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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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the news, ah, this is the w news live from berlin cities across south africa, looted and ablaze in the worst violet scene there in years. more than 70 people have been killed as writers ransacked doors and clashed with police followings. anger over the jailing of ex presidents, jacob's duma also coming up the plains in gulf the united states with
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a brutal heat wave purchase waves of the us. as over 60 wildfires, rage the largest covering an area of larger than new york city, forcing residents to fleet. and after one year due to the pandemic, francis traditional military parade is back, albeit as a scaled down version to mark best field day celebrations. plus, looking back at a special relationship as german chancellor angle americans time nears in and former us president george w bush, exclusively to d. w about our legacy and american font with for lend ah, ah, i'm sorry, kelly. welcome to the program. authorities in south africa say that more than 70
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people have been killed in some of the worst violence. the country has seen in years, stores and warehouses across the country have been looted, and more than a 1000 people have been arrested. the unrest erupt had last week after former president, jacob's humor began serving a prison sentence for contempt of court. this warehouse in durban was ransacked by hundreds of people. the shelves empty. the goods carried out in bulk. it is only one of dozens of miles supermarkets and small shops that were targeted by looters like this party supplies, shop and so widow. why? over the over over his i o bank's money. i'm going to pay this money with what in some instances, armed local residents went after the looters themselves,
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the governments and soldiers the most effected areas. as police struggled to control the unrest. current situation on the ground is on the songs of events. and we will ensure that it does not deter it any further, cannot allow anyone to make a mockery of our democratic state. the protest started last week. after former south african president, jacob's duma began serving a 15 month jail term. he was sentenced for contempt of court after refusing to appear at a corruption inquiry. the outrage of zoom of supporters was compounded by anger over persisting inequality and poverty in the country. and more let's cross over to dw corresponded christine wand while he was standing by and cape town. christine, what is the current situation in the country right now?
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farrah, the looting continues over night. more buildings were set alive. we know that the number of people arrested is well over 1000, and we are receiving warnings now off looming food shortages because of the disruption wasn't natal and halting. these are key provinces when it comes to the supply of goods into the country. in many sites in these provinces, vaccine role as has been affected, that is going to obviously have an impact on what already was a slow rollout of the vaccine here in south africa. there is also concern about racial tensions flaring up. now because of the lack of visibility when it comes to low enforcement, you now have armed citizens defending their property. and in many cases it is fueling some racial tensions. people also worried about the outbreak of info the violence because all sorts of criminality have now emerged from this violence and
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losing sara. okay, so, so we're seeing criminality. but i mean, you know, by enlarge christine. who are these people that we're seeing, for example, looting, fear the people you'll see losing our under privileged south africans. for the most part, these are people who live in informal settlements, who have been pushed further into poverty because of the pandemic and the restrictions that have come with it. and so what you're hearing from the, the officials in this country is that these people, there prophecies be exploit. in fact, those are the words of a senior ruling party official that the poverty of people was being exploited. but what authorities are now investigating is that these crowds, these mobs are being stoked and prompted by a more sinister force because among the looters among the people going in and stealing basic items like food and clothing, you have people lighting things up and setting things on fire, who seemed to want to be making destruction. and so these people are being
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investigated because it is believed what needs they have. reports have emerged that there are some intelligence officials that are believe to be linked to the former president jacobs. the man who may be behind the stoking and mobilization of the crowds that you are seeing. but the pitches you see, these are poor, south africans, desperate and hungry, who've been pushed into further into prophecy in this pandemic. ok, so i mean, you know, overall it is a desperate situation for many there. the military has been sent out. we understand to assess why is it proving so difficult to bring things back under control? well, law enforcement was stretched from the very beginning. there was limited police presence. the deployment of the military is controversial in itself, sarah, because it is essentially due to the lack and the failure of law enforcement. but what the, the government in south africa, the amc government and as opposed to does not one does a scenario where you have called african dying at the hands of law enforcement.
