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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah was lose lose. this is d w. news live from berlin. city is across south africa, looted and ablaze in the worst violence seem there in years. more than 70 people have been killed as writers ransacked, stores that clash with police following anger over the jailing. the ex president, jacob's doom out of the coming up plains in gulf the united states as west a rural heat wave purchase waves of the u. s. as over 60 wildfires,
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rage the largest covering in area larger than new york city, forcing residents to flee and to the digital currency for europe. the use central bank will announce this plan today. the will consumers and businesses accept electronic euros. ah, i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. authorities in south africa say that more than 70 people have been killed in some of the worst violets. the country has seen in years, stores and warehouses across the country have been looted, and more than a 1000 people have been arrested. the unrest erupt at last week after 4 were president jacobs began serving a prison sentence for contempt of court. the this warehouse in
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durban was ransacked by hundreds of people. the shelves empty. the goods carried out in bulk. it is only one of dozens of moles supermarkets and small shops that were targeted by looters like this party supplies sharp and so widow over the over and over his eye. oh, banks, money. i'm going to pay this one with what in some instances, armed local residents went after the looters themselves. the government sent soldiers to the most affected areas. as police struggled to control the unrest. cut out his ration on the ground is under strong serv, events and will ensure that it does not deter it any further. cannot allow anyone to make
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a mockery of our democratic state. the protest started last week. after former south african president, jacob's duma began serving a 15 month jail term. he was sentenced for contempt of court after refusing to appear at a corruption inquiry. the outrage of zoom of supporters was compounded by anger over persisting inequality and poverty in the country. and let's get more now from the w. corresponded christine, while who's standing by in cape town for us, christine, tell us what is the situation on the ground right now? what do you hearing about the area? well sarah, in the to fix it provinces in helping and wasn't natal, the loosing essentially continues and has done so overnight, waking up this morning because see, live the visuals of people still losing in the early hours of the morning. again, there is relatively little presence of law enforcement in,
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in many of these areas where the looting continues, it is joined, the capturing that we know that more dramatic feeds have been emerging. for example, we saw images of a women having to throw a baby out of a window because the building they were in was on fire. fortunately, both mother and baby made it out. but these are the dramatic scenes that we continue to witness as this. and our key essentially continues. we know that more than a 1000 people have now been arrested and the state security officials say they are investigating what is being deb chad. the 3rd force at play, who is instigating this? and we know for example that they did say this is the states occasion minister of the country that they are also investigating former intelligence officials links to jacob's duma who could be behind inciting violence. but it has gone on to disrupt the economy to disrupt people's lives. even the vaccine rollout has been affected as a number of sites have had to be closed as a precautionary measure. so given all of that, christine, i mean,
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where is this likely heading and what could the future likely hold for zoom as well as it is for mr. zimmer, looking at the case, the constitutional court, the judges that sit on the bench are now considering and deliberating what the, what they heard. on monday, of course that was when day was that session of whether or not the former president will be successful in his attempts to have that port rescind. essentially cancel the ruling as well as the sentencing and conviction. but it doesn't appear that the developments in the country right now have any bearing on that, christine ones, in cape town, thank you so much. well, elsewhere, wildfires are ravaging parts of the western united states forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes. the blazes have been exacerbated by
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a records smashing heat wave that is killed over 50 people in the state of oregon alone. scientists are pointing the finger at climate change feeling a mega drought that has turned swathes of the u. s. into a tinderbox. the oregon, please like fly is the largest of nearly 60 active wildfires. currently burning across the western united states. the extent of the blaze can be seen best from above. it now covers an area larger than that of new york city, forcing residence in its path to evacuate their homes. this is my 1st wildfire, and i will tell you it is scary. it's not to make you cry. age not to make your stomach because you don't know if you're going to be the one that uses your house, or you sit there and watch me or lose their house and there's nothing you can do about it. many have had to take refuge in shelters like this. while the fires have
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been found one extreme heat wave, with temperatures reaching 47 degrees celsius, the heat alone has proven deadly. at least 54 people have died from hot weather in oregon alone. over the last few weeks, the age range is from $4897.00 with an average age of 70. so that affirms what we know, which is that holder older individuals are at higher risk of heat related illness. the majority of them died alone, and without air conditioning, scientists offer little consolation. they see a direct link between climate change and heat was that of fueling these extreme fires and the fires are also raging in the state of california. for more i am joined now by isaac sanchez. he is a firefighter and battalion chief at cow fire in sacramento,
