries only for about each and for 2 reasons. one think we already had a bit of a head start. romaine climate law actually does normally say 55 if you count in the mandatory sinks. so how much carbon can we take from the atmosphere into the natural things of soil? and it comes down to $56.00. and i think this is something which the leaders have agreed to, which we have school legislators agreed to. and this is now about negotiation negotiation on the how we can deliver it in a fair way, but also in a way that helps to bring out the innovation potential that we have in europe. and
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i think this is something which is also important to remember. this is a unique opportunity for europe to revive itself economically to utilize the innovation potential that we have and but for that we have to create the right conditions. including for example, finance. now if in conclusion, sir, major polluters like china and the us don't played ball the, you risk being left behind. i actually think that this is about the, this is a chance for europe to have a competitive advantage. but we have to also ensure fairness for the european economy, and that's why we have the so called cbm. so the carbon board adjustment mechanism, i tend to call it, it's actually a tool of carbon justice for the economy. so we make sure that when others don't play the bowl, we recognize this in the price of the important creative fair conditions for our businesses. but i think when we look around, look at the,
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the batteries business and the shift to electric cars actually in europe. we have a kitchen game to play compared to us as well as china. so i think this is where we need to actually stand behind our work and start properly acting. and sees is a paternity for both the people as well as the pilot martin herstecker. so back your member of the european parliament also sits on the environment committee. so thank you for joining us. greatly appreciate it. your pleasure. thank you. turn our attention out to south africa. their country is still reeling from that riots that are still raging. their fears over food and fuel shortages are growing as looting and violence goes on there for a 6 day authorities. the hospitals are running out of oxygen, drugs and food is riding, disrupt supply chains. more than 70 people have been killed in some of the worst violence in the country that the country has seen in years following the jailing of former president jacobs. the this warehouse in durban was ransacked
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by hundreds of people. the shelves empty. the goods carried out in bulk. it is only one of dozens of moles supermarkets and small shops that were targeted by looters, like this party supplies shopping. so widow, why? over the overhead i o banks money. i'm not going to pay this one with what in some instances, armed local residents went after the looters themselves, the governments and soldiers the most effective areas. as police struggled to control the young rest. the current situation on the ground is on the songs of events. and we will ensure that it does not deter it any further
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that cannot allow anyone to make a mockery of our democratic state. the protest started last week. after 4 months, south african president, jacob, duma began serving a 15 month jail term. he was sentenced for contempt of court after refusing to appear at a corruption inquiry. the outrage of zoom or supporters was compounded by anger over persisting inequality and poverty in the country. let's get you up to speed with some of the other stories making headlines around the world. pro democracy protesters in the mar have held a brief flash mob demonstration against the military regime about 50 protesters in young, gone transit, anti military slogan and showed a 3 finger protest salutes flash mobs, and i've replaced them as demonstrations seen earlier in the year after the armies family crammed down in paris, some 10000 spectators were allowed to watch the annual military parade from mark
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france's past few days. present to anyone my hope presided over the difficulties scale down national. the celebrations on the show, a heavy rain and strong winds are causing flooding across parts of western and central europe. one man is missing in the german state of facts any and a disaster over has been issued in half county in the border with a chuckle. public meteorologist expect more heavy rain and thunderstorms. in the coming days. now a week after the assassination of haiti's, president sheldon and maurice thirty's believe they've arrested one of the masterminds behind the plot. while 5 other suspects are still on the run mister maurice's killing has intensified the country's political crisis. the outgoing prime minister closures this is clinging on to power, while the opposition to them of carrying out a coup or powerful gang leader called the fascination and international spirit and
