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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 8:30am-9:00am CEST

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the secrets why behind me discover new adventures and 360 degrees and explore the fascinating world heritage sites. the d. w. world heritage 3. get the app now the global 3000 in northern canyon. a tenacious woman takes the time for peace and women's rights. vietnam's prosperity, res. so does the urban traffic is the way to put the brakes on the 1st the world is getting hotter because some people feeling the effects more than
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others. ah, climate justice, the time it just you know, 2 words that we're hearing more and more the climate justice linked racial justice, social justice, intergenerational justice. these why they call not only for climate action but climate just in the most that good shape the century will take back to climate change have to do with justice. all we all in this together. evidently know it can afford only some homes will be back to the ground. a mudslide, white thought one village at least and not the run. it's not just me. oh, are we asking the wrong questions in to understand climate justice. we need to understand climate injustice to cause a climate change,
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and he's hurt by that 1st look at who's responsible, but in carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and heating the planet. imagine this grain of rice is one kind of carbon dioxide each year. the average passing in nigeria less than one grain into the atmosphere you ever spent in in india. 2 grand in china, 7 grains, jeremy, 10 grains in the us. 17 grain in one year. the average american troops 20 times more than the average in area. but the problem with carbon is that it stays trapped in the atmosphere for centuries. so it's not just about how much we added here. it's about how much of piled up over time. since 850, but it's up to about 1500 giga. okay, so we want it to pull load these rice bags on the table to show you how big that really is. but after doing the math, we realize we need 3000000 of them. historical emissions matter today because
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countries are arguing about how soon they have to cut the emissions down to their big polluted like china, india and brazil. look a lot less guilty when you consider that you recently become part of the problems. ah, is to court the annual emissions, but that doesn't tell us anything about you know, why or why we are in decrease in 2020 countries responsible for pushing sir 2 levels beyond the safety threshold that we crossed at $990.00. the study takes into account how many people live in the country, how much they emitted throughout history, and include the missions across the board of trade goods. the research shows that countries have outspent that carbon budgets buy a lot to global north admitted 92 percent. this year to push the planet be unsafe level asia, africa, the middle east and latin america have emitted just 8 percent. even
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a massive middle like china is just using up its carbon budget now. but if you live in a country that runs on top of this, does that mean climate change is your fault personally. but some of your choices do still make a difference because it's not just about where you live, but also how much you spend the weather. it just one percentage points as much of the course fits and they're literally all over the world, the unequal emissions. one big reason why climate activists shouting about justice, everyone already is effected by the crisis just in a very different. but if we look at the ruling germany and sitting at the decision table for the past decade, they have not responsibility for vital ads . now, not live, seem to heat the planet by the same amount, whether it comes from germany or kenya. the climate doesn't care about geography.
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well, geography cares about the climate. the 2nd part of climate injustice is that even the poor countries have done the least to change the climate. they're the ones getting hard to take heat waves and drops heat waves the becoming most, some variable across africa where drought, the even more punishing for cross. ah. then the storms warmer. i mean the hurricane and typhoons carry more energy and unleash more rain and stronger winds. across the tropics and by 2050 sea levels will have risen so high. the floods which used to hit once a century was tricked many crystal cities every single year. the inequality of climate change come to get the hardest in a country like india. even those people have barely contributed to global warming. there among the most vulnerable india coastal cities are facing unprecedented
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floods while its rivers dry up live in pharma, struggling to grow staples, lake rice and weak. the india is one of the most in equitable countries in the world. and what we can see is that even if you take a city like home by when flood happens in the city, it's the poor that are the most impacted. this says pile per a climate scientists who campaigns full time for climate justice having grown up in a country like india. i grew up with inequality all around me. and this is essentially what it comes down to the world. it's very unequal and it's playing out in terms of climate change as well. but that inequality is found within rich countries to black and brown. people in countries like the u. s. b, u k, are typically part white people. and that mean they have less money to spend on air conditioning to adapt to heat waves or flood insurance to rebuild up the storm. how
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can we make it, their wealth, polluting countries confessed to see or to start removing that pollution from the atmosphere. then they could pay reparations using more than their fair share of emissions. ah, some countries and company already doing something similar by paying for countries to not talk down parts and instead pottery. but instead of using that same carbon to attend to the climate deck, they're using it as an excuse to keep on emitted, ah, prime in what we have to be part of that discussion and time in that in particular, is where we think about who would we kind of divide up who is responsible for the kinds of much changes and climate change as we were seeing and emphasizing, but also the kinds of time it's a new doctor that tell me reparations might sound radical,
