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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 1:45pm-2:01pm CEST

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9 was germany ranch lost with ammonia and self. saddam corruption also rises as a result of poverty. wherever it happens, correction homes, the economy under rose morals, whether you are getting bribes or taking them bribing doctors and nurses or paying them tips for better treatment or not. the hospital bed had long been part of the system and hungry. the government tried changing that in the middle of the pandemic by substantially raising doctor's wages, but it left pay for nurses and no medical staff untouched. under $830.00 euros a month isn't much. and that's just one problem with the sweeping reforms. critics actually call stupidity. they blame an incompetent populace government that spawns an exodus of workers. the likely similar to some hi, my name is christina july. i'm 53 and i've been working in public health care for 4
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years. i'm currently the manager of a retirement home in a town outside the past couple on march. first i was trying all day long to hold back that he if he for the full month and 6 days on the dates on my employee card that i felt i was things pass on that. and as it says, i've been working in public health care since 1983 and an intensive care since 1990 to the board of william octopus. and i'm new i all i can say is, i mean this has to be the biggest flap in the face we've had since the fall of communism as well. to march. christina c line was working in a n d and gone porsha bashed in an intensive care. then at the peak of the pandemic, 3rd wave and hungary, medical workers had their public employee status removed. the government said the new law was to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the chronically
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underfunded health care system. but the reforms mean it is now easier to fire nurses and health care assistance, and they can be relocated anywhere in the country for up to 2 years. but the legislation did not include was a pay raise. the country's health care workers faced an agonizing choice to accept the new conditions or quit. and if they talk to the media, the risk losing their job. the to staff we met spoke to us only on the condition that we would not show where they work from the wages and couldn't believe that the government would dare to impose this law on us at such a point in time. nobody had imagined that remember me money on it also leading to the gym for the 1st negative thing i noticed was the lack of discussion before the law was. when you get this stuff to go, my shoving contract in front of someone without consulting them beforehand isn't fair in my eyes. and not the problematic thing was the very faith wording of the
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law with respect to shift bonuses and over time, as well as transfers and vacation. we really didn't know what to expect to keep up with me to me. while the government has doubled, the wages of doctors in the panoramic nurses and other medical staff have largely been overlooked prompting at least 3000 to quit and march andriana shortish head of the independent union for health care workers. fierce that more staff could turn their backs on the hungarian health care system that way that i'm not clear negative forms representing the insurance. some stuff in the house have them have essentially disappeared. collective wage agreements have been abolished from the traditional way of protesting by refusing to continue and quitting was also bad during the day maintenance. not until last are employees. it's very difficult to
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show that they are part of the page to asian. and don't just want to carry on as before and really don't want to carry on the memo. the latch and i me, christina c line was among those who could not accept the new conditions. after refusing to find the new contract, she lost her job. but that couldn't damp and her urge to help others on the court in the time i left them public health sector. i was in really bad shape physically and mentally. so i think that question was a good decision was that the kid will not be shot. that was a couple of months, go and happy meals. i wanted to have my old job back home bought shoes as an independent contractor was me. this wasn't allowed that, however, the idea of doing nothing with this pandemic still going on, what's happening, i couldn't reconcile with my conscience as well as the way sion has been really bad
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since then. so now i work because the volunteer and coven units in the past. first, before we go about or do decide to sign the new contract. although he too is critical of the condition. i have, i love my job set up and i tried to do it to the best of my ability to she gave me this and there's no way i can let down the people i've been working with for so long. and i was going through so much with with little but generally minutes. imagine what would have happened to all of us care what? cuz it stood up in less than megan and i thought about all the people whose lives we saved this. and i'm just today, the man came in and said, thank you, you're wonderful. that's all i need to hear. got up as i get. well, it's not just people living under authoritarian style governments. they can find it
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difficult to get a hearing and have their needs met. democracies aim to balance competing interests, but often end up listening to the business interests with the most money, all clout. we met a german entrepreneur who's for sustainable energy, but not necessarily in his own backyard. goes the last wind turbines over there, any in lie look out my office window. i can 21 of those awful thing on the fund and it irritates me this to me. this is most inherent connect his company as a global market leader in tunnel boring machines. he doesn't shy away from politics . he's calling for no more wind turbines to be installed in his native southern germany. anywhere else is fine, but not in his backyard. jimmy's, i'm not here. home is in the black forest. what do you dislike about wind from on the aga, then 2000. did you want to install a 1000 wind turbines here and about,