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called on his followers to mobilize. you're like, you're welcome. now, professor gunter my whole to firm the german institute for international insecurity fairs, he also happens to be an expert on latin america and organized crime. good day, sir. is there any hope for haitians that they can overcome the political anarchy? frankly, anytime soon there's no clear way out of this complex crisis. we have a situation where the constitution of the country doesn't show way out. we have a situation of escalating rivalry between different power contenders and we don't know who will be in charge in the future. until the election, so there is a lapse of time where we have no clear vision, how governance in this country will be organized. who's in charge and haiti at the
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moment. the prime minister is in charge who had been destitute by the murdered president one day earlier. and so the new nominated as well claims his interest to assume power. additionally, we have a president of the senate, which is calling for his interest to assume power. and we have a lot of defect of power in the police, in the criminal gangs which operating in favor or against one or the other because not a lot of characterizing this moment for hey t as a potential tipping point. is this an existential moment for haiti? i think it is because we have no legitimate power hold on, and one of the major interest off the age in political groups and elite as well of the national community should be to generate a new ledger timothy as well, for the president and as well for the parliament,
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so the electrons in september and essential point to come out of the situation. now he just doesn't seem to be able to catch a break. last week. he, some people in here have asked us to deploy troops and help a restore order is that is outside help really what haiti needs right now. it's one element which haiti needs, but we have a situation that the major international actors like us to ask themselves of future . so now we are in a situation where we had to think on each other. and i did nation something as a group of friends of the country should try to generate in cause in order to have something like an intention between the political and power. contend the in the country to generate
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a national consensus to bridge the left between the mother and the election. but sir, with all due respect, the united nations and the u. s. their track record is really is terrible in haiti . what does the current situation mean for the poor and vulnerable population of haiti? who can they turn to when we have a situation where there's gas line and food storage shortage, we have a situation of heavy and demick affection of the population of the chance of the nation. though these are all elements which are getting the people more ages, more confident of any action on the power holders though we are made to calles and no mere may hold from the terminal for international security affairs expert on latin american organized crime ser,
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thank you very much thank you. now more tokyo were no, not more. we're going to have some choke here. 2020 news for you now is fans banned from stadiums and reno's due to a state of emergency event. organizers have decided to add official games and merchandise to vending machines in japan for those unable to attend. well in the tokyo olympics media center or were with machines that you're seeing here has been stocked with 2 veneers. they carry everything from mugs to sunglasses and the fix apparently that logos imprinted on them took your 2020 months the 1st time ever that have been banned. fema takes the small washington news coming up for right after this cindy w. news, asia, why pockets dont prime minister, but i'm hon. comments, comments? rather on women. i'm generated, protest in his country and how much the women in india will put up for sale on line
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. the way to turn those stories in a whole lot more coming out in just a moment in asia with my colleague, garage banner g, i'm layla hawkins. robin on behalf of the entire team. thank you so much for spending as part of it. i'll be back at the top of the the the, the the, the the, the,
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the, the, the the ah, president george w bush invited us to this summer. we talked about the past as a special relationship to chancellor. i'm not afraid to make a decision. was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely soul. and that's the person i got to know the exclusive interview with george w bush in 60 minutes, dw eco, india. how can a country economy grow in harmony with his people and the environment?