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california. thank you so much for joining us. what is the situation like in california right now? which is very similar to what's happening across the west, elevated temperatures, low humidity's. and of course there are receptive feel bad that's, that's ready to burn with, with the introduction of the smallest part. so given that i mean, what sort of challenges are you now facing when trying to extinguish fires and keep people safe amid this extreme heat. so the primary challenge that we face this time of year and we're facing that sooner in the year than we ever have in the past is that would be the rate at which these fires grow and spread that can obviously face present challenges not only for the firefighters who are trying to put the fire out in the very, in the 1st place, what it is absolutely affecting the communities that these fires are burning there . and of course, the, you know, causing the accusations that are clearly challenging our communities. talk with us
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about, i mean, if you could just put this into the broader context for us, you know, we've seen this relatively frequently in the past years. is it getting worse as the years go on, or is that just perception? well, it kind of seems like it is getting worse, you know, the number of fires that we are responding to is clearly growing that is being shown and proven through the data that we collect and keep track of every single year. but what's, what's growing also is the size of the fires, they're simply getting bigger than they ever have in the past. most of the, of the 20 biggest fires that we've had within the state of california historically have happened within the last 510 years. and that, that is absolutely concerning. and a trend that we absolutely would would like to see reversed. thank you so much. isaac sanchez, as mentioned you're a firefighter battalion chief at cal fire in sacramento, california for taking the time to tell us more about the important work that you're
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doing to try and keep people safe out there. so we appreciate it. thank you. let's get more insight. we are joined by carl projects loyce nor he is a climate physicist at humboldt university in berlin and crawford. i mean we've just heard there, we spoke to that firefighter there in california. we're also not only thing in the u. s, but also canada, russia, spain, extreme heat, waves record temperatures in many parts of the world. you know, a lot of people point to climate change. is this climate change, or is this the, the the news, the
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news about climate change? so be not just doing was 6 us if you want to say so climate change is making us throw sentence and the impact of this is know being sold all over north america. and part of your job is in fact not just to assess what's happening right now, but also to perhaps project into the future when it comes to the impact of climate change. what are you expecting now in the coming years given the current situation? well colleagues of mine does to keep the example have done an analysis on the characteristics of this effect and why it is today is indeed a very rare, an extreme event at a warming of 2 degrees above pre industrial level. such an event could happen every 5 to 10 year. so by, by mid century and a couple of k. and i think it's illustrating that the climate crisis is not some something that's happening in the future. it's something that's very much upon us.
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i'm being based in berlin and instead of saying we're leaving the american sector, maybe we should have time post every bad the leaving the civilization friendly sector this to, to concentrations in the atmosphere being the highest, the last 3000000 yet. and temperatures has to be, quote him probably the highest in the last 12000 years. so in the time when humans started to do agriculture and civilization started to possibly, i'd like to ask you about the plans in the table to try and you know, combat climate change get emissions under control. the european union, for example, says that it wants to drastically cut emissions in the next decade. what do you make of that plan? is that enough? it's urgently needed. but we do know the plans that we have on the table are insufficient to achieve the want to have to be limit of the purchase agreement and use impact reminders that we should cut emissions as soon as possible in
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a drastically as possible in order to limit that future and so while the see a lot of promising developments in recent years, also the change in the global political landscape on climate action. and a lot of countries committing themselves to achieve nativity emissions by the century. much more is required and particularly mixed k to slow down climate change and get us on a trek towards achieving the purpose of being confrontational, kind of climate for just joining us from berlin. thank you so much. thank you very much. and let's take a look at some other headlines making stories around the world. in cuba, dozens of people have been arrested after some of the biggest anti government demonstrations in decades. according to cuban authorities, one man died in what they are calling the disturbances. exiled rice. cuba lacked as many as many as 150 people would attain. 1000 took part in protests against cuba, economic crisis,
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and pandemic handling. riot police and lebanon have fire tear gas and scuffled with protesters including family, members of the victims of last years, they report explosion. the demonstrators were outside the home of lebanon's. caretaker interior minister, they say authorities are obstructing the investigation into the blast with more than 200 people and injured thousands more. us president joe biden is attempting to push forward voting rights legislation. that's the counter attempt by several republican controlled states to change election rule. which would make voting harder for some people. it follows former president donald trump false claims that the 2020 election suffered from voter fraud. i res funerals have been held in the iraqi city of not just for the victims of a hospital fire. officials say more than 90 people were killed, wouldn't believe, talk to a corona, virus isolation,