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they do, they have, as we understand from the police minutes, the police have been asked to act with maximum restraint. and this is why in a lot of the 40 you will see the police officer standing helpless watching as the crowd continues to loot and ransack. because the narrative, of course, of all this agency, government firing on black sold africans in the country with the sensitivity on the history that we have here is the last thing that the government wants to see. and of course, that military deployment in itself has been very, very limited. only a few 1000 soldiers. i think 2000 have been deployed. it is not enough to call the, the amount of risk that we have at the moment. christine, when we're walking us through, it is certainly a complex and in a sensitive situation. there we thank you so much for your insight. from cape town for wildfires are ravaging parts of the western united states, forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes. the blazes have been exacerbated by
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a record smashing heat wave that has killed over 50 people in the state of oregon alone. scientists are pointing the finger at climate change, fueling a mega drought that has turned swathes of the u. s. into a tinderbox. the oregon is the largest of nearly 60 active wildfires, currently burning across the western united states. the extent of the blaze can be seen best from above. it now covers an area larger than that of new york city, forcing residence in its path to evacuate their homes. this is my 1st wildfire, and it is scary. isn't that to make you cry age enough to make you sick to stomach? because you don't know if you're going to be the one that leases or how, or you sit there and watch your neighbor lose their house. and there's nothing you can do about it. many have have to take refuge in shelters like this. while the
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fires have been found fun, extreme heat wave, with temperatures reaching 47 degrees celsius, the heat alone has proven deadly. at least 54 people have died from hot weather in oregon, a line over the last few weeks. the age range is from $4897.00 with an average age of 70. so that affirms that we know which is that holder older individuals are at higher risk of heat related illness. the majority of them died alone and without air conditioning. scientists often little consolation, they see a direct link between climate change and heat waves that are fueling. these extreme fire of and the fires are also raging in the state of california for more i am joined now by isaac sanchez. he is a firefighter and battalion chief at cow fire in sacramento,
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california. thank you so much for joining us. what is the situation like in california right now? was very similar to what's happening across the west, elevated temperatures, low humidity's, and of course are receptive feel that that's, that's ready to burn with, with the introduction of the smallest part. so given that i mean what sort of challenges are you now facing when trying to extinguish fires and keep people safe amid the extreme heat. so the primary challenge that we face this time of year, and we're facing that sooner in the year than we ever have in the past is the, the rate at which these fires grow and spread that can obviously face present challenges, not only for the firefighters who are trying to put the fire out in the very, in the 1st place, but it is absolutely affecting the communities that these fires are burning near. and of course, the, you know, cause you need accusations that are clearly challenging our communities. talk with
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us about, i mean, if you could just put this in for the broader context for us, you know, we've seen this relatively frequently in the past years. is it getting worse as the years go on? or is that just perception? well, it kinda seems like it is getting worse. you know, the, the number of fires that we are responding to is clearly growing that is being shown and proven through the data that we collect and keep track of every single year. but what's, what's growing also is the size of the fires, they're simply getting bigger than they ever have in the past. most of this of the 20 biggest fires that we've had within the state of california historically have happened within the last 510 years then that that is absolutely concerning. and a trend that we absolutely would would like to see reversed. thank you so much. isaac sanchez mentioned your firefighter, a battalion chief at cal fire in sacramento, california for taking the time to tell us more about the important work that you're
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doing to try and keep people safe out there. so we appreciate it. thank you. and take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world in cuba, dozens of people has been arrested after some of the biggest anti government, demonstrations and decades. according to cuban authorities, one man died and what they are calling the disturbances exiled rights group. hugh black says that many as many as 150 people were detained. thousands took part in protests against cuba, economic crisis, and pandemic handling. he was president joe biden is attempting to push forward voting rights legislation. that's to counter attempt by several republican controlled states to change election rules which would make loading harder for some people. it's all the former president, donald trump false claims that the 2020 election suffered from voter fraud.