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when there are doers, look at the bigger picture, india, a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india equal india d w. every day for us and for our planet. global i do is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make city screener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do with all our ways? we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable martin solutions overseas. that, in our ways, are truly unique. and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live in sir,
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bye, the environmental to global 3000 on d, w. and this is did up and use a show on today's program. the unending fight against massage any in south asia beginning and talk to the bank where no less than the prime minister implies women are responsible for the sexual crimes against them. we ask, is iran con, besides they stick? and in the muslim women are offered, of course fail online. it's a new law in what's become the norm, the targeting of educated, articulate women. the news i'm british manager,
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welcome to the the news a shark ledger could join us blamed for the crime, viewed with suspicion and told to hush it up. many women were speeding sexual assault in pocket on say, this is what they face. but amidst this victim shaming the country's leader, prime minister in ron con has gone on television and appeared to do the same. last month he told an interview up court. if a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on the man unless they are robots on court. and in april, during a live chat, broadcast and state television con urged women to wear a veil to avoid sexual assault, saying it is so that there is no temptation in society. activists to his comments reinforce common public perceptions that women invite to that assault. and they say that attitude needs to change,
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luna, and then roger is getting ready to go out. but choosing what to where in pakistan is a fraud decision. women can be judged harshly for how they dress in the conservative country. she'd like to just put on what she wants and be done with it. oliver say that there's nothing that makes me more happy than seeing women owning who they are and kind of, you know, breaking studio dice and putting a full stop there. because if one woman decides to do that, you know that changes the food of indigestion, generation, of women who are still fighting for basic rights. just recently, an interview with prime minister in ron con unlist fresh protests. he said that wearing a veil would stop men from being drawn into temptation, implying women were at fault for sexual violence. his remarks caused uproar amongst rights activists if i think he has discriminated. and he put
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all the blame and burden over woman dress that he should have addressed to manners room. so i think that was totally unfair. the woman of parking spot many women in pakistan had already experienced sexual violence including ma. when she was 6, her parents left her alone with a male friend of the family. she trusted him, but he abused that trust whom i wants to convince other women to speak openly about sexual violence. she says it's the only way to change prevailing attitudes that blame victims for sexual assaults, rather than perpetrators. when we are collect wise will make a difference. we don't need to be ashamed that did happen to us dish and the burden of proof, the shame lives of the one to do that. so this is something i think i have making
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these different in august, but fundamental change may be elusive until those in power get behind their cause. and i'm on this, i'm joined by be nice. java from dw aisha vinnish. women's groups are outraged over in ron cons. recent comments is a non communist or domestic hybrid h. m m. hi destiny. can you do disappoint bancwest many women. he has repeatedly given statements. i've been undermined the gravity of sexual crimes against them, and they say that the boys by his night approach to a very complex problem and claiming the men and clothing for him. yes, grind like grip mediation to all those who have suffered. they also said that publicly saying that men cannot control them. i'm yes, the robot, these kind of statements give validation and encouragement demand that they can go
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in and even when they want, as long as they think that she's not properly dressed. i'm wondering if this approach to women's issues offers him any political advantage. yes, absolutely. so during his election campaign and also as a prime minister on his views on religion, on the friday on western values. all right, individuals and guns every different country. and if you speak to him, support us government minister there said that he has the right thing, anything that's incorrect, he actually deflect the mindset of the funding society. so it seems that it hits support to subscribe to a very big dragon and traditional view of time, and they don't understand or are insensitive to the changing gender. what i think they don't understand that, but different society is slowly, but struggling to become more liberal and dynamic. vinnish,
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you have grown up and just spent a lot of time over there. i wonder how this binding to the conservative elements of august on the society impacts daily life for a woman in pakistan? sure, yeah, i have grown up in pakistan and i tell you that i was brought up very differently from the way my practice for women from their child. i talked to behave a certain way that they need to protection that they are submissive, they have to behave a certain certain way. and i think slowly and gradually these beliefs and these concepts are changing. women are fighting to have more dominant vision and fighting to have been white voices genic nice. that kind of change as seen on the trip to be too conservative in the sky. be going to want to do with the support of those kinds