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and that will cost $500.00 heck tears of forest it. so i'm wondering, do we value nature at all? are we supposed to cut down the black board? last flows up. the turbines are located high up in the mountains of the black forest because the wind is stronger than in the valleys. every wind farm needs access roads and a wide open space around 4000 square meters of clear ground in all because there in this come our need are oxygen. i come from last sex any which has a lot of wind farms in. surely not fair with southern germans like you say, they don't want any wind turbines in the area and again, make been the fuel. i am in favor of them being installed, where the wind actually blowing. also it's in northern germany under the code in those in the baltic sea or the north a that's all we should install them in the few guzman. i also support building a power line that runs from north to south to transfer the electricity generated in
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the north sea and the baltic sea to southern germany. in july, the southern germany is indeed a lot windier than the south of the country suited an underground table project that in the future will transfer or access electricity to industrial centers in southern germany. and does it happens her in connect drilling? technology is being used to build the underground power line. his company also supplies the machinery required to drill the foundations for wind farms. wednesday, somebody put in a lot of money from lincoln since your machines are being used to build it and isn't it a bit contradictory? that on the one hand, you're profiting from wind energy on while at the same time deciding it even energy to credit in credit. here, i'm not criticizing the project itself. i'm in favor of this underground cable that
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runs from north to south to been mia. it's just that if something bothers me, including political issues, me when i speak out, and if that's not popular, that's where you go. i want to inspire people to thing, not thinking unladen. so that electricity from the north won't be sufficient without additional wind farms in the south. so what's the alternative gale? tell me geothermal power like immunity. the sound of the moon can do that without making a fuss about it. the city of unit gets producing 25 to 30 percent of its electricity and heating with geothermal power home, down the soil. so we need to harness geothermal power to me. to me is to type of energy that works 24 hours a day. now, the power from wind turbines and solar energy on the other hand, is unreliable. take me can also be so we can cover spikes in demand. but when the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow in, then we can't generate any power kind spoke. so you can so in his view,
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geothermal energy, which comes from heat under the surface, could be a permanent solution. pipes very deep in the ground, alongside the rhine river. and running several 100 kilometers between southern and central germany. would supply hold water to power steam turbines. here to help connect to company has the necessary drilling equipment good us and everywhere in germany and from the may mid this is the no, not everywhere. the but the upper ryan rif seems, predestined for the sea. and we certainly do what they're producing, heating and electricity all the way from basel, almost to my home in the bottom, each room to mia does what i want to see is finally developing a concept for the next decade with or where our electricity will come from home had come on, we're missing and we need to finally develop
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a concept. but instead of just put the ring around the, to you and put a vision is what today's leaders need. or we want is a better the the me the news
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the, the the, the eco for the willis from the lead a national park in congo, the, he and his family would love nothing more than to live in peace. but poachers and farmers hunting them and threatening the species what's being done to protect africa in 30 minutes on the w
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o. the news. how does a virus spread? why do we parents? and when will all of this 3 of the topics that we've covered in a weekly radio if you would like any more information on the krona virus or any other science topics, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find us at some teen w dot com slash science. let me, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list, the magic corner spot for food and some great cultural memorials to build the w travel off we go hello guys. this is
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a 77 percent. the platform is due to the beat issues. share ideas. you know this channel, we're not afraid to talk. the young people clearly have the solution, the future. 77 percent. now, every weekend on the w printed and george w bush invited us through the summer home. we talked about the past and the special relationship for chancellor. i'm going to america. i know is not afraid to make a decision, was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely soul. and that's the person i got to know the exclusive interview with george w bush. today at 1530 on d w. the
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news . this is b w. news lives from berlin. fis grow all the food shortages in south africa. at the armrest, rages on mouth looting his supply chains as rises, ransacked, stores and clash with police. will then 17, have been killed in the violence spot for the jailing of ex presidents jacobs. the also coming up flames in gulf the united states west more than 60 was raging as a brutal heat wave parts of larger areas of the us. 55 to say the blazes.


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