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the death toll from a collapse hotel in eastern china has risen to 17. the search and rescue mission has ended. after a day and a half. according to local authorities, 23 people were found buried in the rubble. 6 of them alive. building collapses in china, have in the past been linked to poor construction work. right. police and lebanon have fired tear gas and couples with protesters including family, members of the victims of last year and they report explosion. the demonstrators were outside the home of lebanon's. caretaker interior minister, they say authorities are obstructing the investigation into the glass that killed more than 200 people, an injured thousands one week after the assassination of hey, these president, the country is still reeling from the fall out. authorities believe they have arrested one of the masterminds behind the plot, but are still looking for
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a motive. meanwhile, a political power struggle is doing little to help the country recover. haiti, the poorest country and the americas, has a history of dictatorship, political upheaval, and corruption. it couldn't be more brazen. cctv cameras caught the assassins moving in military formation. descending on the sleeping president outside his residence. they bypassed hey security guards by claiming there were us agents. once inside they killed him. we need to know what is their motivation, who they are and where they came from. in the days that followed, police killed or captured an army of suspect, a mix of colombians and haitian americans. they had their mash and reese and then
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a few days later, near a ledger mastermind, a little known florida doctor of haitian descent. but no clear motive. in february jovan l. moist overstayed his term limit, parenting him plenty of enemies and feeling widespread. protel. 6 know his killing has created a volatile power vacuum for this month. plus joseph got so you may see claim to be prime minister with the international, but the opposition is a, he's tati. don't say to the woman, we consider him a new surfer who should be in jail. they say this man only knew who was nominated by moist 2 days before his day should be in charge. if that wasn't bad enough, haiti's notorious gang leaders have got involved too. so hopefully not so now it is
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a national and international conspiracy against the haitian peoples. i asked all the gangs to mobilize take to the streets. all the us is calling on the politicians to come tensions, years. the country's political leaders to bring the country together a round, a more inclusive, peaceful, and secure a vision and pay the road toward free and fair elections. this year. for the majority of haitians who live on just $2.00 a day, they can ela forward another period of chaos, nor a long wait for justice to paris. now where the annual military parade for the country's bust yield day is under way in a scaled down version of the event, only some $10000.00 spectators are allowed to follow the ceremony on the shops. at least a president manual. marconi is presiding over the national day celebrations. today
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also marks the 5th anniversary of the deadly attack in nice. when a terrorist kills 86 people by driving a truck into a crowd that's bringing parents corresponded lisa lewis, who is standing by. so lisa, tell us about what's happening today. tell us more while there will be $5000.00 military personnel, but also other personal, such as firefighters. for example, that walks out that are walking down the shows easy in paris, the government will be there, the president of the ministers is to showcase of military strength. and as you said, is a reduced version, at least when it comes to the spectators. if it more than $10000.00, that's less than half of what normally the number of people that normally attending the event and all those present need to wear masks and they need
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a so cause sanitary pass. that is they need to be vaccinated. sure. that they recently recovered from code 1900, all have a negative a p, c, r test a recent p c r test. and that's also the case for the military personnel participating in the parade. they need to be vaccinated also that they haven't caught cobit, that they are not positive at the moment. a middle of these celebrations, lisa, we also have to say it's a somber day. it is the 5th anniversary of the deadly attack in nice. how are those victims being remembered? there will be a ceremony this afternoon in nice with the families of the 806 victims of that attack 5 years ago. that was carried out by a canadian man living in this in his thirty's. he drove his truck into the crowd that day when tens of thousands of people were watching the tea day fireworks. now
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this will be remembered the victim to remember this afternoon and a small ceremony. the families were received a national order for the victims of terrorism, and that the end of the small ceremony as they will be a $26.00. so that will be release later at night. that will be concert taking place in nice and a $20.00 to $30.00 for the exact time of the a target. the city of news will light a to 6 light beam along the home and not these on lab, which is the, you know, the mediterranean mediterranean road, where the attack took place 5 years ago. lisa lewis with the view from paris, thank you so much. now in other news angle america, we'll meet with president joe biden, tomorrow in washington, and what will be her final visit to the u. s. as german chancellor biden is the 4th u. s. leader. that medical has worked alongside in her 16 years as leader of
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germany. her 1st, george w bush said that he admired her love of freedom. they bonded over grilled, bore and visits to bushes. ranch in texas then came barack obama. they grew close over his 8 years in office. though they didn't agree on everything. they shared common views on climate change, human rights, and security. well then k medical's toughest tests. donald trump's erotic style contrasted with miracles, quietly spoken approach. they clashed publicly and privately throughout his term. now as medical prepares to meet her forth u. s. leader. our washington bureau chief, sat down with former president george w bush to get his analysis of her legacy. now bush rarely gets interviews anymore, but because of his special relationship with miracle, he invited the w to his summer home in maine. he talked about the future of the
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transit atlantic relationship miracles take on china and russia. and the moment he massaged her soldiers have a look. if you would read the history books, what would be your paragraph about america on merkel brought clash and dignity to a very important position and made very hard decisions. i bet a legacy about merkle is there. a lot of girls watch on the la merkel say i too can have a position of responsibility and power struggle america relationship is letting me put it is somewhat special. sometimes is really close. sometimes it's more confrontational. how do you see her relationship? how did you see it when you were in office? well, 1st of all, i fully understood the importance of russia to germany. i mean, foods got a big influence and he speak german and, and i one,
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he's wiley and it can be pretty tough. and so can august, so i was worried about putting running over merkel ice sheet. she can hold her own and i'm sure she did. so we have to talk about northridge too. are you disappointed that america kept promoting supporting this pipeline? yeah, i think it's a mistake and i told her to get her schroeder, i've told dongle, you know, i think it's a mistake because, you know, the motivation of russia are, are, can be pretty confusing. and i think more that a nation that is not an open democracy, has an economic strangle hold on a democracy. it puts people in a very difficult strategic position, talking about difficult relation relationships. what triggered i'm going to medical and donald trump and cause these are we actually he once refused shaking her head.