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ward. a committee has been form to investigate the cause of the fire. and here are some developments now in the corona virus pandemic, bangladesh will lift its locked down for its 2nd biggest religious festival. the eat at the end of july thats despite new infections soaring to record levels and recent days in australia, sydney has extend that it's locked down by 2 weeks. as infections continue to rise, the public is under stay at home orders except for essential outings. and london's mayor has announced masks will remain mandatory on public transport. it comes as the u. k. government ready is to lift most coven, 1900 restrictions in the face of rising cases. well, looking to the e. u. now where most countries are on track to reach their goal of getting around 70 percent of their population vaccinated by the end of the summer. but bulgaria is nowhere near that target. it has the lowest vaccination rate in the block. just 16
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percent of citizens have received one job so far correspond barbara vsl went to find out what's behind the reluctance. people are not exactly flocking to this explanation center in sophia's jewish by district. today, only a trickle of locals are coming in to get the jap, walked over to the court and more people come they have here we are overall public opinion about the nation has been very skeptical. but over time, let's changing the need. dr. tania is doing his best vaccinating it's speed, handling up to 15 patients for our but he works alone and getting the job into all arms in this district is going to take time. in spring bulgaria didn't have enough vixen, but now people us for, for choice. johnson johnson, the allison johnson and john, which is one dose, you get the certificate right away as far as any go and, and r n a, which is more done and pfizer, up to number. they're not e, pfizer, this year is over over the no,
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i can go to greece to the c side. but this happy patient is in the minority at the nearby market. locals are of a different mind and skepticism balance, though we don't want to get vaccinated. i'm not afraid, but i'm not doing it just pops up. i know most, i'm very skeptical about these things they've been developed to 5 is going to still come from abroad, so i'm not sure they're good in the system. not afraid of the corona virus, and i'm not going to get vaccinated. civics and get them the former government officials already fear next wave of infections and doctor on you couldn't shift from bulgaria as ministry of health. is it the last to explain the low take? true exam. choices based on emotions are not based on rational thinking. in the lab . roper, we have to develop talk will show on know, in europe is so much room given to anti vaccine opinions. also from doctors,
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unfortunately it's not traditional, i can really cannot explain for myself, why did happen, and it's crazy, but media expert or how does that cover? chevy things. she knows the reason there was a direct link between the leading dc probation and conspiracy. curious about call me and low levels of draft in mission of government. and she also believes that the last government is at fault avoiding a political decision, not giving clear messages to citizens. we had to maybe go out thing to contradicting things about it and about measures. and then of course, there's the internet. a lot of disinformation coming from russia. we have a mean staying after 2 world wars. now we have a 3rd world war which is fought not with guns, but with vaccines. gutierrez government is now planning
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a big p r campaign in order to from those racks, nations. but given public opinion w, it seems a pill battles could beg. and now, one week after the assassination of haiti's president, the country is still reeling from the fall out. authorities believe they have arrested one of the masterminds behind the plot, but are still looking for a motive. meanwhile, a political power struggle is doing little to help the country recover. haiti, the poorest country and the americas, has a history of dictatorship, political upheaval, and corruption. it couldn't be more brazen. cctv cameras caught the assassins moving in military formation. descending on the sleeping president. ready outside his residence, they bypassed hey security guards by claiming they were us agents. once inside,
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they killed him. we need to know what is their motivation, who they are and where they came from. and the days that followed, police killed or captured an army of suspects. a mix of colombians and haitian americans. they had their mash and reese and then a few days later near a legit mastermind, a little new florida doctor of haitian descent. but no clear motive. in february juvenile moist overstayed his term limit, earning him plenty of enemies. unfeeling widespread protests. 6 no, he's killing, has created a volatile power vacuum for this month. plus joe? steph got. so you may see a claim to be prime minister with the international,
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but the opposition say he's tati. delta to human woman. we consider him a new star who should be in jail the see this man audio own we who was nominated by moist 2 days before his day should be in charge. if not, wasn't bad enough. katy's notorious gang leaders have got involved too. so cobra, not so now. it is a national and international conspiracy against the haitian people. i asked all the gangs to mobilize take to the streets or the us calling on the politicians to come tensions years. the countries political leaders to bring the country together a round, a more inclusive, peaceful, and secure vision, and pay the road toward free and fair elections. this year. for the majority of haitians who live on just $2.00 a day, they can ela forward another period of chaos, nor
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a long wait for justice. and now in other news, are we entering the age of the digital hero. while the european central bank is today expected to give the green light to its own electronic currency, digital euro would have the same value as cash or the money and bank accounts would be issued by the e. c, v, or national central banks to private persons and companies. now, e euro deposits would probably be kept at a value of around $3000.00 euros. that's the easiest fears. the digital coin could make, the e. c, b, a competitor to banks. but a survey by germany central bank says that most consumers here would reject the digital 0 over half of household say that they see no benefit over current payment methods and are worried about security. so let's head over to the table now my colleague daniel winter is standing by for more on this story. so daniel, tell us, what are we expecting from the cd today?
