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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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i was the was who's this is the news life from berlin, former us president george w bush says he believes the withdrawal of nato troops from gone it's, dawn is a mistake. i'm afraid african women girls are going to suffer unspeakable carpet. isn't the mistakes so withdrawn? i think it is. yeah, i think because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad in an exclusive interview. when we news, the president who launched the longest us war,
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says nato's are gone. allies are being left behind to be slaughtered. also coming up the green zeal, you unveil the most ambitious plan yet to tackle climate change. leaders set out how the block and flash carpet emissions within a decade hoping to turn green goals into concrete actions. also, wheeling from riot, the fears grow over food shortages in south africa as the unrest rages on math fluid. his supply chains as writers ransack stores, sparks for the jailing of ex, presents jacobs, duma, and tipping point one week after the assassination of president. the country spirals ever deeper into torment as rivaling forces try to fill the political power vacuum. ah,
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i'm glad i think you so much for your company. everyone. well, we open this broadcast with some striking comments made by the former us president george w bush in an exclusive interview with the w news. he says he believes it's a mistake to pull us and nato troops out of, of gone his time. president bush added that he feared it would draw, would lead to women and girls suffering at the hands of the tall about. he also spoke of his relationship with german chance anglo miracle offering priest for her support of the military mission. and i was very pleased. she was supportive of troops in afghanistan. and by the way, and when the reason why is because she saw the progress that could be made for young girls and women in afghanistan is unbelievable. how that society changed from the brutality of the taliban. and all of a sudden it sadly, i'm afraid afghan women and girls are going to suffer. unspeakable harm is a mistake. so withdrawal i, you know,
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i think it is. yeah. i think because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad. and i'm sad and i spent a lot and i spent a lot of time with afghan women and, and they're scared. and i think about all the interpreters and people that help not only us troops or nato troops. and they're just, it seems like there's, you can be left behind to be slaughtered by the very brutal people and it breaks my heart. former president george w bush. they're speaking in an exclusive interview, conducted by our washington bureau chief support she joins is now in us. a good to have you with us, a very striking comments that the former president made there. give us a little bit a sense of, of how he really felt about while the pull out from a storm. well, hello. we have to keep in mind that the war and the gun on was part of his war
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against terrorism. he thought that this is the only way to fight taliban and types of terrorists in this country, which then would kind of really oppose a danger to, to the united states. also, all his strong believe in the believe of his ministration was the only strong military action is able to really change nations to help them move towards democracies. that was his big thing. he thought with this military actions he took, he was doing nation building. so did you get a sense that you were there in the room, of course, and asked that very crucial question. did you get a sense that he was indirectly criticizing president joe buttons decision to withdraw troops? well, they obviously has a very different approach. president biden finalized the withdrawal because we also have to keep in mind that it was really president trump,
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who announced that all troops, all american groups would be withdrawn from a gone is done. but yes indeed, biden said explicitly that he does not believe that military action is an instrument for nation building. he does not believe that wars are needed are really helpful to could to help people to create their own democracy. so yes, indeed, this is a very different approach from president bush to president biden. it is a study in contrast of personalities. let's take a listen now for a 2nd to, to present to joe by the current us present because he has very staunchly defend it . the rapid withdrawal from of gone on last week. this is what he said. we'll pick up our conversation after that we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill. it is the right and the responsibility of the afghan people alone to decide their future
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and how they want to run their country. the us did not go to nation, build a nest. what was president bushes? original objective when he launched the war in afghanistan 2 decades ago. well, he saw that this 1st of all is the only way to fight terrorism. again, this came off to the attacks of 911. this is the context we always have to keep in mind when the talk about the start of this very war. and he and his administration, they really believe that strong military action is needed, needed enough, gone as time to really probe a single government, which then would lead to a democratic state. all right, you know the whole of reporting. thank you so much for that. it's for conducted that exclusive interview with former president george w bush gives you reaction now from i've gone is done where all the the sci fi is
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standing by in kabul. and she has extensively reported from there and has been covering the nato mission in of gone it's done for years. so good to have you with all the for president bush weighing in, you just heard calling that withdrawal from of gone is done. a mistake is that a view that is shared with the people and the leadership, and i've got it on i think the people on the sun, they knew, i mean the writing was on the wall that says, you know, interview, this invasion, whatever you want to call it was going to end at some point and ever since trump was very obvious that it was gonna happen fairly soon. but what frustrates the avalon people is not. you know, they were saying if you're gonna go go, just tell us lend. but more than anything, don't leave without some kind of condition. you know, there are no conditions on the bond. there are no conditions on the government. there is no real, you know,