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of it over. thanks so much for speaking to us today. thank you. nibbling in the massage and he has taken an ugly, unsettling tongue. recently, a little over 18 muslim women discovered they had been put up for sale on a newly created up by unknown people. the app called solely deeds. also the women up as deals of the day, using photographs from their social media profiles. this is a screenshot shared on twitter. one of the women targeted certainly is a sla directed against most than women in india. the apples also don't get hub, an open source hosting platform and was ultimately taken down of numerous complaints . one of those who was targeted and later also filed a police complaint is commercial pilot honda mostly in a car who joins me now. how not welcome and thanks so much for joining us today. i'd like to begin by asking you how you are doing since you became aware you have
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been targeted in this way. thank you so much for having me. how i'm doing, i'm okie. i have this. i keep repeating everywhere that i have this ridge that is constant, this angle, which is constant. so i've come back mentally, i am doing my work and i am doing other things. but i also this, this underlying, he just doesn't go away. so i didn't that i'm doing okay. now, why do you think you and other muslim women? what targeted in this way? well, so interestingly, you know, i am not a political ago and i don't grade quantity eggs. you know, there's nothing to fight against. i don't see bad things about be put on line because this the work that i mean and i was didn't targeted. so that is you don't
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think it's completely transparent why that happened. it's because there was a muslim woman who had a wife all the women who are dog data or educated women with women who, you know, have a presence on social media when they talk people listen. so that is the reason that we were targeted in the 1st place because we were muslim women who are talking with who had a conversation going, who people listen to. we didn't fit into the narrative of this muslim woman that fit the narrative that they want. everyone to do i do believe that i'm listening manero pressed and somehow you know, don't have rights which is absolutely incorrect. you know, you're right, you're trying to view and saying that this is incorrect, which is why i think all of us were targeted. the if this is something that's particularly far worse for most slim women, given the fact that women in general in india educate women particularly targets
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on social media. absolutely. it's like fighting it in on every front, you know, or women, as you said, there's a speech society that's, that's surrounded me. you have to fight so much and work so hard to do what we are doing to get where we are, you know, fight mindsets, fight people who are saying that we cannot do what we want to do. people telling us how to walk, what we're, what to eat, etc, etc. and you still make it. so you are already fighting with so many elements. and then along comes you have, you know, gangs, and we are auctioning us online. so just is this. it feels as if, you know, you are just fighting so many different, you know upfront and that i think is absolutely unfair for any human being in the world. and especially women in india. we are already fighting so many things in
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this. you add this to us also, so you so we what we are strong, we are, we are strong enough to retaliate, but do we need to be like this? do we need to be this way? do you think the targeting of muslim women in particular has become more pronounced in recent years? and if so, why? see? absolutely, i think nick, you know, i don't, i like to talk about how it in ancient times women who are or until women are supposed to be the soft dog community. so community that is already been targeted on different levels. lynching is being become common days. all of that already, you know, so normal here and it's because normalized now you come to that, you know, so the thing that we are the soft dog and now you've also find the police complained in this matter. how hopeful are you that the police will actually act? so i have been treated very nicely by the police. i have, you know,
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i am not so like i did not get any negative lights. street grey nicely because they're calling me again. you know, all the time they're, they're asking me for an update. i'm asking them for updates. so they've been very decent. you know, so far and i, and daily police actually made and i fire without me. anyone else doing in a fire and yet, and the women's commission has we had spoken about it without, you know, it was an f i r annoyed that happening and you know, so, so i am pretty hopeful that they might come, you know, they might get to the bottom of this, i am pretty awful. how most in con we'll leave it there for the time, but thank you so much for joining us today. thank you so much. thank you. the f i r there refers to a report that's made to police in india. that's it for today. that of course more
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on our website, the dot com forward slash fisher. and you can follow us and put in facebook as well . going back to more of the same time. so you're going to buy the scene or the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research information and context corona virus off the 19th next on d. w. in the climate change the city what was the people what ideas do they have for their future?