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okay, well, let me lay out the nightmare scenario for you, right? at the e. c. b, a, so focused on this, you know, china is working on its own digital currency. the u. s. is going to make it so. now imagine if those got popular here in europe in the euro zone and shop saw except to get these, you could lose, can troll erotically in the disaster scenario of the currency of the euro zone, and they don't want that. so at 1 pm today, they're going to be laying out their plans, which could include, for example, a 2 year development period, a 3 year trial period. it's a few years out. but the roadmap is what they're going to be putting forward today . he said, disaster scenario. i just wanna talk about the upside because, i mean, there is upside right for businesses and consumers. what are some of the potential advantages here? well, it's very clear for businesses, right? you can even imagine like even very small shops, they've got to pay a percentage on credit card transactions and things like that. he had the money just go straight into the bank account, free and easy and open to everyone's consumers. those people who find it difficult to get a bank account for whatever reason they should be able to have that digital euros
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parked in an e. c. b safe and secure bank account for free. that's the theory, at least as for other reasons why consumers might use it, that that's not really out there. it's not really clear yet. i mean, if i can just go into a shop with a, with a credit card and just place it on the, on the, the terminal and get my goods. surely, that's it for me, right? so the e. c, b does still have to do with the promotion there, especially towards consumers. absolutely. especially those who love cash. i mean there are some societies, especially here in europe, just who just love that cash money to tell us the critics, what are they saying? well, there's all kinds of critics, so there's, i mean, some of the banks are saying, okay, well, if people can just park their money with the e c. b, why would anyone come to us? and the e. c. p is throwing its weight around and could cause problems for the big banks as well. we have to wait and see whether that's going to be true though. you know, these banks mostly make that money off debt so they can still attract customers who want loans and mortgages. this kind of thing. so that could all just be his theory at the moment. but also you have to think if this bank, if this central bankers in control of people's money and have issues around
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security in issuing this for example, then everyone is going to be affected all at once and is going to be very problematic. so the european central bank has to get this down has to make sure that it's secure in order to be able to make sure that everyone is on board on this, and that everyone will be using the digital euro in the next few years. ok with that look potentially into the future. their d. w. daniel winter. thanks so much. it's a pleasure. in sports. kenneth starr roger federer has pulled out of the upcoming olympic games because of injury fed her a 20 time grand slam champion has been struggling to find his best form after having double knee surgery last year. he went out of the recent wimbledon tournament and the quarter final federer says that he was still experiencing problems with his knee, but hope to return to action later in the year. and the nominations are in for the amuse, the highest honors in
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u. s. television and 2 very different dramas are leading the way the time makes the same day. netflix is the crown and star wars spin off the drama, the men delorean will have an impressive $24.00 non nation. also look into when big is super hero drama, from any excuse me, one division with 23. my depend demik disrupted production of some television shows, meaning that some of them didn't return to the brain for this year in time to be considered fun. but the awards they will be handed out in los angeles. on september 19th. a quick reminder of our top story. authorities in south africa say that more than 70 people have been killed in some of the worst violence in the country. it has seen in years, stores have been looted over a 1000 people have been arrested. the unrest follows the jailing of ex presidents
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jacobs the until forget, we'll have another news update at the top of the hour for you here on dw news. always one of the website, p w dot com, i'm sorry, kelly and berlin. thank you so much. take care. the news . the news, the
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news the news, the news, the news, the the some say in the leisurely lifestyle time is tropical island. paradise for surfers. but my country and dream beaches aren't just about fun and relaxation. young surfers are training in the least national program. they're
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target olympic goal for china. india noise. lead to humans and animals are like a big problem and especially in metropolitan city, but widely underestimated then for production, pollution is very limited to 60 minutes on dw o invoice attention again. well, be covering weight and burn in south africa. and disability is more likely to lose their jobs in the black lives matter process. china bought my own racially motivated, believe my same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more countries,
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discrimination, inequality, or part of everyday life. for many why? because life is diversity. make up your own mind the w 4 minds ah, the southern chinese island of high now on it's home to the countries new surfing industry. ah, i know i used to be just a winter travel destination for retiree. but that's all changed. surfing offers a laid back lifestyle for some for others. a chance at international sporting success


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