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but rich countries already agreed to pay poor ones to adapt to climate change. imagine each of the piece, $1000000000.00 us dollars. rich countries promised a 100 of them in climate financed by 2020. but it's 2021 and they haven't popped up . in 2018 they gave 80000000000, but most of it was learned not granted. you can't based charity fam, found that the relayed was actually closer to 20000000000 yearly. we have not been meeting the kinds of part. it doesn't even know what countries have set themselves. that finance mechanism not meant to solve the problem with another approach takes climate justice more literally holding polluters to account in court to deadly while i've taught through portugal in 20176 young activists took 33 industrial countries to the european court of human rights . failing to cut their emissions quickly, they argue that the countries are discriminating against young people who have to
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live with the consequences of climate change. the verdict is still pending, ah, in germany, in the middle and high court judges have ordered the government to up them. visions on cutting emissions activists also want a case against royal dutch shell, forcing the company to pay for oil pollution and now demanding climate friendly investments to ah, the basic legal argument for assigning responsibility is your contribution to the problem. so how much do you emit? how much do you contribute to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions? and what is the possibility for contributing to the solution? the defendants argue that national courts don't have the right to rule on the climate because emissions and the impacts of global. but a new generation of activists are fighting for them to take exactly that responsibility and give them climate justice nearly
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1400000000 cars in the world today. and by 2015, that numbers predicted to double in 2020 alone, 78000000. new cars rolled off the wealth assembly lines. more cars means more land for more appellation, more noise and more congestion and big city drive is already spent untold hours and traffic jams and all unseen series. we have to vietnam where the traffic has become truly monstrous. and it's not just to try us who are suffering from a feeling of impatience is constant attention from the effects my state of mind and my mood last
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the also frustrating and annoying. ah, it's an issue that is the local authority major heading up on the whole change not just the odor. sometimes the color of the noise in the traffic jam monster is really annoying when it's dark, black and makes unpleasant sound call low. it has banks and it looks scary. so the i bought a car in late 2013 and then
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i felt freedom and comfort. i felt happy. it's hard to find that feeling again the level it out. it's all. it's true that for most vietnamese people, a car is a symbol of success. while that has been leo, you've been driving for a while. the car becomes more of
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a tool and less of an asset gay me at the time when you're somewhere i'm and i'm a why i think the contact person loves evasions and the data we've collected wedding show that in the past 20 years and then find that on the traffic related problems in viet nam have been getting worse and worse.
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why no noise developing so quickly punching. why now? it's like a powerful magnet by my thinking, gay challenge for major cities in vietnam right now is the transition from motor bikes to cause. and that will continue in the near future. my visit became the mars occupy more of the road, but they don't carry many people and then get them into the enemy's. people are very lazy when it comes to walking. the maximum distance we're willing to walk is about 300 meters mathematical page. and by one name i got if we want to promote public transport on and we need to pay attention to planning and design to make it easier for people to access isn't why they're
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really nice people, especially in the cities, are used to writing motorbike some even when their homes are very close to the offices of schools on sunday, and i need to coordinate the schools to encourage children to tell us how to little activities on a regular basis. and children and parents can change that have, i don't know why, and i don't know how i would have learned that when you cross the street you, you have to stay on the pedestrian crossing the law. right. and then when you cross the street, you have to pay attention to the cars and cross at the right time. if i need to do
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the matter, my friends and my colleagues often ask me when i'm going to buy a car, i think was that it was my goal is to write a bicycle as much as possible. me for walking. well, with the sidewalks in vietnam art for pedestrians that all i know, it's just my schedule and my community to avoid rush hours with my choice and a lot of other people probably do that to me. the
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the we have to keep promoting public transport and provide adequate and affordable accessibility with consistent quality because everyone uses it on the even wealthy people are willing to the mindset that we need to change. we need to learn to share with each other to the last year that we're more than 70 conflicts and sub saharan africa most with violence, some lead to open warfare. the reasons were still complying. fighting often revolts around political power, loans and resources. these conflicts will only grow worse with climate change as water and use the beloved grow ever more of always conflict requires cooperation
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between opposing parties. but keeping the peace can take grit and determination. the bush here in northern kenya has become almost a desert. the a was in the euro river reduced to little more than a trickle for years now. the area has had far too little rain shepherd up cooler, keeps his goats close to the water. at least there's something for the animals to graze on here. and he never strays far from his village. so easy, these days we fear for our safety. well, our neighbors cembura community keep attacking us, and of course we're on the kill and steal our livestock. how may you to help deescalate the conflicts habib teacher often reaches out to the shepherds along the river. she used to head the local nature conservancy, and is well known in the region. disputes of water in grazing land have become