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i don't know. i don't know if that was just a, not a good period in german or us relations and i don't know. i don't, i don't know, donald trump, i'm reading one time at the very same funeral that i feel a miracle game too. and so it's hard for me to guess why am germany is a very close ally and a very important friend, germany really important for europe and, and germany got a lot of sway in terms of helping shape kind of world opinion on key issues. and therefore, it makes sense for us president to be close to the german chancellor. some people criticize her over her politics with china, saying that like the trade with, with this country is more important for her than human rights. i don't know, i am father that closely, but that's gonna be a dilemma for everybody. and in china is certainly a problem for the western world, because not only are they becoming an industrial competitor,
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but they are pretty autocratic. what's your take on her reaction when she didn't close the borders and led in like a 1000000 or so? yeah. you know, my 1st reaction was there's a one with a big heart and i'm sure she was motivated by human compassion. and you know, there was i, it was clearly a tough political decision for her. but she took a lead. look, i made a lot of tough decisions too. and i hope when people look at my record as president, they say he did what he thought was right. and stood to ground. and so i admired i admire her steadfastness and uncle is not afraid to make a decision was not afraid to lead. and the world needs leadership that has based upon principal, she was supportive of troops in afghanistan by the way. and one of the reasons why
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is because she saw the progress that could be made for young girls and women in afghan to stand as a believable how that society changed from the brutality of the taliban. and all of a sudden sadly, i'm afraid afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable harm. there is one image, the world remembers of you and i'm going to america that's, that's at the g. a meeting in saint petersburg when you were massaging her shoulder . and i walk by again where, yeah, i wouldn't call it an extended massage. i'd call it a. yeah, i mean she was here is kind of a spontaneous reflection of friendship. and i'm sure people didn't know what to make of it. i didn't mind right. those kind of i thought it was . wow. and that can i don't know. yeah. i mean one of those things that just happened. it certainly was scripted. did he ever talk with her about it?
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no, no, but if i need to go, i'm sorry, i did that. but in the public spotlight, but on the other hand, is a reflection of my, my friendship with you. and we will be broadcasting the full interview here on d. w. throughout the day. you can also watch it on our youtube channel w documentary. that 10 star roger federer has pulled out of the upcoming olympic games because of injury federer. a 20 time grand slam champion has been struggling to find his best form after having double knee surgery last year. he went out of the recent wimbledon tournament in the quarter finals. federal says that he was still experiencing problems with his knee, but hope to return to action. later in the year. a quick reminder of our top story . authorities in south africa say that more than 70 people have been killed in some of the worst violence that the country has seen in years. stores have been looted over a 1000 people have been arrested. the unrest follows the jailing of ex president.
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take me up next. will india take a look at noise pollution in dallas to stay with us if you can for that. in the meantime, i'm sarah kelly in berlin. thank you so much for your time. always more in the website, the w dot com pick and choose choose the news. news. the news.
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the news . the news the news, the news the news india, the noise like the humans and animals alive polluted
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a big problem in india specially and metropolitan widely underestimated enforcement duction on voice. bullshit is very limited. on w rice loose treasures stolen from more zones. lenders looted for the international art market collectors, extremely valuable pieces from the middle east, which fetched compromises at european auction houses and immoral business that fills the coffers of terrors. factions, blood treasures in 45 minutes on the w. o. news. george
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w bush invited us somewhere. we talked about the past as a special relationship to chancellor. i'm going to medical, i'm not afraid to make a decision was not afraid to leave a kind person with a lovely song. and that's the person i got to know. the exclusive interview with george w bush today at 1530 you t c on the w. ah, the news me, me road traffic cleans all construction noises a form when you should that affect people and wild life around the world every day . in this edition of equal india explode is often overlooked and what can be done
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to give us a break. hello and welcome some.


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