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d, w dot com, african megacity. yes. click enter me . ah, a german study has found more than 40 percent of people infected with covered. don't even know the races even higher among elderly people and long covert symptoms of the chronic form of the virus may also go identified that could include organ damage. testing could be more important than ever. welcome to the show. one, been physical and 1st up, let's talk to the the people
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what ideas do they have for their future? d, w dot com, african megacity. yes. click enter. me . ah, a german study has found more than 40 percent of people infected with covered. don't even know the races even higher among elderly people and long covert symptoms of the chronic form of the virus may also go and identified that could include organ damage. testing could be more important than ever. welcome to the show, one, been physical and 1st up let's talk to the author of that report to discuss the consequences of not knowing you've got covered philip. that was the principal investigator in the back covered 900 study. how you determine that over 40 percent
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of germans don't realize they have covered yes, good afternoon. actually, we have drawn a population based sample from the local registry offices. and we asked study participants whether they had a former proven infection at 2 time on 4 months, apart from each other, we asked the participant, we to provide a p, c, r test, which we did, and them, and importantly, we measured the antibodies and these antibodies are able to indicate what you had a former infection independently, whether you were back to needed or not. and you looked at over $10000.00 participants over half a year. is that something that you could mirror elsewhere in the world? well, i would take a note of caution there. the frequency of unknown infections depends very much on the rate of testing. and in germany we have across germany quite comparable
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regulations. so there, i think we can translate these to other regions. however, with translating that to other countries, we have to account for the frequency of testing, which has an impact on the number of unexpected infections, no matter the number, the what, what are the consequences of not knowing that you felt covert? well, actually showed that we learned that interestingly in the elderly, especially there are more unknown infections about 2 thirds of people, $6075.00, and plus. whereas in there's $25.00 to $30.00, for example, it only a 3rd. what means that the relative values a little bit, the incidences, although of course all this could be your cases and these persons may not should not be forgotten. and it will help us to recalculate the risk for persons and in
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certain conditions. not only the risk for people who actually have it, but what about the people around them as well? well, exactly. so what the problem is, the spreading m m can be very well assessed if you do the testing. and what we learn is that what we currently do is still not enough to recognize all infections . and if we want to have an early warning system and recognize a new virus very and for example, then we need a good testing strategy to detect unreasonable although these, these unknown infections. so philip is a time to get self tests out there to make sure that everyone is not only working out whether or not they're infectious, but whether or not they've had the coven buyers? yes. so it certainly i think currently it is a good idea to test better,
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especially in the time where we are driving back preventive measures. we are having major public events again like the, the soccer championship right now. in these cases, we need to have these early warning system. and still also back to me that people should get attacked and because they still can transmit an infection to not vaccinated individuals. and the other thing is regarding whether you had code with their we learned that we still have to see what are the right anti bodies to measure. because the majority of people do not have all antibodies positive but a certain one. and we have to learn in which persons they have to measure which antibody before we can go for screening for long. cobit and how many of these unknown cases could actually be long, covert yeah, that's a matter of debate. we are currently still investigating this in our study,
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and that takes a little bit time because the definition of long colbert means 6 month after the acute infection. and what we currently know is only for the known cases that at about 10 percent off code to develop long code with them. again, 10 percent of these 10, which is one of all known infections developers to be along with syndrome. and what we have to investigate and learn now, how many people off the, a symmetric infections can get the secret. and could there be a concern for younger people that they could have covered? they may not know, and they organs may be damaged, which, which may come out years later. indeed, that's what we fear. and that's what learned about is there a molecule signature, something that you can measure in the block which indicates that you are on the way of developing a long covert center of not having symptoms but that in the future you could develop a symptomatic disease which limits your life quality or also in the length of your
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life. but this is still a matter of research. everything we're doing there is still speculative and we have to gather more data to be sure about how to tackle these, how to identify that. but what we have to fear is yes, that it is possible even in a symptomatic infections or mild infections, that few people are at risk of developing a long code. it could be covered 19 studies, philip it, kathy on said today. thank you. a long covered suffers a calling on health care providers, employers and politicians to take their predicament seriously. for many work is out of the question, day to day activities are also a major challenge. your highness, either his name's her oxygen device, evan. written with