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frequent here. she negotiates with the shepherds in this area of the legal police are, while other women are in dialogue with nearby community. we have many meetings. these meetings, especially like local willis. i'm leading lex era. there is a lead to call 40 movies. so even though, because we mother and we know the disadvantages under the voltages of the conflict . so we decide to sit with our young ones, those who are living in conflict, our husband. and that's what makes this unusual. women are taking the lead and making a difference. the kenyan constitution upholds gender equality, but in practice, it's still the exception that kenyan branch of the environmental group t n. c is led by more nearer and younger. she says can you needs more women leaders
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like happy tied each other. they're actually raising their voice in making decisions on how that can sometimes be managed. especially for example, a conservancy that has to be in facilities and they get conservation fees. these, the issue or file sharing of those proceeds between the operations of the conservancy and a percentage goes back to the communities so that it can, you know, invest in education, health facilities and others. the t n. c runs 39 nature conservancy is in kenya. it also finances the one in b, but just community the conservancy is protect nature, offer john prospect and encourage women to play a greater role in society. how be returned each other benefited from the conservancy and this is now helping others. i know she and other women in her village have built a culture center. they did
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a lot of the work themselves. the women rent out the home and the lodges to visitors and local people, which brings in money that's allowed them to set up a savings club. here the women give out loans to each other, using income from the culture center subsidies from n jose, as well as members own savings that might be routed each other leads the club. she's given loans of $250.00 to more than a 100 women, mostly to finance small business ventures. duddy robot got a loan from the savings club to invest in an electric motor for her cornmeal. now she can earn more money, like so many year. she's benefited from the nature conservancy. villainy luke? well, i want to see in the beginning the local community here was opposed to the establishment of a conservative mama, but how bieber lobbied for it so that women could benefit. she's very bray. and she
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just, one time she was even shot at, i thought she was intimidated and just carried on with her work. i got on a village, they were very happy. no idea johnny. me for years on the voted, teacher doesn't want to talk about the threat. she's received, she'd rather focus on being a role model for the next generation. at the local school, she encourages children to give up, even when they face opposition. once it's a bunch of girls that don't allow yourself to be left behind and don't be shy all the time during their time as head of the local nature conservancy. happy. but at each secured funding for 2 more classrooms here. today, she's part of the council of elders and has arranged financial help for children from poor families to attend school. those who have prospects for the future she says, are less likely to engage in conflict. education is the best thing can our life in
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a better life because it illiteracy to mix us have been not stop, lift our standard for one after getting indication you have a good having some follow this uplifting a standard and even additional depression to every thing is important, if not that vision, i myself, i cannot be a leader of my community. she loves her work, but as often rushed off her feet. she has 3 children and also cares for her sick husband. then she has 2 small shops that she opened with loans from the saving club . thankfully, her eldest daughter is able to help out how be retired teacher hopes her daughter will follow in her footsteps. and she certainly seems to have inherited her
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mother's passion for leadership. she already leaves the local youth group. the was a lot of my teeth, creamy teen and indonesia. my name is gala ginger and rob any and 12 years old and from indonesia. the me. my mother is a housewife, and my father is a photographer at
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a daily news agency for the media, the internet. to be honest, i don't like going to school. i find lessons quite difficult. so i feel uncomfortable at school. in the benefit of that, when i grow up, i want to be a soccer player. i practice twice a week. but when there's additional training, it can be 3 or 4 times a week. i wish the world would be safer from disasters in the future. and i wish the world could be more child friendly, but i also hope there'll be no more traffic jams. he's just lucky
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the that's all from us this week at global 3000. we'd love to hear your thoughts say right to global 3000 w dot com. we'll check out our facebook page, d w global ideas. see you next time the the the news
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the the, the, the, the the sign in the leisurely lifestyle time is tropical island. paradise for surfers, but the country dream beaches aren't just about fun and relaxation. young surfers are trainings in the least national program. their target. limping goal for china inclusive the
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oh. george w bush invited us to summer headed in we talked about the past and the special relationship to chancellor. i'm not afraid to make a decision was not afraid to leave the kind person with a lovely soul and that's the person i got to know the exclusive interview with george w bush today. as 1530 you t c on d w in december 2019 the european council of new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission your job to make you the 1st time to try to turn on the planet by 2015
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but not all member states supported and some persuasion is requiring a surprising gloves into the very heart of our negotiations alliance in the flattery. incentives but best laid plans often go astray, to host who will win the game of diplomatic poker. the entry power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august, 5th on dw ah ah
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was, ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin. city is across south africa, rooted and ablaze in the worst violence seem there in years. more than 70 people have been killed as writers ransacked stores that clash with police following anger over the jailing. the ex president of the coming up planes in gulf the united states is west.


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