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impetus to for either side to go and seriously take on the peace talks and don't. right now there is no emphasis on the title of bond for any kind of a cease fire or reduction in violence. the fact that they just that we're leaving with no restrictions with no with, with no condition for people more than anything, no strings attached. as you are reporting now, she mentioned, which was also quite interesting in that exclusive do you know the news report that the people that he's most worried about are the women the children are the vulnerable groups, like the interpreters and the people who helped the troops that have been based in have gone, is done for 2 decades. what is their situation right now? you know, the situation of interpreters is difficult because they were on the front lines of this. you know, they were standing beside foreign soldiers going into villages. they were involved in interrogations,
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although at that time their identities were hidden. but it's fairly easy for the taller bond to figure out who these people were. now to tell one has issued a statement saying if they really express remorse or retention for what they did, you know they will let them go. but there is no guarantee of that because there's no real system in place for that. how can you prevent who are you? and how can you convince them you know enough that you are repentant, that they won't actually come after? the situation for them is very dire. situation is very dire. and can you also speak to the situation of i've gone women and children, i will the, the games that they have made in the past couple of years. are they last well, i think we have to remember that, you know, these aren't gains necessarily. all of them, a lot of them are regains that. you know, women have right children, not right before the so he documentation, you know that things were evolving at that point. so it's not as if the us came and
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magically, all of these things appeared. the other thing is that there have been a lot of difficulties along the way. you know, women still have difficulty finding jobs, access to education is still a major issue. so to say that, you know, everything is great at this moment and also not necessarily real estate. but of course, there is fear that if the tall a bond come back to power, that they may go back to their old ways of 996 where women died. doctors were not allowed to step out of the house where they were controls on what you wore on, you know, media consumption on all of those kinds of things. so that's why it's so important for the taller bond to really put out a list of exactly what they expect if they are to come to power, mobile, the legacy be of 2 decades of us presence. and i've got to stop. and what do you make of the former president, the president who launched that war in afghanistan to top of the taller bon i think it's very interesting that he's suddenly, you know,
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concerned about women and children because you know, his war made a lot of widows and made a lot of children or friend, you know, there was a lot of, you know, there were, there were edition, there was no tunnel imprisonment. there is night. raise their stroke strike, there's air shape. there's all kinds of things that if you've concerned about civilian, he should've thought about during his own administration. as for the legacy, i mean, the fact that we're having these questions, the legacy, right? the fact that the total of on the bill able to pose a threat to, to, to the government, enter the security forces. the fact that we're still having these battles in the fact that we're still asking what might happen to women, to children, to interpreters, you know, 20 years down the line. that is a legacy. it is, you know, what really was achieved for. so asking these questions 20 years later, ali, let's see, fear journalists to in couple of thank you so much for waiting and greatly appreciate it. and the programming note for you now will be
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broadcasting the interview in full with george w bush. as you also talk extensively about chancellor, a miracle here on the w throughout the day, you can also watch it on our youtube channel w documentary. i want to fill you in now on another story that we're tracking for you today. the european commission is today, presenting was being seen as the most ambitious package of climate legislation ever . the fit for $55.00 program is a package of a dozen policies aimed at cutting the use greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent. by the year 2031, if the legislation managed to pass, it will give a major boost to renewable energy production. it will also have wide ranging effects on how your appeal live, including what type of cars they will be allowed to buy, and how they have to have their homes offer an estate. it will put a heavy financial burden on that citizen, especially in a poor country. environmental activists have
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a criticize the package. when i go in nearly far enough, well i just the short time ago your commission at present or is the underlying present at the proposals. this is what she had to say. we know, for example, that our current fossil fuel economy has reached its limits and we know that we have to move on to a new model. one that is powered by innovation that have clean energy. that is moving towards the social economy. europe is now the very 1st continent, but presents the comprehensive architecture to meet all climate ambitions. we have the goal. now we present the roadmap to how we can get there. i'm not, was chris president speaking just a moment ago in brussels? we're all familiar. let's bring in a martin hutch sick. he is a school voc in member of the european parliament and he also sits on the
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environment committee. a very we're welcome to d. w. news good to have you with us. all right, well let's get your take. it is this green deal the real deal? while i hope so, because the challenge is really massive. i think what we can see and already this summer is a set example of a. we moving from a climate crisis to climate disaster. the sciences won't, won't us 40 years. and we haven't listened probably. and i hope that this package will really be the package, not about 55, but about achieving the 1.5 degree warming maximum as we pledged about it. but also, it's a huge opportunity for you across the continents, from east to west, from north to south. i think this package, if we do a divide and i think in parliament, we will have a bit of a say to that. this is an opportunity to make you more resilient to make euro p and lives better and more,
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more filling them in europe. also stronger economically. absolutely, and of course there is also this dilemma because it also always comes down to yes, we definitely need a greener future. but you're also limiting in terms of the growth of the economy in this package, too expensive for less less wealthy country.


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