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a i the 25 year old suffers from long covered and was born with a heart the fact. months after our initial compet 19 infection, she needs oxygen therapy. even when only doing small shows like vacuum cleaning. without the device, she often has difficulties breathing. the bone when some of the most for a moment was one time when i was taking a shower to see maybe a even thinner. i started crying because i couldn't breathe anymore. i'm more or less fell out of the shower. i was trying to breeze it, but nothing was coming in according to initial studies about 10 percent of covert 19 patients have similar symptoms. johan, i used facebook to get in contact with some of them. they often suffer from constant extortion and lack of concentration. months after that initial infection. in your hands case, the symptoms are so severe that the 25 year old expects never to be able to work as
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a tax assistant again. if someone to sort of minimum, i suspect that will come down to a disability pension for no partial, i don't know yet. i would still like to watch. right now, i'm not able to and happy if i managed to get out of bad for 4 to 6 hours depending on the day. but mostly i lie in bed and vegetate provision better, and they can tell you. and as i bath also suffers mentally from her illness. she talks to the psychologist every week. he has over the help several long covered patients has not been conquered. we now have a new group of chronically ill people in our society that will have an impact on all kinds of levels. it will be noticeable on the labor market. it's crucial that these people are not left behind in terms of their participation, and also financially leave them underground. johan,
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as i hoped that her application for a disability pension will soon be approved and that she will be met with more understanding when it comes to long covet. closer my biggest wishes that people start taking it seriously that they don't dismiss it and say she's just being silly . she just has to get out of bed and get a grip. and my 2nd wish is that politicians and researchers also take it seriously . and that further research is supported, i'm a corporate for you in a few weeks, she should know whether she will receive a disability pension that would resolve one of many uncertainties that long covered has brought to her life. now you'll turn to ask the questions. here's our science guy, derek williams. call do the viruses a piece of syndrome like covered over the last year and a half. we've learned a lot about the chronic condition that affects up to 30 percent of people infected
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with over 19 for weeks or months after they supposedly recovered. but there's a whole lot more that we still don't know about what's causing the wide range of long cov it symptoms which often include crippling fatigue. and what sufferers call a brain fog. although some common symptoms of long cove it are pretty specific to an infection with stars covey to, for example, a loss of the sense of smell. researchers and doctors say there's also quite a bit of overlap with many chronic symptoms that can sometimes be triggered by other pathogens. among them. viruses that cause the flu monitor, nuclear osis and herpes. many of the long term symptoms reported by long covert sufferers are also common in people diagnosed with what's known as my allergic and
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stuff. hello my a light s or, or chronic fatigue syndrome when its origins can be traced back to a viral infection. the condition is often called a post viral fatigue syndrome because its symptoms are so wide ranging and physiological reasons for those symptoms. so difficult to pin down. many people who suffer from post viral fatigue, say they have often been told by doctors that it's basically all in their heads, but with millions of people worldwide now reporting long pope is symptoms. the good news is the government's are beginning to throw quite a few resources at basic research in the field of post viral fatigue. and that basic research will very likely have positive knock on benefits for people who suffer from similar conditions that have been linked to other pathogens.
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me, thanks for watching. stay safe and see you again say, ah, the news. news news, news, news. news.
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the news, the news, the news printed and george w bush invited us to his summer home. we talked about the past as a special relationship to chancellor under the medical. and i was not afraid to make a decision was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely soul. and that's a person i got to know the exclusive interview with george w bush in 30 minutes on d. w. o.
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the news people and trips injured when trying to see the cities into more and more refugees are being turned away at the border. family taxes period to be crated. and trade people seeing extreme dreams. getting 200 people around the world, more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. why? because no one should have to flee the make up your own mind. a w. need for mines. 2016. that's a good budget, the queen because the wants to see if germany was the last few years have been
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quite right fully in touch with the averted on the home when it comes to germany. and of course, always look in the eyes for it is, but perhaps the biggest on the new of the $900.00 on approved. i've got to be in the news. every person never comes when you're feeling forgiving. you'll realize it's coach. it's another way of living. are you ready to meet the german then join me, right? just do it on the w. imagine so many questions. turn out in the world right now. climate change in cost, the story. this is life less the waste from just one week. how much was going to really get we still have time to go. i'm doing all this flex. subscribe for more than he was like me. ah. ah
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was. ah, this is the news life from berlin. a hard breaking decision for us president george w bush says he believes that withdrawal of nato troops from i've gone on is a mistake. i'm afraid afghan women and girls are going to suffer. unspeakable heart is a mistake to the strong. i think it is. yeah, i think because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad.


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